Eagle Scouts 
South Plains Council 

Eagle Scout BadgeThe Eagle Award is the highest award that a Boy Scout can earn in Scouting.  The requirements for this award were printed in the first Boy Scout Handbook and required Scouts to be a First Class Scout for a period of one full year, showing that he had actually put into practice the ideals and principles of the Scout Oath and Law, the motto “Be Prepared” and the Daily Good Turn, had made an earnest effort to develop his leadership ability and earn twenty-one merit badges. 

 In the early days of Scouting, a Scout earned his Star Award by  earning just five merit badges, being a First Class Scout and appearing before an examining committee.   For Life, a Scout had to qualify for ten merit badges and be a First Class Scout.  However, he had to earn the First Aid merit badge, which required six months service since becoming a First Class, and the Physical Development merit badge (which also required  six months to earn) or Athletics.  In addition, he had to earn Personal Health, Public Health, and Life Saving or  Pioneering. 

Later the requirements for Star, Life and Eagle were changed and additional required merit badges, community service and time requirements were added.  It was not until 1927 that Eagle Palms were added to the list of awards for Boy Scouts.  The Eagle Scout Award could be earned by adults until 1965.  In 1965, a requirement was added to Eagle that an Eagle Scout applicant must have served for at least six months in a youth leadership position since becoming a Life Scout. Adults could not do this so they could no longer meet all the requirements for Eagle. 

The record here of Eagle Scouts starts with the year 1925. We have not so far found records of Ealge Scouts listed before that time, although we know there were Eagle Scouts then.  There are gaps in these records and not all persons who earned the Eagle Award are known.  The names of Eagle Scouts in South Plains Council were taken from information provided by the Buffalo Trail Council, newspapers and other sources. 

We are missing the names of Eagle Scouts from 2006 to present.  If anyone has a list of any of these names, please contact me by going to the home page at http://www.westtexasscoutinghistory.net/ and clicking on E-Mail me.  Thanks for your help.  This could be a list from a council Eagle Scout Recognition Dinner or published in their newsletter.

| 1925-1940 | 1941-1948 | 1949-1954 | 1955-1961 | 1962-1964 | 1965-1968 | 1969-1972 | 1973-1979 |
| 1980-1985 | 1986-1991 | 1992-1995 | 2000-2003 | 2004-2005 | 2009-2011 |

          Key: T - Troop    Post - Explorer Post    Ship - Sea Scout Ship    LS - Lone Scout    C - Crew 

Ballenger. Murray T-1 Lubbock 
Adair. Eugene T-1 Lubbock 
Adkisson. Alfred T-4 Lubbock 
Turner. Earl T-4 Lubbock 
Baker. Lennis T-1 Lubbock 
Brown. Carlyle B. T-1 Lubbock
Holder. A. J. T-1 Lubbock
Whiteside. James T-2 Lubbock


Campbell, R. Trent T-4 Lubbock
Clapp, K. N. T-4 Lubbock
Copp, Melvin T-4 Lubbock 
Day, Clarence T-2 Post 
Harkey, L. S. SC Lubbock 
Hill Culver, T-2 Lubbock 
Maddox, Jr., Frank T-1 Lubbock 
Mast, Leland T-4 Lubbock
Vaughn, Davis T-1 Lubbock


Ballenger, Felix T-4 Lubbock 
Doak, Wesley T-1 Lubbock 
Everheart, Tom T-4 Lubbock 
Forbess, Ordis T-4 Lubbock
Gunn, Floyd T-1 Lubbock 
Henry, Sam T-3 Lubbock 
Hopper, John T-4 Lubbock
Mast, Henrie T-4 Lubbock
O'Hair, Rob T-4 Lubbock 
Overstreet, Winfield T-4 Lubbock 
Roberts, James T-5 Lubbock
Thomas, William T-2 Lubbock
Thorp, Carl T-6 Lubbock
Vickers, John T-4 Lubbock 
Williams, Luther T-2 Lubbock 
Windsor, F. T-3 Lamesa


Easley, Frank, L. T-1 Lubbock 
Mast, John T-6 Lubbock 


Blackwell, Odell T-4 Lubbock 
Brownfield, Lee T-19 Brownfield 
Brownfield, Ray T-19 Brownfield
Brock, Ralph T-6 Lubbock 
Brummal, Robert  T-4 Lubbock
Crenshaw, Billy T-4 Lubbock 
Crenshaw, Charles T-4 Lubbock
Douglas, R. C. T-4 Lubbock 
Eastridge, Verne T-43 Floydada
Eaton, Frank T-4 Lubbock 
Eaton, George, E. T-6 Lubbock
Foster, M. K. T-6 Lubbock 
Gunn, Stanley T-4 Lubbock 
Hood, Odie T-37 Slaton 
Kendrick, Spencer T-19 Brownfield 
King, Donald T-19 Brownfield 
Lowry, John T-1 Plainview 
Manire, La Verne T-31 Slaton
Mayes, J. B. T-33 Ralls 
Miller, Powell T-7 Silverton 
Porterfield, Fred T-44 Floydada 
Rutledge, Samuel T-43 Floydada
Sanders, A. B. T-33 Ralls 
Scott, Reeves T-44 Floydada 
Singleton, Arthur T-30 O'Donnell 
Snapka, George T-7 Silverton 
Storall, R. L. T-44 Floydada 
Watkins, Mina T-5 Lubbock 
Williams, Sumner T-1 Plainview 


Armstrong, Lowell T-6 Lubbock
Baldwin, Zeke T-37 Slaton 
Ball, John S. T-3 Lubbock 
Blue, Eugene T-7 Lubbock 
Brock, Charles T-7 Lubbock 
Burkholder, Herbert T-33 Ralls 
Carter, George T-3 Lubbock
Cole, Osco T-36 Lubbock 
Cooper, Alray T-33 Ralls 
Dow, Harold T-4 Lubbock
Harris, Clayton T-33 Ralls
Kimbrough, Rex T-33 Ralls
McElroy, Estral T-33 Ralls 
Merrill, James T-37 Slaton 
Moxley, J. Mason T-4 Lubbock 
Neil, Wilson T-3 Plainview 
Ralls, Raymond T-33 Ralls 
Smith, John E. T-44 Floydada 
Truett, Charles T-4 Lubbock
Twedt, Joe T-23 Lamesa 
Travis, Oliver T-33 Ralls 
Ware, Arnett T-33 Ralls 
Watson, Wendell T-6 Lubbock 


Baze, Jr., Martin T-7 Lubbock 
Blocker, Harry T-4 Lubbock 
Dupree, George T-8 Lubbock 
Eubank, Paul T-6 Lubbock 
Hefferman, Herman T-22 Lamesa 
Hodges, James T-6 Lubbock 
Humphreys, David T-8 Lubbock 
Maxey, Carl T-4 Lubbock 
Tubb, Frances T-24 Levelland 
Marr, John T-23 Lamesa 
Mast, Clarence T-4 Lubbock 
Pratt, L. C. T-23 Lamesa 
Smith, Cleo Clyde T-37 Slanton
Sowell, Waymon T-53 Ralls 
Watkins, Wilmoth T-33 Ralls 
White, James L. T-8 Lubbock 
Williams, Nelson T-23 Lamesa 
Wilson, Norman T-8 Lubbock 
Wynn, Maynard T-8 Lubbock


Adams, J. L. T-24 Levelland
Baker, James T-4 Lubbock 
Campbell, Forrest T-18 Matador
Chisholm, Jr., John W. T-18 Matador 
Conway, Walter C. T-21 Tahoka 
Davenport, James W. T-2 Plainview 
Davis, Zac T-22 South Plains 
Dysart, Billy T-2 Plainview 
McClintock, Azil T-22 Lamesa 
Prater, Lester T-21 Tahoka 
Reed, Edward T-8 Lubbock 
Sansom, Jr., E. Flournoy T-2 Plainview 
Williams, Tom T-1 Plainview 


Gregg, Guion T-4 Lubbock
Keisling, Jack T-22 Lamesa
King, Kenneth T-22 Lamesa
Stacy, J. G. T-16 Post
Welch, Louie T-31 Slaton
Williams, Edward T-6 Lubbock
Wilmesmeier, George T-31 Slaton 


Anderson, Eugene T-8 Lubbock 
Hawkins, Wallace T-6 Lubbock 
Kendrick, Richard T-45 Brownfield 
Robertson, Bobby T-8 Lubbock 
Stewart, Chester Lee T-45 Brownfield
Thompson, John Gerald T-4 Lubbock 


Brown, T. I. T-8 Lubbock 
Moxley, Jack T-4 Lubbock 
Savage, Bill T-45 Brownfield
Studhalter, Walter T-8 Lubbock 
Blocker, Douglas T-4 Lubbock 
Dupree, Hunter T-8 Lubbock


Adams, Milton T-6 Lubbock
Coffman, Billy T-10 Lubbock 
Kennedy, J. L. T-10 Lubbock
Laine, Morris T-35 Spur 
Morris, Horton T-10 Lubbock
Presson, Glendon T-16 Post 
Prideaux, Tom T-4 Lubbock 
Shelnutt, Merl T-16 Post 


Bearden, Francis T-5 Lubbock 
Byers, John C. T-6 Lubbock 
Marquart, Eugene T-5 Lubbock 
Moss, James T-3 Lubbock 
Moss, Junior T-3 Lubbock 
Moxley, John Robert T-4 Lubbock
Noret, Skeet T-22 Lamesa 
Raley, Bedford T-10 Lubbock 
Stacy, M. J. T-24 Levelland 
Stone, Jack T-39 Sudan 
Tucker, Billy T-3 Lubbock 
Zellner, Julian T-10 Lubbock 


Abbott, Jack T-10 Lubbock
Adams, Kyle T-45 Brownfield
Barber, Jr., Lloyd T-35 Spur
Christensen, Charles T-35 Spur
Ince, Raymond T-35 Spur 
Kennedy, Bill T-8 Lubbock 
Laine, Bill T-35 Spur 
Lane, Jr, G. J. T-35 Spur
Loveless, Lowry Asm T-23 Lamesa
Smart, Jeff E T-35 Spur 
Smart, Jr., V. C. T-35 Spur
Scoggins, Jr., Harper T-27 Lorenzo 
Stephens, J. W. T-16 Post 
Thaxton, Earnest T-5 Lubbock
Wadzeck, G. B. (SM) T-35 Spur 
Wickliffe, Keith T-50 Plainview 
Willson, James T-57 Floydada 
Wright, Billy T-4 Lubbock 


Barnard, Allan T-23 Lamesa 
Blackwell, J. A. T-4 Lubbock 
Costolow, John J. T-35 Spur
Crawley, William R. T-22 Lamesa 
Emery, Frank T-85 Meadow 
Hitt, Ellison T-4 Lubbock
Hood, Maurice T-5 Lubbock
Ramsey, Derwood T-39 Sudan 
Shannon, Jr., P. B. T-24 Levelland 
Spear, Odell T-49 Brownfield 
Stephens, Jr., J. W. T-16 Post 
Voight, Gordon C. (SM) T-57 Floydada 
Weaver, Bob T-35 Spur 
Wester, Edward T-57 Floydada 
Wright, Billy T-4 Lubbock 


Arwine, Joe T-57 Floydada
Beavers, Billy T-20 Muleshoe 
Campbell, James T-10 Lubbock
Cornelius, Dick T-5 Lubbock 
Dyer, Jr., J. D. T-22 Lamesa 
Hinson, Billy T-49 Brownfield
Hinson, Emmitt T-57 Floydada 
Lanford, Howard T-5 Lubbock 
Nystel, G. A. T-90 Lubbock 
Miller, Larry T-49 Brownfield 
Moss, Hoyle Gene T-3 Lubbock
Powell, E. H. T-50 Plainview 
Rhea, Marshall T-5 Lubbock 
Schmidt, Howard T-8 Lubbock 
Scoggins, Paul Ben (ASM) T-7 Lubbock 
Short, Brock T-50 Plainview 
Turner, James T-57 Floydada 

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Arnold, Carl T-57 Floydada
Arnold, Robert T-57 Floydada 
Biggers, Brac T-5 Lubbock
Brown, Charles T-8 Lubbock 
Britton, Morris T-89 Roaring Springs 
McMaster, Fey T-81 Abernathy
McMaster, Gene W. T-81 Abernathy 
Minor, Carl Lester T-57 Floydada 
Morrisset, Leslie T-5 Lubbock 
Pevehouse, Joe T-77 Denver City 
Pharr, Kenneth T-5 Lubbock 
Reese, Charles T-29 Slaton
Roberts, Edwin 5 Lubbock 
Rutledge, Randolph T-57 Floydada 
Rutledge, W. L. T-81 Abernathy 
SelScott, JimT- 63 Tuliaf, Edgar T-49 Brownfield 
Smyth, Jerry T-9 Lubbock
Wester, James T-57 Floydada 
Wilson, Leonard T-35 Spur 
Woods, Dalton (Bud) T-4 Lubbock 


Bandy, Charles Wayne T-74 Brownfield
Bishop, James T. T-57 Floydada 
Broughton, Billie D. T-74 Brownfield 
Lea, J.L. T-10 Lubbock 
LeMond, Jerry T-44 Lubbock 
LeMond, Jr., Tom T-10 & T-44 Lubbock
Pinkston, Bob T-4 Lubbock 
Loran, Gene T-57 Floydada 
Lincoln, Vernon T-74 Brownfield 
Sparks, Harold T-57 Floydada 
Stafford, Bill T-50 Plainview 
Stevens, Paul T-19 Lubbock 
Vernon, Frank T-35 Spur 
Wheeler, John B. T-7 Lubbock 
Wilson, John W. (SM) T-10 Lubbock 
Witt, Jr., Bates T-44 Lubbock
Witt, Jimmy T-44 Lubbock 


Bailey, Larry T-74 Brownfield 
Mason, Jr., Marshall T-16 Post
Mayes, Billy T-33 Ralls 
McClanahan, Tom T-50 Plainview
McDonald, Fred T-8 Lubbock 
Murray, Virgil T-36 Spur 
Onstead, Norris T-26 Littlefield 
Perman, Darrell T-44 Lubbock
Self, Sammy T-4 Lubbock
Salser, J. K. T-7 Lubbock 
Standefer, Marvin T-22 Lamesa 
St. Clair, Lowell I. T-20 Muleshoe
Womack, James T-26 Littlefield 


Lockhart, Jimmy T-100 Lubbock 
Miller, Jr., Francis E. T-39 Sudan 
Perry, Gerald T-74 Brownfield 
Rector, Floyd T-5 Lubbock 
Rogers, John T-6 Lubbock
Stucker, Martin T-74 Brownfield 
Thrush, Gerald K. T-8 Lubbock
Wason, Billy T-60 Matador 


Adair, Billy T-5 Lubbock 
Bedell, Lister T-54 Plainview
Bell, Lonnie T-120 Olton 
Cagle, James T-5 Lubbock 
Cape, Buzzy T-39 Sudan 
Copp, Eugene T-5 Lubbock 
Craig, John Paul T-10 Lubbock 
Hart, George B. T-70 Lamesa
House, Jimmy T-74 Brownfield 
Kimsey, Larry T-51 Plainview 
Martin, Alton T-74 Brownfield 
McAteer, LaDell T-34 Jayton 
Murphy, George B. T-50 Plainview 
Patterson, Dennis T-2 Lubbock

1945 Condt

Patterson, Gene T-74 Brownfield
Pattillo, Robert T-3 Lubbock 
Reynolds, O. K. (FSE) Plainview 
Salem, Bobby T-39 Sudan 
Sasser, W. L. (SM) T-2 Lubbock 
Tucker, Milton T-50 Plainview 
Wise, Bruce T-65 Quitaque 


Adair, Brodie T-5 Lubbock 
Adair, Emmett C. T-5 Lubbock 
Allen, Richard T-2 Lubbock 
Beedy, Charles T-31 Slation
Beedy, Garvin T-31 Slaton
Chambers, J. C.T- 2 Lubbock 
Colvin, George Bay T-70 Turkey 
Cowan, Joe T-63 Tulia 
Cowan, Lynn T-63 Tulia 
Curry, John T-54 Plainview 
Fox, James W. T-36 Spur 
Griffith, Richard T-63 Tulia 
Harris, Beryl T-5 Lubbock 
Henson, Harold T-74 Brownfield 
Johnson, Jr., Carl T-74 Brownfield 
Lacy, Billy Fred T-70 Turkey
Lindley, Keith T-63 Tulia 
Maynard, J. W. T-63 Tulia 
Morrisset, John T-5 Lubbock 
Patterson, Billie T-74 Brownfield 
Pruitt, Don T-5 Lubbock 
Pruitt, Harvie T-5 Lubbock 
Reece ,Donald W. T-2 Lubbock 
Reeves, Garnett T-2 Lubbock
Reeves, Robert T-31 Slaton
Russell, Tommy Lynn T-70 Turkey
Stevens, Jr., M. D. T-2 Lubbock
Turner, Billy T-43 Anton 
Wartes, Billie Wayne T-74 Brownfield 
Wason, Don T-60 Matador 
Wells, Del T-43 Anton 
Wells, Weldon T-43 Anton
White, J. A. T-3 Lubbock 


Anglin, Roy W. T-21 Tahoka 
Bolin, Harvey T-50 Plainview 
Burton, Edwin T-29 Slaton 
Davis, Jamie T-51 Plainview 
Duncan, John Robnett T-5 Lubbock 
Farr, Kenneth T-21 Tahoka
Farris, Paul T-9 Lubbock 
Hart, Bill D. T-22 Lamesa 
Hinkle, Robert (Bobby)T- 45 Brownfield 
Keller, Charles T-50 Plainview 
Moore, Charles T-16 Post 
Russell, Charles Bert T-70 Turkey 
Schwiening, Gary T-68 Roosevelt 
Sherrod, Wayne T-21 Tahoka 
Sybert, Bill T-20 Muleshoe 
Vernon, James T-8 Lubbock 
Walker, Wayne T-3 Lubbock 
Weaver, Kenneth T-21 Tahoka 


Caddell, Lowell E. T-5 Lubbock
Craig, Ross T-10 Lubbock 
Farr, Clark 6021 Tahaka 
Ford, Frank T-5 Lubbock 
Gage, Jamie T-118 Hale Center 
Gaither, Bentley 6021 Tahoka 
Hamilton, Billy T-5 Lubbock
Hart, Jr., Carl R. T-3 Lubbock 
Hollingsworth, Billy T-9 Lubbock 
Lamb, Jimmy T-118 Hale Center 
Lyle, Jr., W. H. 6039 Sudan 
McBroom, Charles Edward Post10 Lubbock
Miller, JackieT- 67 Dimmitt 
Norcross, James T-5 Lubbock 
Norcross, John T-5 Lubbock 
Walters, Bill T-5 Lubbock 

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Anderson, Jerry T-49 Brownfield
Bailey, Jerry T-49 Brownfield
Bailey, Johnnie Lee T-49 Brownfield 
Black, Max T-49 Brownfield 
Black, Rex T-49 Brownfield 
Bryan, Elton T-49 Brownfield 
Criswell, Doyle T-49 Brownfield
Davis, Earl T-49 Brownfield 
Dietering, Earl T-10 Lubbock
Garnett, Edwin T-49 Brownfield 
Green, Bobbie T-49 Brownfield 
Harp, Leon T-81 Abernathy 
Hord, Mackey T-49 Brownfield 
Hord, Tommy T-49 Brownfield 
Kendrick, Herbie T-49 Brownfield 
Livengood, Jr., Earl T-81 Abernathy 
Lawson, Bill T. T-13 Lubbock 
Lucas, Jack T-49 Brownfield TX 
McMillan, Jr., Bill T-3 Lubbock 
Montgomery, John T-49 Brownfield 
Pennington, A. C. Post 10 Lubbock 
Pennington, David T-11 Post 
Petterman, Bobbie T-49 Brownfield 
Powell, Reginald T-81 Abernathy
Sharp, Joe T-49 Brownfield 
Teaff, Billy T-81 Abernathy 
White, Dean T-3 Lubbock 


Akin, Eldon Post 21 Tahoka 
Benton, Jimmy T-49 Brownfield 
Black, Stanley T-5 Lubbock 
Brown, Jerry Don T-49 Brownfield
Bruce, James A. T-81 Abernathy
Byrd, Larry T-5 Lubbock 
Cloud, Johnny T-74 Brownfield 
Cloud, Johnny T-74 Brownfield 
Earl, Jackie Post 86 Seminole 
Glasco, Jack D. T-18 Lubbock 
Hacker, Leland Post 46 Hart 
Heath, Don T-81 Abernathy 
Latham, Bobbie T-49 Brownfield 
Livingston, Roy Post 86 Seminole 
Mitchell, Gerry T-21 Tahoka 
Newsom, Stewart Post 46 Hart 
Pharr, Marshall T-30 Lubbock
Phillips, Dean Post 46 Hart 
Richmond, Billie T-49 Brownfield 
Roberts, Frank L. T-81 Abernathy 
Schmidt, Bob T-8 Lubbock
Shepherd, John T-66 Grassland 
Smith, Glenn W.T- 5 Lubbock 
Smitherman, Tony Post 46 Hart 
Stevens, Tommy T-5 Lubbock 
Swan, Howard G. T-74 Brownfield
Taylor, Bobby Post 33 Ralls 
Travis, Dale T-49 Brownfield 
Witt, Don T-30 Lubbock


Andrewartha, John M. T-81 Abernathy 
Bobo, Robert T-14 Lubbock 
Fletcher, Jerry T-76 Wolfforth 
Gage, Belton L. Post 118 Hale Center 
Grant, Dane T-5 Lubbock
Hunter, JimmyT- 50 Plainview 
Keller, Stephen T-50 Plainview 
McCarty, Bruce T-3 Lubbock
McDonald, Craig T-8 Lubbock
McSwain, Richard T-50 Plainview
Taylor, Jim Bill T-7 Lubbock 
Thomason, Billy T-74 Brownfield 
Thorpe, Stanley D. Post 118 Hale Center 
Treadaway, Roscoe T-74 Brownfield 
Watson, Jimmy T-5 Lubbock 
Williams, Jimmy T-21 Tahoka 
Williams, Sammy T-81 Abernathy 



Baggett, Richard Dale T-49 Brownfield
Cannon, Bobby T-34 Littlefield 
Cape, Bobby Post 41 Littlefield 
Chambliss, Olen T-49 Brownfield 
Crockett, Dale T-74 Brownfield 
Daniel, Jr., Tommy D. T-90 Lubbock 
Edwards, Terry T-32 Crosbyton 
Elliott, Don T-5 Lubbock 
French, Frank T-5 Lubbock
Geary, Larry Dean T-49 Brownfield 
Gorman, Lee O'Dell T-49 Brownfield 
Green, Dan T-111 Levelland 
Hamilton, Michael T-74 Brownfield 
Hoover, Bob Post 41 Littlefield 
Howard, Josh T-81 Abernathy 
Jackson, Wayne T-49 Brownfield 
Jocoy, Donald T-25 Lamesa 
Johnston, Phil LE Lubbock
Kendrick, Sammy T-49 Brownfield 
Kenley, Lyndell T-85 O'Donnell 
Latham, Dick T-49 Brownfield TX 
Lowrimore, Don T-6 Lubbock 
Murphy, Kenneth T-49 Brownfield 
Norman, Jerry T-8 Lubbock 
Orr, Bobby T-34 Littlefield 
Robbins, Roche T-77 Denver City 
Robinson, Don T-68 Plainview 
Schneider, Albert Joe T-6 Lubbock 
Stockton, Jackie T-49 Brownfield 
Szydloski, Jimmy T-49 Brownfield
Tinnin, Sidney E. Post 33 Ralls 
Trammell, Billy T-77 Denver City 


Baker, Bill Post 57 Floydada 
Caldwell, Billy Earl T-29 Slaton 
Craig, Bill T-2 Lubbock 
Griffin, Fred T-48 Palinview 
Leatherwood, Kenneth T-32 Crosbyton 
McCarty, Bobby T-5 Lubbock 
Parker, Wayne T-32 Crosbyton 
Proctor, Amon T-32 Crosbyton
Short, Leonard T-16 Post 
Strehli, Chuck T-5 Lubbock
Teal, Harold T-3 Lubbock
Welch, Joseph T-6 Lubbock 
Ware, Ralph Post 20 Muleshoe 
Witt, Guy T-21 Tahoka 


Allred, Sammy T-211 Lubbock 
Bankston, Jerry T-3 Lubbock
Benson, Martin T-5 Lubbock 
Breeden, John M. Post 109 Levelland 
Carter, Jim Post 2 Lubbock 
Dunn, E. L. T-71 Southland 
Dunn, Ronnie T-71 Southland 
Ellis, George T-71 Southland 
Ford, Denver Post 21 Tahoka 
Giddens, Joe Post 41 Littlefield
Haliburton, JimmyT- 71 Southland 
Hammonds, Cecil Wayne T-21 Tahoka 
Hargrove, Joe Neil T-71 Southland 
Hendon, Jim T-2 Lubbock
Hendon, Mike T-2 Lubbock
Hendon, Pat T-2 Lubbock 
Hogan, Earl T-76 Wolfforth 
Kyle, Tommy T-29 Slaton
Lenau, Charles W. Post 20 Muleshoe 
Miller, Arthur T-5 Lubbock 
Myers, Fred T-71 Southland 
Penney, Brooks T-3 Lubbock 
Prohl, Karl Post 21 Tahoka 
Redwine, John Edgar Post 21 Tahoka 
Rucker, Ben T. Post 36 Lubbock 
Runkles, Wayne T-16 Post 
Rutledge, Ray Lee Post13 Lubbock 
Sawyer Stanley T-25 Lamesa 
Storey, Glenn T-211 Lubbock 
Tate, Gaylord Post 20 Muleshoe 
Weaver, Michael T-5 Lubbock
Wilkerson, Jimmy Post 20 Muleshoe 
Wilson, Roy T-29 Slaton 
Yocum, David T-5 Lubbock 

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Addison, Keith T-49 Brownfield 
Benham, Lee Post 101 Morton 
Carey, Don T-49 Brownfield
Casey, Gerald T-49 Brownfield 
Chambless, Lewis T-49 Brownfield 
Crocroft, Kelley T-8 Lubbock
Cunningham, Cameron T-4 Lubbock 
DuBose, Willie T-22 Lamesa 
Grundy, Doyle T-57 Floydada 
Hooker, Curtis T-49 Brownfield 
Kendricks, Kenneth T-49 Brownfield 
Powell, Eddie T-49 Brownfield 
Barnes, Carlos T-21 Tahoka 
Case, Bill T-102 Lubbock
Garrison, Ray T-32 Crosbyton
Hawkins, Tommy Post 101 Morton 
Hawthorne, Max Post 101 Morton 
Hawthorne, Sharon Post 101 Morton 
Long ,James T-3 Lubbock 
Middleton, Dan T-81 Abernathy 
Miller, William Thad T-5 Lubbock 
Mitchell, Davy Post 101 Morton 
Myrick, Donal Post T-2 Lubbock
Oden, Dalton Ray Post 101 Morton 
Parsons, George T-9 Lubbock 
Quiett, Truman Post 109 Levelland 
Ratliff, Mickey T37 Littlefield 
Rogers, Emmett T055 Painview 
Rogers, Ennis T-50 Plainview 
Rucker, Don Post 36 Lubbock 
Stockdale, Johnny Post 101 Morton 
Temple, MikeT- 3 Lubbock 
Worsham, Charles T-76 Wolfforth 


Arnold III, John R. T-24 Levelland 
Barton, Jimmy T-109 Leveland 
Bass, Bill T-52 Plainview 
Cole, Jim T-111 Levelland 
Cole, John Percy T-111 Levelland
Cunningham, Dan T-4 Lubbock 
Driver, Douglas T-40 Sundown 
Forsythe, Larry Post 21 Tahoka 
Gibbs, Larry Post 02 Lubbock 
Hall, Billy T-8  Lubbock
Isham, Jim T-31 Lubbock 
McMillian, Harry Joe T-76 Wolforth 
Maroom, Mac T-109 Levelland 
Mowery, Clifford T-4 Lubbock 
Needles, Jr., Belverd E. T-31 Lubbock
Nesmith, Wayne T-24 Levelland 
Oliver Arvin, Don Post 118 Hale Center
Pitts, Jr., Douglas T-60 Matador 
Roper, Don T-31 Lubbock 
Smith III, Charles E. T-73 Whiteface
Swift, Charles Post 41 Lubbock
Tubb, Terry T-73 Whiteface 
Tucker, Jerry T-76 Wolforth 
Willhite, H. L. T-103 Lubbock 
Williams, Tommy D. T-24 Levelland 
Williamson, Ayers T-49 Brownfield


Abel, Mike T-9 Lubbock 
Adkins, Phillips Post 41 Littlefield 
Benner, Bill 7002 Lubbock 
Brasher, Bill T-1 Lubbock 
Boedeker, Teddy T-211 Lubbock 
Brownd, Gayle H. Post 39 Sudan 
Brownd, Jackie H. Post 39 Sudan 
Caffee, Gary T-5 Lubbock 
Carter, Robert T-201 Lubbock
Combs, Jr., Harold T-109 Levelland 
Cone, Steve T-5 Lubbock 
Copeland, Don T-49 Brownfield 
Dalton, Sidney F. T-76 Wohfforth 
Dunlap, Ray T-197 Jayton 
Dunn, Earl T-109 Levelland 
Elkins, Lon R. Post 118 Hale Center 
Elliott, RobertT- 9 lubbock 
Galvin, Daniel L. T-73 Whiteface 
Geeslin, Mark A. T-197 Jayton 
Gosdin, John T-12 Lubbock 
Halsey, Mike T-9 Lubbock 
Hill, William F. T-159 Lubbock 
Holder, Teddy T-4 Lubbock
Holland, Charles W. T-57 Floydada 
Key, John C. T-9 Lubbock 
Key, John C. T-9 Lubbock 
Holland, Jr., T. H. T-49 Brownfield 
Lockwood, Larry T-174 Spade
Lowe, Roger Post 41 Littlefield 
Luper, Ray Post 101 Morton 
Mayo, Larry W. T-57 Floydada 
McKenzie, Bill T-109 Levelland 
Milburn, Gary B. T-9 Lubbock 
Miller, John H. Post 39 Sudan 
Morrison, Tommy Post 101 Morton
Nelson, Bobby D. T-174 Spade
Oden, Lee Post 101 Morton 
Patterson, Johnny T-74 Brownfield
Patterson, Wendell T-62 Silverton
Pearce, Bill T-9 Lubbock 
Phipps, Billy 7055 Plainview
Pickett, Herbie T-49 Brownfield 
Pickett, Steve T-5 Lubbock 
Prewitt, David Post 33 Ralls 
Robertson, Jack D. T-33 Ralls
Rodgers, Jimmy T-85 Brownfield 
Rodgers, Johnny T-85 Brownfield 
Thompson, R.E. Post 101 Morton 
Westerman, Charles T-76 Wolforth 
Willis, Norton Post 101 Morton 
Wilson, Robert T-101 Morton 
Wimberley, Buddy T-5 Lubbock 


Abell, Danny Post 33 Ralls 
Adkinsson, David T-3 Lubbock 
Alexander, Jr., JackT- 6 Lubbock
Allen, Jack T-79 Lubbock 
Anderson, Keith T-15 Lubbock
Benton, Charles T-3 Lubbock
Burke, Charles Post 31 Lubbock
Burke, M.C. T-31 Lubbock 
Cox, Larry T-197 Jayton 
Davis, Jr., Guy Post 109 Levelland 
Evans, Jack T-76 Wolfforth 
Ewing, Robert T-9 Lubbock
Farrell, John Post 159 Lubbock
Farris, George Russell T-57 Floydada
Garrett, William Donald T-57 Floydada
Gilreath, Max Post 39 Sudan 
Henry, Alan T-3 Lubbock
Hindman, Raymond T-91 Lubbock 
Huddleston, Lynn Ragle Post 33 Ralls 
Jobe, Gerald T-76 Wolfforth
Jobe, Jerry T-76 Wolfforth 
Lewis, Hugh T-55 Lubbock 
Meador, Jeff T-3 Lubbock 
McMillin, Frank T-76 Wolfforth 

1958 Contd

McNeil, Barry T-9 Lubbock 
McNeil, Kenneth T-9 Lubbock 
Nichols, Charles Post 39 Sudan
Owens, Bill T-111 Levelland 
Perry, James Post 159 Lubbock 
Proctor, Archie T-254 Brownfield 
Ramey, Ronny T-103 Lubbock 
Rhode, Robert H.T- 62 Silverton 
Sharbutt, A. C. T-111 Levelland 
Turner, Billy Post 39 Sudan 
Wilemon, Kenney Post 41 Littlefield 
Wingo, J. A. T-39 Sudan
Worsham, Fred R. T-76 Wolfforth 
Wright, Howard Ellis T-22 Lamesa
Zak, Stanley T-6 Lubbock 
Zimmerman III, Fred T-57 Floydada


Anderson, Tommy T-4 Lubbock 
Bayless, Steve Allen T-9 Lubbock
Cash, Roy Don T-35 Lubbock 
Crites, Charlie T-49 Brownfield 
DeSmet, James T-73 Whiteface 
Donnell, Gene Post 111 Levelland 
Dunlap, Scott T-197 Jayton
Edwards, Philip Stanley T-5 Lubbock 
Frederiksen, Randy T-2 Lubbock 
Hackney, Jimmy T-49 Brownfield 
Hankins, Bobby T-9 Lubbock
Holland, Richard Lee T-57 Floydada
Kendrick Jr., John J. T-49 Brownfield 
King, Larry T-2 Lubbock 
Knight, Taylor T-21 Tahoka 
Mabe, Doss T-125 Levelland
McEachern, Dale T-58 Halfway 
McInturff, David Lee Ship 444 Morton 
Melton, James R. T-125 Levelland
Melton Jr., W. H. T-125 Levelland
Perkins, Chuck Post 32 Crosbyton 
Robertson, William L..T - 5 Lubbock 
Rowe, Jimmy T-125 Levelland 
Strehli, Alfred T-5 Lubbock
Talent, John T-5 Lubbock 
West, James Post 102 Lubbock 
Wilkins, John F. Post 20 Muleshoe 


Abbott, Robert T-1 Lubbock 
Bernard, Richard R. T-12 Lubbock 
Blair, Herbert T-20 Muleshoe
Coltrane, William L. T-1 Lubbock
Cummings, Jimmy T-1 Lubbock 
Cummings, Sammy T-1 Lubbock 
Currey, Harland Hugh T-20 Muleshoe 
Denton, Tommy T-1 Lubbock 
Dunn, Ralph T-9 Lubbock 
Ferrier, Dickey T-1 Lubbock 
French, David T-5 Lubbock 
Fry, David T-72 Lubbock 
Goldston, Larry T-6 Lubbock
Hancock, George N. T-1 Lubbock 
Harding, Jimmy T-55 Plainview 
Hay, Jr., George W. T-1 Lubbock 
Henry, Don T-1 Lubbock 
Henry, Sam Pat T-1 Lubbock
Hicks, John T-1 Lubbock 
Holtkort, Phillip T-1 Lubbock 
James, Michael T-1 lubbock
Jaquess, Jack T-21 Tahoka 
Keener, Jerry T-1 Lubbock 
Kramer, Eric W. T-91 Lubbock 
Malone, John T-1 Lubbock
McIlhaney, David Lee T-9 Lubbock 
McWhirter, Macky Joe Post 21 Tahoka 
Napier, Patrick Edward T-1 Lubbock 
Neal, Tom M. T-5 Lubbock
O'Connell, Jr., Jimmy T-1 Lubbock 
O'Donnell, Roy J. T-76 Wolfforth 
Parks, Terry T-1 Lubbock
Pickett, Ned T-5 Lubbock
Porr, Jr., Marvin T-1 Lubbock 
Reeves, Truett T-1 Lubbock 
Riley, Jerry T-1 Lubbock 
Scarlett, Robert T-1 Lubbock
Sellers, Tommy T-1 Lubbock 
Simpson, Gary T-16 Post 
Sisk, Sammy L. T-125 Levelland 
Smith, Jimmy T-1 Lubbock 
Stiles, Eddie T-1 Lubbock 
Taylor, H. Grant Post 159 Lubbock 
Tillinghast, Jimmy T-231 Lubbock 
Tidmore, Kent T-1 Lubbock 
Todd, Jr., Frank L. T-1 Lubbock 
Todd, Ronald Post 59 Lubbock 
Walker, Johnny T-1 Lubbock 
Watts, Richard T-1 Lubbock
Weaver, Sam T-5 Lubbock 
Webster, Len Rex T-1 Lubbock 
Woody, Jack T-231 Lubbock 
Worley, David T-55 Plainview 
Wyatt, Wally T-12 Lubbock


Camp, Roger T-5 Lubbock 
Clemmons, Bobby Post 743 Brownfield 
Cooper, Alan Ray Post 333 Ralls 
Crawford, Joseph Virgil Post 743 Brownfield 
Cummings, Mike Post 743 Brownfield 
Douglass, Kenny T-255 Plainview 
Dunn, Paul Charles T-609 Lubbock 
Ginsberg, Larry T-231 Lubbock 
Gosdin, Gary Robert T-528 Lubbock 
Hale, Robert Post 404 Lubbock 
Hassell, Alton T-780 Seagraves 
Holmes, Michael T-122 Levelland
Huddleston, Reuben Lauren Post 333 Ralls 
Hutcheson, Ray Gene T-264 Quitaque
Jennings, Archie Post 743 Brownfield
Jennings, John A. Post 743 Brownfield
Kastl, David Post 491 Lubbock 
Knowles, Tommy T-531 Lubbock 
Leach, Randy L. T-221 Plainview 
Maples, Darrell T-4 Lubbock 
Neal, John Thomas Post 522 Lubbock 
O'Neal, John T-540 Lubbock 
Overstreet, Charles Henry T-257 Floydada
Prince, Don T-540 Lubbock
Rekers, Bill T-4 Lubbock
Reynolds, Rutledge T-28 Lubbock 
Robertson, Hoyt T-639 Sudan
Rucker, Richard Max T-257 Floydada
Rush, Ralph R. T-540 Lubbock 
Starch, Michael Post 333 Ralls 
Teel, Dickie T-540 Lubbock 
Walker, I. D. T-409 Lubbock
Williams, Jimmy T-31 Lubbock 
Williamson, Robert Earl T-639 Sudan
Wilkins, Barry T-404 Lubbock 
Wood III, James M. T-404 Lubbock 
Woodward, Wayne T-403 Lubbock

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Abell, Davey Post 333 Ralls 
Abbott, David W. T-401 Lubbock
Armstrong, Nello T-567 Lubbock 
Balch, James A. T-609 Levelland 
Blagg, Jim C. T-332 Crosbyton 
Bradshaw, David Arthur T-498 Idalou 
Buckner, Jimmy T-405 Lubbock 
Bulen, James T-531 Lubbock 
Byrd, Bill T-402 Lubbock
Cahill, Ronald J. T-491 Lubbock 
Carter, Jr., Larry (ASM) T-409 Lubbock 
Crosthwait, Kent Post 403 Lubbock 
Dalrymple, Johnny T-528 Lubbock
Eason, Marc T-333 Ralls 
Esary, Gary Don (ASM) T-725 Lamesa 
Fowler, Jerry T-625 Levelland
Gaasch, Ronny T. Post 743 Brownfield 
Gafford, Gayle D. Post 743 Brownfield 
Gaither, Jerry Don T-722 Lamesa
Grizzle, Charles D. T-749 Brownfield 
Hafner III, Arhtur Post 522 Lubbock 
Hardin, Dwight T-636 Ropesville 
Harmon, Robin T-264 Quitaque 
Harris, Coy T-409 Lubbock 
Hill, Charles T-548 Lubbock 
Horton, Michael E. T-435 Lubbock 
Howell, Richard L. Post 221 Plainview
Hunter, Charles T-420 Lubbock 
Kerley, R.B. T-743 Brownfield 
Lindsey, Mack T-722 Lamesa
Liston, Vance W. T-399 Lorenzo
Mangrum, Johnny L. T-157 Lubbock
McCormick, Bill C. T-636 Ropesville 
Medlock, Jr., Howard T-543 Lubbock
McNeil, Dan T-409 Lubbock 
Miller, Larry T-722 Lamesa
Miller, Robert Post 221 Plainview 
Milligan, Jr., John A. T-409 Lubbock 
Moore, Danny T .Post 333 Ralls
Moore, Donny J. Post 333 Ralls 
Moore, Johnnie (ASM) T-778  Palins 
Murfee, Joe T-405 Lubbock 
Newburn, Jackie Lee T-435 Lubbock 
Parrack, Ricky T-409 Lubbock 
Pettigrew, Tommy T-749 Brownfield 
Pharr, Donnie Post 403 Lubbock 
Pitts, Kenneth T-260 Matador 
Reeves, Brian T-401 Lubbock 
Richter, Paul T-430 Lubbock 
Ries, Gary L. T-509 Lubbock
Roberts, Jack T-536 Lubbock 
Rylant, Arboth T-614 Earth 
Rylant, Jr., Jack T-614 Earth
Salmon, Jr., William J. T-409 Lubbock 
Seay, Richard J. T-264 Quitaque 
Shanklin, Stephen L. T-509 Lubbock 
Smithee, Ronny Pos 333 Ralls 
Snyder, David T-777 Denver City 
Stephens, Michael T-625 Levelland 
Tarbox, Max R. T-401 Lubbock 
Terry, Bobby T-405 Lubbock 
Whitsett, David Allen T-777 Denver City 
Williams, Tommy C. Post 743 Brownfield
Williamson, Harry E. T-639 Sudan 
Wilton, Billy T-722 Lamesa 
Woods, Clay Post 221 Plainview 
Young, Gene T-778 Plains 


Brasher, Robert S. T-409 Lubbock 
Beauchamp, Pat T-491 Lubbock 
Baird, Michael L. T-264 Quitaque 
Bridges, Doyle G. T-793 Lamesa 
Caldwell, Ralph T. Post 403 Lubbock
Chapman, JohnnyT- 405 Lubbock
Ewing, Larry J. Post 403 Lubbock 
Finnell, Mart W. T-409 Lubbock 
Flournoy, Jimmy D. T-332 Crosbyton 
Forehand, Hugh L. T-625 Levelland 
Frazier, John A. T-785 Brownfield 
Haskins, Jerry D. T-620 Muleshoe 
Heald, Gary R. T-420 Lubbock
Heather, Bob T-540 Lubbock 
Helton, Patrick L. T-625 Levelland 
Hilbun, Joe T-638 Littelfield 
Hoffman, David T-725 Lamesa
Holt, Jr., Joseph H. T-509 Lubbock
Horton, Billy D. T-435 Lubbock 
Huckabay, Ronnie T-267 Dimitt 
Hudspeth, John A. T-749 Brownfield 
Hunt, Glen D. T-107 Lubbock
Jaquess, David M. T-614 Earth 
Johnston, Jr., Ralph C. T-257 Floyada
Kelley, Billy T-620 Muleshoe 
Kisner, Keith E. Post 638 Littlefield 
Leach, Micky D. T-221 Plainview 
Lewis, David C. T-725 Lamesa 
Low, Gary L. T-725 Lamesa 
Luscomb III, Benjamin R. T-491 Lubbock
Medlock, T. P. T-332 Crosbyton 
Moore, Jr.,, Dan E. T-543 Lubbock
Nall, Charles E. T-2221 Plainview 
Newburn, Gary T-435 Lubbock 
Overstreet, Robert W. T-257 Floydada
Owen, Don W. Pos 402 Lubbock 
Owens, Jack D. T-611 Levelland 

1963 Contd

Palmer, Ricky Post 50 Sulphur Springs 
Phillips, A. Larry T-705 Seminole
Rapier, John E. T-491 Lubbock 
Roberts, Bruce W. T-749 Brownfield
Rosser, Danny T-636 Ropesville 
Rutledge, Richie L. T-409 Lubbock 
Seigler, Steven L. T-222 Plainview
Shea, Larry T-221 Plainview
Sizemore, Donald W. T-777 Denver City 
Smith, Robin E. T-540 Lubbock 
Starch, Mark T. T-333 Ralls
Strong, Jr., Jack Post 531 Lubbock 
Sweatt, Joe W. T-540 Lubbock
Teague Jim T-222 Plainview 
Teel, Rickey T-540 Lubbock 
Teeter, Jim W. T-449 Lubbock
Teeter, Kit T-449 Lubbock 
Williams, Russell K. T-222 Plainview
Willson lll, James M. T-257 Floydada 


Alsup, David T-634 Muleshoe 
Anderson, James C. T-567 Lubbock 
Arbuckle, James R. T-777 Denver City 
Bawcom, David R. T-638 Littlefield
Boren, Gary A. T-369 Petersburg 
Bostick, Larry L. T-360 Matador 
Bouton, Charles G. T-522 Lubbock 
Brown, Ronnie R. Post 639 Sudan
Bryant, William A. T-402 Lubbock 
Bunn, Bruce T-93 Lubbock 
Butler, Dan M. Post 527 Lubbock 
Campbell, Mike T-722 Lamesa
Carl, John D. Post 638 Littlefield 
Carroll, F. M. T-420 Lubbock 
Cochran, David E. T-405 Lubbock 
Cole, David T-369 Petersburg 
Cook, Joel L. T-522 Lubbock
Cord, Stephen T-74 Lubbock
Cox, Jim P. T-333 Ralls
Craig, Jimmy T-743 Brownfield 
Crouch, Mark B. T-638 Littlefield 
Curry, James N. Post 159 Lubbock 
Dickson, Dick T-420 Lubbock 
Dixon, Homer J. T-567 Lubbock 
Dunlap, Alan S. Post 397 Jayton 
Eaton, Leland T-222 Plainview 
Ford, John E. T-405 Lubbock 
Frazier, Kenneth D. T-774 Brownfield T
Glasscock, Robert W. T-614 Earth 
Godby, Jimmy G. T-405 Lubbock
Goodrich, Gregg Post 403 Lubbock 
Grizzle, Bruce E. T-774 Brownfield 
Hamilton, Charles F. Post 159 Lubbock
Harmon, Rex T-264 Quitaque 
Hartwell, Richard L. T-402 Lubbock
Hess, David A. Post 159 Lubbock
Holder, Gary W. T-567 Lubbock 
Hodges, David W. T-567 Lubbock 
Hudman, Curtis E. Post 315 Post 
Hunt, Wayne T-705 Seminole 
Hurd, Larry J. T-774 Brownfield 
Johnson, Bruce E. Post 125 Slaton 
Johnson, Daniel R. Post 315 Post 
Johnson, Jamie T-264 Quitaque
Jones, Tom N. T-511 Lubbock 
Kovnar, Edward H. T-509 Lubbock
Kuykendall, Don T-409 Lubbock 
Lammons, James T-705 Seminole 
Lidzy, Averett L. T-743 Brownfield 
Mangum, James M. T-641 Littlefield 
Martin, Billy D. Post 125 Slaton 
McGlaun, Mike T-722 Lamesa 
McWilliams, Ray R. T-531 Lubbock 
Miller, Rex B. T-369 Petersburg 
Mitchell, James T. T-777 Denver City 
Mitchell, James W. Post 315 Post 
Neal, Larry T. T-405 Lubbock 
Nelson, Jack O. T-528 Lubbock 
O'Donnell, Eugene J. T-576 Wolfforth 
Peterson, Charles T-705 Seminole 
Phillips, Sid H. T-725 Lamesa 
Pond, Robert D. Post 673 Whiteface 
Reed, Norman B. T-333 Ralls
Rinker, Donnie L. Post 397 Jayton 
Rollins, John C. T-409 Lubbock 
Rowan, Lynn B. T-528 Lubbock 
Salser, Bill T-722 Lamesa
Sharbutt, David E. T-611 Levelland 
Shaw, Raymond E. Post 315 Post 
Shugart, Edward A. T-625 Levelland 
Shugart, Woodward E. T-625 Levelland 
Sims, David A. T-369 Petersburg 
Starch, Matthew L. T-333 Ralls 
Thornton, Gary L. Post 157 Lubbock 
Ticer, Wilbert M. Advisor. Post315 Post
Unfred, David W.T- 526 New Home 
Vickers, John E. T-405 Lubbock 
Wade, Paul C. T-725 Lamesa 
Wade, Robert Lance T-725 Lamesa 
Walker, David T-409 Lubbock 
Ward, James R. T-536 Lubbock 
Wynne, Ronnie G. Post 481 Abernathy 
Zeigler, Gordon E. T-255 Plainview

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Baker, William G. T-531 Lubbock
Birdwell, Jr., Louis L. Post 789 O'Donnell
Collins, David H. T-725 Lamesa 
Comer, Buddy L. T-262 Silverton 
Comer, Larry T-262 Silverton 
Craig, Bobby T-743 Brownfield 
Dea, David D. T-513 Lubbock 
Delaney, Robert M. T-513 Lubbock 
Diegel, Truett C. T-555 Lubbock
Doyle, Larry D. T-409 Lubbock 
Dyer, Jim B. T-722 Lamesa 
Fondy, Joe W. T-125 Slaton 
Freeman, Joe L. T-332 Crosbyton 
Ford, Davis L. T-405 Lubbock 
Gooch, Randall L. T-777 Denver City 
Grady, Jr., Cletus G. T-262 Silverton 
Grant, Ricky J. T-221 Plainview 
Grady, Gary G. T-262 Silverton 
Harrell, Stanley J. T-638 Littlefield
Holland, David R. T-357 Floydada 
Johnston, Lon B. T-357 Floydada 
Jones, Russell T. T-778 Plains
Jones, Thomas E. T-743 Brownfield 
Kennedy, Billy R. T-778 Plains 
Lee, Barry R. T-555 Lubbock
Lofley, Cecil T-427 Lubbock
Long, Mike D. T-262 Silverton
Long, Roy L. T-262 Silverton 
Long, W. Darrell T-262 Silverton 
Martin, Ricky W. T-262 Silverton 
Mayo, Joe B. Post 369 Petersburg
McClelland, John R. T-250 Plainview 
McDaniel, Mitchell T-262 Silverton 
McDonnell, Jackie T. T-778 Plains
McDonough, John M. T-221 Plainview
McEachern, Terry T-221 Plainview 
Melcher, Randall S. T-749 Brownfield
Montague, John M. T-262 Silverton
Muckleroy, Charles Y. T-262 Silverton
Nowlin, William C. T-638 Littlefield 
Pennington, Randy G. T-262 Silverton 
Pinkerton, Albert L. T-221 Plainview 
Robinson, Charles H. T-513 Lubbock
Rodgers, Mike L. T-555 Lubbock
Rushing, Don E. T-409 Lubbock
Rushing, Ted A. T-409 Lubbock
Sims, John L. T-777 Denver City
Smith, Frederick R. Post 743 Brownfield 
Space, Robert E. T-125 Slaton 
Thornbury, Richard D. T-705 Seminole
Tipps, Stephen G. T-777 Denver City
Turner, Donald E. T-780 Seagraves
Watt, Stephen P. T-405 Lubbock 
Weast, Donald D. T-262 Silverton 
Weaver, Johnny R. T-262 Silverton 
Webb, David C. T-777 Denver City 
Wells, Dwayne L. Post 333 Ralls
Whitfill, Gary N. T-262 Silverton 
Whitmire, Danis Post 393 Spur 
Wicks, Michael Post 333 Ralls 
Wiley, Leo J. T-406 Lubbock 
Winton, George L. T-55 Lubbock 
Wisdom, Fritz A. T-528 Lubbock
Woolam, Dennis L. Ship 789 O'Donnel 
Wylie, Denzle D. T-250 Plainview 
Ziegler, Mike J. T-263 Tulia 


Alward, Curtis G. T-491 Lubbock 
Anderson, Robin L. Post 332 Brosbyton 
Armistead, Jay D. T-402 Lubbock
Armstrong, Paul M. T-246 Hart 
Barrows, John F. Post 159 Lubbock
Baumgardner, Robert W. T-774 Brownfield 
Blue ,William M. T-406 Lubbock 
Boze, William F. T-402 Lubbock 
Broyles, James R. T-491 Lubbock
Carr, Mike J. T-531 Lubbock 
Carson, Steven D. T-509 Lubbock 
Chapman, Greg S. Post 743 Brownfield
Conway, Gary W. T-637 Littlefield 
Davis, Stephen L. Post 369 Petersburg
Eckert, III, Julius E. T-125 Slaton 
Englund, Robert G. T-125 Slaton
Evans, Jr., Robly F. T-107 Lubbock 
Fondy, Wesley P. T-125 Slaton 
Glasscock, Danny M. T-638 Littlefield 
Goodrich, G. Dave Post 403 Lubbock 
Harrell, Dan M. T-638 Littlefield 
Harris, Melton C. T-402 Lubbock
Hildreth, Leon E. T-369 Petersburg 
Hoopman, Richard Post 404 Lubbock 
Howard, David W. T-555 Lubbock
Hutson, Jimmy W. T-263 Tulia 
James, Jimmy N. Post 221 Plainview 
Jasper, Jon S. T-533 Lubbock 
Jones, Eddie S. T-614 Earth 
Kelley, Gary D. T-614 Earth
Kelley, John S. T-614 Earth
Knowles, Ricky L. T-531 Lubbock 
Lumsden, Mike A. T-637 Littlefield 
Malouf, Michael J. T-409 Lubbock
Mahaffey, Larry T-509 Lubbock
Mann, Thomas L. T-614 Earth 
Miller, Kim S. T-369 Petersburg 
O'Hair, Danny T-614 Earth
O'Hair, Kelley E. T-614 Earth 
Paddack, Gary L. Post 743 Brownfield 
Parham, Martin E. T-708 Lamesa
Powell, John G. T-722 Lamesa 
Quest Arthur E. T-159 Lubbock 
Rice, Richard B. T-491 Lubbock 
Ries, Sanford T. T-407 Lubbock 
Roden, David Lee T-637 Littlefield
Rudd, Delbert T-614 Earth
Rudd, Elbert T-614 Earth 
Smith, Charley L. T-491 Lubbock 
Stenis, Wayne D. T-404 Lubbock
Sullivan, Chester W. T-555 Lubbock 
Tullis, Bill H. T-638 Littlefield
Vistine, Steven G. T-399 Lorenzo
Welch, Rickey W. T-614 Earth
Wells, Billy B. T-555 Lubbock 
Wells, Wayne L. Post 333 Ralls
Williams, David H. T-402 Lubbock 
Williams, Wayne D. T-125 Slaton 
Woodward, George D. T-403 Lubbock
Wright, William B. T-531 Lubbock 


Almack, Charles A. T-155 Lubbock
Almack, Jon A. T-155 Lubbock 
Arganbrigh, David J. T-522 Lubbock 
Anderson, Hugh A. T-409 Lubbock 
Ashmore, Dolphus M. Post 673 Whiteface 
Binder, Bobby T-233 Ralls 

1966 Contd

Brasher, Charles S. T-409 Lubbock 
Carlton, Robert A. T-491 Lubbock
Chapman, Joey W. T-405 Lubbock 
Creel, Scotty Bob T-159 Lubbock 
Crumpton, Jimmie D. T-221 Plainview
Cunningham, William D. T-221 Plainview 
Davis, Richard D. T-255 Plainview 
Davis, Robert D. T-255 Plainview 
Dolezal, David P. Post 157 Lubbock 
Dunagin, Vernon L. T-555 Lubbock 
Durham, John W. T-531 Lubbock 
Ferguson, Ronie L. T-407 Lubbock
Finley, Michael W. T-743 Brownfield 
Geeslin, Elvis P. T-397 Jayton 
Gentry, David W. T-407 Lubbock 
Graham, Alan L. T-402 Lubbock
Grissom, Mike L. T-637 Littlefield 
Hall, Brad B. T-409 Lubbock 
Hamilton, Kent M T-708 Lamesa
Hedrick, John R. T-743 Brownfield
Held, Raymond B. T-221 Plainview
Hess, Randy D. T-147 Lubbock 
Holland, Tim W. T-270 Turkey 
Hudson, Carl W. T-201 Kress 
Johnston, Danny R. T-409 Lubbock
Kelley, Kirby T-614 Earth 
King, Gary M. T-147 Lubbock 
Knight, Michael G. T-155 Lubbock
Lampkin, Richard S. T-155 Lubbock 
Leftwich, Jack W. T-402 Lubbock
Littleton, Jimmy L. T-614 Earth 
Lockwood, David A. T-399 Lorenzo 
Lyons, Leslie C. T-409 Lubbock 
Mann, Bob D. T-402 Lubbock 
Meinecke, Larry T-402 Lubbock 
McGee, James R. T-402 Lubbock 
McClendon, Donald E. T-528 Lubbock 
McInturff, Rusty N. T-402 Lubbock
McMurtry, Steven L. T-401 Lubbock 
McNeely, Jack K. T-536 Lubbock 
Mendola, Richard P. T-780 Seagraves 
Montgomery, John L. T-155 Lubbock 
Murray, Steve Post 393 Spur 
Norton, James B. Post 157 Lubbock 
Nowlin, Earl W. T-125 Slaton 
Owen, David N. T-402 Lubbock 
Pasche ll, Joe L. T-399 Lorenzo 
Piercy, Mark W. T-155 Lubbock 
Pond, David M. Post 673 Whiteface
Pond, Whit P. T-159 Lubbock 
Rohr, Michael H. T-491 Lubbock 
Scarsbrough, Richard E. T-625 Levelland 
Shea, Michael D. T-221 Plainview 
Smith, Matt S. T-402 Lubbock 
Smith, Michael P. T-103 Lubbock 
Smith, Ronald L. T-708 Lamesa
Taylor, Jack W. T-407 Lubbock 
Teaver, Jim V. T-491 Lubbock 
Terrell, Robert L. T-157 Lubbock 
Toliver, Cliff C. T-743 Brownfield 
Wardroup, Dennis W. Post 155 Lubbock
Waters, Martin T-197 Lubbock
Webb, John C. T-125 Slaton 
Williams, Dan C. T-402 Lubbock
Willingham, Michael L. T-101 Lubbock 


Anderson, James R. T-409 Lubbock
Arnold, Richard W. T-522 Lubbock
Aycock, Mark W. T-402 Lubbock
Brand, John F. T-159 Lubbock 
Brigham, Ray A. T-155 Lubbock
Bolton, Harold D. T-159 Lubbock 
Brown, Michael L. T-221 Plainview 
Brown, Jr., Wendell L. T-221 Plainview 
Buckner, Dale E. T-147 Lubbock
Butler, Jr., Billy B. T-708 Lamesa
Butler, Danny J. T-641 Littlefield 
Crawford, Jack R. T-402 Lubbock 
Creel, Chris J. T-159 Lubbock 
Ebeling, Stanley J. T-263 Tulia 
Garrison, Gary L. T-221 Plainview 
Gooch, Larry C. T-777 Denver City 
Grant, Steven R. T-221 Plainview 
Grimes, Donald A. T-405 Lubbock
Hale, Richard A. T-221 Plainview 
Hall, Mark R. T-369 Petersburg 
Harris, James C. T-402 Lubbock 
Hewitt, Grant T-743 Brownfield 
Hill, Tim D. T-481 Abernathy 
Holland, Charles E. T-263 Tulia
Hubbard, Charles J. Post 404 Lubbock 
Huffaker, James G. T-404 Lubbock 
Hyatt, Darwin C. T-159 Lubbock
Jenkins, Vincel K. T-402 Lubbock 
Jones, Richard L. T-125 Slaton 
King, Joel A. Post 404 Lubbock 
Koen, Coy D. T-221 Plainview 
Lewis, Michael G. Post 614 Earth
Lewis, Samuel M. Post 614 Earth 
Lilly, Charles N. T-705 Seminole
Lindsey, Phillip R. T-774 Brownfield 
Mangrum, Marc A. T-157 Lubbock 
Mann, James M. T-332 Crosbyton 
Martin, Johnny T-563 Ropesville 
McBroom, Bobby L. T-402 Lubbock
McCullough, Michael C. T-263 Tulia 
McDonough, Douglas S. T-221 Plainview
McGowen, David L. T-221 Plainview 
McQuien, Larry J. T-222 Plainview 
Moody, Richard L. T-722 Lamesa 
Moore, John L. T-543 Lubbock 
Mouser, Dale D. T-221 Plainview
Nall, Lance H. T-221 Plainview 
Noel, Jeffery L. T-369 Petersburg 
Nunn, Gary R. T-147 Lubbock
Price, Jr,. George C. T-625 Levelland
Reed, Henry L. T-333 Ralls 
Roberson, Joe B. T-563 Ropesville 
Roberts, Randall C. T-221 Plainview 
Robins, Thomas G. T-221 Plainview 
Sanford, Robert M. T-147 Lubbock 
Shipley, Wesley W. T-402 Lubbock 
Skains, Jr., Thurman Q. T-743 Brownfield 
Stephenson, Billy M. T-159 Lubbock 
Streety, Jr., Wayne W. T-638 Littlefield
Struve, Fritz W. T-2481 Abernathy 
Struve, James R. T-481 Abernathy
Thornbury, Gary W. T-705 Seminole 
Thornton, Kenneth A. T-157 Lubbock
Treadway, Lonnie R. T-263 Tulia 
Vaezy, Randy B. T-404 Lubbock 
Walker, Richard A. T-221 Plainview 
Webb, Phillip R. T-777 Denver City 
Wilkins, Thomas R. T-402 Lubbock 
Zeeck, David A. T-221 Plainview 

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Baker, John B. T-407 Lubbock
Bates, Michael L. T-111 Lubbock
Bates III, Sam S. T-111 Lubbock
Berg, Walter P. T-402 Lubbock 
Branon, Michael H. T-722 Lamesa 
Brock, Ralph H. T-507 Lubbock
Buol, Don L. T-402 Lubbock
Cade, Jerry L. T-743 Brownfield
Chance, Michael R. T-749 Brownfield 
Chapman, David L. T-111 Lubbock
Coker, Jimmy D. T-614 Earth
Cole, Danny L. T-491 Lubbock 
Cox, Jerry D. T-638 Littlefield 
Cox, Joe E. T-333 Ralls 
Dodson, Roy D. T-563 Ropesville 
Farris, Jr., Thomas K. T-357 Floydada
Gunn, Jon L. T-408 Lubbock 
Harger, Gary D. T-402 Lubbock 
Hensarling, James A. T-125 Slaton
Hill, Jr., John R. T-743 Brownfield 
Hodges III, James W. T-405 Lubbock 
Holland, George D. T-408 Lubbock
Horger, Frank L. Post 500 Lubbock
Johnson, Jerry F. T-402 Lubbock 
Jones, Stanley B. T-479 Lubbock
Jordan, Sam P. T-722 Lamesa 
King, Matthew A. T-404 Lubbock 
Lane, Mike R. T-159 Lubbock
Mackey, Alan W. T-638 Littlefield 
Mayes, Randall L. T-409 Lubbock 
McCain, Marvin C. T-125 Slaton 
McCulley, David A. T-357 Floydada
McDermett, Michael L. T-111 Lubbock
McInturff, Terry G. T-402 Lubbock
Miller, Howard B. T-708 LaMesa 
Moseley, Pope L. T-407 Lubbock 
Nesbitt, Clay W. T-125 Slaton
Oglesby, Carlton L. T-125 Slaton 
Pendley, Rex D. T-404 Lubbock 
Pugh, Charles E. Post 404 Lubbock 
Russell, Gary M. T-408 Lubbock 
Schneider, Kirk A. T-409 Lubbock 
Shobe, Louis A. T-408 Lubbock 
Thompson, Jon Q. T-407 Lubbock
Veazey, Rhad B. T-404 Lubbock
Vigness, Richard M. T-505 Lubbock
Waggoner, Jack W. T-402 Lubbock 
Ward, Charles W. T-408 Lubbock 
Williams, Lon A. T-638 Littlefield
Williamson, Robert D. T-527 Lubbock
Woodward, Garland B. T-402 Lubbock 
Workman, William H. T-402 Lubbock


Arnold, James T-522 Lubbock
Branon, Thomas T-722 Lamesa
Brantley, Michael T-481 Abernathy
Clevenger, Jr., G. T-246 Hart
Clifton, Jr., William T-509 Lubbock
Copeland, John T-548 Lubbock
Couch, David T-548 Lubbock
Dalle, Ron T-485 
Davis, Gary T-215 Plainview
Farris, John T-357 Floydada
Finlayson, J. C. T-509 Lubbock TX 
Gaston, Robert T-576 Wolfforth
Gaston, William T-576 Wolfforth
Gorman, Kenneth T-268 Plainview
Greer, Timothy T-259 Lockney
Gregory, Gary T-220 
Haley, Brad T-614 Earth
Hamilton, David T-316 Post
Howell, Joey T-221 Plainview
Keffer, Danny T-268 Plainview


Bechtold, Freddie F. T-215 Plainview
Blaylock, DannyT- 634 Muleshoe
Bourn, James H. T-743 Brownfield 
Bridges, Aubrey D. T-402 Lubbock 
Butler, Walter D. T-123 Slaton 
Caudle, Mark P. T-536 Lubbock 
Chapman ,Lealon W. T-527 Lubbock
Chiles, Sam T-722 Lamesa 
Clawson, Danny M. T-103 Lubbock
Cloud, Gary G. T-402 Lubbock 
Dyer, Carroll L. T-150 Lubbock
Cox, Michael W. T-246 Hart 
Cox, William M. T-157 Lubbock
Daniel, Dan M. T-357 Floydada 
Day, Dwayne A. T-155 Lubbock 
Gary, Dennis E. T-125 Slaton 
Gilliam, Mark T-507 Lubbock 
Grant, Gary T-221 Plainview 
Green, David W. T-402 Lubbock
Harvey, Larry T-374 Lubbock
Hazlett, L. Eddie T-404 Lubbock
Hicks, Travis G. T-402 Lubbock 
Hope, Allen S. T-743 Brownfield 
Hopping, Vergil C. T-614 Bishop
Hurt, David T-221 Plainview
Hyatt, Zachary T-536 Lubbock
Jameson, Gary C. T-402 Lubbock
Jameson, Keith R. T-402 Lubbock 
Jones, Michael T-634 Muleshoe 

1971 Contd

Jones, Webb H. T-402 Lubbock
Kaufmann, Steve W. T-402 Lubbock 
Lankford, Carter L. T-123 Slaton 
Lefwich, Larry M. T-402 Lubbock 
Lowler, James C. T-402 Lubbock 
Lowder, R. Kent T-402 Lubbock 
Mayes, Christopher T. T-409 Lubbock 
McCance, Jr., Richard M. T-777 Denver City 
McGowen, Gary M. T-215 Plainview 
McMurtry, Ty T-262 Silverton 
Mickey, Charlie J. T-256 Plainview 
Moore, John D. T-123 Slaton 
Nix, Larry R. T-405 Lubbock 
Quigley, Kenneth R. T-409 Lubbock
Ramsower, Reagan M. T-221 Plainview 
Rogers, Jimmy F. T-221 Plainview 
Rollins, David A.T-409 Lubbock
Sharp, Scott W. T-405 Lubbock
Smith, Robert M. T-522 Lubbock 
Tipps, Dan E. T-402 Lubbock 
Van Ness, Carlton H. T-111 Lubbock 
Vanmeter, Mike C. T-123 Slaton 
Vickers, Brian L. T-357 Dougherty 
Welch, Gregory F. T-614 Muleshoe 
Wilkins, Walter W. T-402 Lubbock 
Williams, Billy J. T-268 Plainview 
Wilson, Roger L. T-215 Plainview 
Wimberly, Billy F. T-633 Muleshoe 


Adams Brent W. T-401 Lubbock
Arellans Margrita B. T-206 Lockney 
Arnold Lyndy T-401 Lubbock 
Baxter IV Walter H. T-548 Lubbock 
Bennett Ricky O. T-638 Littlefield
Blenden Mack B. T-259 Lockney 
Booth James W. T-316 Post
Bristow Bill C. T-708 Lamesa 
Brown James R. T-402 Lubbock
Burns Tim P. T-401 Lubbock 
Carpenter David G. T-563 Ropesville
Carpenter Danny L. T-563 Ropesville 
Carter Robert C. Post 221 Plainview 
Cox John W. T-708 Lamesa 
Craft Mel W. T-402 Lubbock 
Curry Danny V. T-563 Roseville 
Davis Donald R. T-111 Lubbock
Dickson Donald H. T-256 Plainview 
Ferrell Ricky D. T-466 Lubbock
Ford Will B. T-708 Lamesa 
Griffith Thomas W. T-407 Lubbock 
Gross Rickey L. T-259 Lockney 
Hamilton Brett L. T-708 Lamesa 
Hancock James D.T- 567 Lubbock 
Harlan Paul T-600 Littlefield 
Hawkins David W. T-246 Hart 
Hennigar Scott R. T-402 Lubbock 
Hinson James Kevin T-614 Earth 
Holland Billy G. T-263 Tulia 
Holland Steven L. T-401 Lubback
Holt William A. T-550 Lubbock
Hooten Lonny G. T-259 Lockney 
Hunter Marque A. T-743 Brownfield 
Huffaker Roger W. T-404 Lubbock
Johnson, Bruce T-95 Denver City
Johnson Eric K. T-407 Lubbock
Johnson Tracy L. T-402 Lubbock 
Jones Lee Matthew T-743 Brownfield 
Keho Brian H. T-406 Lubbock 
Keho Timothy H. T-406 Lubbock
Kirk Terry G. T-332 Grosbyton 
Kirk Terry O. T-332 Crosbyton 
Lackey Steve D. T-778 Plains
Larimore Stephen L. T-401 Lubbock
Lemond Robert M. T-218 Hale Center 
Logan Ronny E. T-509 Lubbock
Low, Jr. Henry C. T-743 Brownfield 
McWilliams John P. T-221 Plainview
Moon Michael E. T-214 Plainview 
Moseley Ellis E. T-407 Lubbock 
Moseley Ellis F. T-407 Lubbock 
Nickson Alan C. T-399 Lorence 
Oehler Thomas B. P. T-150 Lubbock
O'Hair William E. T-614 Earth 
Owen Gary W. T-625 Levelland 
Phillips John Gregory T-103 Lubbock
Ramsey Jerrold W. T-251 Plainview 
Ramierz Francisco T-402 Lubbock 
Ries Glen A. T-509 Lubbock 
Robison Bradley D. T-125 Slaton 
Robinson William Ryan T-625 Levelland 
Shaw Robin R. T-402 Lubbock 
Smith Blaine T-221 Plainview
Smith Denis T-263 Tulia 
Stine Leroy D. T-548 Lubbock
Stone Kieth W. T-401 Lubbock 
Upton Baron K. T-150 Lubbock
Vines Victor T-406 Lubbock
Warren Bruce P. T-265 Nazareth
Warren Larry D. T-406 Lubbock 
Warren Louis R. T-406 Lubbock 
Wood Gerald W. T-567 Lubbock 
Wright Donald T-111 Lubbock 
Young, Jr. Rodney J. T-528 Lubbock
Zeeck James R. T-200 Plainview 

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Alford, Robert T-221Plainview
Allison, Roger T-266 Dimmitt
Alphin, Daryl T-103 Lubbock
Banner, Bradley T-637 Littlefield 
Barnes, Gary T-255 Plainview
Bartlett, Glynn T-723 Lamesa 
Baxter, Scott T-548 Lubbock
Bell, Gregory T-641 Littlefield
Blankenship, Michael T-215 Plainview
Blanton, Joe T-316 Post
Bond, Gordon T-357 Floydada 
Brownlee, Brandon T-255 Plainview
Bruton, Greg T-600 Littlefield 
Burson, John T-262 Silverton
Burton, Danny T-103 Lubbock
Burton, Otho T-103 Lubbock 
Chapman, Pat T-399 Falls 
Callaway, Michael Post 409 
Carden, William T-749 Brownfield 
Carlisle, Jr., Hardy T-252 Plainview 
Cash, James  T-406 Lubbock
Castleberry, Stephen T-252 Plainview 
Chisoum, Mark T-749 Brownfield
Clabon, Joe T-404 Lubbock 
Clardy, Richard T-567 Lubbock
Copeland, George T-268 Dimmitt 
Craft, Teddy T-402 Lubbock 
Crawford, Rickie T-263 Tulia 
Curtis, Larry T-538 Lubbock
Davis, David T-218 Hale Center 
Davis, Wesley T-218 Hale Center 
Dove, George C. T-536 Lubbock 
Du Bose, David R. T-528 Lubbock 
Dyer, Victor R. T-722 Lamesa 
Evans, Richard T-461 Lubbock 
F, David T-221 Plainview 
Gineser, Gene E. T-256 Plainview 
Graw, Stuart L. T-407 Lubbock
Gray, Stuart T-407 Lubbock
Gregg, William Larry T-150 Lubbock 
Gross, Tony L. T-259 Lockney 
Gryden, Billy K. T-749 Brownfield 
Gurley, Randall W. T-721 Tahoka 
Hayes, Kempe C. T-252 Plainview
Hudgins, Jerry T-256 Plainview
Hutsell, Danny T-262 Silverton
Hutsell, Mark T-262 Silverton
Jones, Steve T-268 Plainview
Kelly, Jimmie T-255 Plainview
King, Jr., Travis L. Ship 798 Lamesa 
L, Dee T-401 Lubbock 
McBride, David T. Post 316 Post 
McBride, John K. T-154 Lubbock
McQueen, Doyle W. T-749 Brownfield 
Meinecke, Jon M. T-402 Lubbock 
Morehead, Jerry M. 6528 Lubbock 
Morris, Bobby E. T-625 Levelland
Morris, Randy R. T-252 Plainview 
N, Joe N.  Lubbock 
Nash, Robert K. T-221 Plainview
Nash, Wayne L. T-221 Plainview 
Neel, Curtis P.  Lubbock
Norton, Randy L. T-103 Lubbock 
O, Stephen D.  Plainview 
P, William R. T-602 Lubbock
Pharr, Jacky R. T-104 Lubbock 
Pharr, Mark S. T-252 Plainview 
Proctor, Kendall D. T-104 Lubbock 
Pugh, David Spencer T-157 Lubbock
Pugh, Donald W. T-404 Lubbock 
Rankin, Michael W. T-255 Plainview 
Sadler, Gil W. T-221 Plainview 
Sheek, Billy Eugene T-525 Pettit 
Shofner, Nathan A. T-708 Lamesa 
Smith, Michael R. T-402 Lubbock
Smith, Michael T. T-528 Lubbock 
Stanfield, Russell L. T-215 Plainview 
Stephenson, Mark T-528 Lubbock 
Stewart, Curtis F. T-721 Tahoka 
Struve, Hogie T-218 Hale Center 
Swain, Stewart C. T-404 Lubbock
Taylor, Edward C. T-402 Lubbock 
Taylor, Rodney C. T-157 Lubbock
Thomason, Kerry L. T-505 Lubbock 
Tumlinson, Michael T-125 Slaton 
Vaughan Michael D. T-256 Plainview 
Voelker, Charles B. T-221 Plainview
Walker, Arden L. T-104 Lubbock
Walker, Robert C. T-528 Lubbock 
Warner, Robert C. T-404 Lubbock 
Warren, Steven P. T-406 Lubbock
Watson, Johnny C. T-263 Tulia
Westmoreland, Todd E. T-402 Lubbock
Whitaker, Warren L. T-401 Lubbock
White, Ottis C. T-268 Plainview 
Williams, Bobby E. T-268 Plainview 
Williams, John M. T-252 Plainview 
Willson, David B. T-252 Plainview 
Wood, Blake J. T-837 Littlefield 
Wood, Gary L. T-509 Lubbock 
Wynn, Mike A. T-104 Lubbock 


Benton, Dennis L. T-507 Lubbock
Carter, Michael A. T-157 Lubbock 
Carter, Tim L. T-157 Lubbock 
Cato, Brent J. T-705 Seminole 
Cato, Miles A. T-705 Seminole 
Claborn, Jay F. T-404 Lubbock 
Cleavinger, Tommy E. T-266 Dimmitt
Cornett, Stephen M. T-785 Brownfield 
Curry, Steven W. T-705 Seminole
Dudek, Richard S. T-522 Lubbock
Farris, Jonathan R.T-332 Crosbyton 
Farris, Patri ck N. T-332 Crosbyton 
Freelove, Jeffery B. T-637 Littlefield
Garibay, Rudy H. T-355 Floydada 
Gean, Paul R. T-507 Lubbock 
George, John C. T-543 Lubbock
Higginbotham, Jack F. T-548 Lubbock
Hildabeth, Larry D. T-369 Petersburg 
Jones, Joe F. T-405 Lubbock 
Moore, Terry J. T-111 Lubbock
Osken, Blake M. T-434 Lubbock 
Sneed, Jody S. T-705 Seminole 
Sowder, Randy M. T-398 Lubbock 
Steelman, Scott AT-625 Levelland
Teeter, Russell A. T-157 Lubbock
Whitworth, Kirk W. T-543 Lubbock 
Wilkerson, Gordon M. T-409 Lubbock
Woodward, John D. T-507 Lubbock 
Woodward, Tommy E. T-507 Lubbock 


Allen, Jay C. T-402 Lubbock 
Babcock, Douglass G. T-402 Lubbock 
Coston, J. Mike T-705 Seminole
Daniel, Marty V. T-357 Floydada 
Hudspeth, Greg T-567 Lubbock
Jackson, Tom T-543 Lubbock
Lowrey, Mike W. T-157 Lubbock 
Luke, David K. T-510 Lubbock 
Luke, Greg M. T-402 Lubbock 
Martinez, Jesse S. T-355 Floydada 
McClain, James C. T-157 Lubbock 
Moore, Scott Patrick T-407 Lubbock 
Owen, Hack T-402 Lubbock 
Payne, Bradley H. T-402 Lubbock 
Porter, Kerry M. T-157 Lubbock 
Scott, Ricky C. T-157 Lubbock 
Serafin, Michael A. T-543 Lubbock 
Smith, Jack W. T-543 Lubbock 
Sundina, Lawrence R.T- 612 Levelland 
Tarleton, Bill C. T-157 Lubbock 
Vick, Paul D. T-157 Lubbock
Wendorf, Thomas G. T-543 Lubbock 
Williams, Luther A. T-139 Lubbock 
Wood, Donald Keith T-509 Lubbock 
Wood, Jesse D. T-157 Lubbock 


Baker, Richard N. T-409 Lubbock 
Bell, Kevin A. T-641 Littlefield 
Bradshaw, David H. T-548 Lubbock
Brownfield, Larry B. T-111 Lubbock
Burns, Kirk S. T-561 Lubbock
Castle, Bart W. T-505 Lubbock 


Cato, Neill A.T- 705 Seminole 
Crass, Theodore F. T-157 Lubbock 
Crews, Craig J. T-406 Lubbock 
Dorsett, Allen D. T-111 Lubbock 
Easter, Patrick J. T-407 Lubbock
Ennis, Padraig T-505 Lubbock 
Finley, Jimmy W. T-357 Floydada 
Fowler, James M. T-409 Lubbock 
Garland, Brent D. T-641 Littlefield 
Gibbs, Gerald L. T-510 Lubbock 
Gibbs, Ron F. T-510 Lubbock
Gleghorn, Kerry F. T-708 La Mesa 
Greer, Mike J. T-510 Lubbock
Halford, William E. T-316 Post 
Hall, Tony B. T-600 Littlefield 
Headley, Johnny R. T-520 Lubbock 
Henson, Ricky T-600 Littlefield 
Higgins, Jr., William M. T-409 Lubbock
Hogan, Dan R. T-157 Lobbock 
Hepping, Sidney S. T-157 Lubbock
Milward, Mark E. T-548 Lubbock
Moore, Norman Ted T-111 Lubbock
Redwine, John Randel T-721 Tahoka
Snyder, Barry D. T-406 Lubbock 
Snyder, Michael A. T-406 Lubbock 
Soliz, Carmen T-355 Floydada 
Soliz, Robert T-355 Floydada 
Stephens, Ray A. T-708 Lamesa 
Stewart, Kevin T-80 Lockney
Vick, Douglas E. T-157 Lubbock
Westerau III, Lin C. T-157 Lubbock 
Whipple, Stephen A. T-406 Lubbock
Wilhite, Gregory A. T-600 Littlefield
White, Lonnie T-268 Plainview 
Willever, Mark K. T-157 Lubbock 
Wood, Warren T. T-406 Lubbock 
Woodruff, David M. T-548 Reese AFB
Wright, Mark L. T-268 Plainview
Zahn, Joey R. T-641 Littlefield 


Archer, James M. T-708 Lamesa 
Archer, Robert S. T-708 Lamesa 
Austin, Jeff C. T-139 Lubbock 
Barnett, William T. T-268 Plainview
Barnes, Joe W. T-255 Plainview
Barron, Troy W. T-528 Lubbock
Barley, Shelby L. T-316 Post 
Carney, William S. T-525 Lubbock 
Castillo, Daniel L. T-777 Denver City 
Clardy, Travis P. T-567 Lubbock 
Clark, Quentin Thomas T-600 Littlefield 
Cross, Mike D. T-406 Lubbock 
Forbeau, Tod A. T-406 Lubbock
Gibbons, Michael W. T-157 Lubbock
Griggs, John T-404 Lubbock 
Grimes, Thomas L. T-505 Lubbock
Hatch, Steven R. T-520 Lubbock 
Hicks, Alfred T-157 Lubbock 
Hobbs, Kennett L. T-157 Lubbock 
Hudgins, Roger W. T-409 Lubbock
Hurst, Lyndal M. T-125 Slaton 
Irizarry, Eddie T-133 Lubbock 
Ivy, Jeffrey Lincoln T-600 Littlefield
Jenson, Mark A. T-694 Lubbock 
Jimenez, Scott T-5 Hale Center
Jones, Bobby D. T-104 Lubbock 
Jones, Steve H. T-694 Lubbock 
Lee, Randy A. T-520 Lubbock 
Loggins, Gregory A. T-139 Lubbock
McClain, Mark A. T-543 Lubbock 
McDonald, Gene D. T-481 Abernathy
McNeill, Jamie D. T-332 Crosbyton 
Mendoza, Jr., Pat T-355 Floydoda 
Millar, William H. T-525 Lubbock
Nail, Ronald J. T-528 Lubbock 
Owen, Tim G. T-256 Plainview 
Owens, Thomas K. T-104 Lubbock 
Proster, Richard D. T-528 Lubbock 
Pruitt, Byron J. T-157 Lubbock
Pylant, Jr., William C. T-600 Anton
Reyes, Arthur R. T-355 Floydada 
Rodriguez, Danny G. T-355 Floydada 
Sanders, Steven B. T-157 Lubbock 
Slippen, Nathan T-525 Lubbock
Smith, Terry W. T-528 Lubbock 
Sp., Ricky T-598 Lubbock 
Starkey, Carlaton T-406 Lubbock 
Starkey, Stephen T-406 Lubbock
Taylor, Russell T-778 Plains 
Taylor, Talton N. T-406 Lubbock 
Theall, Bryan R. 6798 Lubbock 
Thomas, Michael O. T-505 Lubbock
Zahn, Joey R. T-641 Littlefield 


Ashley, Thomas N. T-510 Lubbock
Blakney, Michael D. T-507 Lubbock 
Branch, Gary A. T-221 Plainview 
Carpenter, Chris H. T-409 Lubbock
Cash, William D. T-406 Lubbock
Cato, Jr., Douglas C. T-507 Lubbock 
Hatch, Tracy P. T-520 Lubbock 
Hensley, David L. T-402 Lubbock 
Housour, Robert Eugene T-103 Lubbock
Hunt, Calvin D. T-402 Lubbock
Jones, Jr., Ivan Lee T-316 Post
Lee, Mark W. T-520 Lubbock
Logan, John A. T-708 Lamea 
Long, Jared B. T-500 Lubbock 
Long, Steven R. T-543 Lubbock
Luke, Steven P. T-510 Lubbock
Parker, Brad P. T-409 Lubbock 
Ratliff, Derek C. T-641 Littlefield 
Rhodes, John B. T-640 Sundown 
Richardson, Andy W. T-778 Plains 
Robinson, Scott L. T-221 Plainview 
Sport, Rodney D. T-125 Slaton
Tankersley, Dean J. T-333 Ralls 
Taylor, Charles E. T-333 Ralls 
Taylor, Gregory O. T-333 Ralls 
Taylor, Warren D. T-402 Lubbock 
West, Marc H. T-221 Plainview 
West, Mason D. T-221 Plainview 
Westmoreland, Gregory H. T-407 Lubbock 
Wilmington, James A. T-543 Lubbock 
Word, Jon D. T-409 Lubbock 


Addison, William T-404 Lubbock 
Aycock, Robert A. T-157 Lubbock 
Balderas, David J. T-206 Lockney 
Barkowsky, Steve E. T-708 Lamesa 
Berrera, Oscar T-355 Floydada 
Cedillo, Jesse T-355 Floydada 
Copeland, Rodney L. T-332 Crosbyton 
Cox, Steve R. T-694 Lamesa
Jackson III, Earl J. T-708 Lamesa 
James, Douglas D. T-530 Lubbock 
Jones, James A. T-357 Floydada 
Johnson, John M. T-117 Lubbock 
Loew, Richard A. T-404 Lubbock 
Long, Robbie G. T-332 Crosbyton
McDonald, Mark T-527 Lubbock 
Nicholson, Andrew D. T-404 Lubbock
Pearce, Damon L. T-708 Lamesa 
Read, Scott W. T-332 Crosbyton 
Rice, Martin G. T-601 Morton 
Rodriguez, Sammy G. T-355 Floydada 
Rothenberg, Louis F. T-404 Lubbock 
Salazar, Mike T-355 Floydada 
Saxton, Andrew D. T-404 Lubbock 
Schmidt, Sid H. T-708 Lamesa 
Shaw, L. Larkin T-402 Lubbock 
Sides, Michael W. T-774 Brownfield 
Smith, Alan T. T-404 Lubbock 
Soliz, Felix T-355 Floydada 
Soliz, Tony T-355 Floydada 
Stueart, James R. T-641 Littlefield
Taylor, Peter M. T-404 Lubbock
Thomason, Gragg A. T-505 Lubbock 
Wampler, Carl W. T-255 Plainview 
Wettersu, James T. T-157 Lubbock
White, Brad L. T-721 Tahoka 
Whiten, Darrell Glenn T-157 Lubbock
Willis, Teddy L. T-778 Plains 
Woods, Steven Joseph T-333 Ralls 

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Adair, Brent T-252 Plainview 
Babcock, Glen A. T-402 Lubbock 
Ball, John C. T-536 Lubbock
Barley, Michael W. T-268 Plainview 
Bartholomew, Christopher A. T-404 Lubbock 
Bateman, James D. T-406 Lubbock 
Beaudoin, Charles C. T-567 Lubbock
Brasbear, Robert A. T-402 Lubbock
Brown, Charles M. T-268 Plainview 
Campos, Jr., Gilbert T-613 Levelland 
Clements, Dennis D. T-407 Lubbock
Clements, Douglas L. T-407 Lubbock
Coxon, Whit J. T-404 Lubbock 
Dean, Richard H. T-157 Lubbock 
Dodson, Jeff B. T-481 Abernathy
Ennis, Tomas E. T-505 Lubbock 
Garrett, William P. T-402 Lubbock
Godfrey, Carl A. T-567 Lubbock 
Gonzales, Robert  L. T-613 Levelland
Goss, Mark W. T-505 Lubbock 
Grimes, Robert H. T-405 Lubbock 
Hatch, Erin E. Post 520 Lubbock
Hays, Jr., Jon K. T-507 Lubbock 
Houlette, David Scot T-252 Plainview
James, Coby G. T-705 Seminele 
Kirkpatrick, John B. T-406 Lubbock 
Knox, John G. T-505 Lubbock 
Evan N. Kramer T-255 Plainview 
Langston, William H. T-548 Lubbock
Marse, Patrick J. T-252 Plainsview
Moore, John S. T-125 Slaton 
Morris, Blake D. T-252 Plainview 
Moss, Kendall D. T-774 Brownfield 
Pasewark, Scott G. T-402 Lubbock 
Sokora, Kevin A. T-125 Lubbock
Stallings, Darrick L. T-481 Abernathy
Starkey, Michael DaviT-406 Lubbock 
Stringer, Billy J. T-140 Lubbock 
Vance, Timothy C. T-404 Lubbock
Walker, Emitt T-521 Lubbock 
White, Ronald D. T-253 Plainview 
Williams, David A. T-402 Lubbock


Alaniz, Jr,. Jose T-355 Floydada 
Austin, Larry B. T-641 Littlefield 
Aycock, Russell A. T-157 Lubbock 
Bennett, Jeffrey M. T-402 Lubbock
Brackett, Timothy L. T-567 Lubbock 
Branham, Jr., Finus Jack T-407 Lubbock 
Campbell, Steven E. T-527 Lubbock
Carr, Patrick David T-357 Floydada 
Carter, Todd E. T-567 Lubbock 
Castillo, Benny T-777 Denver City 
Conrad, Eugene T-252 Plainview 
Davis, David T-577 Levelland
Davis, Steve A. T-157 Lubbock
Drake, Bruce T-528 Lubbock 
Duran, Gabriel T-528 Lubbock
Farr, Paul T-157 Lubbock 
Glavan, David T-355 Floydada 
Gonzales, Gilberto T-613 Levelland 
Goree, Chris T-252 Plainview 
Grissorn, John T-708 Lamesa 
Haney, Gregory T-625 Levelland 
Hatch, Les T-409 Lubbock 
Heath, Thomas T-157 Lubbock 
Hendrickson, Gordon T-625 Levelland 
Hernandez, Luis T-777 Denver City 
Johnson, Robert L. T-567 Lubbock
Kitchens, Leonard K. T-157 Lubbock 
Leonard, Treaver L. T-708 Lomera 
Logan, Mark W. T-708 Lamesa 
McCormick, John F. T-139 Lubbock 
Raney, Steve T-641 Littlefield 
Rast, David T-548 Lubbock 
Scoggin, Russell T-576 Lubbock
Silasi, Richard T-103 Lubbock
Teague, Bodie J. T-528 Lubbock
Tosh, Ernest C. T-567 Lubbock
Turnbough, Lonnie W. T-253 Plainview 
Whatley, David W. T-255 Plainview 
Wheeler, James K. T-404 Lubbock
Whitten, James G. T-157 Lubbock 
Wilmington, Michael R. T-543 Lubbock 
Worthan, Jay C. T-140 Lubbock 


Bellah, Robert M. T-505 Lubbock 
Boulter, Lloyd James T-777 Denver City 
Byers, Conanley T-625 Levelland
Cavazos, David A. T-505 Lubbock 
Cawthon, Steven T-774 Brownfield 
Collins, Sterrett J. T-404 Lubbock 
Duhan, Christopher M. T-505 Lubbock 
Earnest, Carroll R. T-708 Lamesa 
Felton, Jerry L. T-520 Lubbock 
Freppoy, Anthony R. T-513 Lubbock
Godfrey, Nowell D. T-567 Lubbock 
Gordon, Steven A. T-548 Reese AFB
Grubbs, Richard T. T-777 Denver City 
Harville, Dale T-576 Wolfforth 
Houlette, Bryan T-252 Plainview 
Huffaker, Joseph T-404 Lubbock 
Hulse, Douglas S. T-777 Denver City 
Jensen, Christopher W. T-520 Lubbock
Johnson, Allen S. T-567 Lubbock 
Kramer, Emil A.. T-255 Plainview 
Long, Terry J. T-332 Crosbyton 
Meil, Tony A. T-778 Plains 
Norris, Cris J. T-708 Lamesa 
Parker, Randy L. T-625 Levelland 
Pearce, Eric A. T-708 Lamesa 
Peterson, Mark A. T-513 Lubbock 
Roush, Andrew G. T-629 Anton 
Sides, Robert W. T-774 Brownfield 
Skoog, Jeffrey D. T-157 Lubbock
Sosebee, Trevor E. T-157 Lubbock 
Thomas, Greg S. T-777 Denver City
Weathers, Fred K. T-510 Lubbock 
White, Micky J. T-407 Lubbock 


Allen, Michael G. T-777 Denver city 
Austin, Adam L. T-625 Levelland 
Bennett, Mark W. T-402 Lubbock 
Barber III, Louis P. T-103 Lubbock 
Cagle, Bobby E. T-576 Wolffotth 
Clements, Deon L. T-407 Lubbock 
Ceffalo, Grant M. T-157 Lubbock 
Conroy, Kevin J. T-505 Lubbock 
Crews, George C. T-406 Lubbock 
Daniel, Raymond Brent T-166 Lubbock 
Daniel, Rodney Trent T-166 Lubbock 
Davis, Jerry G. T-333 Ralls 
Davis, Mike E. T-166 Lubbock 
Fry, Jeffrey G. T-157 Lubbock 
Hart, Joseph W. T-406 Lubbock
Hodges, Andrew E. T-505 Lubbock 
Jones, elmer Wayne T-123 Slaton 
Kinghorn, Brent H. T-500 Lubbock 
Logan, Jeffrey D. T-404 Lubbock
McAnally, John S. T-461 Littlefield 
Minkle, Mark Andrew T-402 Lubbock
Morgan, John T. T-402 Lubbock 
Pleasand, Greg T-580 Lubbock
Rickman, Tim Willaim T-157 Lubbock 
Robertson, Phil D. T-157 Lubbock 
Schmidt, Bryan D. T-543 Lubbock
Stripling, Stephen W. T-402 Lubbock 
Stratton, Scott W. T-500 Lubbock 
Turner, Dennis M. T-166 Acuff 
Wade, W illiam J. T-406 Lubbock
Wanner, Judd A. T-620 Muleshoe 
Wilmington, Robert P. T-543 Lubbock
Wilson II, Roy H. T-641 Littlefield 


Albus, A Shane T-641 Littlefield 
Allen, Mitchell L. T-777 Denver City 
Assiter, Brett E. T-157 Lubbock 
Beaudoin, Donald R. T-567 Lubbock 
Boyd, Richard C. T-402 Lubbock 
Briscoe, T. Craig T-505 Lubbock 
Brown, James Patrick T-543 Lubbock 
Bunyard, Stephen G. T-505 Lubbock 
Cannon, Bryan C. T-402 Lubbock 
Clark, Cameron W. T-543 Lubbock 
Collins, Curtis W. T-406 Lubbock 
Copeland, Kevin C. T-406 Lubbock
DeMerritt, Stanley T-228 Plainview 
Fairweather, Shawn R. T-708 Lamesa 
Gilchrist, Eric D. T-500 Lubbock 
Gradel, Daniel R. T-157 Lubbock
Harris, Dan M. T-777 Denver City 
Hays, James K. T-507 Lubbock
Hess, Kirk A. T-252 Plainview
Holt, Bernie W. T-708 Lamesa 
Hornung, Scott L. Post 530 Lubbock 
Huggins, Chris E. T-252 Plainview 
Hulse, Russell A. T-777 Denver City 
Jackson, Seth V. T-708 Lamesa 
Johnson, Tom E. T-250 Plainview 
Lovering, Andrew Thomas T-507 Lubbock 
Luker, Chris W. T-332 Crosbyton 
Magruder, Byron T. T-641 Littlefield 
Manley, Reece W. T-641 Littlefield 
Manning, Rodney Craig T-157 Lubbock 
Mills, William M. T-404 Lubbock 
Morris, Jr., Ronald D. T-252 Plainview 
Moyes, Michael W. T-591 Lubbock 
Murfee IV, Joseph L. T-402 Lubbock 
Odom, David R. T-123 Slaton 
Robertson, Kim H. T-507 Lubbock 
Roper, Michael B. T-500 Lubbock 
Sears, Gregory B. T-252 Plainview 
Sechrist, Stephen L. T-333 Ralls 
Skoog, John Duane T-157 Lubbock
Sosebee, Lamont C. T-157 Lubbock 
Stevens, James B. T-777 Denver City 
Swim, Ruston C. T-402 Lubbock 
Spruill, Robert S. T-157 Lubbock
Thomas, Brian C. T-777 Denver City 
Thomas, Chase B. T-405 Lubbock 
VandIver, Ronald W. T-360 Matador 
Walters, Robert T-332 Crosbyton 
Womble, Arn T-157 Lubbock
Zachary, leigh W. T-333 Ralls 


Anderson, Paul W. T-157 Lubbock 
Anderson, Robert E. T-157 Lubbock 
Billings, Rob R. T-406 Lubbock 
Blann, David W. T-530 Lubbock 
Boling, Morris L. T-567 Lubbock 
Bowman, David L. T-640 Sundown 
Bray, Lorin R. T-520 Lubbock 
Chapman, Charles Brice T-157 Lubbock 
Chapman, Harral Blane T-157 Lubbock 
Cole, Brian A. T-515 Shallowater
Ferguson, Chris J. T-708 Lamesa 
Flores, Page N. T-123 Slaton 
Franklin, John Thomas T-157 Lubbock 
Fryar, Brett L. T-640 Sundown 
Gardner, Thomas Blane T-497 New Deal 
Ginter, Derrick S. T-520 Lubbock
Griffin, Howard M. T-332 Crosbyton 
Guesner, Scott C. T-590 Lubbock 
Hays, Jerrald K. T-507 Lubbock 
Kalas, Gust K. T-157 Lubbock 
Kopytkiewicz, Jr., Richard T-548 Lubbock 
Malone, Danny W. T-536 Lubbock 
Massengale, Stephen L. T-406 Lubbock 
McCain, Phillip T-24 Lamesa
Leonard III, Tice N. T-548 Lubbock
Obenhaus, Riek R. T-497 New Deal 
Pope, Alton Kent T-406 Lubbock 
Ramsey, Richard Jerry T-406 Lubbock
Robertson, Melvin T. T-157 Lubbock 
Runnels, Larry J. T-640 Sundown 
Sides, Steven Wynn T-774 Brownfield
Stueart, Michael B. T-641 Littlefield 
Tannahill, David P. T-140 Lubbock 
Thomas, Pierce N. T-406 Lubbock 
Turnbough, Thomas A. T-253 Plainview 
Wilkes, Charles W. T-536 Lubbock
Wilson, Rob E. T-333 Ralls 
Wood, Michael T. T-406 Lubbock 
Woods, Kelly D. T-333 Ralls 

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Alvey, Kevin Kyle T-123 Slaton 
Anderson, Jonathan C. T-507 Lubbock 
Baker, Douglas W. T-268 Plainview 
Bateman, Ben T-536 Lubbock 
Bellah, Philip W. T-505 Lubbock 
Bouton, David C. T-743 Brownfield 
Cagle, Mark V. T-774 Brownfield 
Cimics, Donald R. T-505 Lubbock 
Clark, Timothy B. T-530 Lubbock 
Duncan, Scott D. T-505 Lubbock
Edwards, Eric D. T-157 Lubbock
Evans, Thomas W. T-157 Lubbock
Fariss, Milton Wayne T-774 Brownfield 
Felton, Jeffrey A. T-520 Lubbock
Gerlach, Christopher M. T-157 Lubbock 
Goodwin, Michael R. T-777 Denver city 
Ginter, Derrin S. T-520 Lubbock 
Hearn, Geoffrey W. T-157 Lubbock 
Heavner, Matthew J. T-406 Lubbock 
Hester, James Adam T-406 Lubbock
Johnson, John W. T-140 Lubbock 
Kallas, Michael K. T-157 Lubbock 
Lipe, David T-536 Lubbock 
Lockhart, Kenneth D. T-548 Lubbock 
Lubno, Joseph Adam T-507 Lubbock 
McGinnis, Jeffrey T. T-530 Lubbock 
Mosley, John C. T-640 Sundown 
Mullins, W. Mike T-402 Lubbock 
Popchoke, Roy D. T-333 ralls 
Postar, David B. T-406 Lubbock 
Prichard, Kiplan L. T-530 Lubbock 
Rodman, Matthew K. T-507 Lubbock
Romig, Douglas C. T-705 Seminole
Seim, Hunter J. T-157 Lubbock
Stolfo, Paul L. T-521 Lubbock
Storm, Mathew R. T-402 Lubbock 
Stratton, Lance L. T-500 Lubbock
Svoboda, John P. T-528 Lubbock 
Tarver, Sterling B. T-157 Lubbock 
Van De Valde, Christopher M T-316 Post 
Van De Valde, Freddie Bob T-316 Post 
Wade, Matthew L. T-406 Lubbock 
Walden, Bobby Lynn T-250 Plainview
Wanjura, Victor H. T-513 Lubbock 
Way, Matthew Shoemaker T-157 Lubbock 
Westenrieder, Richard C. T-505 Lubbock
Woodell, Russell William T-530 Lubbock 


Anderson, Dean H. T-500 Lubbock 
Andrews, H. T-404 Lubbock 
Bartsch, Robert A. T-404 Lubbock 
Bobo, Matthew W. T-406 Lubbock 
Booe, Kevin Jackson T-157 Lubbock
Brackeen, Clay L. T-402 Lubbock 
Brady, Jon Steven T-567 Lubbock 
Brandiger, Jason M. T-104 Lubbock
Brown, Paul T-253 Plainview
Buford, Joel C. T-515 Shallowater 
Castillo, Jamie T-500 Lubbock 
Collier, Christopher W. T-404 Lubbock
Cope, Conanley W. T-543 Lubbock 
Dalley, A. Sean T-500 Lubbock 
De Baca, Brian P.  T-521 Lubbock 
Elliott II, David D. T-625 Levelland 
Felton, Jonathan L. T-520 Lubbock
Goldston, David J. T-520 Lubbock 
Graves, David H. T-333 Ralls 
Gutschke, Nathan J. T-515 Shallowater 
Henry, Michael A. T-406 Lubbock 
Jennings, Craig L. T-590 Lubbock 
Jiang, James T. T-409 Lubbock
Johnson, Charlie E. T-253 Plainview 
Keller, David W. T-157 Lubbock 
Lee Jr.,  James A. T-640 Sundown
Lupia, William E. T-543 Lubbock
Martin,  Geoffrey D. T-123 Slaton 
McDermett, Renny S. T-625 Levelland 
McGraw, Chet E. T-515 Lubbock 
McManaway, Jeffrey R. T-520 Lubbock
Moore, David Conanley T-505 Lubbock 
Parker, J. Rhett T-333 Ralls 
Pinson, Brandon W. T-774 Brownfield
Poe III, Joel H. T-316 Post
Potts, James D. T-404 Lubbock 
Rowley, Justin C. T-500 Lubbock 
Shadden, Eric E. T-505 Lubbock
Steadman, David R. T-641 Littlefield
Tischler, Michael L. T-521 Lubbock 
Watson, Troy L.  Muleshoe
White, Clint C. T-515 Shallowater 
Wortham, Christopher W. T-522 Lubbock 


Allgood, Sean T-104 Lubbock
Anderson, Harvy T-705 Seminole
Birkenfeld, Derek T-157 Lubbock
Bolding, Jeff T-253 Plainview
Brashears, Brian T-536 Lubbock
Clark, Craig T-530 Lubbock
Cranford, Ty T-507 Lubbock
Crosby, Brandon T-253 Plainview
Cummings, Jr., James T-409 Lubbock
Dennis, Rodney T-344 O'Donnel
Dickson, Jarett T-316 Post
Elliott, Sammy T-625 Levelland
Esty, Aaron T-253 Lubbock
Gilchrist, Karl T-500 Lubbock
Harris, Jay T-507 Lubbock
Henry, Ryan T-157 Lubbock
House, Jay T-536 Lubbock
Hudman, Richard T-316 Post
Hutton, Jr., George T-32 Lubbock
Kennedy, Robert T-346 Lubbock
Kretzschmer, Gary T-953 Lamesa
Lake, Christopher T-507 Lubbock
Lassiter, Vance T-625 Levelland
Lovering, James T-507 Lubbock
Mitchell, Jay T-316 Post
Moss, Aaron T-774 Brownfield
Oglesby, Chad T-503 Lubbock
Pennell, Mathew T-316 Post
Phillips, Timothy T-252 Plainview
Pierce, Eric T-98 Reese AFB
Pina, Robert T-521 Lubbock
Poteet, Christopher T-1501 Lubbock
Spruill, Brian T-157 Lubbock
Stacker, Anthony T-507 Lubbock
Steele, Donald T-180 Lockney
Stevens, Douglass T-157 Lubbock
Sumpter, Shelby T-333 Ralls
Thompson IV, Robert T-157 Lubbock


Alyer, Viswanathan T-543 Lubbock
Branley, Brian T-402 Lubbock
Call, Chad T-625 Levelland
Chapman, Baker T-157 Lubbock
Daughtry, James T-507 Lubbock
Esty, Wate T-253 Lubbock
Ganus, Dale T-157 Lubbock
Goolsby, Jeffrey T-721 Lubbock
Harris, Battle T-157 Lubbock
Hayatt, Mark T-774 Brownfield
Henderson, Daryl T-544 Lubbock
Jensen, Stephen T-520 Lubbock
Jobe, Jeith T-536 Lubbock
Jones, Jamin T-104 Lubbock
Kennedy, Michael T-774 Brownfield
King, Justin T-157 Lubbock
Lee, Robert T-640 Sundown
Lowes, Douglas T-9 Brownfield
McClurg, Kevin T-507 Lubbock
McClurg, Michael T-507 Lubbock
McIlveen, John T-774 Brownfield
Mitchell, Christopher T-774 Brownfield 
Mullins, Glen T-402 Lubbock
Olivo, Layne T-104 Lubbock
Powell, Rusty T-774 Brownfield
Powell, Shay T-157 Lubbock
Razey, Peter T-406 Lubbock
Romines, Kameron T-155 Lubbock
Runnels, David T-640 Sundown
Sammann, Kurt T-253 Plainview
Schwab, Christopher T-226 Lubbock
Scott, Michael T-543 Lubbock
Simon, Mark T-157 Lubbock 
Smith, Alva T-625 Levelland
Sorenson, Lee T-544 Lubbock
Stancell, Chris T-625 Levelland
Storey, Jason T-404 Lubbock
Watson, Troy T-620 Muleshoe
Winters, Jesse T-705 Seminole


Adkins, Jr., Tommy T-416 Lubbock
Alvey, Kristian T-158 Ransom Canyon
Booe, William T-157 Lubbock
Brown, Courtney T-708 Lamesa
Brown, Kris T-250 Plainview
Cory, Jr., John T-140 Lubbock
Gradel, David T-157 Lubbock
Hanson, Jr., John T-179 Lubbock
Holwerda, Daniel T-157 Lubbock
Jimison ll, Jerry T-296 Lubbock
Johnson, Philip T-157 Lubbock
Kennedy, Nathan T-513 Lubbock
Lively, Clint T-157 Lubbock
Mathis, Michael T-500 Lubbock
Mathis, Sean 6500 Lubbock
McLean, Craig T-370 Lubbock
Michaell, David T-555 Lubbock
Neis, Kerry T-406 Lubbock
Peterson, Jr., Richard T-157 Lubbock
Pinson, Bryan T-774 Brownfield
Plunkett, Michael Post 32 Lubbock
Poteet, Phillip T-1501 Lubbock
Potts, Gregory T-404 Lubbock
Price, Patrick T-575 Wolfforth
Reid, Glen T-774 Brownfield
Savitsky, Ethan T-145 Lubbock
Shellberg III, William T-86 Lubbock
Sneed, Ondrea 6500 Lubbock
Speed, Grant T-500 Lubbock
Spencer, Robert T-528 Lubbock
Walker, Dare T-581 Plains
Ward-Hunt, Robert T-345 Lubbock


Anderson, Daryl T-103 Lubbock
Anderton, Norman T-530 Lubbock
Barter, Michael T-649 Levelland
Beck, Brian T-708 Lamesa
Bedwell III, James T-777 Denver City
Brackeen, Jeffrey T-402 Lubbock
Cory, Michael T-140 Lubbock
Culp, Cling T-708 Lamesa
Cundiff, Christopher T-157 Lubbock
Fitzgerald, James T-158 Ranson Canyon
Gibson, Robert T-250 Plainview
Gouldy, Christopher T-250 Plainview
Gray, Brandon T-625 Levelland
Griffin, Michael T-191 Lubbock
Heinze, Gus T-81 Lubbock
Hooer, Zane T-521 Lubbock
Hollon, Jonathan T-157 Lubbock
Haney, Ted T-505 Lubbock
Hardy, William T-140 Lubbock
Hegi, Jr., John T-708 Lamesa
Hegi, Thomas T-708 Lamesa
Houchin, Phillip T-507 Lubbock
Hutton, John T-406 Lubbock
Keller, Matthew T-157 Lubbock
Kimbrough, John T-210 Lubbock
Kinghorn, Scott T-500 Lubbock
Kolarik II, William T-157 Lubbock
Mattheus, Barry T-505 Lubbock
Meyer III, Kinch T-157 Lubbock
Miller, Jeff  T-250 Plainview
Miller, Matthew T-157 Lubbock
Miller, Steven T-253 Plainview
Moore, Thomas T-507 Lubbock
O'Cheskey, Corgin T-157 Lubbock
Overstreet, Robert T-250 Lubbock
Padgett, Justin T-157 Lubbock
Parker, David T-511 Lubbock
Porter, Randy T-625 Levelland
Reeves, Jason T-708 Lamesa
Rodolfo, Saul T-567 Lubbock
Ruebush, Christopher T-191 Lubbock
Smither, Jonathan T-157 Lubbock
Tjia, Vincent T-513 Lubbock
Tomison, Michael T-625 Levelland
Tran, Kha T-513 Lubbock
Vasquez, Javier T-140 Lubbock
Wade, benjamin T-406 Lubbock
Wanjura, Eric T-513 Lubbock
Wright, Jeremy T-625 Levelland

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Bender, Mark T-536 Lubbock
Black, Jimmy T-777 Denver City
Briggs, Christopher T-406 Lubbock
Coward, Jesus T-528 Lubbock
Cribbs, Steven T-536 Lubbock
Doshier, Douglas T-590 Lubbock
Edwards, Michael T-211 Lubbock
Edwards, William T-530 Lubbock
Egnew, Benjamin T-409 Lubbock
Gilliland, Jr., Bobby T-367 Floydada
Green, Bryan T-640 Sundown
Hackworth, Charles T-575 Lubbock
Hall, Charles T-402 Lubbock
Hall, Michael T-560 Lubbock
Hanscom, Andrew T-179 Lubbock
Hargrave, James T-705 Seminole
Harland, Chad T-402 Lubbock
Heavner, Benjamin T-406 Lubbock
Henderson, Jeffery T-544 Lubbock
Hsia, Michael T-507 Lubbock
Hulsey, Mark T-157 Lubbock
Jennings, Carey T-590 Lubbock
Johnson, Jr., Donald T-625 Levelland
Jones, Stephen T-406 Lubbock
Lambright, Bryce T-610 Levelland
Mason, Jeremy T-402 Lubbock
May, Heath T-250 Plainview
Mayer III, Richard T-590 Lubbock
Metcalf, Sean T-774 Brownfield
Needham, Robert T-551 Shallowater
Olson, Brandon T-406 Lubbock
Price, Mike T-575 Wolfforth
Reynolds, Stephen T-406 Lubbock
Rosa IV, Manuel T-510 Lubbock
Shannon, Jared T-510 Lubbock
Simoneau, Mark T-708 Clyde
Sims, AAron T-705 Lubbock
Snelson, James T-406 Lubbock
Sridhara, Mirjar T-560 Lubbock
Sthultz, Brian T-560 Lubbock
Swartz, Alan T-530 Lubbock
Thorpe, Landon T-544 Lubbock
Tomlinson, Michael T-625 Leveland
Wade, Garrett T-708 Lamesa
Watkins, Jon T-620 Muleshoe
Williams, Austin T-357 Floydada
Wright, Brien T-528 Lubbock


Anderson, Damon T-123 Slaton
Anderson, Dell T-500 Lubbock
Avila III, Alberto T-575 Lubbock
Bazar, James T-107 Lubbock
Bechtold, Fredric T-250 Plainview
Bechtold, Jeromy T-250 Plainview
Blankenship, John T-157 Lubbock
Brown, Chad T-575 Levelland
Brown, Christopher T-649 Levelland
Brown, Thomas T-530 Lubbock
Byrd, Stephen T-777 Denver City
Cobb, Howard T-548 Lubbock
Crader, Morris T-357 Floydada
Dixon, Joseph T-590 Lubbock
Dolle, Ryan T-61 Littlefield
Edwards, Michael T-357 Floydada
Frederick III, Charles T-507 Lubbock
Goodman, Michael T-641 Littlefield
Grassie, J. T-19 Lubbock
Hardy, John T-140 Lubbock
Harp, Grant T-157 Lubbock
Hayes, Kris T-777 Denver City
Hescock, Bradley T-1191 Lubbock 
Hudnall, Jr., Kenneth T-510 Lubbock
Kiefer, Kevin T-511 Lubbock
Koeck, William T-507 Lubbock
McCulley, James T-406 Lubbock
Morgan, Paul T-157 Bedford
Owen, Jeffrey T-406 Lubbock
Owens, Jason T-357 Floydada
Page, Kurt T-708 Lamesa
Paxton, Christopher T-625 Levelland
Price, John T-575 Wolfforth
Pruett, LukeT- 250 Plainview 
Reddy, Sandeep T-406 Lubbock
Seim, Spencer T-157 Lubbock
Shackelford, Jared T-698 Lubbock
Sims, Aaron T-94 Lubbock
Sims, Russell T-263 Tulia
Sorelle, Jr., John T-530 Lubbock
Spivey, Jeremy T-157 Lubbock
Steen, Michael T-250 Plainview
Stone, Thomas T-590 Lubbock
Sullivan, James T-721 Tahoka
Tidwell, Timothy T-157 Lubbock
Tucker, James T-406 Lubbock
Tumlinson, Jason T-543 Lubbock
Walker III, John T-543 Lubbock
Wendt, Aaron T-548 Lubbock 
Wilkinson, Larry T-140 Slaton
Williams, Matthew T-510 Lubbock


Adams, Ransom T-505 Lubbock
Anderson, Brian T-500 Lubbock
Armstrong, Steven T-168 Lubbock
Baker, Brandon T-544 Lubbock 
Bedwell, Joshua T-777 Denver City 
Bennett III, Harold T-500 Lubbock
Bradley, Brett T-402 Lubbock
Bragg, Arthur T-543 Lubbock 
Buxkemper, Greg T-406 Lubbock 
Carter, Phillip T-60 Lubbock 
Clifft IV, Grover T-708 Lamesa 
Cox, James T-620 Muleshoe 
Crooks, Chad T-253 Plainview 
Cross, Jason T-774 Brownfield 
Edwards, Christopher T-590 Lubbock 
Exter, William T-114 Lubbock 
Felton, Jason T-544 Lubbock 
Garcia, Larry T-266 Dimmitt 
Gilbert, Clifton T-406 Lubbock 
Gilliland, Brandon T-357 Floydada
Gonzales, Louis T-114 Lubbock
Grimes, Thomas T-157 Lubbock 
Hardy, Scott T-774 Brownfield 
Harland, Trent T-402 Lubbock 
Harriss, Davy T-253 Plainview 
Hart, Heath T-157 Lubbock 
Hertig, Timothy T-857 Lubbock 
Hoskins, John T-22 Lubbock
Jones, Craig T-508 Lubbock 
Johnson, Benjamin T-500 Lubbock 
Kolarik, Charles T-157 Lubbock 
Mallory, Stephen T-157 Lubbock
Merritt, Derek T-328 Lubbock 
Moss, Robert T-266 Dimmitt 
Myles, Chris T-543 Lubbock
Myles, Steve T-543 Lubbock 
Overstreet, Champ T-406 Lubbock
Parker, Joey T-777 Denver City 
Porter, Jeffery T-260 Plainview 
Portwood, Richard T-157 Lubbock 
Price, Jeffrey T-157 Lubbock 
Purdy, Aaron T-620 Muleshoe 
Rice, Alex T-560 Lubbock
Rich, Shad T-530 Ropesville 
Roberts, Joshua T-266 Dimmitt 
Roberts, Justin T-266 Dimmitt
Rodgers, Joshua T-250 Plainview 
Saffell, Justin T-560 Lubbock 
Sallee, Robert T-530 Lubbock 
Scott, Tobey T-543 Lubbock 
Shelby, Hunter T-118 Lubbock 
Sims, Brandon T-94 Lubbock 
Spinks, Shannon T-530 Lubbock 
Stafford, Hank T-402 Lubbock 
Sthultz, Trevor T-560 Lubbock 
Tarbox, James T-406 Lubbock 
Teaschner, Andrew T-266 Dimmitt 
Vannoy, Zachary T-530 Lubbock
Vermillion, Joseph T-544 Lubbock 
Ward, Christopher T-641 Littlefield 
Willess, Brian T-157 Lubbock 
Williams, Corey T-620 Muleshoe 
Wilson, Anthony T-567 Lubbock 
Williams, Jason T-590 Lubbock 
Williams, Marc T-510 Lubbock 


Arthur, Lauren T-555 Silver 
Bacon, Adrian T-157 Lubbock 
Baldridge, Stephen T-157 Lubbock 
Baucum, Jeffrey T-157 Lubbock 
Baucum, John T-157 Lubbock
Biggers Jr., Samuel T-402 Lubbock 
Carver, Cody T-157 Lubbock 
Coats, Gary T-406 Lubbock 
Duhan, Andrew T-505 Lubbock 
Frisbie, Stephen T-513 Lubbock
Gray, Curtis T-625 Levelland 
Gray, Nicholas T-530 Lubbock 
Harriger, Matthew T-140 Lubbock
Harrison, Jason T-357 Floydada 
Hawkins, Stephen T-157 Lubbock
Holwerda, Mark T-157 Lubbock
Johnson, Jacob T-500 Lubbock 
Jones, Jesse T-508 Lubbock 
Landrum, Scott T-157 Lubbock
Luther, John T-777 Denver City 
Meinkoth, Christopher T-157 Lubbock
Nichols, Zachary T-157 Lubbock
O'Steen, Damon T-157 Lubbock
Powell, Joseph T-157 Lubbock
Piatt III, Robert T-505 Lubbock
Price, Kermit T-620 Muleshoe 
Robertson, Justin T-157 Lubbock 
Smith, Jeffrey T-952 Lubbock 
Tidwell, Todd T-157 Lubbock 
Tittle, Mark T-406 Lubbock
Walker, Joel T-1195 Lubbock
Whiteside, Robert T-402 Lubbock 
Wischkaemper, Jeff T-406 Lubbock 
Woodul, Lex T-708 Lamesa
Wright, James T-625 Levelland 


Anderton, James T-530 Lubbock 
Ashdown, Jacob T-510 Lubbock 
Brummett, Nathan T-104 Lubbock 
Bufkin, William T-505 Lubbock
Butler, Jackson T-641 Littlefield 
Case, Steven T-555 Lubbock 
Coats III, Robert T-543 Lubbock
Comer, Cy T-262 Silverton
Dalley, Ethan T-500 Lubbock 
Edwards, Steven T-590 Lubbock 
Geeslin, Garner T-157 Lubbock 
Gransberg, Erik T-505 Lubbock 
Hackett, Kevin T-708 Lamesa 
Hardin, John T-500 Lubbock 
Hargrave, Kristopher T-705 Seminole 
Hearron, Stuart T-104 Lubbock 
Henderson, Roderick T-590 Lubbock
Howe, Joseph T-406 Lubbock 
Hulsey, Timothy T-157 Lubbock 
Jenson, M. T-520 Lubbock 
Kellum, Desley T-262 Plainview 
King, Bryan T-530 Abernathy 
Kiser, Joel T-625 Levelland
Kolarik, Frank T-157 Lubbock 
Kreck, Ryan T-157 Lubbock 
McAda, Joshua T-508 Lubbock 
McDonough III, John T-250 Plainview 
Nelson, Alan T-521 Lubbock 
Oakley, Robert T-520 Lubbock 
Olson, Jon T-406 Lubbock 
Pauling, Bucky T-774 Brownfield
Paxton, Chase T-625 Levelland 
Perez, Ephraim T-520 Lubbock 
Perry, Benjamin T-157 Lubbock
Porter, Billy T-625 Levelland
Presley, Aaron T-625 Levelland 
Rasa, Andrew T-402 Lubbock 
Roberts, Andrew T-625 Levelland 
Robinson, Jr., Leslie T-520 Lubbock 
Rodgers, Justin T-250 Plainview 
Rolfe, Anthony T-520 Lubbock 
Shannon, Christopher T-510 Lubbock 
Slaughter, Brandon T-253 Plainview 
Sorley, Brian T-157 Lubbock 
Spinks, Jason T-530 Lubbock 
Thomas, Garth T-510 Lubbock
Tomlinson, Geoffry T-625 Levelland 
Turner, William T-157 Lubbock
Von Theumer, Jonathan T-357 Floydada 
Vugrin, Steven T-543 Lubbock 
Wade, Matthew T-708 Lamesa 
White, Byron T-508 Lubbock 
Williams, Brian T-104 Lubbock 
Witherspoon, William T-508 Lubbock 
Wortham, Ryan T-250 Plainview


Batson, Todd T-157 Lubbock 
Beversdorf, Brandon T-333 Ralls 
Bonner, Ryan T-157 Lubbock 
Burley, Kyle T-157 Lubbock 
Casillas, Jr., Jamie T-708 Lamesa 
Craig III, Robert T-157 Lubbock
Cunningham, Andrew T-157 Lubbock
Davis, Jeremy T-253 Plainview 
Davis, Timothy T-567 Lubbock 
DeTournillon III, William T-157 Lubbock 
Duprel, Matthew T-104 Lubbock 
Duran, Spencer T-708 Lamesa
Farr, Austin T-625 Levelland 
Figun, Matthew T-513 Lubbock 
Furr, Scott T-505 Lubbock 
Gholson, Jonathan T-708 Welch 
Glazner, Christopher T-140 Lubbock 
Gomez, Daniel T-641 Littlefield 
Graham, Christopher T-708 Lamesa 
Hardy, Christopher T-530 Lubbock 
Hart, Nathan T-157 Lubbock 
Heath, Garrett T-157 Lubbock 
Henderson, Mark T-544 Lubbock 
Hunter, Wesley T-259 Lockney 
Hutto II, Terry T-620 Muleshoe 
James, Japheth T-253 Plainview 
Jensen, Tyler T-406 Lubbock 
Johnson III, Samuel T-500 Lubbock
Kimbrough, Bradley T-530 Lubbock 
Leser, Benjamin T-530 Lubbock 
Lloyd, Jason T-520 Lubbock 
McKinney, RoyJack T-104 Lubbock
Metsgar, Corey T-157 Lubbock
Parker, Kurtis T-123 Slaton 
Perez, Samuel T-520 Lubbock 
Purdy, Tyson T-620 Muleshoe 
Ratliff II, Danny T-555 Lubbock 
Rogers, Aaron T-505 Lubbock 
Rohmfeld, David T-406 Lubbock 
Roberts, Joshua T-705 Semirole 
Satterwhite, Lee T-157 Lubbock 
Scioli, Christopher T-157 Lubbock
Sechrist, Timothy T-402 Lubbock 
Seydler, Dane T-46 Seminole 
Shackelford, Philip T-253 Plainview 
Stapp, William T-259 Lockney 
Subealdea, Michael T-253 Plainview 
Swartz, Brian T-530 Lubbock
Tidwell, Troy T-157 Lubbock 
Tucker, George T-406 Lubbock 
Turner, Chad T-357 Floydada
Wallace, Shawn T-157 Lubbock 
Wasiuta, Ward T-508 Lubbock 
Watson, Aaron T-157 Lubbock 
Wiley, Jason T-708 Lamesa 
Wigner, Joseph T-104 Lubbock 
Wilhite, Jason T-533 Lubbock 
Woliver, Kevin T-528 Lubbock 
Wood, Jonathan T-505 Lubbock 


Anderson, Kevin T-500 Lubbock 
Anderson, Scott T-500 Lubbock 
Barnes, Joshua T-533 Lubbock 
Bechtold, Michael T-250 Plainview 
Bentley, Christopher T-157 Lubbock 
Bowers, John T-505 Lubbock 
Bragg, David T-543 Lubbock
Caldwell, WilliamT- 530 Lubbock
Comer, Miles T-262 Silverton 
Cook, Joshua T-508 Lubbock 
Cord, Stephen T-157 Lubbock 
Cross, Matthew T-406 Lubbock 
Drysdale, Charles T-533 Lubbock 
Duke, Dustin T-357 Floydada 
Faber, Brett T-508 Lubbock 
Gonzales, Jeremy T-114 Lubbock 
Green, Jeffrey T-253 Plainview
Harris, Bradley T-333 Ralls 
Hawkins, Christopher T-508 Lubbock 
Hazlewood, John David T-157 Lubbock 
Hightower, Heath T-708 Lamesa 
Howe, Thomas T-513 Lubbock 
Jackson, Kelsie T-253 Plainview 
Jenson, Ian T-520 Lubbock 
Johnson, Ryann T-157 Lubbock
Jones, Adam T-259 Lockney 
Jones, Travis T-157 Lubbock 
Lloyd, Curtis T-157 Lubbock 
May, Justin T-250 Plainview 
McQuhae, Brett T-259 Lockney
Messick II, John T-140 Lubbock 
Narendran, Vijay T-505 Lubbock 
Norton, James T-505 Lubbock
Oles, Phillip T-508 Lubbock 
Perez, Joshua T-520 Lubbock 
Perry, Christopher T-157 Lubbock 
Philpott, Clint T-505 Lubbock 
Portwood, Robert T-157 Lubbock
Pruett, Jarrett T-250 Plainview 
Rawson, Daniel T-263 Tulia 
Reid, Nicolas T-625 Levelland 
Smith, Joseph T-708 Lamesa 
Spear IV, Aubrey T-544 Lubbock
Stanfield, Jonathan T-250 Plainview 
Stevens, Joshua T-104 Lubbock 
Taylor, Dustin T-406 Lubbock 
Thomas, Kelton T-510 Lubbock 
Thompson, Matthew T-250 Tulia 
Walkup, Carlos T-530 Shallowater 
Walsh, Lincoln T-157 Lubbock 
Wanjura, John T-513 Lubbock 
Zwiacher, David T-575 Lubbock 


Bell, Brian T-406 Lubbock 
Blackerby, Matthew T-253 Plainview 
Bellair, Guy T-157 Lubbock 
Boen, Jaydon T-774 Brownfield 
Brownlee, Brandt T-250 Plainview 
Burk, Shane T-406 Lubbock 
Buxkemper, Lance T-406 Lubbock 
Cogliandro, Richard T-620 Muleshoe 
Coleman, Robert T-544 Lubbock 
Condie, Robert T-544 Lubbock 
Cord, Andrew T-157 Lubbock 
Crawford, Chad T-157 Lubbock 
Davis, Jeremy T-510 Lubbock 
Edwards, Kaury T-263 Tulia 
Ferris, Brian T-157 Lubbock 
Forbess, David T-157 Lubbock 
Franklin, Mark T-250 Plainview 
Francis, Andrew T-262 Silverton
Fry, Jonathan T-575 Lubbock 
Gee, Ryan T-533 Lubbock 
Gibson, Andrew T-406 Lubbock
Gryder, Scott T-774 Brownfield 
Harvey, Nathan T-402 Lubbock
Henderson, Hank T-259 Lockney 
Huggins, Danny T-259 Lockney 
James, Ross T-253 Plainview
Johnson, Christopher T-513 Lubbock 
Keslin, Matthew T-530 Lubbock 
Key, Jr., Charles T-157 Lubbock 
Long, Clovis T-500 Lubbock 
Long, Kenneth T-500 Lubbock 
Martinez, Matthew T-575 Lubbock 
McDonald, Clay T-253 Plainview 
Minyard, Ryan T-262 Silverton 
Moore, Rustin T-157 Lubbock 
Norton, Jason T-543 Lubbock 
Odom, John T-357 Floydada 
O'Steen, Salem T-157 Lubbock
Overman, Thomas T-157 Lubbock
Perry, Clinton T-157 Lubbock
Pressley, Daniel T-253 Plainview 
Ratcliff, Jay T-505 Lubbock 
Rhea, Travis T-555 Lubbock
Sanders, Dane T-357 Floydada
Scott, David T-250 Plainview
Sears, Matthew T-157 Lubbock 
Sechrist, Philip T-402 Lubbock 
Shannon, Mark T-510 Lubbock 
Shull, Charles T-625 Levelland 
Smith ,Stewart T-157 Lubbock 
Turner, Dee T-157 Lubbock 
Williams, Grant T-510 Lubbock
Wilson, Jason T-567 Lubbock
Woodruff, Jordan T-530 Shallowate
Wright, John T-157 Lubbock 

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Andrews, Logan T-530 Lubbock 
Babb, Robert T-543 Lubbock 
Baucum, Matthew T-157 Lubbock 
Bentley, Jason T-157 Lubbock 
Bohnstengel, Adam T-250 Plainview 
Cunningham, Lance T-157 Lubbock
Cunningham, Zachary T-157 Lubbock 
Darden, Eric T-510 Lubbock
De Hoyos, RockyT- 620 Muleshoe 
Earsley, Todd T-157 Lubbock 
Glover, Daylon T-500 Lubbock 
Graves, Timothy T-641 Littlefield 
Gregg, Travis T-406 Lubbock 
Hancock, James T-620 Muleshoe 
Hannaway, Joseph T-157 Lubbock 
Hardy, Timothy T-530 Lubbock 
Heath, Bryant T-157 Lubbock 
Hernandez, Johnny T-333 Ralls 
Hill, Harrison T-625 Levelland 
Hill, Stephen T-641 Littlefield 
Hollingworth, Jason T-250 Hale Center 
Houser, Justin T-157 Lubbock
Jones, Dustin T-357 Floydada 
Jones, Gilbert T-157 Lubbock 
Kreck, Lance T-157 Lubbock 
Leonard, Zachary T-708 Lamesa 
Lowe, Devin T-505 Lubbock 
Mahan, Kenneth T-521 Lubbock 
Masters, Justin Post 260 Plainview 
Moore, Christopher T-520 Lubbuck 
Palacios, Joseph T-505 Lubbock 
Parchman, Marshall T-406 Ransom Canyon
Porter, Blaine T-260 Plainview 
Porter, Brady T-625 Levelland
Purdy, Derek T-620 Muleshoe 
Quigley, Joshua T-406 Lubbock 
Reeves, Andrew T-620 Muleshoe 
Roesler, Daniel T-157 Stephenville
Rush, Robert T-536 Lubbock 
Samarripas, Adrian T-157 Lubbock 
Smith, Clark T-157 Lubbock 
Sorenson, Clayton T-544 Lubbock
Sullivan, Michael T-510 Lubbock
Thomas, Spencer T-510 Lubbock 
Todd, Jeremy T-406 Lubbock
Walkup, Joshua T-530 Shallowater 
Walls, Lucas T-157 Lubbock
Ward, Bruce T-500 Lubbock 
Whipple, Roger T-620 Muleshoe
Wood, Tyler T-620 Muleshoe 
Wright, Christopher T-520 Lubbock 
Younger, Martin T-262 Silverton 


Bonds, Thomas T-620 Muleshoe 
Eldridge, Aaron T-521 Lubbock 
Grimsley, Jody T-250 Abernathy 
Long, Roy Anders Porter T-500 Lubbock
Rice, Russell T-505 Lubbock
Reddy, Akhil T-505 Lubbock 
Vasek, Koby T-250 Abernathy 
Wells, Steven T-500 Lubbock 



Adams, Cody T-250 Plainview
Allred, Christopher T-260 Plainview
Ballinger,  Brandon T-157 Lubbock 
Bell, Aaron T-402 Lubbock
Brigham, Kenton T-575 Lubbock
Brown, Barrett T-157 Lubbock
Busby, George T-500 Lubbock
Bybee, Brennon T-157 Lubbock
Caniglia, Christopher T-406 Lubbock
Corbett, Michael T-500 Lubbock
Crawford, Troy T-157 Lubbock
Davis, Philip T-521 Lubbock
Dinges, Dustin T-641 Littlefield
Guinn, Nathaniel T-590 Lubbock
Harbison, Sean T-157 Lubbock
Hart,  Matthew T-157 Lubbock
Holland, Brandon T-575 Lubbock
Hull, Parker T-505 Lubbock
Kidwell, David T-406 Lubbock
Maddox, Rusty T-536 Lubbock
Marquez, Nicolas T-590 Lubbock
Mitchell, Garrett T-406 Lubbock
Morales, Christopher T-333 Ralls
Morton, Matthew T-250 Plainview
Nebb, Benjamin T-406 Lubbock
Northern, Carl T-505 Lubbock
O’Connell, William T-259 Lockney
Perkins, Shawn T-333 Ralls
Pierce, Michael T-575 Lubbock
Pursley, Chad T-406 Lubbock
Reaves, Zachary T-625 Levelland
Reynolds, Nathan T-157 Lubbock
Rushing, Matthew T-406 Lubbock
Salsman, Michael T-414 Lubbock
Sanders, Dennie T-250 Plainview
Sechrist, Korey T-402 Lubbock
Sorenson, Philip T-544 Lubbock
Spear, Seth T-544 Lubbock
Sullivan, Bryan T-406 Lubbock
Terrell, Austin T-536 Lubbock
Terrell, Ryan T-250 Plainview
Underwood, Ryan T-505 Lubbock
Walker, Jess T-544 Lubbock
Wells, Brandon Team 500 Lubbock
Wright, Benjamin T-520 Lubbock


Adams, Justin T-505 Lubbock
Alley, Kenneth Crew 510 Lubbock
Arnold, Robert T-406 Lubbock
Beversdorf, Christopher T-641 Littlefield
Church, Cory T-505 Lubbock
Comer, Chase T-262 Silverton
Cool, Michael T-104 Lubbock
Markham, Randall T-406 Lubbock
Martinez, Ricardo T-157 Lubbock
May, Reegan T-253 Plainview
McCurry, David T-641 Littlefield
McGaugh, Jay T-357 Floydada
Moody, Clark T-406 Lubbock
Morton, Steven,T-140 Lubbock
Paschal, Bradley T-721 Tahoka
Ryburn, Cullen T-510 Lubbock
Rush, Branden T-536 Lubbock
Sanders, David T-253 Plainview
Silverthorne, Jordan T-253 Plainview
Talbert, Kory T-510 Lubbock
Terrell, Austin T-536 Lubbock
Williamson, Randall T-406 Lubbock
Wisian, Gregory T-140 Lubbock
Wofford, John T-157 Lubbock


Busby, Karsten C-500 Lubbock
Bybee, Bergen T-157 Lubbock
Chapman, Tyler T-406 Lubbock
Comer, Max T-262 Silverton 
Cook, Cade T-157 Lubbock
Corbett,Christopher  C-500 Lubbock
Crooks, Stephen Team 500 Lubbock
Cunnigham, Phillip T-253 Plainview
Davis, John T-708 Lamesa 
Davis, Nathan T-708 Lamesa 
Davis, Scott T-505 Lubbock
Dillon, Jeffrey T-157 Lubbock
Dowell, Sam T-157 Lubbock
Francis, Caleb T-262 Silverton 
Force, Taylor T-505 Lubbock
Galarza, Gregory T-414 Lubbock
Gatlin, Jeremy T-505 Lubbock
Gilroy, Brandon T-259 Lockney 
Glasheen, David T-157 Lubbock
Goolsby, Wade T-536 Lubbock
Hogan, Daniel  C-157 Lubbock
Lowe, Jayce T-505 Lubbock
Loya, Chandon T-777 Denver City
Marlar, Jeremy T-250 Abernathy 
Martinez, Michael T-157 Lubbock
McDaniel, Wesley T-641 Littlefield
Minyard, Eric T-262 Silverton 
Norman, David T-777 Denver City
Norman, James T-777 Denver City
Northern,Jeremiah  T-505 Lubbock
Nussbaum, John T-536 Lubbock
O’Connell, Michael T-259 Lockney 
Pandya, Michael C-157 Lubbock
Poe, David T-521 Lubbock
Pruitt, Zachary T-513 Lubbock
Rushing, Andrew T-406 Lubbock
Shirley, Jordan T-402 Lubbock
Simmons, Patrick T-157 Lubbock
Singleton, Jason T-402 Lubbock
Skinner, Ross  T-250 Abernathy 
Slay, Justin T-157 Lubbock
Smith Jr., James “Derick” T-157 Lubbock
Spain, Collin T-253 Plainview
Stanfield, Benjamin T-253 Plainview
Sutton, Joshua T-505 Lubbock
Talbert, Kristofer T-510 Lubbock
Telford, William T-505 Lubbock
Thomas,Flood  C-510 Lubbock
Trudeau, Philip T-253 Plainview
Vance, Michael T-157 Lubbock
Viswanathan, Nikil T-157 Lubbock
Ward, Dustin T-253 Plainview


Borchardt, Tanner Troop 406 Lubbock
Breunig, Cody T-505 Lubbock
Busby, Ethan Team 500 Lubbock
Cherry, Thomas Troop 157 Lubbock
Cherry, William Troop 157 Lubbock
Chappell, Bobby John Troop 357 Floydada
Cohen, William Crew 600 Lubbock
Cowan, Kevin T-406 Lubbock
Crow, Kenneth Troop 505 Lubbock
Flores, David Troop 402 Lubbock
Gryder, David Troop 774 Brownfield 
Ham, Kenton Troop 104 Lubbock
Hart, Aaron Troop 157 Lubbock
Jones, Cameron Troop 157 Lubbock
McCoy, Brendon Troop 157 Lubbock
McNeill, Patrick Troop 157 Lubbock
Montandon, Zane Troop 357 Floydada
Mowray, Justin  Crew 510 Lubbock
Odom, Brian Troop 357 Floydada
Olive, Jaren Troop 521 Lubbock
Pearce,Micah Troop 544 Lubbock
Richards, Matthew Troop 620 Muleshoe 
Rodgers, Jon Michael Troop 250 Plainview
Rollins, Kyle Crew 500 Lubbock
Seideman, Jaret Troop 157 Lubbock
Smith, Brian Troop 157 Lubbock
Subealdea, Jr., Jaime Marcos Troop 253
Tucker, Timothy Troop 575 Lubbock
Walkup, William Troop 104 Lubbock
Warsing, Jared  Troop 641 Littlefield 
Wenner, Rafer  Troop 575 Lubbock
Wheeler, Lucas Troop 157 Lubbock
Whitaker, Whit  Troop 253 Plainview
Whitaker, Will  Troop 253 Plainview
Willis, Christopher Troop 402 Lubbock
Wing, Keston Crew 333 Ralls


Manning, Jack R. T-513 Lubbock


Hawkins, Cole  T-620 Muleshoe
Cammack, Phillip T513 Lubbock
Garza, Dawxon T-513 Lubbock
Leatherwood, Calvin T-513 Lubbock
Mora, Xavier  T-620 Muleshoe


Ambrose, Jacob F. T-513 Lubbock
Scheppler, Tyler T-51`3 Lubbock


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