Photos of "Old" Camp Billy Gibbons

1931 - 1946

First summer camp staff - 1931
Scouts who built dam - 1932
Left to right:  John A. Thomason, Paul Daley, Clarence McKinney, James N. Thomason, Larry Hargrove, Jarvis Belvin, Carl Ellis, Melvin Archer, Dan Gill, John Wood, Harvey Morris, Clifford Pouncey
 New Mess Hall - 1934
 Laying Rock Around New Mess Hall
Dumping Leftovers in Sump
Inside Mess Hall - 1932
Trading Post in 1940
 Bull Gang Getting Camp Ready
Trading Post - 1940
Camp nurses in 1936
Staff Area - 1934
Nurses in camp - 1936
Camp band practicing outside dining hall - 1932
Ye old swimming hole - 1934
Gaither Brownwing
K. N. Clapp 
"Chief Black Wolf"
Gaitha Browning
"Running Elk"
Robert Taylor, Bugler
Troop 15 Lampasas
Second week of summer camp - 1936
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