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During 2001, the patch on the left was made by the council and sold as a way to raise money for Camp Billy Gibbons projects.  The patch was designed by Shirley Teague of Brownwood.  Only 100 were made by Sunshine Patch Company and they sold for $6 each.

The following year, in 2002, the patch on the right was made and sold for the same price. It was also designed by Shirley Teague. David Foil, who was Scout Executive at the time, approved the plan.  If you will look at the list of those who purchased patches, you will note that most did not buy but one patch. 

List of those who purchased patches
Lonnie Abels  DeLeon T-37
Andy Banks  Stephenville T -39
PamBarnes  Brownwood T-1
Jared Blair  Eastland T-103
Britt Boivin  Lampasas T-200
C. D. Brown  Stephenville, T-39
Matthew Bryan  Brownwood T-14
John David Childs  Brownwood3 T-14
Kevin Crouch  Dublin T-30
Maury Folsom  Eastland T-103
Leroy Forbes  Lampasas T-200
Seth Griffin  Early T-1
John D. Grisham  DeLeon T-37
Kerry E.Grisham DeLeon T-37
Blake Henton  Kempner T-200
Kirsten Henton  Kempner VC-2000
Tommy Hixson  Eastland T-103
Alex Huse  Dublin T-34
Sharon Johnson 
Pat Leatherwood  Dublin T-30
Luke Lewis  Brownwood T-1
Sam Mangrum  Stephenville Executive Board
Carl Parker  Stephenville T-18
Jeremy Reinert  Goldthwaite T-77
Bob Rider   Brownwood T-1
Andrew Rollins  Lampasas T-200
Elizabeth Rollins  Lampasas VC-2000
Lisa Rollins   Lampasas T-200
Darryl Schriver   Georgetown T-77
Larry Smith   Eastland T-103
Hubert Swann  Brownwood T-14
Zach Swann   Brownwood T-14
Walter (Wally) Walske  Executive Board
Grady Watson  Brownwood T-1
Mike Williams  Goldthwaite T-77
Les Zimmerman Dublin T-30
Zac Zimmerman  Dublin T-30
Zane Zimmerman  Dublin P-35
Kolby Abbe DeLeon T-37
John Blair  Eastland T-103
Jamie Burns  Stephenville T-18
John Button, II   Dublin P-35
Beverly Colton  Stephenville, P-18
Caleb Girlinghouse  Waskom, T-210
Luke Girlinghouse Waskom T-210
Brian Iley  Stephenville T-39
Adam Johnson   Lampasas T-200
D. K. Jones  Stephenville T-39
Kell Jones  Stephenville T-39
A.W. (Trey) Kruger, III  Stephenville  P-18
Neal Mann  Brownwood T-14
Brandon McQueen  Brownwood T-1
Vickie McLean Brownwood 
Josh Messman Stephenville T-18
Glen Morgan   DeLeon T-37
Mitch Newell   Dublin T-30
Johan Oosthuizen  Lampasas T-200
Walter Oosthuizen   Lampasas T-200
Johnson Turner Payan  Lampasas T-200
Race Pendleton Dublin T-30
Tim Price   Brownwood T-22
Ethan Royall  DeLeon T-37
Brice Shupp  DeLeon T-37
Jake  Stair Lampasas, P-100
Colin Talbot   Lampasas,  T-200
Kendal Teague   Brownwood T-14
Shirley Teague  Brownwood T-14 
Michael Marshall Thompson  T-210
Chris Wade   Dublin T-30
Perry A. (Butch) Wakefield, II  Stephenville
J. D.Williams  Dublin4 T-30
Mark Williams  Brownwood

We wish to thank Chris Firth and Hubert Swann, both of Brownwood, for the scans of the two patches.  Also to Chris Firth and Butch Wakefield for setting us straight that there were two different patches, one for each year.

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