Texas Trails Council

North Star Award

Fred Perry and Calvin Fryar, both of Brownwood, Texas,  were honored Tuesday, August 16, 2011, at the Texas Trails Council's  2011 Distinguished Citizens Award Dinner with a full house at the Brownwood Coliseum.  Over 450 area residents along with city, county, and state officials attended the event to not only recognize the two distinguished citizens, but to support the Texas Trails Council financially.

Judge Steve Ellis, President of the Texas Trails Council, presented Perry and Fryar with their expected Distinguished Citizenís award, but also had a little surprise for the men with the presentation of a another honor.

Both Perry and Fryar were presented with the new award, the North Star Award, for distinguished service to youth as civilians.  The award is for non-Scouters and consists of a silver eight pointed star with the fleur-de-lis in the center suspended from a black ribbon and certificate.  Certificates are supplied by the national office at no charge to local councils.  It is equal to the Silver Beaver Award which is only presented to registered Scouters.

The award was first made available by the National Court of Honor starting in Apirl 2011. 

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