Adult Leaders:
Steve Ellis "Hard Bass"
John Ellis "Wise Bass"
Shirley Teague "Kicking Bass"
Christy Swann "Lard Bass"
Island Mate - E Crew - Nick "Whup Bass"
Island Mate - F Crew - Bass Hole
Crew Members:
Joey Ellis "Fat Bass"
Colton Duffy "Dumb Bass"
Jerome Farmer "Wee Bass"
Chris Garrett "Half Bass"
Seth Griffin "Beach Bass"
Lance Kilpatrick "Red Bass"
Crew Members:
David Mann "Harry Bass"
Kris Morris "Smart Bass"
Zach Swann "Sandy Bass"
Kenda Teague "Bear Bass"
Michael Van Der Pol "Slap Bass"
Quinn Wilson "Scrawny Bass"
The group stayed on a remote 100 acre island off the Florida Keys, snorkeling on pristine coral reefs, trolling for sportfish, kayaking through red mangroves, and exploring the flora and fauna of Big Munson Island.  The island which has high hardwood hammock fringed in lush mangroves is much was it was when pirates arrived in the 1800's.
Assistant Scoutmaster John Ellis in front of the
Ernest Hemmingway home, Key West, FL
Colton Duffy, Lance Kilpatrick, John Ellis, Jeromy Farmer, Joey Ellis, Chris Garrett and Seth Griffin in front of Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville in Key West, FL
Steve Ellis, Colton Duffy, Lance Kilpatrick, Chris Garrett, Jeromy Farmer, Seth Griffin, John Ellis and Joey Ellis at the southernmost point in the continental United States at Key West, FL
Zach Swann and the rest of us getting ready to paddle
our Kayaks over 5 miles to Big Munson Island from the Brinton Environmental Center located on Summerland 
Key, 23 miles north of Key West.

Quinn Wilson, Seth Griffin, Chris Garrett, Joey Ellis
and Shirley Teague at the Sea Base Headquarters.
On Thursday, June 27, 2002 the group arrived at the Brinton Center, located about 24 miles north of Key West on the Florida Keys.  There they went out to the ocean for their swim check, were issued a mask, fins, snorkel and a Sea Base dive bag.  Then they had a snorkel instruction lesson so that they were comfortable with their gear. 

The next two and a half days were spent at the Brinton Center and included ocean kayaks, snorkeling, and fishing.  They had a chance to spend some time in Key West.

On their third day they traveled to their island, some 5.5 miles over open water, via ocean kayaks.  The equipment and food was delivered for unloading by a fleet of 25-foot Dusky powerboats. They stayed in four-man backpacking tents and prepared their own meals.

Food, both at the Sea Base and on the Island was all fresh or frozen i.e. hamburgers, steak, spaghetti, fish for dinner, sandwiches for lunch, and eggs, cereal and pancakes for breakfast. 

The week was spent in snorkeling and fishing off the powerboats for dolphin, grouper, barracuda and the like. Their Island Mate, who was with them for their entire adventure, explained what they saw on the island as well as the underwater wilderness that began just a few yards from their tent. 

On the seventh day, July 3rd, they returned to the Brinton Center for their evening closing ceremony, patch presentation, and Closing Seafood Luau.  They departed for back home on Thursday, July 4, 2002.

Map of the area shows the location of the headquarters of Sea Base, Brinton Environmental Center on Summerland 
Key and Big Munson Island

The entire Sea Bass Patrol at the Sea Base Headquarters at mile marker 73.8
OITH062702E Crew at Brinton Center - Joey Ellis, John Ellis, Colton Duffy, Seth Griffin, Steve Ellis, Jeromy Farmer, Chris Garrett, Lance Kilpatrick, their Island Mate Nick "Whup Bass" OITH062702F Crew at Brinton Center - Michael Van Der Pol, David Mann, Quinn Wilson, Kris Morris, Shirley Teague, Kendal Teague, Christy Swann, Zach Swann, their Island Mate "Bass Hole"

Message found wrtten on sea grape leaf at Big 
Munson Island: "Stranded on a desert isle.
 It's great! Troop 14 BSA"

John Ellis standing in the middle of the Sea Bass patrol official sundial on Big Munson Island.

The Colors were reaised on Big Munson Island by the
                         Sea Bass Patrol.
One of the small Key Deer which frequented the Island campsite.
Dinner is served for Colton Duffy, Jeromy Farmer, Joey Ellis, Chris Garrett, Lance Kilpatrick and others of the Sea Bass Patrol on the Out Island Adventure.
No Picture Here
Jeromy Frmer and Joey Ellis in their sea Kayak, headed to the our island.

Steve Ellis snorkeling at Loo Key reef.
John Ellis snorkeling among a school of yellowtail
snapper at Loo Key reef.
Blue angel fish and a stoplight parrot fish at Loo Key reef
John Ellis snorkeling by a sergeant major 
damsel fish at Loo Key reef.
Steve Ellis snorkeling at Loo Key reef.
Loo Key reef
A spiny lobster at Loo Key reef
Nick one of our Island Mates, working hard at our Island camp.

Some old beach bum we found wandering on the 
Island having his sunrise morning coffee.
Lance Kilpatrick, Seth Griffin, Colton Duffy, Jeromy 
Farmer, Steve Ellis, John Ellis, Joey Ellis, and Chris Garrett up in a Buttonwood tree on the deserted
Island where we camped.


We want to thank Judge Steve Ellis for providing us the photos and information on this page.

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