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Philmont Scout Ranch 2011

Back Row, L to R: Keith Clardy (T-22), Randal Hawkins (San Saba), Kevin Clardy (T-22), Tanner Hawkins (San Saba), Jeff Arceneaux (T-22), Tully Hair, SM T-22, Early, TX
Front Row, L to R: Thomas Givan (T-22), Steven Arceneaux (T-22), Dylan Powell (T-22), Andrew (Philmont Ranger), Charlie Tongate (T-22), Ben Jameson (Abilene) Jacob Glick (Breckenridge)
High Adventure
Scouts Describe 11-day Trek as 'awesome'
By Candace Cooksey Fulton
Brownwood Bulletin

Some awesome things can only be explained one way, with one word.
So ask any Scout who's had the experience of "high adventure" at Philmont Scout Ranch near Cimarron, N.M.,, and he'll explain it as best he can.
Earlier this summer eight Scouts( including four members of Troop 22 in Early) plus four adult leaders comprised a crew who "made it to the top" - who went to Philmont.
The Experience was "awesome."
"I go on trips around the world," said Charlie Tongate, "and Philmont was as good or better than any of those.  I want to go back for sure."
The Philmont Scout Ranch is a high adventure base that challenges Scouts with its more than 214 square miles of rugged backpacking treks, explained Tully Hair, an adult leader and veteran of several Philmont treks.
"This crew's adventure consisted of 11 days of backpacking," Hair said.  "We cover nearly 70 miles and climbed mountains summits over 11,700 feet."
"We hiked 11 days with just each other and our backpacks," said Tongate.  "Everything we needed, we had to carry.  The way it works is, along the way there are commissaries, and we'd get our supplies and food there.
"U-m-m-m-m, if there was anything I didn't like, it would be the freeze-dried food. We got pretty tired of that," Tongate said.
The toughest part?  Hard to say, too, but Tongate thought it might have been the last evening on the trail, when the Scouts could see the base camp, but knew they could't get there until the next day.
Thomas Givan, 16, whose older brothers Wesley and Keith had made several Philmont treks and also been on staff at the ranch, said he'd have to say the only negative was the food.
"My brothers talked about how awesome it was to go to Philmont, and it was awesome for me too.  I definitely want to go back," Givan said.
"If I had to pick a favorite time, I'd probably say reaching the top of Mt. Phillips, which is the highest peak.
"But really, the whole experience, the best way I can describe it is, it was awesome."

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