Memories of Old Camp Billy Gibbons by Frank (Franklin) Wells

I remember when we climbed the cliff into Crystal Cave and got trapped there by others who were throwing large rocks down on us from above. On one trip to Cold Springs we also went to a washout in a ravine with water flowing and slid down the rocks on our backsides and wore out the seats of our pants.

Old dining hallI remember that all we had to drink in the mess hall was lemonade till one day H. E. White's parents brought down a car loaded with milk and that milk was SO delicious.

I remember a cave with Indian markings on the wall and we came upon a rattlesnake inside. I also remember the blowing of a ram's horn as a signal to meet. (Editor's note: used to "callout" the Kunieh) One thing that stands out is when some of us - there were about 5 - were fulfilling the ordeal for the Order of the Arrow. We were taken after midnight, blindfolded, and Jim White tried to make us eat cow chips. We refused! (Editor's note: Now THAT, I DON'T remember!)

One time there was an overnight camping trip with Pouncy. We hiked upriver, camped and built a big bonfire. The next morning, we buried a canvass wrapped Dutch Oven filled with pork roast, green beans, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, etc. in the ashes and coals. Then we went hiking for the day and when we returned, our food was cooked and it sure did taste good!

This story was taken from the Brownwood High School Class of 1947 newsletter "The Roar of '47", newsletter #8, Fall, 1999 

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