More Photos on "New" Camp Billy Gibbons

Dam for Swimming Area on Brady Creek
Canoeing is still popular!
Dining Hall - 1947
Only one year did they try donkeys at camp!
Old Rifle Range - 1959
Archery - 1959
Best time of the day!  This is Troop 4
This is Troop 1 - Leader Bill Lynn is on the left.
Washing Dishes
 Use to have only male cooks
First Flush Commode
 Brady Creek does flood
OA Gee Lodge
Old First Aid Station
Yea, there are some big fish in Brady Creek!
Swimming at "Cold Springs" after a long hike from camp

              Flood during summer camp in 1959

Order of Arrow Ring in 1959

Troop 33 in front of their entrance to their campsite in 1959

                          Troop 33 at Archery Range in 1959

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