Camp Louis Farr Photos

Provided by Marcus Young

Taken about 1949

Gathering for lunch.
Waiting for lunch
.Lifetuard on duty
       Lifeguard on Duty at Camp Louis Farr
Cooling off in river.
          Cooling off on a hot afternoon is fun!
Carr Village
               Lodge at Carr Village
Gathering for lunch.
                Gee, are we still waiting for lunch?
Batter Up!

My tent ready for inspection.
     And this is my tent ready for inspection.

Swimming                       More Swimming!.
One of our leaders.
One of our leaders.
One of our leaders.
Another one of our leaders. 
Waiting to eat.
       Gee, we are still waiting on lunch.
Wating to go swimming.
      Should I just go on in or wait for the others.
Waiting on Parents
We are waiting on our parents to appear.
Water srping at Camp Louis Farr
This is the spring where all the water comes from.

Last updated:  June 14, 2004

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