James E. West Fellowship

Texas Trails Council

The James E. West Fellowship is a national  recognition for individuals who contribute, or have contributed in their name, $1,000 or more to the Council’s endowment trust fund.

The award is named after the first Chief Scout Executive of the Boy Scouts of America who exemplified Ralph Waldo Emerson’s observation that “an institution is the lengthened shadow of one man.”  Scouting today is the “lengthened shadow” of more than three decades of the farsighting and dedicated leadership of James E. West.

Those who are recognized by the James E. West Fellowship Award will cast their own “lengthened shadow” as they help insure the Scouting legacy for future generations of young people and create the financial stability of the program in the twenty-first century of this local council.  Those awards presented in the Texas Trails Council are: 

Pat Leatherwood – January 1, 2003
Tom Cody Graves – January 1, 2003
Larry Donald Smith – March 12, 2003
George J. Anderson – August 5, 2003
Terry McCall – November 18, 2003
Janet Griffin – January 28, 2004
Frank E. Fite – January 2, 2006
Blair Haynie – April 12, 2006
Minnie Pearl Graves – April 17, 2006
Jim Ravanelli – April 27, 2007
Roy T. Curbo – February 22, 2014
Bobby Miers – February 22, 2014
Kent Barnett – August 21, 2014
Clint W. Bumguardner – December 10, 2014
Mark Miller – December 29, 2014
Steve Ellis – December 12, 2015 

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