Camp Billy Gibbons, 1939, Troop 101, Cisco, Texas
     Left to Right:  Pete Sherman, L. J. Donohoe, Robert Christie, John McCanlies, John E. Davis, Jimmy Laird, Robert 
     Grantham, Cotton ??, Bill Wright, Bill Philpott, ?? , Marion Paschall, ??

August 10, 1998

Dear Bill, (Philpott)

Enclosed is a picture of the crack unit of Scout Troop 101 from Cisco, TX.  Lores says we are really a good looking bunch in our uniforms.

Few anecdotes remembered from that year!!

1.  How cold "Cold Springs" were -
2.  How you and I were so brave and smart to climb up the cliff above the springs, maneuvering brilliantly thru the cactus going up, not thinking about it being so steep a cliff that we could only get down by sliding thru that same cactus-
3.  Crawling back in that small cave until the spiders became too thick and started falling all over us -
4.  Only song I can remember is "Here we stand like birds in the wilderness, waiting for something to eat." - also "Someone's in the kitchen with Dianah."
5.  Christie and Nugent shocking us so by the way they carried on -
6.  Christie talking me into representing the troop on boxing night, and getting the tar beat out of me -
7.  How impressed we were that the fire should never go out -
8.  How hard I worked making me a lemon-wood bow that was sure smooth and shapely, but never strung.  Traded it to Dick McPherson for his bicycle -
10. How much fun it was to be living out of a foot-locker, never dreaming you and I would have a much smaller seabag or locker before long -
11. How exciting it was loading down at the church, and how long it took to get to the jumping off place at Richland Springs.  We must have been going 45 or 50 miles an hour all the way.

John (E. Davis)

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