Comanche Trail Council

Philmont Scout Ranch - 1972

Troop 78
Front Row L to R: Paul S. Cline, Lee Laughlin, Charles Bart Johnson, Christopher C. Coleman
Second Row L to R: William (Bill) C. Egger, Bryan H. Allen, Tim Trigg, Robert Johnson, Kyle Selcer, Pete C. Cadenhead, Raymee Beck, William (Bill) C. G. Sikes
Back Row L to R:  Walter "Wally" Walske, John (David) D. Douglas, Jr., James (Charles) C. Autry, Dr. Rogers Coleman, Douglas (Doug) R. Reid, Bryan Healer, Jeffrey (Jeff) Whisnant, James W. Hopperth, David Douglas, Sr., Philmont Ranger

Note:  Fourteen of the Scouts made Eagle the following year.

We want to thank Bart Johnson for providing us with this photo and the names of the Scouts and leaders in the picture.

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