Carr Award

Concho Valley Council

Robert G. Carr, then President of the council and of San Angelo, offered a free Philmont trip to Scouts and Scouters of the nine districts in the Concho Valley Council for outstanding performance in the Scouting program.  The selection committees of the district, who designate the winner of this all-expense trip, were composed of the district operating committees, with nominations coming from fellow Scoutmasters through the council area.  The award was established in 1945. 

During that first year, nine Senior Scouts were to receive an all expenses paid trip to Philmont Scout Ranch.  One Senior Scout was to be selected from each of the nine districts in the council.  The Senior Scout in each district scoring the greatest number of points was awarded the Philmont trip.  The trip was also made available to the Scoutmaster in each district whose troop has the greatest number of “Carr Star” Scouts by June 30, 1945.  The Carr Award plan was available to all registered members of Cub packs and Scout troops in the council.  Carr Star emblems and streamer insignia were presented to Scouts, Cubs and their units when various well-rounded qualifications were met. 

Using the word “star” and the initial C, an extensive program was set up.  C stood for camping an outdoor experience, S for service, T for training, A for advancement, and R for recruiting of new members.  When half of the troop’s or pack’s registered membership qualified for the Carr Star Insignia, the unit received a Carr Star Unit Streamer.  For example, 22 Concho Valley winners went to Philmont Scout Ranch in August of 1946.   Those who were selected that year were George McCollum, Brackettville; Duane Carter, Ballinger; Bobby Bell, Rankin; Gene Shattuck, Texon; Jim Davidson, Carrizo Springs;, Roy Huffman, Brady; Jim Smith, Uvalde; Norman Parish, Menard, Landon Sankey, Del Rio; Donald Cox, Garden City; Bill Humphries, Eldorado; Harold Harris, Melvin; Harry Calverley, Jr., Garden City; Carl Black, Ballinger; Ward Launsbury, San Angelo; Scoutmaster Steve J. Byrd, Winter Haven, Uvalde County; J. B. Morris field Scout Executive, Del Rio; the Rev. Doyle Morton, Scoutmaster, Sabinal; Capt. Joseph Berston, San Angelo, Assistant Scoutmaster, Troop 9; Scoutmaster Robert Sharp, Troop 2, San Angelo; Scoutmaster A. S. Briscoe, Troop 4, San Angelo;  and Commissioner Sylvan Moritz, Twin Mountain District, San Angelo.

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