More Photos on Camp Fawcett

Enjoy this second page of photos of Camp Fawcett.

Plaque at entrance to Camp Fawcett

Old belt buckle found at Camp Fawcett

      Skeet shooting.  See the one that was hit?

    Visiting on the First Aid Lodge porch.

    First Aid Lodge - Use to be caretaker's home.

Checking on a Scout

Now this is how it is done.

             Those hamburgers are sure good.

            Hitting the target is easy!

     Who said anything about hitting the center?

Trading Post as it looks today.

Buying at the Trading Post

          This is what makes Camp Fawcett!
        Boy, nice and clear cool water.

Ready on the right?  Ready on the left?

Rifle Range name in memorial to John A. Dodson

      Getting our food in dining hall.

                Take careful aim.
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