Silver Award

This is the highest award that a Venturer Crew member can earn in the Venturing program.  Four such awards were presented for the first time in the Comanche Trail Council in 2002.  All were members of Venture Crew 2000 of Lampasas. The Venturing Silver Award is available to all youth Venturing members of the Boy Scouts of America. The purpose of the Venturing Silver Award is to:

    * Provide a pathway for personal development.
    * Encourage Venturers to learn, grow, and serve.
    * Recognize the high level of achievement of Venturers who acquire Venturing skills.
    * Identify trained and highly motivated Venturers who will be a training, leadership, and program resource for other Venturers, Scouts, organizations, and the community.
    * Help define Venturing.

These are requirements that all Venturing Silver Award candidates must complete:

   1. Earn one Venturing Bronze Award.
   2. Earn the Venturing Gold Award, which includes knowing and living the Venturing Oath, service, personal development, and 12 months' tenure.
   3. Be proficient in emergency preparedness, including earning Standard First Aid and CPR certification, and knowing and using BSA Safe Swim Defense.
   4. Demonstrate leadership, including successfully completing the Venturing Leadership Skills Course.
   5. Participate in the Ethics in Action program, including Ethical Controversies activities and an Ethics Forum.
   6. Show a crew review committee you have met the requirements for the Venturing Silver Award.


Karley Goen  Crew-2000  Lampasas
Kirsten Henton  Crew-2000  Lampasas
Andrew Rollins   Crew-2000 Lampasas
Elizabeth Rollins   Crew-2000 Lampasas


Johan Oosthuizen  Crew-2000  Lampasas


Hannah Weber Crew-7  Big Spring

Information on the Venturing Silver Award is taken from the Boy Scouts of America.
Updated:  January 16, 2009
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