Eagle Scouts of

Buffalo Trail Council

The Eagle Award is the highest honor that a Boy Scout can earn during his years in Scouting. Approximately one in every fifty youth who join Boy Scouts earn this award.  Only one out of every two Life Scouts reach this final peak in their Scouting careers.

In the early days of Scouting, a Scout earned his Star Award by earning just five merit badges, being a First Class Scout and appearing before an examining committee.   For Life, a Scout had to qualify for ten merit badges and be a First Class Scout.  However, he had to earn the First Aid merit badge, which required six months service since becoming a First Class, and the Physical Development merit badge (which also required  six months to earn) or Athletics.  In addition, he had to earn Personal Health, Public Health, and Life Saving or  Pioneering.

Later the requirements for Star, Life and Eagle were changed and additional required merit badges, community service and time requirements were added.  It was not until 1927 that Eagle Palms were added to the list of awards for Boy Scouts.  The Eagle Scout Award could be earned by adults until 1965.  In 1965, a requirement was added to Eagle that an Eagle Scout applicant must have served for at least six months in a youth leadership position since becoming a Life Scout. Adults could not do this so they could no longer meet all the requirements for Eagle.

The record here of Eagle Scouts starts with the year 1923 when the council was organized.  We have not found records of Eagle Scouts listed before that time, although we know there were Eagle Scouts then.  There are gaps in these records and not all persons who earned the Eagle Award are known.  Also, for those counties that joined Buffalo Trail Council at a later date, we do not have the list of Eagle Scouts prior to their joining.  The names of Eagle Scouts in Buffalo Trail Council were taken from  information provided by the Buffalo Trail Council, newspapers and other sources.

Note:  The year 2002 is missing.

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Key:  T - Scout Troop    LS -  Lone Scout   Post - Explorer Post  Ship - Sea Scout Ship

MacDonald, Maurice T-1 Barstow 


Wade, Charles E. T-1 Alpine (Now T-41)


Clifford, Nace M. Jr. T-41 Alpine


Daugherty, J. Dan T-42 Van Horn 
Logan, Jim T-41 Alpiine
Smith, J. H. T-2 Big Spring
Soper, Russell T-9 Colorado City
Skinner, WeldonT- 9 Colorado City


Bowles, Ira T-41 Alpine 
Ford, Jr., Steve T-1 Big Spring 
Howe, Robert E. T-52 Midland 
Lawton, Jack T-52 Midland 
Patterson, Glenn T-51 Midland 
Pickle, Jarrel T-1 Big Spring 
Stetson, Miton T-41 Alpine 
Thomas, Jr., Clyde E. T-1 Big Spring 
Williamson, Thomas Joe T-1 Big Spring
Wright, Fred T-51 Midland 


Brenneman, Malcolm T-52 Midland
Dunagan, Conrad T-54 Midland 
Pearce, Reggie T-51 Sterling City
Woodward, Herbert 3 Big Spring 


Anthony, Bobby T-37 Roscoe
Bishop, Charles William T-41 Alpine
Mitchell, Harold T-37 Roscoe
Moore, Jr., Dalton T-42 Marfa
Pfitsch, John T-48 Ft. Davis 
Shelansky, Harold T-37 Roscoe
Wright, William B. T-4 Big Spring


Dickson, Leland T-49 Ft. Davis 
Jette, Jr., Paul T-65 Wink 
Murch, Donald T-61 Midland MI 
Rodgers, Pollard T-61 Barstow 
Tucker, Richard G. T-65 Wink


Atkins, Jr., Sam T-1 Big Spring 
Bender, J. B. T-1 Big Spring 
Bird, George T. T-49 Ft. Davis 
Dawson, A. Perry T-49 Fort Davis 
Hudgins, James Winfred T-49 Fort Davis 
Payne, Robert T-54 Midland


Creech, Elbert W. T-65 Wink 
Crosby, John T-10 Midland 
McNew, Bobby T-3 Big Spring
Miller, George T-5 Big Spring


Blomsheild, Harry T-3 Big Spring 
Blomsheild, John T-3 Big Spring 
Borum, Val T-54 Midland
Cox, Alvis R. T-54 Garden City 
Head, Ardath T-35 Snyder 
Howard, Jr., James C. T-54 Midland 
King, Bill T-36 Snyder
Medlin, Homer L. T-54 Garden City
Sparkman, ClarenceT- 54 Garden City 


Cook, Harvey T-20 Colorado City
Churchill, Charles T-51 Sterling City 
Ford, Howard T-54 Midland 
Gladson, Bob T-58 Odessa 
Mahaffey, Phil T.T- 51 Sterling City 
Miller, R. H. T-5 Big Spring 
Peurifoy, Cecil E T-1 Big Spring 
Ragsdale, E. J. T-54 Midland 
Van Huss, Billy T-54 Midland 
Wood, Jr., J. L. T-3 Big Spring 


Bodzin, Louis T-21 Colorado City
Erwin, Curtis T-20 Colorado City
Kirschbaum, Robert T-21 Colorado City
Porter, Earnest T-20 Colorado 
Porter, Joe Craig T-20 Colorado 
Harrison, James A. T-65 Wink 
Hardy, Jr., Woffard B. T-3 Big Spring 
Noble, BillyT- 54 Midland 
Wimberly, Wallace TC  T-54 Midland
Koons, Billy T-2 Big Spring 


Atkinson III. M. L. T-72 Odessa 
Collier. Bill T-45 Marfa 
Fisher. Edward T-1 Big Spring
Hughes. Ted T-50 Goldsmith 
Jones. Donald T-45 Marfa 
Lindsey. James Harvey T-58 Odessa 
Perkins. John T-54 Midland 
Smith. C. A. T-3 Big Spring 
Smith. Howard T-3 Big Spring 


Boswell, Harold D. T-8 Coahoma
Bowden, Jimmy T-8 Coahoma 
Lee, Jimmy G. T-55 Penwell 
Leggett, William Gail T-55 Penwell 
Lindley, HerbertT- 8 Coahoma 
Livingston, Jr., Charles T-41 Alpine
McDonald, Elton T-58 Odessa 
Newman, Edgar T-58 Odessa
Nugent, George T-77 Odessa
Panter, Robert E. T-55 Penwell 
Reynolds, Raymond T-61 Monahans 
Ross, Charles T-79 Odessa
Stirman, Fred T-72 Odessa 
Walker, Billy Harold T-55 Penwell 
Upham, Clayton T-54 Midland 


Anderson, Clarence T-75 Snyder 
Alexander, W. T-78 Odessa
Bates, Thomas P. T-59 Odessa 
Bavousett, Lynn T-75 Snyder 
Bavouset,t Steve 9075 Snyder 
Boren, John J. T-36 Snyder 
Broughton, Heartsel T-59 Odessa 
Lambeth, Bobby T-60 Grandfalls 
McDonald, Wandold T-58 Odessa
McGlaun, DouglasT- 36 Snyder 
Miles, Jesse M. T-55 Penwell 
Nall, Keith T-58 Odessa
Pigman, Bobby T-59 Odessa 
Pugh, Jim T-58 Odessa 
Thompson, Jackie Lee T-72 Odessa 
Thompson, W. L. T-59 Odessa 
Troseth, Frank T-54 Midland 
Turmes, Nickey T-60 Grandfalls 
Schwarz, Henry 9075 Snyder 
Seabourn, Connie M. T-60 Grand Falls 
Stafford, Willie T-58 Odessa 
Walker, Robert T-51 Midland


Neal, Leonard T-69 Wickett
Bartlett, H. W. T-4 Big Spring
Wood, Barkley T-1 Big Spring 
Mims, Bill T-3 Big Spring
Walters, Hermon T-59 Odessa
Williams, Donald T-4 Big Spring
Speer, Lynn T-4 Big Spring
Brooke, James T-4 Big Springs
Mancill, Jerry E. T-1 Big Spring
Morris, Frank R. T-142 Van Horn
Bradford, Leonard Post 6 Kermit 
Loflin, Edwin Post 6 Kermit 
Taylor, Glen T-81 Odessa
Pritchett, Bobby T-1 Big Spring

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Barron, Bobby T-3 Big Spring 
Berry, Harold David T-3 Big Springs 
Berry, W. D. T-3 Big Spring 
Longbotham, Thomas V. T-63 Monahans 
Phillips, Elra T-6 Big Spring
Porch, Clifford T-4 Big Spring 
Pritchett, Frederick T-51 Midland 
Randolph, Bobby T-69 Wickett 
Reynolds, Charles Thomas 7004 Monahans
Richardson, Nathan T-5 Big Spring 
Rogers, Robert P. T-58 Odessa 
Seydler, Charles T-5 Big Springs
Smith, Ladd T-3 Big Spring
Smith, Charles T-3 Big Spring 
Stringer, Joe Donald T-72 Odessa 
Stokes, W. C. T-6 Kermit 
Sullivan, Grady T-67 Pecos 
Sydow, Fred T-59 Odessa
Underwood, Thomas T-2 Big Spring 
Wickson, C. D. T-4 Big Spring
Williams, Jimmie T-80 Monahans 
Wilson, Teddy T-55 Panwell 
Worrell, George T-9 Big Spring 
York, Billy Joe T-38 Snyder 


Adams, Willard T-68 Pecos 
Bell, Lowell T-58 Odessa 
Brownfield, Franklin T-38 Snyder
Cox, Donald T-54 Garden City 
Currie, Jerry T-54 Garden City 
Drake, Cecil T-9 Big Spring
Dunbar, Preston T-9 Big Spring 
Eggleston, Thurston L. T-72 Odessa 
Gardiner, Montell T-130 Midland
Green, Fred T-166 Kermit
Greene, Jr., James L.T- 85 Midland
Hennon, Dale T-84 Odessa 
Heath, Don T-142 Van Horn 
Hollcroft, Joe Don T-66 Kermit 
Hollingsworth, Roy T-66 Kermit
Hollis, Bobby T-6 Big Springs
Holman, George B. T-58 Odessa 
Hunnicutt, Bruce T-63 Monahans 
Knight, John T-82 Odessa 
Leonard, DuLane T-6 Big Spring 
Lovelace, Charles T-5 Big Spring 
Maples, Bernard T-29 Dermott
Meek, Ben Frank T-66 Kermit 
Pearce, Joe T-51 Sterling City 
Perry, Thomas M. T-87 Highlands 
Peurifoy, Stanley E. T-6 Big Spring
Rogers, Clifton T-35 Snyder 
Rusk, Billy T-51 Sterling City 
Schaefer, Clarence T-567 Big Spring 
Schlehuber, Rolland T-39 Kermit
Smith, Donald Lee T-166 Kermit 
Solley, Billy Wayne T-55 Penwell
Streeter, Bert Allen T-54 Midland 
Walsh, Gene T-63 Kermit
Walton, Dale T-38 Snyder 
Willeke, Tony J. T-54 Garden City
Wilson, Pete T-66 Kermit 


Benson, Bill T-20 Colorado City 
Cecil, Jack T-52 Midland 
Cline, Leon T-153 Midland 
Deffebach, Billy Tom Post-5 Snyder
Dunbar, Doyle T-9 Big Spring 
German, Al T-52 Midland
McDonald, Carl T-5 Big Spring
Neal, Bill T-69 Wickett
Selman, Derward T-72 Odessa


Clark, Gene T-55 Penwell 
Davlin, Erwin T-166 Kermit 
Duncan, Charles W. T-69 Wickett
Dutton, Bythel Dean T-44 Alpine
Gibson, Dan T-35 Snyder 
Gibson, Kenneth T-35 Snyder 
Longbotham, Jr., T. V. T-63 Monahans 
Sheffield, Jr., N. J. T-5 Big Spring 
Thorp, Jr., Murph T-2 Big Spring 
Willbanks, Charles T-2 Big Spring 


Bailey, Joe E. T-2 Big Spring
Blum, Bobby Joe T-2 Big Spring 
Clarke, Richard Post-85 Midland
Davlin, Charles T-66 Kermit 
Dillard, Joe T-56 Andrews
French, Otis T-41 Alpine 
Little, Jack T-4 Big Spring 
Marks, Jimmy T-166 Kermit 
Reynolds, Gene T-5 Big Spring
Watson, Billy Bob T-2 Big Spring 
Wight, Bennett T-66 Kermit
Yarbrough, Charles T-72 Odessa


Anderson, Don T-2 Big Spring 
Anderson, Warren T-2 Big Spring 
Bailey, Keith T-9 Big Spring 
Burton, William H. T-56 Andrews
Coffee, John RichardT- 6 Big Spring
Hart, Sherman L. T-20 Colorado City 
Leonard, Bobby T-4 Big Spring 
Miller, Kent Post-85 Midland
Smith, Paul D. Post-85 Midland 


Brown, Jimmy T-80 Odessa 
Fugit, Gerald Post-72 Odessa
Hooper, Gordon T-55 Penwell 
Hopper, Jack Post-130 Pecos 
McDougal, Marchand Post-130 Pecos 
Vannaman, Tom T-85 Midland 
Wofford, Jack T-80 Odessa 


Avent, John R. T-63 Big Spring
Baker, Kevin Post-68 Pecos
Harville, Edward T-150 Odessa 
Hicks, Jimmy Post-12 Big Spring
Jeffreys, Raymond Post-72 Odessa
Lawrence, John Post-12 Big Springs 
Manley, Curtis T-15 Big Spring 
Rainwater, Charles (ASM) T-2 Big Spring 


Damron, Jim Post-16 Big Spring 
Dodds, Arthur T-2 Big Spring 
Dysert, Johnny T-80 Odessa 
Etheredge, Boyd Post-41 Alpine 
Hill, James T-65 Wink
Lowther, Richard T-56 Andrews 
Lynn, Thomas Post-16 Big Spring 
Martin, Bill Post-12 Big Spring 
Maxwell, Carl R. T-61 Monahans
Mendoza, Jesse Post-7 Big Spring 
O'Quinn, Jr., Garland Post-63 Monahans
Richardson, Donald Jack Post-12 Big Spring 
Sweeney, Mike T-11 Forsan 
Thames, Lynn T-9 Big Spring
Thigpin, Tommy T-2 Big Spring 
Tubb, Billy T-4 Big Spring 

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Bailey, Murl T-11 Forsan 
Burgess, Jack Post 41 Alpine 
De Graffenreid, Adrain T-2 Big Spring 
Downing, Billy T-69 Wickett
Edrington, Tommy Post 152 Midland 
Lewis, Jerry T-66 Kermit 
Lindsay, Don Roland Post 50 Goldsmith 
Miller, Jr., Wayne Lee T-150 Odessa
Overman, Bobby T-5 Big Spring
Peacock, George T-2 Big Spring 
Smith, Clinton T-57 Odessa 
Weaver, Rex Post 61 Monahans


Braddy, Kenneth Psot 63 Monahans
Chesshir, Stanley T-5 Big Spring 
Howze, Glenn Post 63 Monahans
Jones, Ronald Post 61 Monahans 
Morris, Charles E. T-2 Big Spring
Owen, Bill T-5 Big Spring 
Reagen, Dwight Post 63 Monahans
Reaves, Sherwood T-150 Odessa
Shillingburg, James E. T-66 Kermit 
White, Billy T-5 Big Spring 
Wood, Garland Post 52 Notrees 
Wood, James N. T-44 Alpine 


Aycock, Bob T-22 Colorado City 
Berman, Melvyn T-22 Colorado City 
Cumbie, Joe Dale T-122 Midland
Edwards, Jerry T-66 Kermit 
Fuglaar, Johnny Post 9 Big Spring 
Hamlett, Joel T-27 Snyder
Hanson, Ronnie Post 63 Monahans 
Harkins, Givrin T-22 Colorado City
Hays, Earl Post 56 Andrews 
Hughes, Jimmy Post 51 Midland 
Hyde, Jerry T-122 Midland
Johnson, Carlos T-122 Midland 
Lovett, Jr., George D. Post 74 Odessa
Marlett, Jr., Joe Post 166 Kermit 
Newton, Ken Post 51 Midland
Pearson, Robert W.T- 66 Kermit
Reagan, Billy Post 143 Monahans 
Reagan, D.H. T-143 Monahans 
Schloemer, Kenneth Post 92 Balmorhea 
Smith, Barton T-22 Colorado City
Toll, Dickie Post 130 Pecos
Ulmer, James A. Post 56 Andrews
Walker, Johnny T-122 Midland 


Alberts, Breck A. T-155 Midland 
Barron, James A. T-75 Odessa 
Bradshaw, Danny T-152 Midland 
Bryant, Arlen T-9 Big Spring 
Champion, Emmitt Post 130 Pecos 
Cochran, Dwayne T-112 Midland
Cochran, Larry T-112 Midland
Cook, Ralph Martin Post 152 Midland 
Epps, Clift Post 9 Big Springs 
Fisher, Lester Raymond Post 74 Odessa 
Haines, Jr., Stephen T-74 Odessa 
Hendrick, Gary Post 200 Midland 
Homeyer, Fred CharlesT- 88 Odessa 
Lester, Jim Post 51 Midland T
Owens, Bobbie W. Post 75 Odessa 
Long, Richard Post 9 Big Spring 
Meadows, Jr., Henry E. Post 152 Midland
Medanich, Charles P. R-191 Pecos 
Pearson, Todd W. T-191 Pecos 
Richmond, Jerry T-150 Odessa 
Stephenson, Gerald Post 152 Midland 
Stephenson, Rodney Post 152 Midland 
Taylor, Lonnie Post 57 Odessa
Wagnon, William R. Post 74 Odessa


Black, Jodie T-160 Midland
Bowen, Curtis Post 51 Midland
Burgess, Don Post 46 Alpine 
Burton, Harold Post 47 Midland 
Bryant, Leahmon T-9 Big Spring 
Carter, Eddy T-47 Midland 
Carter, Fred Post 47 Midland 
Cobb, Lamis T-112 Midland 
Coker, Mack Post 23 Colorado City 
Colquitt, Walter N. 7074 Odessa
Dodd, Jimmy Post 47 Midland 
Doyle, J. B. T-155 Midland 
Ferrell, Freddie M. T-366 Kermit
Folger, Van Post 153 Midland 

1957 Contd

Goslin, Mike T-47 Midland 
Hellums, Nelson Post 353 West Columbia
Herd, Tevis Post 200 Midland 
Hilton, Jimmie M. T-66 Kermit 
Houghton, Thomas W. Post 47 Midland
Hughes, George M. T-152 Midland 
Jackson, Bill T-122 Midland
Jones, Jr., Thomas A. 7074 Odessa 
Johnson, Dean T-160 Midland 
Johnson, Philip T-67 Pecos 
Johnson, Steve T-67 Pecos 
Kattner, Randall L. T-146 Big Springs 
Lierke, Dwayne Post 47 Midland 
Lockley, Don Post 122 Midland 
Lunsford, Butch T-47 Midland
Meyers, Toni T-150 Odessa 
Moore, Larry T-9 Big Spring 
Northcutt, David L. T-366 Kermit 
Payne, Jr., James E. T-22 Colorado City
Porter, John Post 51 Midland 
Puckett, Jr., Ray T-160 Midland
Reagan, Ross T-5 Big Springs 
Reaves, Dennis T-150 Odessa
Robey, Kenneth Post 47 Midland 
Robinson, Jr., Cecil A. T-366 Kermit 
Scott, Robert Post 191 Pecos 
Smith, Jackie T-85 Midland
Smith, Jr., James R. T-1 Big Spring 
Sorge, Jerry Post 122 Midland 
Sullivan, Joe C. T-84 Midland 
Thurber, Mickey T-74 Odessa 
Thurber, Jr., Charles H. Post 150 Odessa 
Varnell, Dick Post 51 Midland 
Walker, Robert T-66 Kermit
Wells, Billy J. Post 47 Midland 
White, Ivan Post 66 Kermit 
Wier, Bobby T-150 Odessa 
Williams, Carrol Post 122 Midland 
Wilson, Bobby Post 47 Midland 
Wilson, E.L. Post 47 Midland 


Alexander, Ray Post 09 Big Spring 
Shipley, Lowell 7074 Odessa 
Maus, Mike T-146 Big Spring 
Marinia, Tommy Post 160 Midland
Puckett, Don T-160 Midland
Ray, Buzzy T-47 Midland
Covington, Jim Post 52 Notrees 
Mayo, Jim Post 150 Odessa
Johnson, Ronnie T-74 Odessa 
Brown, David T-150 Odessa 
Bruce, Mickey T-150 Odessa 
Forrester, Thomas Mark Post 153 Midland 
Kimbrough, W. A. Post 122 Midland 
Hughes, Jimmy T-79 Odessa 
Ligon, Jr., Robert Stark T-130 Pecos 
Goble, James Post 75 Odessa
Olan, B. Draper Post 75 Odessa 
Tisdale, Donnie Post 75 Odessa 
Tyra, Raymond Earl T-224 Midland T
Morris, Martin Lee Post 217 Odessa 
Alexander, Jimmy Don T-9 Big Spring
Ferguson, Austin Post 136 Big Spring 
Wright, C. Roy Post 136 Big Spring 
Smith, Freddie Frank T-150 Odessa 
Hooser, Jr., Harvey C. T-136 Big Spring 
Mims, Jr., Robert Post 85 Midland 
Washam, Wesley Post 85 Midland
Wilson, Harold Dean T-156 Andrews
Donaldson, Steve Ship 150 Odessa 
Dameron III, Zech T-130 Pecos 
Latimer, Dan Raymond T-20 Colorado City 
Merritt, Jr., John T.  T-20 Colorado City 
Simpson, Cary Post 52 Notrees 
Carr, Jr., Charles T.Post120 Andrews 
Dodd, Dennis T-47 Midland 
Martin, Stanley Harold T-124 Loraine 
Taylor, Dearl T. 2075 Odessa 
Marlow, Billy Post 75 Odessa 
Smith, Johnny Post 75 Odessa 
Tuck, Tommy Post75 Odessa 
Mendenhall, Larry Post 75 Odessa 
Clemow, Nelson Post 9 Big Spring 
Routon, Wayne T-130 Pecos 
Browne, Jimmy Dale Post 23 Colorado City 
Von Osinski, William K. Post 84 Midland 
Hollingsworth, Russell Post 85 Midland 
Combs, Richard A. Post 9 Big Spring 
Mercier, Michael D. T-118 Midland 
Lewis, Tommy Post 75 Odessa
Ballard, Mike 7165 Wink

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Ambler, Richard H. T-63 Monahans 
Baker, Sydney A. T-150 Odessa 
Bawcom, Jerry Gloyd Post 63 Monahans 
Bawcom, Terry Boyd Post 63 Monahans 
Bentley, Kenneth R. T-9 Big Springs 
Bowman, Billy Jack T-79 Odessa 
Brewster, Tommy Post 75 Odessa 
Burns, John Roy T-57 Odessa
Campbell, Donald K. Ship 150 Odessa
Corbin, Gary T-152 Midland
Cowert, Mike Post 191 Pecos 
Devers, Larry T-123 Snyder 
Doyal, A. C. T-90 Pecos 
Echols, Ricky T-156 Andrews 
Gambill, Clinton T-5 Big Spring
Gilmore, Jerry Post 9 Big Spring 
Glickman, Jake Post 9 Big Spring 
Green, Douglas M. 7146 Big Spring
Grienecks, E. William Post 152 Midland
Gilbert, Mike T-1 Big Spring 
Houghton, Dudley W. T-51 Midland 
Jackson Jr., O. B. Post 153 Midland
Jackson, Roger W. T-104 Midland 
Kimbrough, Richard T-155 Midland 
Lee, Larry T-150 Odessa
Leeper, Charles S. Post 85 Midland
Lindemood, Steve T-51 Midland 
McDonald, Jack T-123 Snyder 
McLean, Steven T-74 Midland 
Nedow, Albert T-74 Odessa 
Oden, John T-130 Pecos
Pollard Jr,. George Ship 118 Midland
Russell, Douglas Albert T-428 Midland
Satterfield, Jack W. T-466 Kermit
Smith, Mike T-152 Midland 
Walker Jr,. John W. T-152 Midland
Wilcox, Tommy T-150 Odessa 


Albright III, Oren D. T-112 Midland 
Bailey, Mike T-230 Midland
Brack, David Anthony T-51 Midland 
Burleson, Jimmy T-1 Big Spring 
Byrne, Donald W. Post 52 Notrees
Cockerell, O. R. 7047 Midland 
Combs, William F. Post 9 Big Spring 
Coleman, Jr., Jess B. T-155 Midland 
Fariss, Pat Post 56 Andrews
Earnest, Douglas T-136 Big Falls 
Farnum, Bill T-90 Pecos
Ferguson, Turner Post 9 Big Spring 
Fischer, Craig T-66 Kermit
Goodlett, Robert T-1 Big Spring 
Grant, Frederick I. T-466 Kermit
Haning, Leland J. T-143 Monahans 
Hennech, Mike T-162 Odessa
Hollingshead, Joe T-5 Big Spring 
Horne, Merrill Post 85 Midland 
Holmes, Stephen T-191 Pecos 
Johnston, James T-9 Big Spring 
Kimbrough, Robert M. T-155 Midland 
Klumbis, Raymond R. T-134 Van Horn
Lair, Peter Don Post 153 Midland 
Lee, Jerry T-230 Midland 
McCorkle, Billy G. T-74 Odessa 
Morgan, David T-66 Kermit 
Parks, Walter T-51 Midland 
Pettiet, Jerry Lee T-232 Midland 
Puckett, Richard T-160 Midland 
Ramey, Tommy T-146 Big Springs 
Reif, Richard Allen T-51 Midland 
Revier, Harley 7074 Odessa
Roberts, Jr., Wilbur F. T-74 Odessa 
Robilliard, Ward T-162 Odessa
Robinson, Charles G. T-153 Midland
Rogers, David York T-112 Midland
Sherrod, Mike T-162 Odessa
Smith, Jr., Clyde Gordon T-232 Midland
Speir, Larry Michael T-232 Midland
Thomas, Billie C. T-54 Midland 
Thomas, Bobbie Gene T-54 Midland
Underwood II, John Earl Post 56 Andrews
Vasbinder, David T-47 Midland
Wallace, Jeffrey C. T-230 Midland 
Wallace III, William Warren T-230 Midland 
Walne, Tracy T-118 Midland
Walne, Walter T-118 Midland 
Wester, Jimmy Dan. Post 56 Andrews 
Whitsett, Tommy Post 56 Andrews 
Williams, Jr., Carl C. T-41 Alpine
Wright, Richard T-84 Midland 
Wright, Jr., Jarvis A. Ship T-150 Odessa
Wright, Robert T-84 Midland 


Alexander, Mark T-9 Big Spring 
Allerding, Martin Ray Post 145 Odessa
Bailey, Bobby Lee T-217 Odessa 
Baker, Raymond W. T-44 Alpine

1961 Contd

Barlow, Edward Lee T-160 Midland 
Barton, Wayne T-74 Odessa 
Beach, Don Michael T-126 Midland
Boone, Daniel Roy T-217 Odessa
Brannon, Jerry T-156 Andrews 
Caddell, Ray T-112 Midland 
Calhoun, Tom Post 3 Midland 
Chynoweth, Bill T-333 Midland 
Coleman, Jr., Freddie T-4 Big Spring
Cardwell, Roy 7047 Midland 
Cooley, Wayne T-33 Gail 
Craddick, Thomas R. Post 84 Midland 
Coots, Bill T-4 Big Springs 
Dennis, Steve T-33 Gail 
Dickerson, James T-197 Odessa 
Dickerson, Lester T-197 Odessa
Edelbrock, William Jack T-230 Midland
Edney, Gerry T-217 Odessa 
Fowler, Jr,. Brice Weldon T-1431 Monahans
Fuszek, John R. T-333 Midland
Glass, Bradford T-143 Monahans
Grigsby, Larry T-74 Odessa
Guthrie, Preston L. T-160 Midland 
Haines, Timothy C. T-74 Odessa
Halifax, Joe Carlton T-217 Odessa 
Haynes, James Cole Post1 Big Spring
Hess, Joe T-85 Midland 
Johnson, Jerry Guy T-112 Midland
Judkins, Paul T-217 Odessa
Keen, Clay Post 119 Andrews
Koon, Kenneth T-150 Odessa 
Kunkel III, Albert J. T-230 Midland
Landrum, Gary 7074 Midland 
Landrum, Guy Andrew T-112 Midland 
Long, Voin S. T-98 Odessa 
Mast, Paul B. T-85 Midland
McAfee, III Winfield Russell T-41 Alpine 
McMillan, Capt. Gerald T. Post 1 Big Spring 
Miles Jim Post 191 Pecos 
Moffitt, Gary Lee T-74 Odessa 
Myers, Paul T-150 Odessa
Orton, Richard T-118 Midland 
Parker, John Douglas T-12 Garden City
Pollard, Jr., Eugene C. T-220 Odessa 
Prater II, Charles N. Post 145 Odessa 
Prater, Gary Monte T-145 Odessa 
Prickett, George E. Ship 230 Midland
Ray, Skipper T-152 Midland 
Robertson, Jimmy T-87 Midland 
Schreiner, Jimmy T-232 Midland 
Sears, Louis M. T-74 Odessa
Shelton, Jr., Karl T-143 Monahans 
Smith, Tommy T-160 Midland 
Tefteller, Ronald G. T-87 Midland
Thomas, John Richard T-466 Kermit 
Tiner, Jr., Garland E. T-253 Odessa 
Underwood, Larry T-156 Andrews
Walker, Forrest T-112 Midland 
Walker, Tommy T-112 Midland 
Wallace, Tim T-230 Midland 
Woodruff, Wayne T-83 Odessa


Barfoot, Larry Post 77 Hermleigh 
Bullard, Tommy E. T-10 Lenorah
Britton, Donald Raymond T-150 Odessa 
Capelle, Stephen H. Post 87 Midland
Carter, Jimmy T-83 Odessa 
Chitsey, Jerry Dale Post 77 Hermleigh
Clark, Hilltonwall T-237 Midland 
Denny, Douglas E. T-384 Midland 
Goswick, Lester W. T-9 Big Spring 
Grant, Michael G. T-466 Kermit 
Hagler, Herbert 7047 Midland 
Harbin, Jr., Edward A. Ship 230 Midland 
Henderson, Larry T-74 Odessa 
Horne, Steven Post 231 Midland 
Johnson, Tommy T-112 Midland 
King, Buster N. Post 56 Andrews 
King, Jack Wesley T-117 Monahans 
King, Wayland Eugene T-117 Monahans 
Kinsey, Dewayne T-112 Midland
Latimer, Don Post 23 Colorado City 
Lewis, Jerry T-117 Monahans
Matson, Boyd T-333 Midland 
McCready, Bobby Post 56 Andrews 
McKerley, Dennis T-158 Midland 
Merritt, David T-143 Monahans 
Moore, Jr., Wilbur Ross T-126 Midland 
Neas, Dixon Post 56 Andrews
Oglesby, Ronald H. T-112 Midland 
Parkhill, David T. 7024 Odessa
Sanders, William H. T-197 Odessa
Sayers, Rolland J. T-146 Big Spring 
Springer, Stephen M. T-10 Lenorah 
Stones, David T-153 Midland 
Storey, Robert T-384 Midland 
Ward, Richard T. T-79 Odessa 
West, Stephen M. T-51 Midland 

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Ames, John R. T-118 Midland
Amini, Rex T-152 Midland 
Ashley II, James W. T-143 Monahans 
Baker, Charles R. T-152 Midland 
Brown, Dougals H. T-126 Midland
Brown, William J. T-51 Midland
Caire Andy, T-146 Big Springs 
Christy, Gene B. T-152 Midland 
Copeland, David R. Post 145 Odessa 
Criswell, Wayne T-88 Odessa 
Dawson, Ray T-117 Monahas 
Dillard, Bill T-152 Midland 
Dillard, Robert E. T-152 Midland 
Earney, Frank Post 42 Marfa 
Everett, Willie B. Post 27 Snyder 
Grieneeks, Keith J. Pos 152 Midland 
Hobbs, Lee D. T-126 Midland 
Horn, Walter F. T-4 Big Springs 
Jauz, Clayton J. T-126 Midland 
Jones, Randal Post 232 Midland
Kirk, Michael D. T-158 Midland 
Lamothe, Michael R. T-117 Monahans
Mast, Larry B. T-118 Midland 
Meadows, John B. T-118 Midland 
Monroe, Terry L. T-158 Midland 
Moore, Stephen T. T-126 Midland 
Needham, Danny T-90 Pecos
Newton, David R. T-42 Marfa 
Payne, John B. Ship 51 Midland 
Rahlfs, Jr., John W. T-51 Midland 
Reagan, David T-143 Monahans 
Smith, Mike T-258 Andrews 
Smith, Robert A. T-150 Odessa 
Starr, Michael P. T-150 Odessa 
Stowe, George W. Post 18 Odessa 
Teplicek, David 7004 Alpine 
Thurston, Ronald T-160 Midland 
Tuck, Harry W. T-41 Alpine 
Walker, Charles K. T-150 Odessa 
Wright, Carroll E. T-150 Odessa 


Alexander, W. B. CS Odessa 
Atkins, Charles D. T-150 Odessa
Barkley, Billy H. T-160 Midland 
Beane,Jackie W. Post 27 Snyder 
Brothers, Clifton C. Post 78 Odessa 
Brown, James A. T-51 Midland
Brown, Lanny Post 56 Andrews 
Brown, Marvin R. T-150 Odessa 
Browning, Steve A. T-74 Odessa 
Cain, Joe F. T-52 Notrees 
Christopher, William W. T-42 Marfa 
Cord, Steven A. T-74 Odessa 
Corder, L. Gene T-42 Marfa 
Craig, Mark K. T-85 Midland 
Davis, Larry D. Post 83 Odessa 
Dobson, Ronnie F. T-126 Midland 
Earnest, Jimmy C. Ship 136 Big Spring 
Fowler, Robert P. T-384 Midland 
Graves, John J. T-466 Kermit 
Greer, Danny S. T-384 Midland 
Harrison, Bobby G. Post 78 Odessa 
Hewitt, Charlie T-42 Marfa 
Holland, George T. T-51 Midland 
Hollrah, James M. T-333 Midland 
Hopkins, Craig T-119 Andrews
Huff, Larry D. T-112 Midland 
Huff, Robert C. T-118 Midland 
Humble, Dwayne M. Post 78 Odessa 
Jones, Carl B. T-51 Midland 
Jones, Hal T-153 Midland
Keys, Clarence E.T- 63 Monahans 
Ladd, Jack D. T-152 Midland 
LaFitte, Foch T-126 Midland 
Langford, Calvin R. T-997 Wink 
Long, Russell L. Ship 136 Big Springs 
Lucas, David A. T-384 Midland 
Ludecker, Jr., John K. T-126 Midland 
Lunsford, Douglas L. T-384 Midland 
Madison, Michael W. Post 56 Andrews 
McCaskill, Mike T-152 Midland 
McCready, Jr., John W. Post 56 Andrews 
McFarland ,Curtis C. T-51 Midland 
McGonagill, Dennis T-216 Big Spring 
Michaelson, Eric L. T-85 Midland 
Myrick, Robert N. T-150 Odessa
Myrick IV, Walter A. T-150 Odessa 
Page, Douglas B.T- 51 Midland
Prothro, George L. T-384 Midland 
Reneau, Walter E. Post 83 Odessa
Richardson ,Alan M. T-112 Midland
Roberson, A. Aaron Post 56 Andrews
Rutledge, Drexel L. Ship 136 Big Spring 
Sapp, Roger T-333 Midland 
Smith, Jon M. T-74 Odessa 
Smith, Jr., William C. T-150 Odessa 
Sturdevant, Paul E. (ASM)  T-39 Big Spring 
Sullivan, Bobby L. T-90 Pecos
Tillman, Jr., Billy J. 7047 Midland
Townsend, Paul T-55 Big Spring
Tucker, Joe D. Post 83 Odessa 
Wakefield, Jr., James A. Post 153 Midland 
Waldie, Larry T-160 Midland 
Waters, Howard Post 126 Midland
West, Robert A. T-51 Midland
Williams, Michael E. Post 18 Odessa 
Woody, Jr., Wayne H. T-10 Lenorah
Wright, Travis D. T-150 Odessa 
Wright, Wesley C. Ship 136 Big Spring 
Wyatt, Gregory D. T-126 Midland 


Adams, Lucas G. T-74 Odessa 
Akers, David J. Post 79 Odessa 
Appling, Walter D. T-160 Midland 
Austin, Sam L. T-466 Kermit 
Bagley, Charles W. Post 221 Odessa
Bagley, Phillip L. T-221 Odessa 
Baldwin, William H. T-35 Snyder 
Banks, Barty W. T-150 Odessa 
Banks, Benny L. T-150 Odessa 
Beckham, James R. 7236 Big Spring 
Bosworth, Jr., William M. T-85 Midland 
Breeden, Joe H. T-35 Snyder
Brown, Craig L. T-85 Midland
Burns, Keith T-83 Odessa 
Bryn, Randy D. Post 333 Midland
Clingman, Gary L. T-200 Midland 
Cowling, David E. T-466 Kermit
Crandell, Rickie D. T-129 Andrews 
Crandell, Terry L. T-119 Andrews 
Creech, Robert S. T-118 Midland 
Crouser, Donald R. T-126 Midland 
Frenzel, Hugh R. T-51 Midland
Fowler, Garry L. Post 384 Midland
Germany, Allyn G. Post 79 Odessa 
Goswick, Jonnie W. T-9 Big Spring
Grable, W ayne L. T-68 Pecos 
Greenwood, Gary S. T-66 Kermit 
Grubbs, Ronald L. T-159 Midland 
Horn, Marshall W. T-4 Big Springs 
Hunter, Joe K. Post 126 Midland 
Kinsey, Ronnie G. T-112 Midland 
Leman, James J. Post 85 Midland
Mast, Roy T. T-85 Midland 
Mast, Jr., Henrie E. T-118 Midland 
McDowell, Hugh L. T-129 Andrews 
McVean, John P. T-40 Odessa
Minke, Barry C. (DSE) Kermit 
Morgan, Jr., Clarence E. Post 78 Odessa 
Moseley, Clifford W. T-97 Odessa
Napper, Steve R. Post 83 Odessa 
Neujahr, Stanley G. T-200 Midland 
Nitsch, Rudolph C. T-112 Midland
Northcott, Jerry L. T-27 Snyder 
Owen, Ross G. T-84 Midland 
Orwig, Thomas G. T-160 Midland
Parker, Rodney E. T-487 Odessa 
Pearcy, John C. Post 83 Odessa 
Peek, James L. T-112 Midland 
Philpy, Gerald H. T-51 Midland 

1965 Contd

Powell, Norman G. T-78 Odessa 
Rains, Jerry D. T-35 Snyder 
Reiser, Tommy W. T-84 Midland
Rogers, James W. T-51 Midland 
Sanders, Walter A. T-466 Kermit 
Scott, Mike T-487 Odessa 
Smith, Allan F. 7047 Midland 
Spradley, James T-112 Midland 
Stone, Terry L. T-35 Snyder 
Stones, Michael E. T-153 Midland
Stover, Jr., Robert L. T-160 Midland
Wakefield, Perry A. T-153 Midland 
Warren, Clarence R. T-83 Odessa
Wilkinson, Craig B.T- 83 Odessa 
Watson, Bob T-487 Odessa 


Adamson, Glenn D. T-158 Midland 
Adkins, Thomas H. T-78 Odessa 
Alexander, Mike T-179 Big Spring 
Allen, David J. T-78 Odessa 
Bailey, James W. T-74 Odessa 
Bailey, Richard E. T-160 Midland 
Beauregard, Warner R. T-90 Pecos 
Brame, Kenneth L. Post 124 Loraine 
Biar, Norman E. T-200 Midland 
Burton, Douglas G. T-126 Midland 
Butler, James M. T-152 Midland
Campbell, Scott R. T-200 Midland
Cardwell, William E. T-152 Midland 
Clardy, Jr., Dick T. Post 83 Odessa 
Clifton, Zane A. T-270 Midland
Clinton, David R. Post 27 Snyder 
Craig, Wallace H. Post 85 Midland 
Dickman, Randy M. T-64 Odessa 
Donaldson, David H. T-165 Odessa 
Everhart, John C. T-41 Alpine 
Fears, Pete J. T-184 Midland 
Gale, David L. T-165 Odessa
Goldsmith, Gary L. T-119 Andrews 
Harrison, Tommy L. T-150 Odessa 
Harwell, Jeffrey H. T-232 Midland 
Hendrick, John T. T-158 Midland 
Hopkins, Michael J. T-129 Andrews
Jones, Gary W. T-50 Goldsmith 
King, Paul H. T-152 Midland 
Klebold, Larry A. T-152 Midland 
Kvasnicka, Fred E. T-118 Midland 
La Caze, John A. T-66 Kermit 
Lewis, Jerry R. Post 19 Big Springs
Lipscomb, Gary W. T_83 Odessa 
Love, David W. T-86 Odessa 
Lovelace, James M. T-66 Kermit
Lydecker, Robert B. T-126 Midland 
Maupin, Rodney O. T-126 Midland 
McCuistion, Robert P. T-151 Midland 
McGuire, Michael K. T-274 Odessa 
Mills, David W. Post 212 Snyder
Mounce, Michael D. T-158 Midland 
Orwig, Charles H. T-160 Midland
Osborne, John C. T-126 Midland 
Oxford, Roger O. Post 129 Andrews 
Parish, John T. Post 140 Andrews
Parker, Joe P. T-487 Odessa 
Patterson, John L. T-233 Midland 
Patterson, Ronald C. Post 83 Odessa 
Patterson, Ronald D. Post 83 Odessa 
Pearce, David M. T-237 Midland 
Pence, Donald G. T-66 Kermit 
Pence, Donald G. T-66 Kermit 
Peterson, Noel R. T-158 Midland 
Read, John W. T-237 Midland 
Roberts, Richard J. T-232 Midland 
Rogers, Mark C. T-112 Midland 
Smith, Donald R. T-152 Midland 
Smith, Shelton E. T-119 Andrews 
Spencer, Craig T. Post 118 Midland 
Spradling, Michael L.Post 236 Big Spring 
Swinney, Don O. T-86 Odessa 
Tartt, Danny H. Post 124 Loraine 
Taylor, William B. T-150 Odessa 
Tiemann, Gilbert Post 83 Odessa 
Tubb, Richard W. T-4 Big Spring 
Walker, Scott Templeton T-152 Midland 
Watson, Vic P. T-487 Odessa 
Weseman, Gary L. T-233 Midland 
Westbrook, John Edwin T-152 Midland 
Wilke, Billy R. T-119 Andrews 
Winget III, James E. T-151 Midland 
Zeck, Paul F. Post 27 Snyder 


Aldrich, Jr., Richard W.T- 85 Midland 
Austin, Billy D. T-466 Kermit
Belew, Gary L. T-8 Coahoma 
Blakeman, William K. T-160 Midland 
Brooks, Billy T-466 Kermit 
Brown, Kenneth L. T-466 Kermit 
Brown, Tom C. T-119 Andrews 
Bruton, Thomas K. T-160 Midland 
Burke, Leslie F. T-151 Midland 
Chatham, Robert C. T-85 Midland
Childress, Waymon A. Post 83 Odessa
Chynoweth, John J. T-333 Midland 
Clayton, Robert J. T-98 Odessa 
Coffman, Jerry E. T-233 Midland
Cooper, Bruce A. Post 50 Goldsmith
Couch, Jr. William G. T-118 Midland
Davis, Howard S. T-85 Midland 
Ehlers, Dean A. T-466 Kermit
Ellis, John E. T-270 Midland 
Felps, Sam B. T-97 Odessa 
Franklin, Dennis L. T-19 Midland 
Garner, David W. Post 333 Midland
Gernandt, Jim D. T-56 Andrews 
Glover, Holsey H. Post 191 Pecos 
Gossett, Perry J. T-64 Odessa 
Grayson, Glenn E. T-85 Midland 
Grell, Carl L. T-4 Big Spring
Gulley, Barney F. Post 236 Big Spring
Grell, Larry E. T-4 Big Spring 
Hamilton, Charles R. Post 144 Andrews
Handley, Edward A. Pos 83 Odessa 
Handley, Frederick N. Post 83 Odessa 
Hansler III, Fred L. Post 38 Odessa
Holland, John B. T-51 Midland
Howell II, Samuel W. Post 274 Odessa
Hungerford, Richard G. T-150 Odessa 
Hunt, Ronald Post 85 Midland 
Jones, Samuel P. T-4 Big Spring 
Lewis, Jr,. Edward L. T-78 Odessa 
Lydecker, William F. T-126 Midland
Martin, James R. T-50 Goldsmith
Mayes, Brian A. T-9 Big Spring 
McFadden, Alan D. Post 333 Midland
McGarrity, John R. T-150 Odessa
Moore, Charles G. T-270 Midland 
Moseley, Kenneth I. T-97 Odessa 
Norwood, William P. Pos 274 Odessa
Neahusan, Larry S. T-233 Midland
Oglesby, John R. Post 191 Pecos 
Oglesby, William H. Post 191 Pecos
Owens, Darren G. T-68 Pecos
Palmer, Harry E. T-158 Midland 
Patterson, Timothy J.T- 85 Midland 
Peek, Jr., Charles A. T-200 Midland 
Philpy, Stephen C. T-51 Midland 
Rees, Brigham D. T-98 Odessa 
Sailors, Larry K. T-97 Odessa 
Schlehuber, Michael G. T-466 Kermit
Scott, Stanley C. T-119 Andrews 
Seago, James C. T-233 Midland 
Smith, Michael J. T-233 Midland 
Spruell James A. T-233 Midland 
Tiemann, James H. Post 83 Odessa 
Tiemann, John R. Post 83 Odessa
Tochterman, Jerry E. T-119 Andrews 
Turner, Dale C. T-270 Midland 
Ulmer, Kenneth J. T-119 Andrews 
Walbridge, Danny C. T-85 Midland
White, Richard N. T-83 Odessa
Wilson, Scott Post 333 Midland


Anderson, Greg D. T-68 Pacos 
Anderson, Wayne D. T-36 Snyder 
Barton, Bruce E. T-233 Midland 
Bearnth, James D. T-112 Midland
Belknap, Kevin A. Post 158 Midland 
Bell, Billy D. T-50 Goldsmith
Berry, Joe R. T-78 Odessa 
Browne, Joseph S. T-42 Marfa 
Bruns, Curtis L. T-16 Forsan 
Bruns, Larry R. T-16 Forsan
Bullard, Monte G. T-150 Odessa 
Carter, Rick E. T-158 Midland 
Caryl, Theodore L. T-51 Midland
Cockerell, John O. T-112 Midland
Compton, James E. T-158 Midland 
Crenshaw, Don Lance T-92 Balmorhea 
Davis, David S.T- 68 Pecos 
Duff, Joel W. Post 270 Midland 
Fuller, Jr., Jon G. Post 98 Odessa
Gordon, Thomas M. T-119 Andrews 
Graumann, Keith D. T-2 Big Spring 
Green, Larry W. T-66 Kermit 
Harrison, Glenn A. Post 83 Odessa
Harwell, John R. T-232 Midland 
Howell, Robert M. T-98 Odessa 
Huffman, Kim R. T-118 Midland 
Humphries, Michael W. T-112 Midland 
Johansen, Carl E. T-16 Forsan 
Johnson, Paul H. Post 83 Odessa 
Jones, Bradley A. T-151 Midland 
Keene, Gregory B. T-150 Odessa 
Kruder, Richard A. T-145 Odessa
Lewter, Robert L. Post 83 Odessa
Maxwell, Tommy O. Post 83 Odessa 
McCain, Allen L. T-78 Odessa 
McCain, James L. T-78 Odessa 
McCain, Ralph M. T-78 Odessa 
McCulley, Jessie D. T-50 Goldsmith 
Merryman, James R. T-118 Midland 
Ormsby, Jimmie D. T-98 Odessa 
Pederson, David A. Post 333 Midland 
Poorman, Brad T-64 Odessa 
Priebe, Billy M. T-179 Big Springs 
Read, Elvin B. Post 83 Odessa 
Roberts, Charles D. T-232 Midland 
Rosentreter, Donald G. T-200 Midland 
Sciscoe, James B. T-487 Odessa 
Sides, John F. T-233 Midland 
Smith, David T. Post 85 Midland
Sofge, Kenneth J. T-53 Odessa 
Speight, Carl T. T-19 Midland 
Stewart, Mark S. T-151 Midland
Stones, Donald W. Post 153 Midland
Swanson, John M. T-68 Pecos 
Swinford, Orr T-466 Kermit 
Taylor, Carl H. T-197 Odessa
Thompson, Larry M. T-19 Midland
Thornsburg, Mark A. T-42 Marfa 
Thornsburg, William K. T-42 Marfa 
Wall, James L. T-42 Marfa 
Watkins, Dixie W. T-232 Midland 
Weseman, Larry W. Post 233 Midland
Wilson, William R. Post 41 Alpine 
Zinke, Robert M. T-51 Midland 


Anderson, Mike W. Post 274 Odessa
Ashley, Victor L. T-68 Pecos
Bingham, Glenn M. T-150 Odessa
Burba, John L. T-63 Monahans 
Bryant, Gary W. T-53 Odessa 
Cooper, Marty J. T-96 Midland 
Daniel, Gary D. T-119 Andrews 
Dawson, John H. T-271 Midland 
Drake, Bobby L. T-117 Monshans 
Dunn III, George H. Post 45 Odessa 
Easley, Nathan S. T-162 Odessa
Evans, Richard C. Post 126 Midland 
Fambro, Mike T. T-64 Odessa
Farrell II, Porter T-51 Midland 
Fisher, Louis T. T-66 Kermit 
Gallagher, C. Eddie T-87 Midland 
Glidden, Robert H. T-151 Midland 
Harris, Jeffrey L. T-152 Midland
Harwell, Tom R. Post 270 Midland 
Ives, Terry L. T-786 Odessa 
Jones, George D. Post 92 Balmorhea 
Kelly, Mark S. T-233 Midland 
Leeper, David A. Post 85 Midland 
Love, Jerry L. T-786 Odessa 
Marshall, Harold F. T-333 Midland
McCaskill, Gerald D. T-119 Andrews 
McConnell, Paul D. T-150 Odessa
McKinney, John D. Post 284 Midland 
McNeme, Stanley J. T-217 Odessa
Mickle, Omer A. T-786 Odessa
Muire, Forrest C. Post 85 Midland 
Neahusan, David L. T-233 Midland 
Newsom, Len R. T-232 Midland
Powell, William R.T- 53 Odessa
Reynolds, Rex H. T-20 Colorado City
Roberts, Dwayne C. T-119 Andrews
Sciscoe, Bob T-487 Odessa 
Scoggin, Timothy G. T-119 Andrews 
Seerey, John M.T- 84 Midland 
Shaw, Russell C. T-151 Midland 
Shook, John E. T-487 Odessa 
Slaughter, Kenneth A. T-466 Kermit 
Smith, Gary W. T-466 Kermit 
Sofge, Steven W. T-53 Odessa 
Stanley, David K. T-179 Big Spring 
Taylor, Harold S. Post 284 Midland 
Terry, Douglas E. T-53 Odessa 
Tillery, Carl R. T-66 Kermit
Ward, Thomas J. T-51 Midland
White, Steven J. T-149 Monahans 
Wiley, Robert H. T-126 Midland 
Wilke, Larry J. T-119 Andrews 
Wills, Stephen A. T-66 Kermit 
Womack, Robert K. Post 274 Odessa 


Aldrich, Steven T-85 Midland
Alexander, Joe E. T-16 Big Springs 
Anderagg, Dennis T-268 Odessa
Anders, Stephen T-158 Midland
Anderson, Mark T-4 Big Spring
Allen, Larry M. T-177 Snyder 
Blair, Matthew T-40 Midland
Barnett, Jr., Benjamin T-271 Midland
Born, Kenneth T-179 Big Spring
Broadstreet, Kim T-64 Odessa
Brown, III, Warren T-84 Midland
Bruton, Bradford T-231 Midland
Caldwell, Michael T-271 Midland
Caldwell, Steve T-271 Midland
Campbell, David T-270 Midland
Chamberlain, Samuel T-96 Midland

1970 Contd

Childress, G T-149 Monahans
Cochran, Ricky T-34 Odessa
Conn, Joe T-217 Odessa
Davis, Ben T-271 Midland
Day, Dennis T-16  Big Spring
Doyle, David T-150 Odessa
Dunn, Timothy T-300 Big Spring
Dunter, John T-271 Midland
Ellis, Bill T-20 Colorado City
Erck, Charles S T-151 Midland 
Ervin, Jr., Harold T-333 Midland
Evans, Weldon T-372 Odessa
Folmar, Kenneth T-96 Midland
Ford, William T-89 Odessa
Galloway, Danny T-271 Midland
Grantham, Rodney T-997 Wink
Grayson, Alvis L T-487 Odessa 
Grizzard, Charles T-136 Big Spring
Gunn, Stephen T-89 Odessa
Hamblin, Randolph T-198 Odessa
Hannon, Ted T-96 Midland
Hanson, Eric T-51 Midland
Harrington, Rice T-158 Midland
Highley, Robert T-16 Big Spring
Hise, Paul T-41 Alpine
Holcomb, Danny T-149 Monahans
Howell, Johnny T-98 Odessa
Howard, Terry T-786 Odessa
Huntsman, David T-34 Odessa
Kelly, Barry T-98 Odessa
Marshall, Harold T-333 Midland
Philpy,Mark A. T-51 Midland


Anderegg, Mark Harlen T-268 Odessa 
Atchley, Charles L. T-269 Odessa 
Bell, Jr., Charles R. T-74 Odessa
Bickham III, James T-57 Odessa 
Black, Randall W. Post 230 Midland
Borgan, Jeffrey E. T-232 Midland
Brashears ,Maxey Ray T-179 Big Spring 
Bryn, Kirby D. T-333 Midland 
Evans, Calvin E. T-372 Odessa 
Hardy, John S. T-51 Midland 
Hedrick, Thomas F. T-152 Midland
Heckathorne, Robin S. T-233 Midland 
Keyser, Edward M. T-51 Midland 
Hunter, Shelton B. T-51 Midland 
Ireton, Dennis L. T-28 Stanton 
Lawlis, Rob C. T-179 Big Spring 
Malone, Michael J. T-146 Big Springs
McBeath, Donald B. T-384 Midland 
McLellan, David M T-51 Midland
Mear, Jr., Charles E. T-152 Midland 
Newland, Ronald W. T-160 Midland 
Parker, Timothy H T-274 Odessa 
Peiser, Barry L. T-42 Marfa 
Perry, Glynn R. T-57 Odessa 
Phillips, Horace T-1 Big Spring 
Rahlfs, Thomas F.T- 51 Midland 
Reynolds, Mark K. T-23 Colorado City 
Rowe, David R. T-232 Midland 
Shackelford, Larry G. T-158 Midland 
Simmons, Jack G. T-151 Midland 
Simmons, Jerry L. T-151 Midland
Slaton, Harvey L. T-42 Marfa 
Slover, Carl T. T-119 Andrews 
Spencer, Jett A. T-126 Midland 
Stockard, L. Kelly T-63 Monshans 
Talkington, David K. T-160 Midland 
Talkington, Gregory J. T-160 Midland 
Terry, David T. T-51 Midland 
Thornhill, Donald G. T-146 Big Spring 
Tigrett, Paul S. T-37 Iowa Park 
Vance, William Brett T-100 Odessa
Van Ness, Robert P. T-160 Midland 
Viverette, Jr., Charles R. T-232 Midland
Williams, Randy L. T-232 Midland 
Young, Ross E. T-162 Odessa 
Yount, Randy N. T-150 Odessa 


Amini, Michael R. T-152 Midland 
Anderegg, Anthony (Tony) R. T-268 Odessa 
Atchison III, Henry C. T-160 Midland 
Aulick, John R. T-233 Midland 
Baker, Byron T-4 Big Springs
Barlow, Riley Michael T-999 Marfe
Bertl, Jeff D. T-20 Colorado City 
Boyles, Jr., Layal S. T-8 Coahoma 
Brady, William L. T-160 Midland 
Brown, William J. T-8 Coahoma 
Bryant, Tommy L. T-96 Midland
Carson, James E. T-51 Midland
Collins, Douglas Van T-233 Midland 
Cooper, Charles T. T-74 Odessa 
Cooper, Mark W. T-74 Odessa 
Dickson, Edwin E. T-8 Coahoma 
Dodson, David A. T-158 Midland 
Edgell, Richard B. T-160 Midland
Fickman, Robert J. T-333 Midland
Gibbs, Charles M. T-269 Odessa 
Griffin, Jesse F. T-8 Coahoma 
Haislip, Robert W. T-28 Stanton 
Hartman, David J. T-160 Midland 
Hull, James W. T-85 Midland 
Hunter, Jr., Burl K. T-268 Odesa 
Hutchins, Merlin T-487 Odessa 
Kauffman, John B. T-151 Midland 
Kelly, Edward B. T-98 Odessa 
Kimmel, Mark D. T-20 Colorado City 
Lemley, Joel K. T-162 Odessa
Marvin, Jr., Thomas S. T-8 Coahoma
Malson, Lynn E. T-268 Odessa 
McCall, Walter R. T-197 Odessa 
McColloch, Kevin A. T-268 Odessa
Mercer, Jr., Ronald E. T-33 Big Spring
Moore, Johnny L. T-150 Odessa
Morrow, Mike J. T-162 Odessa 
Mouser, Richard D. T-87 Midland
Myers, Ray Don T-8 Coahoma 
Phillips, Joe C. T-268 Odessa 
Post, M. Keith T-280 Midland 
Radney, Gary M. T-714 Midland 
Scherer, Peter R. T-51 Midland 
Shurley, Marvin F. T-268 Odessa 
Sparks, David C. T-487 Odessa 
Stickels, John W. T-68 Pecos 
Teutach, Edgar Norton T-88 Odessa
Thames, Robert T-51 Midland 
Townzen, Mark T-270 Odessa
Townzen, Jr., Jack T-270 Odessa
Truex, Michael T-45 Odessa 
Urban, Terry E. T-160 Midland 
West, Richie T-162 Odessa 
Whitaker, Terry T-96 Midland 
White, Hugh T-567 Midland
White III, John T-160 Midland 
Wigley, Robert T-200 Midland 

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Adkins, Greg T-63 Monahans
Allman, Jeffrey T-160 Midland 
Allen, Kelly T-16 Big Spring
Allensworth, William T-33 Big Spring
Anderson, Donald T-269 Odessa
Armstrong, Mark T-129 Andrews
Artley, James T-152 Midland 
Barker, Mark T-162 Odessa 
Belt, Colin T-83 Odessa 
Bennett, Jon T-160 Midland 
Brown, Bill T-160 Midland 
Brown, Chris T-152 Midland 
Brown, Timothy T-268 Midland 
Brown III, William T-152 Midland 
Brittian, Dana T-96 Midland 
Buck, David T-152 Midland 
Burkhalter, RobertT- 66 Kermit
Bunsen, Johnny T-42 Marfa 
Campbell, Bruce T-16  Big Spring
Campbell, Steve T-270 Midland
Carlsen, Stephen T-126 Midland
Chadwick, H. Bruce T-112 Midland
Crandall, Richard T-300 Big Spring 
Crenshaw, Wayne T-146 Big Spring 
Coburn, Denis T-84 Midland 
Cox, Joe T-88 Odessa 
Cross, Scott T-42 Maria 
Cutbirth, Joe T-10 Lenorah
Davis, Jon R. T-51 Midland 
Davidson, James T-270 Midland
Dawson, Mark T-233 Midland 
Dunbar III, Don G. T-51 Midland
Ellis, Jr., John R. T-178 Midland
Eng, Bryan J. T-152 Midland
Eng, Kelly M. T-152 Midland 
F, Danny R. T-269 Odessa 
Ferger, Stephen T-106
Ford, Lawrence D. T-87 Odessa 
Gaines, Richard S. T-6 Midland 
Gillespie, George E. T-5 Big Spring 
Glass, Mark W. T-16 Big Spring 
Grable, Rodney W. T-68 Pecos 
Green, Dane R. T-5 Big Spring 
Griffith, Terry L. T-50 Goldsmith 
Hamilton, Steve J. T-233 Midland 
Henkins, Jim W T-252 
Henry, R. E. T-178 Ridland 
Hill, Billy T-91 Midland
Holiday, Gordon K T-65 Wink
House, Charles L. T-51 Midland 
Howton, Gregory J T-308 Big Spring
Hughes, Bryan L T-487 Odessa 
Hulderman, Timothy T-1320 
Jared, Charles T-50 Goldsmith
Jones, Brian T-5 Big Spring 
Kerr, Theodore M. T-85 Midland 
Knight, David W. T-269 Odessa 
L, Paul D. T-85 Midland 
Lively, Bucky A. T-270 Midland 
Lott, David E. T-152 Midland 
M, Donald L. T-13 Big Spring 
M, John T-1 Big Spring 
Marshall, Ray T-333 Midland 
McLellen, Daniel M.T- 51 Midland 
Murphy, David P. T-124 Andrews 
N, Kurt T- 85 Midland 
N, Richard A. T-726 McCloud 
Neely, Dennis K. T-74 Odessa 
Neighbors, Kyle L. T-446 Big Spring 
Pare, Arthur P. T- 84 Midland 
P, Stanley E. T-360 Big Springs 
Parker, Tim T-16 Big Spring
Payne, Mark A. T-786 Odessa
Peeler, Bruce R. T-160 Midland 
Perry, Lee H. T-269 Odessa
Phillips, William N. T-27 Snyder
Pine, Glenn A. T-270 Midland 
Pipkin, Lee A. T-152 Midland 
Robison, Douglass C. T-300 Big Spring
Roever, Robert C. T-300 Big Spring 
Rutherford, Jeff Scott T-152 Midland 
Saultz, David O. T-118 Midland
Savage, David M. T-160 Midland 
Savage, Samuel S. T-160 Midland 
Schmidt, Richard W. T-333 Midland 
Scott, Kenneth Craig T-270 Midland 
Seal, Craig C. T-51 Midland 
Shaw, Earl H. T-14 Odessa 
Sheedy, Mark D. T-304 Big Spring 
Skinner, Randall T-233 Midland 
Slack, Richard C. T-68 Pecos
Sloan, Thomas M. T-51 Midland 
Slover, George R. T-160 Midland
Snyder, Warren K. T-160 Midland
Spears, Richard Jeffrey T-323 Midland 
Spence, John H. T-68 Pecos
Spence, Robert K. T-68 Odessa 
Sperry, Nathan S. T-19 Midland 
Sperry, Randall G. T-19 Midland 
Stone, Donald F. T-96 Midland 
Storen, Mike P. T-16 Big Spring 
Swafford, Robert R. T-197 Odesa 
Taylor, John K. T-197 Odessa 
Thomas, Terry L. T-521 Midland 
Tidwell, Gary D. T-16 Big Spring
Tompkins, Robert Labney T-126 Midland 
Truex, Christopher T-45 Odessa 
Urban, Charles A. T-160 Midland 
Van Viekle, Robert D. T-68 Pecos 
Wallace, W. Alexander T-51 Midland 
Wambaugh, John O. T-51 Midland 
Warren, Rick T-85 Midland
White, Dohn L. T-160 Midland 
White, Marshall E. T-51 Midland 
White, Paul W. T-51 Midland
White, Patrick F. T-270 Midland 
Williams, Kenneth C. T-66 Kermit 
Williamson, Joseph M. T-65 Pecos 


Allensworth, John H. T-53 Big Spring 
Batchelor, Thomas J. T-149 Manahans
Brown, Craig D. T-126 Midland
Brown, Morgan T. T-126 Midland 
Bugg, Jr., George W. T-269 Odessa 
Burns, Danny R. T-786 Odessa 
Donaway, Duane A. T-74 Odessa 
Dowing, Robert P. T-179 Big Spring 
Drake, Christopher E.T- 333 Midland 
Fisdale, Larry M. T-197 Odessa 
Frenzel, Thomas N. T-51 Midland 
Floyd, Michael M. T-51 Midland
Foster, Rodney C. T-150 Odessa
Hammond, L. Scott T-151 Midland 
Hood, Jack T-140 Midland 
K, James M. T-269 Odessa 
Keys, Randy D. T-151 Mioland 
L, Dale E. T-270 Midland 
L ,Jeff W. T-151 Midland 
Martin, Clinton D. T-786 Odessa 
McCain, Thomas E. T-286 Odessa
McNabb, Bobby L. T-66 Kermit
Perry, Robert B. T-269 Odessa 
Price, John K. T-83 Odessa 
Sheldon, George H. T-5 Big Spring 
Szymanski, Richard A. T-16 Big Spring 
Ward, Bruce D. T-149 Fort Stockton 
Welch, Bobby G. T-269 Odessa 
Westerman, Kenneth C. T-178 Midland 
Willson, Michael J. T-269 Odessa 


Ager, Brian K. T-786 Odessa 
Berger, Eric S. T-51 Midland 
Calverley, Michael D. T-74 Odessa 
Casimir, John G.T- 68 Pecos 
Chamblee, Christopher Jon T-27 Snyder
Dunbar, Douglas M. T-57 Midland 
Gresham, Carl M. T-401 Big Spring
Hendryx, Houston B. T-41 Alpine
Locke, Stephen T-127 Andrews 
Locklear, Scott G. T-87 Midland 
Lowrance, Dan E. T-68 Pecos 
Martin, John W. T-16 Big Spring
Milan, Mark A. T-20 Colorado City
Orren, Donald C. T-736 Odessa 
Perry, Kirk G. T-16 Big Spring
Platt, Frank M. T-67 Pecos 
Rabenstein, Mark W. T-41 Alpine 
Roever, Robert T-300 Big Spring
Ruwwe, John W. T-85 Midland 
Scott, David A. T-152 Midland 
Seaman, Richard A.T- 51 Midland 
Sherrill, Kenneth A. T-1776 Big Spring 
Skinner, Sheldon L. T-233 Midland
Turk, Robert W. T-77 Snyder 
Walker, Dave K. T-269 Odessa 
White, Jay V. T-149 Monahans
White, James M. T-87 Midland
Williamson, James M.T- 68 Pecos
Wills, Wade H. T-269 Odessa 
Young, Robert M. T-233 Midland 
Young, William S. T-233 Midland 


Allen, Carl G. T-35 Midland 
Beazley, William W. T-149 Monahans 
Beeson, Charles C. T-85 Midalnd 
Black, Stephen M. T-85 Midland 
Boone III, Stephen A. T-160 Midland 
Brookshire, Scott W. T-68 Pecos 
Brown, Robert C. T-1776 Big Spring 
Bruckner, Randolph L.T- 83 Odessa 
Cox, William A. T-107 Snyder 
Cregar, Randolph J. T-16 Forsan 
Crowley, Kyle B. T-68 Pecos
Cummins, Jr., Arnold E. T-129 Andews 
Danford, Harold J. T-16 Big Spring
Dejmal, Randal B. T-85 Midland
Dolbow, Philip M. T-51 Midland 
Ellis, Matthew A. T-270 Midland 
Ferguson, James E. T-1776 Big Spring 
Fraley, Lyndon T. T-1776 Big Spring 
Forney, James T. T-146 Big Spring 
Frisby, Tye R. T-129 Andrews 
Gilliland, Joseph P. T-1 Big Spring 
Harley, Philip B. T-51 Midland 
Harley, Stephen V. T-57 Milland
Hatfield, Jr., Lee S. T-51 Midland 
Hicks, Patrick A. T-32 Midland 
Johnson, Jr., William T-386 Midland
McBeath, Marcus L. T-96 Midland 
Medley, Jr., George O. T-30 Fort Davis 
Mills, Larry J. T-96 Midland 
Moore, William N. T-233 Midland
Norris, Dean T-57 Odessa 
Phillips, Edward L. T-74 Odessa 
Philpy, Paul E. T-51 Midland
Purcell, Charles Q. T-1776 Big Spring
Purcell, Thomas W. T-1776 Big Spring 
Stovall, Stephen W. T-85 Midland 
Tipton, Steve M. T-1776 Big Spring 
Torrance, Ricky D. T-83 Odessa 
Van Horn, Craig A. T-160 Midland 
Warwick, Richard A. T-85 Midland 
Webb ,John D. T-27 Snyder 
Welch ,Carroll D. T-269 Odessa 
White, Donald L. T-401 Big Spring

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Barton, Richard L. 253 Midland 
Blackman, Mark 269 Odessa 
Boren, Mark D. 269 Odessa 
Brady, David M. 160 Midland 
Bristol, Alan M. 5 Big Spring 
Cooper, Marvin E. 129 Adrews 
Cox, Andrew F. 110 Midland 
Cremwelge, Kevin D. 146 Big Spring
Dunbar, David C. 51 Midland 
Fidler, William A. 280 Midland 
Gaston IV, John Zell 107 Snyder
Glenn, Bab R. 290 Midland 
Igou, Mark C. 96 Midland 
Manley, David A. 1 Big Spring 
McDonald, Michael D. 16 Big Spring 
McDonough, Jr., Myles J. 270 Midland 
McKinney, Timothy L. 151 Midland 
Latham, Robert C. 45 Odessa 
Long, Kin A. 16 Big Spring 
Palmer, Clarence D. 1776 Big Spring 
Richards, R. Cory 151 Midland 
Rosson, Barry  T. 1776 Big Spring 
Russell, William K. 129 Andrews 
Slattery, Matthew R. 152 Midland 
Slover, James 160 Midland 
Slattery, Marc B. 152 Midland 
Turk, Lawrence T. 187 Snyder
Wilson, Robert E. 151 Midland 
Wilson, Robert K. 151 Midland 
Yeatts, John J. 17 Wichita Falls 
Zap, Gregory F. 129 Andrew


Armstrong, Jr., John E. T-85 Midland 
Armstrong, Jr., John F. T-85 Midland 
Bear, Glen T-10 Wichita Falls
Blair, Hugh V. T-85 Midland 
Burks, Charles S. T-401 Big Spring 
Chappell, David M.T- 98 Odessa
Crawford ,Chris A. T-151 Midland 
Cummins, James D. T-129 Andrews 
Dorris, Scott R. T-160 Midland 
Fabian, Kenneth Wayne T-30 Alpine 
Fishel, David C. T-152 Midland 
Freeze, Jim Dal T-401 Big Spring 
Freeze, Tim Hal T-401 Big Spring
Garrett, Mark W. T-1776 Big Spring
Gregory, Ernest Glen T-280 Midland 
Hamill, David L. T-401 Big Spring 
Harrington, Michael C. T-84 Midland 
Hohstadt, Lowell Lynn T-45 Odessa 
Houston, Fred William T-162 Odessa 
Jordan, Craig A. T-233 Midland 
Knezek, Paul Darren T-98 Odessa 
Larsen, Kevin W. T-233 Midland 
Mateiek, Robert R. T-51 Midland 
MacLeod, Christopher T-176 Midland 
McMillan, Wesley G. T-152 Midland
Mohr, Charles O. T-129 Andrews 
Munn, Todd W. T-24 Midland
Porter, William L. T-233 Midland
Roper, Todd T-231 Midland 
Skinner, Kendall L. T-233 Midland 
Sparks, Kevin D. T-110 Midland 
Tate, Mark W. T-10 Lenorah
Tyson, Keith W. T-74 Odessa 
White, Daniel R. T-96 Midland 
White, Kevin M. T-333 Midland 


Beason, Jim C. T-74 Odessa 
Bostwick, John C. T-232 Midland 
Brader, Harold D. T-24 Midkiff 
Corbin, Frank E. T-5 Big Spring 
Crenwelge, Bret A. T-5 Big Spring 
Coleman, Ray L. T-776 Odessa 
Davis, Cecil L. T-30 Fort Davis
Gillian, John T-162 Odessa
Klendnauer, Barry J. T-232 Midland
Little, Dale T-1776 Big Spring 
Long, Brady T-16 Big Spring
Long, Kelly G. T-16 Forsan 
McDonald, Randall H. T-16 Big Spring 
Miller, Mark F. T-160 Midland 
Mims, Layne M. T-16 Big Spring 
Mott, Scott T-1776 Big Spring 
Nold, Stephen C.  Messa 
Moel, Steven K. T-16 Big Spring 
Philpy, James B. T-96 Midland 
Rorick, Billy D. T-136 Big Spring 
Seay, Eric A. T-96 Midland 
Shamburger, Timothy R. T-280 Midland 
Shelton, Stanley H. T-151 Midland 
Truex, Patrick A.T- 83 Odessa 
Wagner, Francis R. T-162 Odessa
Wegner, Ross E. T-152 Midland 
Wilhite, David T-197 Odessa


Barton, Kenneth R. T-233 Midland
Barton, Robert K. T-233 Midland 
Chappell, Lynden C. T-181 Pecos 
Charlton, Jr., James H. T-5 Big Spring 
Cook, Donald G. T-911 Odessa 
Coon, Matthew H. T-231 Midland 
Corbin, Charley C. T-19 Midland 
Caldwell, Clifton B. T-45 Odessa
Galinao, Sam R. T-64 Oiess
Garder, Britt G. T-160 Midland 
Gonzales, Jr., Lehndro T-10 Lenorah
Larsen, Roger William T-233 Midland 
Lewis, Steven W. T-5 Odessa 
Leyna, Joseph T-1 Big Springs 
Mendenhall, Steven K. T-85 Midland 
Meyer, Michael W. T-136 Big Springs 
Stevens, Michael R. T-5 Big Spring 
Wickman, Russell H. T-270 Midland 


Baldwin, James T. T-34 Odessa 
Brown, Clark A. T-74 Odessa 
Dodson, Jonathan T-64 Odessa
Fields, Jr., Sammy T-160 Midland 
Garrett, Darryl T-108 Midland
Gowen, Jr., John T-162 Katy 
Griffin, Phillip T-231 Midland 
Hamilton, David T-5 Big Spring 
Kuykendall, Roger W. T-152 Midland
Mannering, Mac L. T-83 Odessa 
Nelson, Paul B. T-129 Andrews 
Roen, Steve T-5 Big Springs
Stephens, Jerry T-74 Odessa 
Weyman, David S. T-85 Midland 
White, Brian Scott T-66 Kermit 


Aldridge, Stephen W. T-152 Midland
Baldwin, Tracy L. T-34 odessa
Bizzell, Thomas S. T-34 odessa 
Chappell, Larry C. T-191 pecos 
Connelly, Patrick R. T-5 Big Spring 
Craig, Jeff A. T-19 Midland 
Edwards, Tom G. T-152 Midland 
Frazier, Trae T-162 Odessa T
Glenn, Walter B. T-110 Midland 
Griffith, Dodd S. T-85 Midland 
Griffin, Richard C. T-231 Midland 
Grimes, Jerry S. T-567 Big Spring 
Harrison, Timothy E. T-567 Odessa
Harwell, David E. T-286 Odessa 
Johnson, Allen E. T-24 Midkiff
Johnson, David J. T-83 Odessa 
Johnson, Michael J. T-24 Midkiff 
Knezek, Bobby L. T-567 Odessa 
McCarter, Shawn W. T-152 Midland 
Munn, Harold D. T-24 Midland
Newman, James F. T-51 Midland 
Pollock, Tiomthy J. T-78 Odessa 
Preston II, Charles D. T-85 Midland 
Slattery, Micheal J. T-152 Midland 
Smith, Roddy W. T-83 Odessa
Stephenson, Michael G. T-152 Midland 
Stickels, David R. T-68 Pecos 
Vernon, Kyle W. T-96 Midland 


Beard, James C. T-786 odessa 
Comm, Ander Jr. John T-E 786 odessa 
Gamboa, Erby G. T-786 odessa 
Gentry, James R. T-786 odessa 
Gross, David A. T-5 Big Spring 
Hill, Tommy W. T-34 odessa 
Hughes, Whitney R T-152 Midland 
Kirkpatrick, David E. T-280 Midland 
Kirkpatrick, Jimmy H. T-96 Midland 
Neves, Lewis E. T-34 odessa
Hunter, Tim H. T-19 Midland 
Mock, Nelson H. T-41 apline 
Nunan, Robert A. T-85 Midland 
Palmer, Dennis T. T-131 Midland 
Rigtrup, Craig B. T-231 Midland
Rowe, Philip A. T-149 Monahans 
Shaw, Jeff D. T-152 Midland 
Tate, Gregory S. T-80 Midland
Taylor, James Patrick T-233 Midland 
Thompson, Paul M. T-85 Midland 
Waddell, James M. T-34 Odessa 
Ware, Roger D. T-231 Midland 
Wikelski, Karl T. T-49 Odessa 
Williamson, John M. T-68 Pecos
Wilson, Michael H. T-85 Midland 
Yee, Norman C. T-333 Midland 


Blount, Shawn R. T-86 odessa 
Cleere, Roger L.T- 57 odessa 
Connel, J. T-149 Midland 
Cooper, Shawn Aaron T-152 Midland 
Crabb, David M. T-50 goldsmith 
Dozier Jr., Felix N. T-51 Midland 
Engel, Eric R. T-98 odessa 
England, William P. T-129 Andrews 
Gust, Richard B. T-74 odessa 
Hennagir, Bart T-98 odessa
Johnston, Fred T-23 odessa 
Moore, Mark A. T-160 Midland 
Nunan, Timothy B. T-85 Midland
Reid, Richard W. T-152 Midland 
Rumpff, Terry G. T-27 Snyder 
Stephens, Christopher A. T-107 Snyder 
Tate, Mark P. T-80 Midland 
Taylor, Donnie T-131 Midland 
Tucker Jr ., Don H.T- 61 Snyder 
Thurber, Robert L. T-98 Odessa 
Tynes, James N. T-96 Midland 
Wagoner, Michael D. T-34 Odessa 
White, William H. T-333 Midland 
Wikelski, Timm W. T-49 Odessa 


Arnett, Brent W. T-160 Midland 
Bagley, Charles W.T- 57 odessa 
Barkley, John A. T-5 Big Spring 
Bruns, Victor Wayne T-107 snyder 
Burdett, Mark W. T-98 odessa 
Bushman, Blaine T. T-331 Midland
Cavin, Hershell W. T-126 Midland 
Clement, IV John P. T-80 Midland
Crawford, Ernest R. T-401 Big Spring 
Crawford, George R. T-401 Big Spring
Crumpton, Ronnie P. T-98 odessa 
Cullens, Jake B. T-85 Midland
Dees, Derek J. T-5 Big Spring 
Florer, Thomas H. T-152 Midland
Florer, Timothy S. T-152 Midland 
Garland, James D. T-24 midkiff 
Gillum, Jeffrey A. T-211 Midland 
Gillum, John O. T-211 Midland 
Griffin, Gary L.. T-331 Midland
Harbaugh, Jeremy Lee T-73 kermit
Holdridge, James L. T-233 Midland 
Jones, Samuel A. T-51 Midland 
Johnston, Robert E. T-23 odesa 
Kator, Sean L. T-270 Midland
King, Steven D. T-698 odessa 
McCleery, James A. T-152 Midland 
McQueen, Randall W. T-57 Odessa
Mills, Aaron Wayne T-211 Midland 
Perkins Jr., Terry E. T-786 odessa 
Riley, Brian L. T-66 Kermit 
Self, James B. T-19 Midland 
Sims, Robert L. T-786 Odessa 
Subia, Jr., Armando T-19 Midland 
Taylor, stewart Wayne T-95 Midland 
Vore, Chris T-98 Odessa 
Williams, Tony M. T-57 Odessa 
Williamson, Joshua MilesT- 68 Pecos 
Zimmer, Christopher E. T-41 Alpine 

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Barkley, Mark R. T-5 Big Spring 
Brenneman, John D. T-113 Garden City 
Brown, Patrick M. T-160 Midland
Burks, Tracy D. T-149 Monahans 
Calverley, Troy L. T-113 Garden City
Carlton, Jeffrey L. T-270 Midland 
Castle, Shawn E. T-160 Midland 
Cypert, Richard T-113 Garden City 
Dawson, Jeremy R. T-225 Midland
Dozier, Charles F. T-51 Midland
Havrda, Steven S. T-96 Midland
Hemphill, Andre T-108 Midland 
Jensen, Scott L. T-231 Midland 
Jones, Scott E. T-187 Big Spring
Kemper, Bryan K. T-85 Midland 
Lowery, Kerry D. T-5 Big Spring 
McBrayer, Tim M. T-19 Midland
Modgling, Guy W. T-401 Big Spring 
Mosley, Arthur T-108 Midland
Newman, Steven P. T-51 Midland 
Patterson, Bert R. T-16 Big Spring
Reed Jr., Alan J. T-152 Midland 
Richardson, Mark G. T-5 Big Spring
Roy, James H. T-33 Monahans 
Roy, Johnny Unitas T-33 Monahans 
Stevens, Thomas J. T-5 Big Spring 
Taylor, Vancampen N. T-270 Midland 
Thompson, Richard Scott T-85 Midland
Tucker, Keith J. T-5 Big Spring 
Tucker, Rex K. T-5 Big Spring T
Van Cott, Mark J. T-331 Midland
Wojcik, Brian J. T-160 Midland 
Young Jr., John T. T-80 Midland 
Younger, Tom T-131 Midland


Abbott, Doug W. T-5 Big Spring 
Barne, T. Kenneth W. T-96 Midland 
Bartsch, Robert T-404 Midland
Blaylock, Jay T-232 Midland
Bodin, Gregory P. T-5 Big Spring 
Bonneau, Christopher D. T-216 Midland 
Burns, Jeffrey S. T-160 Midland 
Busby, James C. T-152 Midland 
Carlton, Todd T-270 Midland
Chapman, Jimmy T-232 Midland 
Clark, Evan C. T-331 Midland 
Clark, Paul N. T-331 Midland 
Clark, Rodney L. T-331 Midland
Craddick Jr., Thomas R. T-225 Midland 
Davies, Jeff T-41 Alpine
Dugas, Mark J. T-49 odessa 
Dunford Jr. , Phillip D. T-232 Midland
Fain, Peter M. T-160 Midland 
Grabbe, Patrick Sean T-34 odessa 
Gray, Chet K. T-231 Midland 
Hales, Jeffrey W. 6631 Midland 
Hawkins, Jimmy L .T-78 odessa 
Heller, Thomas Jason T-131 Midland 
Hensley, Blake T-23 Odessa 
Hoffmeister, Marc T-396 Midland
Jamierson, Clayton E. T-57 odessa 
Jones, Donald G. T-187 Big Spring 
Junker, Jason T-152 Midland
Koen, Michael P. T-152 Midland
Laidley, Kemp B. Y-96 Midland 
Martinez, John A. T-96 Midland 
Myers, Charles D. T-5 Big Spring 
Rubio, Robert B. T-24 Midkiff 
Smith, Darrell L. T-152 Midland 
Solberg, Robert Steven T-270 Midland 
Taylor, Michael G. T-131 Midland 
Taylor, Timothy M. T-160 Midland 
Teague, John T. T-68 Pecos 
Tompkins, James Chad T-46 Andrews 
Van Cott, Joel D. T-331 Midland 
Wallace, James Doug T-187 Big Spring 
Welborn, Stephen B. T-160 Midland T
Welch, Bryan L. T-113 Big Spring
Wilhelm, Steven C. T-129 Andrews 
Wright, Stacy L. T-66 Kermit 


Ashlen, Timothy T-131 Midland
Atwood, Tony T-160 Midland
Beasley, Christopher T-95 Midland
Blaylock, Jeff T-232 Midland
Bristow, Steven T-46 Andrews
Buckingham, Matthew T-84 Midland
Carpenter, Carrick T-77 Odessa
Cothran, V. Wade T-45 Midland
Cook, Jason T-64 Odessa
Cummins, Richard T-34 Odessa
Elliott, Joseph T-175 Amarillo
Gaughey, Sean T-152 Midland
Gist, John T-270 Midland
Hawkins, Thomas T-216 Midland
Hilliard, Jarred T-34 Odessa
Hilliard, Jason T-34 Odessa
Hudson, Jason T-232 Midland
Irby, Joe T-34 Odessa
Keith, Calvin T-175 Midland
Kizzar, Daymon T-68 Pecos
Knight, Josh T-152 Midland
Lopez, Damian T-232 Midland
Mangan, Scott T-80 Midland
Mayo, Mike T-53 Midland
Mcnew, James W. T-85 Midland
Meador, Ronal T-160 Midland
Murphy, Brant T-113 Garden City
Pearce, David T-19 Midland
Rountree, Joshua T-5 Big Spring
Ruebush, Phillip T-191 Big Spring
Rush, Kyle T-19 Midland
Selvera, Jr., Frank T-96 Midland
Smith, Steven T-786 Odessa
Thompson, Russell T-85 Midland
Upton, Dwight T-100 Colorado City
Vaughan, Adam T-175 Midland
Wheeler, David, T-152 Midland


Aguirre, Steven T-77 Odessa
Alligood, Ronald T-68 Pecos
Anderson, Christopher T-152 Midland
Baker, Olen T-64 Odessa
Basham, John T-80 Midland
Benavidez, Paul T-225 Monahans
Billings Kevin 5 Big Spring TX 
Blake, Eric T-331 Midland
Browder, Bobby T-23 Odessa
Bushman, Donovan T-231 Midland
Canon, Jr., Michael T-84 Midland
Cavender, James T-64 Odessa
Chapman, Scotty T-232 Midland

1989 Contd

Cooper, Jason T-27 Snyder
Deans, Aaron T-231 Midland
Evans, Charles T-786 Odessa
Faircloth, Jr., James T-95 Midland
Fortson, Jim T-232 Midland
Goins, Christopher T-64 Odessa
Gonzales, Christopher T-68 Pecos
Havrda, Jason T-96 Midland
Holt, Thomas T-80 Midland
Hoose, Scott T-331 Midland
Horton, Scott T-23 Odessa
Hughes, Andrew T-80 Midland
Johnston, Ronald T-78 Odessa
Ketchum, Jason T-24 Midkiff
Kidwell III, Cody T-152 Midland
Klepper, Richard T-74 Odessa
Knapp, James T-23 Odessa
Leggett, Marc T-109 Midland
Logan, Douglas T-5 Big Spring
Martin, Brian T-84 Midland
Matschull, Brian T-175 Midland
McKaskle, Timothy T-10 Stanton
Poitevint, Bennett T-23 Odessa
Porter, Brian T-76 Midland
Ramos, Roel T-131 Midland
Rangel, Joshua T-30 Ft. Davis
Reed, Peter T-152 Midland
Rigtrup, Chad T-131 Midland
Shelburne, Charles T-152 Midland
Snow, Shane T-131 Midland
Stevens, Chad T-231 Midland
Subia, Jaime T-19 Midland
Tague, Nathaniel T-131 Midland
Taylor, William T-232 Midland
Vigar, Vincent T-191 Pecos
Waite, Chad T-23 Odessa
Westbrook, Mark T-175 Midland
White, Kurt T-225 Midland
Wojcik, Jason T-160 Midland
Yockey, David T-5 Big Spring
Zebrowski, Bryan T-77 Odessa


Alderks, David T-231 Midland
Bagan, Brian 6631 Midland
Barkley, Michael T-5 Big Spring
Beatty, Daniel T-175 Midland
Bonifay, Wayne T-98 Odessa
Boswell, Jeremy T-312 Andrews
Boswell, Michael T-312 Andrews
Brantley, James T-74 Odessa
Bryant, David T-232 Midland
Bryant, Daniel T-232 Midland
Carmean, Russell T-232 Midland
Coston, Michael T-23 Odessa
David, Jared T-631 Midland
Earles, Brian T-27 Snyder
Franlin, Jr., Loyd T-78 Odessa
Franks, Jeremy T-158 Midland
Gaume, Jared T-231 Midland
Gengler, Shawn T-51 Midland
Gilland, Jr., James T-231 Midland
Halbert, Shawn T-258 Midland
Hale, Aaron T-80 Midland
Hall, Chris T-232 Midland
Hamby, Joshua T-5 Big Spring
Hinds, Frankie T-46 Andrews
Heath, Quinn T-66 Kermit
Johnson, Blake T-96 Midland
Johnson, Brandon T-96 Midland
Keathly, Eric T-160 Midland
Lewis, Pablo T-331 Midland
Lowery, Kenny T-5 Big Spring
Moore, Sean T-1970 Big Spring
Nobles, Matthew T-152 Midland
O'Hara Sean T-19 Midland
Powell, Shawn T-225 Midland
Richardson, Jerry T-76 Midland
Robertson, Jim T-10 Tarzan
Saums, Bradford T-51 Midland
Severino, Jr., Joseph T-76 Midland
Smith, Joshua T-19 Midland
Stevens, Bryan T-131 Midland
Tipton, Christopher T-152 Midland
Tubb, Justin T-131, Midland
Vought, Johnathon T-23 Odessa
Webb, Charles T-198 Odessa
Welch II, L. T-10 Stanton
Wingo, Deret T-80 Midland


Adams, Nathan T-231 Midland
Baker, Michael T-331 Midland
Bauer, Michael T-331 Midland
Birchfield III, James T-74 Odessa
Blevins, John T-152 Midland
Bloodworth, Cole T-160 Midland
Brunson, Jerrery T-84 Midland
Duncan, Jon T-175 Midland
Faught, David T-231 Midland
Finley, Glenn T-30 Fort Davis
Florer, Robert T-84 Midland
Griffin, Justin T-331 Midland
Hathorn, Cody T-191 Pecos
Heckler, Alan T-312 Andrews
Hendrix, Casey T-140 Midland
Hernandez, Tommy T-78 Odessa
Huber, Errick T-198 Odessa
Johnston, Jeffery T-5 Big Spring
Lawlis, Eric T-46 Andrews
Leggett, Victor T-109 Midland
Lewis, Samuel 6331 Midland
Lindsay, Jared T-331 Midland
Luck, Marce T-129 Andrews
Marsh, Shane T-74 Odessa
Maxey, Russell T-232 Midland
McPheeters, Clinton T-811 Monahans
O'Neill, K. T-312 Andrews
Petty, David T-361 Midland
Renton, Neil T-96 Midland
Richison, Mark T-198 Odessa
Rinehart, Matthew T-30 Fort Davis
Poitevint, John T-23 Odessa
Rotenberry, Jr., Michael T-198 Midland
Scott, Matthew T-45 Alpine
Simmons, Bret T-74 Odessa
Stephens, Micholas T-327 Midland
Stuart, Max T-84 Midland
Sullivan, Thomas T-513 Midland
Taylor, Daivd T-5 Big Spring
Teague, William T-68 Pecos
Tidwell, Scot T-66 Kermit
Washam, Jody T-225 Midland
Welch, Tre T-77 Odessa
Wood, Matthew T-152 Midland

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Anderson, Jared T-131 Midland
Anderson, Robert T-109 Midland
Beyerlein, Jacob T-34 Odessa
Beyerlein, Jeremy T-34 Odessa
Bisbee, Cory T-19 Midland
Brezina, Louis T-84 Midland
Castle, David T-96 Midland
Cummings, Brian T-152 Midland
Dickerson, Don T-312 Andrews
Eckerty, Sean T-232 Midland
Frantz, Jr., George T-232 Midland
Gahr, Jason T-232 Midland
Grandy, Scott T-131 Midland
Hair, David T-77 Odessa
Helms, Jason T-5 Big Spring
Hooker, Julian T-80 Midland
Hulen, Christopher T-46 Andrews
Kelly, Patrick T-225 Midland
Larson, Jeffrey T-160 Midland
Lasater, Matthew T-34 Odessa
Maier, Andrew T-19 Midland
Mobley, Jr., Terry T-46 Andrews
Moore, Coby T-46 Andrews
Moreland, Douglas T-30 Fort Davis
Morris III, Fred T-100 Colorado City
Peppentenzza, Don T-34 Odessa
Prentice, Robert T-160 Midland
Ring IV, David T-174 Odessa
Scott, Shaun T-77 Odessa
Seth, Rohit T-77 Odessa
Telck, Nathan T-152 Midland
Templeton, Mark T-160
Vestring, Daniel T-23 Gardendale
Vranken, Brad T-84 Midland
Williams, Brian T-80 Midland
Wilson, Ben T-631 Midland
Woodall, Willian T-401 Big Spring
Woolley, Evan T-231 Midland


Adams, Quentin T-231 Midland
Belvins, Andrew T-152 Midland
Bentley, William T-109 Midland
Boudreau, Jason T-18 Odessa
Bushman, Daylen T-231 Midland
Bushman, Jay T-231 Midland
Carroll, Jason T-231 Midland
Earles, Patrick T-27 Snyder
Gibson, Brian T-175 Midland
Glass, Matthew T-19 Midland
Graff, Mitchell T-74 Odessa
Graham, Zane T-100 Colorado City
Gray, Wesley T-231 Midland
Green, Jonathan T-57 Odessa
Hall, Kevin T-232 Midland
Hassman, James T-331 Midkiff
Honeyfield, Kyle T-84 Midland
Honeyfield, Zane T-84 Midland
Horton, Joshua T-34 Odessa
Houy, Daniel T-30 Fort Davis
Hughes, Christopher T-80 Midland
Jennings, Matthew T-19 Midland
King, A. T-19 Midland
Maier, John T-19 Midland
Meece, Jeff T-231 Midland
Marquez, Anthony T-34 Odessa
Martinez, Javier T-96 Midland
Nix, W. T232 Midland
Presley, Jamie T-158 Midland
Quisenberry, Jacog T-5 Big Spring
Reynolds, Dewayne T232 Midland
Robertson, Dane T-231 Midland
Scott, Daniel T-51 Midland
Sternadel, P.J. T-33 Wink
Stutes, John T-19 Midland
Subbaraman, Viswanath T-5 Big Spring
Subia, Daniel T-19 Midland
Turner, David T-68 Pecos
Upton, Christopher T-152 Midland
Walker, Billy T-34 Odessa
Wallace, Adam T-4 Coahoma
Ward, Lucas T-80 Midland
Weidmann III, Robert T-331 Midland
Wilson, William T-51 Midland
Wolle, Andrew T-80 Midland


Alderks, Peter T-231 Midland
Alsup, Daniel T-18 Odessa
Baker, Russell T-109 Midland 
Bazile III, Dominic T-51 Midland 
Beauchamp, Andrew T-84 Midland 
Border III, John T-27 Hermleigh 
Brandt, James T-232 Midland 
Broyles, Slaten T-1 Big Spring 
Butler, Sean T-80 Midland 
Byerlotzer, Jason T-93 Midland
Callarman, G. T-775 Odessa
Carlock, Cory T-100 Colorado City
Centeno, Antonio T-158 Midland
Chandler, Andrew T-51 Midland 
Chandler, Cory T-51 Midland 
Crowley, Brian T-232 Midland 
Crawford, Doug T-96 Midland
Davis, Maxwell T-30 Marfa 
Dickman, Matthew T-84 Midland 
Dickman, Michael T-84 Midland 
Dixon, Donald T-57 Odessa
Gahr, Josh T-232 Midland 
Griffin, Robert T-331 Midland 
Grizzle, Heath T-109 Midland 
Guynn, Christopher T-34 Odessa 
Hale, Matthew T-10 Stanton
Hernandez, Paul T-78 Odessa 
Horton, Derek T-34 Odessa 
Howell, Jeffery T-98 Odessa 
Johnson, Cory T-331 Midland
Johnson, Jeffrey T-76 Midland 
Jones, Gary T-131 Midland 
Keene, Scott T-34 Odessa 
Kennedy, James T-18 Odessa 
Kohl, David T-51 Midland
Koopman, Tra T-23 Odessa 
Lassetter, Jeremy T-80 Midland 
Lemon, Brandon T-98 Odessa 
Lord, Isaac T-331 Midland 
Luttrell, Landon T-175 Midland
May, Jonathan T-51 Midland 
McAdoo, Troy T-46 Andrews 
McBrayer, James T-76 Midland
McBrayer, Thomas T-76 Midland 
McKenzie, Scott T-37 Monahans
McMillan, Christopher T-27 Snyder
McMorries, Vance T-10 Tarzan
McPheeters, Jason T-811 Monahans
Mobley, Kevin T-46 Andrews 
Moore, J. T-175 Midland 
Moose, Joshua T-312 Andrews
Morrison, Jason T-19 Midland 
Nathman, Christopher T-84 Midland 
Nutting, Glenn T-101 Midland
O'Neal, Ron T-57 Odessa 
Powers, Nathan T-131 Midland 
Reed, Nathan T-152 Midland 
Ring, Jonathan T-777 Odessa 
Rotenberry, Brad T-55 Midland
Sears, Troy T-312 Andrews
Starritt, Jason T-57 Odessa
Subia, Estevan T-19 Midland 
Vaden, Jay T-175 Midland
Wanner, Denny T-5 Big Spring
Welch, Scottie T-10 Stanton 
Wells, Anthony T-109 Midland 
Westfall, Lucas T-372 Odessa
Wilkes II, Jackie T-109 Midland 
Woodward II, John T-10 Tarzan 
Wylie, Christopher T-175 Midland 
Wylie, Jeromy T-175 Midland 
Yearwood, Wade T-27 Snyder 


Bates, Evan T-68 Pecos 
Berthold, Frankie T-4 Ackerly 
Biffle, James T-270 Midland 
Bingham, Andy T-270 Midland 
Bobo, Joshua T-51 Midland 
Callaway, Jay T-27 Snyder 
Charrier, Joseph T-109 Midland 

1995 Contd

Clark, Justin T-34 Odessa 
Cleere, Ryan T-77 Odessa 
Cook, Nicholas T-119 Midland 
Cosgrove, Marshal T-91 Midland 
Crabb, Aaron T-34 Odessa 
Dulin, Tommy T-19 Midland 
Dunn, Luke T-232 Midland 
Dunn, Lee T-232 Midland 
Elliott, Crysant T-84 Midland 
Franklin, Lewis T-232 Midland
Gaddis, Daniel T-175 Midland
Gibson, Brad T-175 Midland 
Hamilton, Brandon T-175 Midland
Harding, Eric T-775 Odessa 
Harrington, Benjamin T-225 Midland
Harrington, Brian T-225 Midland
Haubert, Dallas T-19 Midland
Hooker II, John T-33 Midland 
Hudson, John T-66 Kermit 
Inman, Benjamin T-401 Big Spring 
Jose, Patrick T-270 Midland
Keith, Sidney T-175 Midland 
Kelly, Brendan T-51 Midland 
Landgraf, Brooks T-77 Odessa
Lanham, David T-80 Midland
Lee, Christopher T-442 Pecos
Lemon, Clayton T-98 Odessa 
Lemon, Taylor T-98 Odessa
Markwell, Adam T-102 Big Spring 
McMorries, Kyle T-10 Tarzan 
Nelson, Jonathan T-331 Midland
O'Hara, Timothy T-80 Midland 
Pogue, Dondi T-109 Midland 
Pruitt, John T-51 Midland 
Robertson, Reid T-231 Midland
Rolls, Jacob T-74 Odessa 
Ross, Jason T-77 Odessa 
Schumpert, Dustin T-109 Midland 
Scott, Bradley T-442 Pecos 
Seth, Rajeev T-77 Odessa 
Shewmake, James T-10 Tarzan
Snow, Clinton T-631 Midland 
Snow, Rhett T-131 Midland 
Stoltz, Stephen T-175 Midland 
Suggs, Jeffrey T-5 Big Spring 
Tague, Jonathan T-631 Midland 
Telck, Timothy T-270 Midland 
Thixton, Clayburn T-16 Big Spring 
Wallace III, Charles T-175 Midland
Wallace, Patrick T-175 Midland 
West, Theron T-175 Midland
Whitley, Justin T-283 Odessa 
Whitworth, Joseph T-73 Pecos 
Wilcox, Matthew T-23 Odessa 
Wilkerson, Ryan T-5 Big Spring
Woodall, James T-401 Big Spring
Woodruff, Christopher T-109 Midland 


Adams, Byron T-231 Midland
Bauer, Robert T-331 Midland 
Berdoza, Jr., Ricardo T-23 Odessa 
Bergmann, Daniel T-30 Fort Davis
Brown, Randal T-19 Midland
Bushman, Chad T-231 Midland 
Canon, Christopher T-84 Midland
Clarke, Russell T-175 Midland 
Glasgow, Jeremy T-46 Andrews
Cooper, Jordan T-331 Midland
Crumpton, Russell T-98 Odessa 
Deutsch, Jon T-18 Odessa 
Diaz, Eric T-231 Midland
Dugas, Edward T-34 Odessa 
Dyer, Blake T-331 Midland
Farr, Russell T-231 Midland
Flournoy, Randall T-331 Midland
Gaume, Erik 6231 Midland 
Griffin, David T-331 Midland 
Hail, Kyle T-18 Odessa 
Halbert, Christopher T-27 Snyder 
Hall, Christopher T-160 Midland 
Harrington, Christopher T-270 Midland 
Harry, Timothy T-18 Odessa 
Hazlett, Jarod T-232 Midland 
Heller, Steven T-231 Midland
Hoose, Jonathan T-331 Midland 
Jennings, Brian T-19 Midland
Keate, Kyle T-331 Midland 
Kelly, Kevin T-51 Midland 
Knapp, Thomas T-23 Odessa
Kohl, Kevin T-51 Midland 
Lefever, Justin T-1 Big Spring 
Madero, Frederick T-46 Andrews 
Madison, Jr., Michael T-10 Lenorah 
Magee, James T-84 Midland 
Martin, T. T-175 Midland 
Mazoch, Michael T-41 Alpine
McAhon, Sean T-74 Odessa 
Ott, Bryce T-231 Midland 
Partain, Daniel T-19 Midland 
Pender, Daniel T-19 Midland
Petersen, Andrew T-232 Midland
Rivas III, Raymond T-77 Odessa
Royce, Christopher T-225 Midland 
Reneau, Casity T-27 Snyder
Rust, Jr., William T-109 Midland
Samuelson, Jon T-203 Odessa 
Severino, James T-76 Midland
Simpson, Byron T-232 Midland 
Skinner, Jason T-233 Midland
Snider, Jay T-109 Midland 
Thomas, Christopher T-232 Midland 
VanLoon, Jess T-23 Odessa
Wagner, Scott T-160 Midland
Wallace, Ellery T-90 Kermit
Wegner, Landon T-1 Big Spring
Wells, Dusty T-10 Stanton 
Wiesenfeld II, S. T-175 Midland 
Zemkoski, Alex T-80 Midland 


Ashing, Collin T-775 Odessa
Balden, Andrew T-175 Midland 
Brazeal, Con T-75 Odessa 
Black, Sammy T-84 Midland 
Brinker, Matthew T-225 Midland 
Butler, Casey T-80 Midland 
Carroll, Chad T-231 Midland 
Chitwood, Jr., Alwyn T-232 Midland
Cook II, Jerry T-19 Midland
Cummings, Steven T-152 Midland
Dangerfield, Jr., David T-331 Midland
Dunlap, Samuel T-42 Marfa
Elliott, Thomas T-84 Midland 
Endsley, Perry T-18 Odessa
Everett, Jaylan T-16 Big Spring 
Farris, Brent T-160 Midland 
Ferguson, James T-16 Big Spring
Fernandez, Marcus T-5 Big Spring
Gray, Robert T-30 Fort Davis 
Hardin, Brandon T-18 Odessa 
Hedges, Jeremy T-16 Big Spring
Hillock, William T-270 Midland 
Holguin, Jr., Hector T-41 Alpine 
Howell III, Samuel T-74 Odessa 
Hulen, E.L. T-46 Andrews
Gonzalez, Nickolas T-23 Odessa
Griffin, Brad T-331 Midland
Martin, Robert T-80 Midland
Michaelson, Kirk T-270 Midland 
Mills, Kenneth T-41 Alpine 
Mims, Jason T-16 Big Spring 
Moore, Patrick T-175 Midland 
Murphy, Robert T-232 Midland 
Ormsby, Matthew T-198 Odessa 
Ormsby, Daniel T-198 Odessa 
Ormsby, Benjamin T-198 Odessa 
Pickering, Jeffrey T-19 Midland 
Sears, Robert T-144 Andrews 
Sumpter, Ryan T-80 Midland 
Smith, Matthew T-41 Alpine 
Telck, Peter T-270 Midland 
Tower, Jonathan T-232 Midland 
Wade, Benjamin T-129 Andrews 
Wallace, Mark T-80 Midland 
Watson, John T-84 Midland 
Williams, Scott T-80 Midland
Williams III, John T-30 Marfa 
Wilson, John T-631 Midland 

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Anderson, Jessie T-233 Midland 
Bell, Jesse T-37 Kermit 
Bolding, Robert T-129 Andrews 
Boone II, Billy T-80 Midland 
Brock, Montgomery T-775 Tyler 
Brookshear, Charles T-100 Colorado City 
Burch, Justin T-28 Stanton 
Carr, Brandon T-19 Midland 
Carr, Jonathan T-109 Midland 
Chasteen, Christopher T-76 Gardendale 
Clarke, Scott T-175 Midland 
Crumpton, Rodney T-98 Odessa 
Dickey, Jerad T-232 Midland
Durrett, Brandon T-131 Midland 
Edmiston, Devin T-80 Midland 
Evans, Bradlee T-4 Big Spring 
Garner, Joseph T-129 Andrews
Goodman IV, Archie T-100 Colorado City
Grayson, Jacob T-51 Midland 
Gressett, Robert T-175 Midland 
Gutierrez, Eric T-379 Big Spring 
Harper, Scott T-232 Midland 
Henry, Charles T-775 Odessa 
Hogan, Kenneth T-4 Coahoma 
Huseman, Jared T-7 Big Spring 
Jolliffe, V. Samuel T-19 Midland 
Jones, Christopher T-46 Andrews
Lemon, Tanner T-98 Odessa
Limones, Bubba T-100 Colorado City 
Lindsay, Jacob T-331 Midland 
Marlar, Matthew T-4 Big Spring 
Marlar, Joshua T-4 Big Spring 
Martini, Jeffrey T-19 Midland
Matschull, Russell T-175 Midland 
Matthews, Patrick T-51 Midland 
McClain, Christopher T-231 Midland 
McNealy, Timothy T-175 Midland 
Meek, Benjamin T-631 Midland 
Miller, William T-175 Midland 
Millstead, Thomas T-232 Midland 
Modisett, William T-158 Midland 
Morris, Kevin T-109 Midland 
Nelson, John T-232 Midland 
Overton Jr., Randall T-4 Coahoma 
Partee, Jordan T-5 Big Spring
Pearson, Derek T-30 Fort Davis
Prothro, Evan T-51 Midland 
Quine, Jacob T-232 Midland
Richardson, Jr,. Daryl T-16 Big Spring 
Rinehart, Joshua T-30 Fort Davis
Rivas, David T-77 Andrews
Robertson, Dustin T-129 Andrews 
Schumpert, Chad T-109 Midland
Taylor, Christopher T-225 Midland
Tochterman, Jr,. Jerry T-129 Andrews 
Underwood II, William T-131 Midland
Wallace, Jeremy T-37 Kermit
Ward, Matthew T-80 Midland 
Webb, Wesley T-232 Midland 
Wright, Jr., John T-129 Andrews 
Yeats, Logan T-129 Andrews
Younts II, Daniel T-18 Odessa 


Atkinson, Daniel T-84 Midland 
Armstrong, Jeffrey T-51 Midland 
Andrews, Johnathan T-46 Andrews
Bertrand, Matthew T-775 Odessa
Blackketter, Benjamin T-160 Midland
Bock, Timothy T-158 Midland
Bowden, Jeremy T-231 Midland
Bushman, Dannen T-231 Midland
Carrasco, Carlos T-775 Odessa 
Clemmer, Michael T-372 Odessa
Dennis, Bert T-775 Odessa 
Doss, Daniel T-30 Fort Davis 
Downing, Scott T-5 Big Spring 
Dunn, David T-232 Midland 
Dutton, Cody T-775 Odessa 
Edelbrock, Benjamin T-84 Midland 
Everett, Dustin T-232 Midland 
Friday, Philip T-233 Midland 
Galvan, Luis T-775 Odessa 
Gantenbein, Kristofer T-64 Odessa
Gray, Austin T-231 Midland 
Gilliam, Jared T-95 Midland 
Gilluly, Michael T-80 Midland 
Holguin, Jr., Jesus T-41 Alpine
Hood ,Fredrick T-232 Midland 
Horton, Jordan T-34 Odessa 
Huggard, Bradley T-84 Midland
Irvin, Logan T-232 Midland 
Jackson, James T-23 Odessa

1999 Contd

James, Timothy T-160 Midland 
Johnson, Jason T-786 Odessa 
Keefe, James T-270 Midland 
Key, Richard T-5 Big Spring 
Kerley, Aaron T-775 Odessa 
Ladd, Jr., Jack T-160 Midland 
Lauderdale, Ronnie T-198 Odessa 
Leon, Michael T-175 Midland 
Leonard, Gene T-7 Big Spring 
Mazoch, Mitchell T-41 Alpine 
McCain, James T-775 Odessa
McKelvey, Scott 76 Midland 
McNealy, Anthony T-175 Midland 
Menasco, Drew T-18 Odessa
Miles, Christopher T-76 Midland 
Moore, Robert T-80 Midland 
Morris, Braden T-231 Midland
Moseley, Raymond T-775 Gardendale
Ormsby, Philip T-198 Odessa
Patton, Patrick T-786 Odessa 
Pearce, Doc T-41 Alpine 
Pounds, Scott T-68 Pecos 
Price, Seth T-158 Midland 
Roberts, Andrew T-18 Odessa
Rust, Owen T-84 Midland 
Schmidt, Douglas T-175 Midland
Smith, David T-100 Colorado City 
Smith, Garrett T-42 Marfa
Smith, Travis T-42 Marfa
Snider, Joshua T-175 Midland 
Stephens, Wesley T-23 Odessa 
Stoute, Jason T-77 Odessa 
Taylor, Matthew T-95 Midland 
Tompkins, Nathan T-46 Andrews 
Tumlinson, Eric T-158 Midland 
Tuck, James T-232 Midland
Upton, Benjamin T-152 Midland 
Verbeek, Charles T-786 Odessa 
Wallace, Troy T-37 Kermit 
Webb, Robert T-18 Midland 
Woods, Tyler T-80 Midland 
Wright, James T-775 Odessa 
Yarbrough, Clayton T-158 Midland 


Blackketter, David T-160 Midland
Blake, Spencer T-331 Midland
Blount, Nolan T-68 Pecos 
Breyman, Charles T-187 Big Spring 
Brookshire, Billy T-68 Pecos 
Browning, Cody T-66 Kermit 
Burch, Jeffery T-28 Stanton
Clay, David T-66 Kermit 
Collins, Patrick T-34 Odessa 
Cooper, Christopher T-331 Midland 
Dean, Jason T-152 Midland
Deutsch, David T-18 Odessa 
Galvan, Jr., Sylvester T-775 Odessa
Hannon, Sean T-232 Midland 
Harrison, Jonathan T-187 Big Spring 
Hayes, Ryan T-437 Lufkin
Henson, Samuel T-232 Midland 
Hester, Michael T-232 Midland 
Hill, Richard T-131 Midland 
Holguin, Daniel T-41 Alpine 
Houy, Scott T-30 Fort Davis 
Johnson, Jeremy T-270 Midland
Johnson, Joshua T-230 Odessa 
Keegan, Christopher T-160 Midland 
Miracle, Ryan T-7 Big Spring 
Nelson, Brian T-331 Midland 
Ormsby, Ethan T-198 Odessa
O'Neil, Wesley T-95 Midland
Palmore, Rance T-1941 Odessa
Pearce, Chad T-232 Midland
Pearson, David T-30 Fort Davis 
Pearson, Joshua T-42 Marfa
Price, Andrew T-175 Midland 
Powers, Clayton T-131 Midland 
Presley, Jr., Danny T-158 Midland 
Roberts, Joshua T-232 Midland 
Roddy, Craig T-41 Alpine
Rodriguez, Martin T-431 Midland
Saunders, Stephen T-232 Midland 
Shupe, James T-270 Midland 
Skinner, Travis T-233 Midland 
Smith, Nathaniel T-1 Big Spring 
Sosa IV, David T-37 Monahans 
Stanulonis, Matthew T-175 Midland
Taylor, Devin T-231 Midland
Wennerlind, Matthew T-270 Midland 
Yount, Christopher T-775 Odessa

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Adkins, Zachary T-84 Midland
Armstrong, Jack T-68 Midland
Barker, Dustin T-232 Midland
Bias, Benjamin T-109 Midland
Boyd, William T-175 Midland
Bryan, Casey T-30 Fort Davis
Bryan, Corby T-30 Fort Davis
Brown, Richard T-18 Odessa
Burns, Glenn T-27 Snyder
Carr, Michael T-109 Midland
Carroll, Brandon T-231 Midland
Clanton, Kurt T-41 Alpine
Curry, David T-233 Midland
Chapel, Sean T-225 Midland
Dawson, Ryan T-160 Midland
Flecha, Ronald T-77 Odessa
Foster III, John T-169 Midland
Fuselier, Christopher T-225 Midland
Gillit, Zachary T-232 Midland
Goodman, Richard T-100 Colorado City
Gray, Kenneth T-231 Midland
Gressett, Eric T-175 Midland
Guynn, Kody T-34 Odessa
Harding, Mark T-775 Odessa
Hart, David T-152 Midland
Hawkins, Lucas T-175 Midland
Hayse, Brandon T-34 Odessa
Hill, Austin T-131 Midland
House, Jeffrey T-233 Midland
Ice IV, Charles T-152 Midland
Jackson, Andrew T-131 Midland
Judson, David T-160 Midland
Kay, John T-331 Midland
Kaup, Alan T-331 Midland
Lemon, Mason T-98 Odessa
Linegarger, Jeremy T-23 Midland
Mackey, Lucas T-77 Odessa
Matthews, Austin T-41 Alpine
McDonald, Brice T-233 Midland
Morris, Bryson T-98 Midland
Orren, KC T-775 Odessa
Partee, Adam T-401 Big Spring
Patton, Ryan T-786 Odessa
Pearson, Justin T-42 Marfa
Posey, Health T-232 Midland
Puckett, Matthew T-316 Monahans
Ray, Adam T-80 Midland
Russell, Luke T-786 Odessa
Savage, John T-18 Odessa
Schuelke, Cling T-10 Stanton
Sequlja, Douglas T-175 Midland
Stanley, Jeff T-401 Big Spring
Stock, Clayton T-198 Odessa
Stokes, Justin T-27 Snyder
Swanson, Tanner T-37 Monahans
Taylor, Darren T-231 Midland
White, Denton T-231 Midland
Williams, Austin T-231 Midland
Wilson, Jared T-34 Odessa
Wimberly, Gaylon T-225 Midland
Wryight, Randy T-175 Midland
Wyrick, Tony T-1 Big Spring
Zant, Michael T-631 Midland
Zeighbein, Dustin T-34 Odessa


Jeffrey P. Alexander  T-175 Midland
Travis H. Allen T-129 Andrews
William C. Armstrong  T-68 Midland
Bryan K. Bass T-775 Odessa
Cameron Alexander Bell T-270
James E. Bowden  T-231 Midland
Tommy Cardwell T-18 Odessa
Christopher Carr T-233 Midland
Tyson E. Carroll  T-231Midland
Timothy W. Carter T-232 Midland
Andrew W. Castle  T-80 Midland
Kevin G. Castonquay T-775 Odessa
Casey Chapman T-233 Midland
Chance K. Copeland T-152 Midland
Oscar Corral III T-98 Odessa
James C. Demel  T-232 Midland
Matthew D. Demel  T-232 Midland
Justen A. Farr C-231Midland
Michael L. Friday T-233 Midland
Alexander J. Gorski  T-84 Midland
Trevor M. Hannon  T-232 Midland
Robert G. Henkhaus  T-84 Midland
Ronny Hise  T-80 Midland
Brent Howard T-84 Midland
Jared M. Howell  T-98 Odessa
Brian J. Jumper T-232 Midland
Ryan D. Kraus T-775 Odessa
Steven Kucirek, Jr. T-270 Midland
Tripp Lybrand III T-232 Midland
Orrin L. Mansfield  T-25 Big Spring
Gregory A. Martini  T-19 Midland
Stephen Meek Team-631 Midland
Trevor W. Morris  T-109 Midland
Ian R. Nelson T-232 Midland
Zeke T. Nelson T-84 Midland
Stephen R. Parker T-232 Midland
Christopher Payton T-232 Midland
Alfredo Perez  T-80 Midland
Kevin J. Petereson T-225 Midland
Zackariah R. Plagg  T-233 Midland
Jack Roberts T-18 Odessa
Scott Rogers  T-232 Midland
Justin R. Roland  T-232 Midland
Logan T. Roland T-232 Midland
Joshua R. Sned T-80 Midland
Ryan C. Smith T-109 Midland
Stephen A. Smith T-158 Midland
William Jarrod Sparks T-232 Midland
Carl Christopher Speight T-270 Midland
J. T. Springer T-10 Stanton
James D. Stewart  T-74 Odessa
Nathan W. Sykes T-232 Midland
Brian J. Taylor  T-175 Midland
James E. Taylor  T-74 Odessa
Michael Tyrrell T-27 Snyder
Mark Warrington  T-1 Big Spring
Trevor J. Williams  T-80 Midland
Michael A. Wood T-152 Midland
Thomas Ryan Womack T-160 Midland
Jimmy D. Wright T-129 Andrews


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Klein K. Allison T-19 Midland
Zachary G. Bias T-109 Midland
Ryan W. Calhoun C-231 Midland
Xavier R. Castelazo T-198 Odessa
Christopher R. Chapman C-231 Midland
Blake J. Chudej C-5 Garden City
Christopher N. Clavin T-19 Midland
Nolan L. Coombs C-331 Midland
Samuel S. Cumings T-233 Midland
Michael Ellsworth T-178 Odessa
Cole C. Fergueron T-5 Big Spring
Kenneth J. Faircloth T-232 Midland
William B. "Billy" Foust T-34 Odessa
Ezekiel S. Galvan T-775 Odessa
Christopher J. Hale T-628 Stanton
Matthew W. Hays T-34 Odessa
Ryan Terrell Hayse T-34 Odessa
Ross H. Irvin T-232 Midland
Brendan S. Lauritzen C-231 Midland
David A. Little T-84 Midland
Sean Little T-34 Odessa
Patrick Lynch T-225 Midland
Stuart G. McDonald T-131 Midland
Ryan J. Morris T-109 Midland
Barrett K. Munson T-27 Snyder
Aubrey L. Olson T-270 Midland
Christopher Ormsby T-198 Odessa
Michael H. Orr T-80 Midland
Jeffrey W. Parker T-232 Midland
Zachary L. Phillips T-25 Big Spring
Thomas Alan Pitt T-198 Odessa
Jason W. Pribyal T-10 Tarzan
Michael J. Riggen C-152 Midland
Eric S. Roddy T-41 Alpine
Richard R. Savery T-41 Alpine
Kelby R. Schrader T-270 Midland
Zack Setzler T-175 Midland
Christopher Smauley T-27 Snyder
Timothy R. Sneed T-233 Midland
Ryan T. Speer T-225 Midland
Justin M. Stephenson T-152 Midland
Cole A. Wehner T-160 Midland
Samuel C. Wehner T-160 Midland
Garrett L. Wilkes C-152 Midland
Timothy Wilhem T-34 Odessa
Brian Wilhite T-775 Odessa
Keith B. Windham T-158 Midland
Colby D. Woods T-80 Midland
David A. Zant Team 231 Midland


Jonathan Alexander T-175 Midland
Christopher Blackmon T-152 Midland
Nizar Boodhwani T-84 Midland
Nathaniel J. Burns T-109 Midland
Matthew D. Buske T-5 Coahoma
Mathew Candler T-158 Midland
Nick Cunningham T-18 Odessa
Cooper Daniel T-34 Odessa
Kevin C. Dawson T-152 Midland
Phillip T. Downing T-84 Midland
Adam C. Edelbrock T-80 Midland
Ryan N. Edmiston T-80 Midland
Mark Friday T-233 Midland
Donald G. Fulton T-628 Stanton
Nolin Ty Gandy T-178 Odessa
Michael C. Graves T-28 Staton
Richared J. Gudgel C-144 Andrews
Barrett M. Harry T-10 Odessa
Thomas C. Hefner T-27 Snyder
Cory D. Helms T-175 Midland
Michale Hill T-225 Midland
Travis Ice T-152 Midland
Jonathan Ireton T-528 Standon
James H. Kahlich T-160 Midland
Parker Jarrett T-232 Midland
Brian A. Langhoff T-233 Midland
Forest Lybrand T-232 Midland
Steven Lucas, Jr. T-187 Big Spring
Jacob D. Nelson T-84 Midland
Trevor D. Nichols T-786 Odessa
Samuel W. Nixon T-232 Midland
Samuel McBride T-232 Midland
William Page III T-775 Odessa
Jacob D. Phillips T-160 Midland
Michael C. Prall C-109 Midland
Harrison G. Prather T-160 Midland
Leonel D. Ramirez T-225 Midland
Scott E. Runyan T-160 Midland
Ryan T. Scott T-152 Midland
Kyle Sheldon T-175 Midland
Robert F. Shelton T-225 Midland
Jerry Sims T-16 Forsan
Samuel J. Sirgo T-160 Midland
Spenser T. Smith T-42 Marfa
Andrew L. Tipton T-160 Midland
Derek Webb T-232 Midland
Kevin Yancey T-775 Odessa
Travis J. Young T-30 Fort Davis
David Yoxsimer T-232 Midland

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Derek N. Bass T-775 Odessa
John T. Baulch T-74 Odessa
Robert E. Buck T-160 Midland
Timothy Burke T-160 Midland
Sean Callahan T-158 Midland
Sean Carruth T-121 Andrews
Christopher Castonquay T-775 Odessa
J. C. Cooper T-775 Odessa
Max Cunningham T-18 Odessa
Paras Cupta T-84 Midland
Stephen Everett T-232 Midland
Clyde Findlay, III T-225 Midland
Adam Hill T-131 Midland
Keith Hunter T-131 Midland
Ethan Lord Crew 331 Midland
Ryan May T-158 Midland
Matthew McClaine T-152 Midland
Justin McConnell T-19 Midland
Trevor McDonald T-131 Midland
Peter Ortez T-84 Midland
Clark Osterlund T-232 Midland
Michael Parnell T-80 Midland
Alan Peeler T-225 Midland
Russell Pool T-158 Greenwood
Stephen Reyes T-628 Stanton
Danny Rigney T-225 Midland
Shawn Scott T-175 Midland
Michael Sellars T-74 Odessa
Kyle Sheldon T-175 Midland
Jeffrey Smith Team 231 Midland
Miles Wilkins T-232 Midland
Ryan Wollaston T-152 Midland
Clay Woody T-628 Stanton
Paul Wylie T-5 Big Spring
Samuel Aaron Young T-270 Midland


Robert Anderegg T-34 Odessa
Jacob Bell T-37 Kermit
Sammy R. Berzoza T-77 Odessa,
Steven E. Braunstein T-18 Odessa
Bobby Caldwell T-18 Odessa
Jonathan Carruth T-121 Andrews
Ernest Dunson T-232 Midland
Wendall Faulkner T-77  Odessa
Lance R. Fitzgibbons T-5 Big Spring
Tyler L. Fulton T-628 Stanton
Shawn German T-628 Stanton
Grant Garrison T-34 Odessa
Samuel K. Gregg T-775 Odessa
Joseph T. Hefner T-27 Snyder
Samuel J. Hopkins T-628 Stanton
Andrew Kennedy T-34 Odessa
Dillion T. Kennedy T-628 Stanton
Thomas T. Kirwan T-152 Midland
Jared B. Kraus T-775 Odessa
Ryan Linebarger T-233 Midland
Alexander May T-270 Midland
William T. McKinney T-152 Midland
Nathan Nix T-628 Stanton
Robert Palmer T-775 Odessa
Adrian Pena T-77 Odessa
Justin Perez T-233 Midland
Michael Phillips T- 160 Midland
Jonathan Purcell T-16 Big Spring
Julian Salinas T-34 Odessa
Matthew L. Sneed T-80 Midland
Stephen D. Snyder T-18 Odessa
Justin D. Shanks T-233 Midland
Daniel Sotelo T-84 Midland
Joshua Sparks T-232 Midland
Brandon C. Sweatt T-34 Odessa
Jason Thornton T-84 Odessa
Michell Thornton T-84 Midland
Nathan Wennerlind T-270 Midland

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Andrew G. Abbott T-232 Midland
Chad Adams T-175 Midland
Paul Aguirre T-84 Midland
Nicholas Beard T-84 Midland
Caleb C. Conder T-232 Midland
Layton J. Cox T-158 Midland
Todd Cox T-232 Midland
Chance Cross T-152 Midland
George Cross T-331 Midland
Brent Daugherty T-175 Midland
Danny Dillman T-232 Midland
Joshua Farrow T-129 Andrews
P. Christian Fierro T-77 Odessa
Logan Foust T-34 Odessa
Spencer Hilliard T-232 Midland
Corey Houston T-372 Odessa
Jacob A. Huck T-84 Midland
Tyler S. Hudgins T-23, Midland
Kenneth H. Hunter T-232 Midland
Benjamin Kennady T-175 Lenorah
Mason King T-84 Midland
Cameron S. Lynch T-316 Monahans
Travis McGuire T-77 Odessa
Jonathan D. Moore T-175 Midland
Michael Pastis C-1441 Ft. Davis
Alexander Purdy T-232 Midland
Aubrey Sewell T-158 Midland
Robert W. Shepard T-51 Midland
Claude-Michael Steelman T-16 Big Spring
Grant Sykes T-232 Midland
Brandon Turner T-34 Odessa
Jackson A. Wilkins T-232 Midland
Reed Williams T-231 Midland
Dustin R. Wright T-5 Big Spring
Brent Yater T-5 Big Spring


Stewart Aaron T-84 Midland
Aaron Anderson T-84 Midland
Matthew Barnes T-232 Midland
Brent Bates T-607 Midland
Caleb Bencomo T-30 Ft. Davis
Justin Burwell T-18 Odessa
Kendell Bushman V-231 Midland
Eric Christensen C-131 Midland
Robert Clanton T-158 Midland
Cody Cross T-152 Midland
Stewart Fannin T-34 Odessa
Vincent Gallegos T-160 Midland
Matthew Gregg T-232 Odessa
Alexander Hoagland V-131 Midland
Parker Holt T-175 Midland
Patrick Hooper T-46 Andrews
Billy Horton T-372 Odessa
Loyal Hughes T-270 Midland
Joseph Kerrigan T-175 Midland
Austin Killam T-160 Midland
Chad Maytubby T-34 Midland
Matthew McCallum T-84 Midland
Christian McDonald C-131 Midland
Michael McLane T-232 Midland
Glen Minor T-232 Midland
Tanner Moore T-607 Midland
Zane Nash T-18 Odessa
Andrew Niedecken T-270 Midland
Dan Olive T-175 Midland
Marcus Perez T-233 Midland
Aaron Pitt C-198 Odessa
John Puckett C-198 Odessa
Leonardo Ramirez T-225 Midland
Collie Roland T-18 Odessa
Chrystopher Rowden T-18 Odessa
Ryan Russell T-331 Midland
Andrew Sotelo T-84 Midland
Ian Sewell T-175 Midland
Benjamin Snell T-232 Midland
Benjamin Spinks T-232 Midland
Michael Starr T-16 Big Spring
Andy Stringfellow T-129 Andrews
Justin Tohkubbi T-51 Midland
Tyler Trogden C-198 Odessa
Adam Vore T-98 Odessa
Dillon Walker T-16 Big Spring
Taylor Williams V-231 Midland
James Wyche T-233 Midland


John Aceves T-129 Andrews 
Daniel Budke T-5 Big Spring 
Kenneth Campbell, T-74, Odessa 
Aaron Cross C-331 Midland 
Zeb Donner T-34 Odessa
J. Harrison Durrett T-131 Midland
Nolan Duzan T-27 Snyder 
Taylor Duzan T-27 Snyder 
Ryan Ellis T-811 Alpine 
Grady Ellis T-811 Alpine 
Robert Francis T-175, Midland
Wesley Freeland T-410 Alpine
Tyler Gilland T-131 Midland
Austin Green T-80 Midland 
Pranav Gupta T-84 Midland 
Gerald Harris III T-5 Big Spring 
John James T-160 Midland 
Taylor Keith T-74 Odessa 
Cyle Lynch T-316 Monahans
Seth Mansfield T-25 Big Spring
Donovan Owens T-34 Odessa 
Slava Owens, T-232, Midland
Allan Pearce T-410 Alpine
Manuel Reyes T-372 Odessa
Clancy Roland T-232 Midland 
Frankie Sanchez T-84 Midland
Lige Smith T-84 Midland
Louis Smith T-152 Midland
Justin Sparks T-232 Midland
Peter Sunderland Crew 196 Midland
Christian Tedder T-30 Fort Davis 
Tanner Thomason T-46 Plains 
Ryan Wells T-129 Andrews
Dane Wilkins T-232 Midland
Jordan Williams III T-27 Hermleigh 
Jacob Wylie T-5 Big Spring
Travis Yarbrough T-129 Andrews


Zachary Andrews T-84 Midland
Wesley Appleton T-175 Midland
Riley Barmore T-37 Monahans
Sterling Beadle T-160 Midland
Deegan Bushman C-231 Midland
Logan Bushman Tm-231 Midland
Derek Bushman C-231 Midland
Ira Campbell T-74 Odessa
Colin Christensen Tm-231 Midland
Garrett Clements T-270 Midland
Samuel Clement T-152 Midland
Zachary Curtis T-84 Midland
Christoffer Dyrssen T-175 Midland
Rene Fierro T-77 Odessa
Christopher Geib T-160 Midland
Zackery Gray T-231 Midland
John Michael Groth T-232 Midland
Todd Hagist T-84 Midland
Stefano Herrera T-232 Midland
Colton Heupel T-100 Loraine
Price Holt T-175 Midland
Matthew Hood T-160 Midland
Hunter Hunt T-410 Alpine
Kyle Hunter C-131 Midland
Bowden Case Ingram T-1 Big Spring
Cory Johnson T-129 Andrews
Ryan Kelly T-775 Odessa
Aaron Macleod T-160 Midland
Matthew Magee T-30 Nahant
Scout Lee McKinney T-152 Midland
Joseph Perez T-233 Midland
Micah Peterson, T-160, Midland
Paul Peterson, T-175, Midland
Daniel Priebe T-152 Midland
Jackson Reed T-160 Midland
Joshua Reyes T-77 Odessa
Austin Rinard T-25 Big Spring
Jake Rittenhouse T-51 Midland
Jared Rittenhouse T-51 Midland
Matthew Scoggins T-84 Midland
David Sikes T-1 Coahoma
John Jacob Smith T-74 Odessa
Ethan Snow C-131 Midland
Amado Sotelo T-84 Midland
Christian Tohkubbi T-51 Midland
Rene Vargas Jr. T-811 Alpine
Zachariah Wallace T-34 Odessa
Brett Weidmann C-331 Midland


Canyon Atwood T-331 Midland
Devin Barbee T-16 Big Spring
Sterling Beadle T-160 Midland
Logan Bushman Tm-231 Midland
Ira Campbell T-74,\ Odessa
Colin Christensen Tm-231 Midland
Samuel Clement T-152 Midland
Christopher Geib T-160 Midland
Zackery Gray T-231 Midland
John Michael Groth T-232 Midland
Stefano Herrera T-232 Midland
Price Holt T-175 Midland
Matthew Hood T-160 Midland
Bowden Case Ingram T-1 Big Spring
Riley Jefcoats T-129 Canyon
Joseph Perez T-233 Midland
Micah Peterson T-160 Midland
Paul Peterson T-175 Midland
Logan Rasmussen T-811 Alpine
Jackson Reed T-160 Midland
Matthew Scoggins T-84 Midland
S. Conner Smith T-27 Snyder
Amado Sotelo T-84 Midland
Daniel Torres T-18 Odessa
Brett Weidmann C-331 Midland


River Atwood, T331, Midland
Davis Baker, T160, Midland
Travis Baur, T84, Midland
Robert Black, T160, Midland
Tristan Bollinger, T84, Midland
Austin Britton, T160, Midland
Garrett Cain, T80, Midland
Robert Cartwright, T74, Odessa
Jonathan Childers, T232, Midland
Preston Clements, T270, Midland
Preston Conlin, T231, Midland
Zachary Dalton, T232, Midland
Kevin DeHoff, T152, Midland
Timothy Dent, T231, Midland
Gideon Donner, T34, Odessa
Anthony Dragun, T84, Midland
Landon Drake, T46, Andrews
Samuel Fields, T270, Midland
Brooks Freeland, T410, Alpine
Kolt Fox, T203, Big Spring
Connor Furqueron, T1, Big Spring
Phillip Gibson, T270, Midland
Brandon Gilmore, T410, Alpine
Alejandro Gomez, T80, Midland
Daniel Gomez, T80, Midland
Benard Hendrick VIII, T34, Odessa
William Chance Houston, T372, Odessa
Cole Hunt, T410, Alpine
Kalan Hunter, T131, Midland
Ethan-Shane Isola, T30, Ft. Davis
Sean Jarma, T775, Odessa
Devin Johnson, T222 Midland
Mason Knowlton, T100, Westbrook
Jimmy Morgette, T46, Andrews
Robert Morgette, T46, Andrews
John O'Leary, T51, Midland
Jared Parker, T410, El Paso
Christian Perez, T233, Midland
Jake Pollock, P331, Midland
Nathan Richter, T84, Midland
Eric Rittenhouse, T51, Midland
Zachary Robbins, T160, Midland
Jason Roman, T30, McDonald Observatory
Oscar Romo, T152, Midland
Brandon Russell, T331, Midland
Hunter Smith, T160, Midland
Jared Smith, T27, Snyder
Edward Sparks, T775, Odessa
Walker Spear, T152, Midland
Noble Sublett, T331, Midland
Joseph Vore, T98, Odessa
Tanner Whitesell, T30, Ft. Davis
Ben. Williams, T196, Broken Arrow, OK
Jonathan Yee, T270, Midland

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