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Buffalo Trail Council

The first Scout to ever receive a Honor Medal by the Boy Scouts of America was a Scout from Cuero, Texas. His name was Charles Scruggs and received it in 1911.  There were 22 awarded in 1911 but he was the first one. 

Several Scouts in the Buffalo Trail Council have been noted for saving lives.  Here are the ones that are known.

Scout Benny Kilcrease was awarded a Certificate of Merit in August of 1973.

Eagle Scout Robert Rubio of Boy Scout Troop 84, chartered to the El Paso Natural Gas Co, received the Boy Scouts of America Certificate of Merit for using skills learned in Scouting to save a life.  In April, 1986, Rubio successfully applied CPR to a fellow student while on a school bus, far from medical facilities.  The student had suffered a seizure and fell, striking his head.  Detecting no breathing or pulse, Rubio used this training to resuscitate the victim, who fully recovered. 

Scout Rubio was featured in the United Way of Midlandís 1987 campaign film, where he discussed how he learned CPR in his Boy Scout Troop.

Six Scouts and Scouters received special recognition for meritorious action in the rescue of Greg Zap after an accidental fall on February 1, 1975 at Buffalo Trail Scout Ranch.  They are:  Mike Walker, Troop 786; Marvin Cooper, Troop 129; Stephen Locke, Troop 129; Charles Adams, Troop 129; Jim Adams, Scoutmaster, Troop 129; and Alford Havens, Jr, Field Director of the Buffalo Trail Council.  The Scouts received the Certificate of Merit from the Buffalo Trail Council, while the adults received letters of commendation.  Even though he received a severe head injury as the result of the fall while hiking in a rough area of the ranch, Greg Zap is making a steady recovery. 

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We want to thank David O'Neill for providing us with this information.

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