Comanche Trail Council

Don Rogert Canoe Base - Atikokan, Ontario


Crews A062301A,B,C

Adult Leaders:
Steve Ellis, Brooksmith
Hugh Collins, Brownwood
Frank Griffin, Brownwood
Mark Bradshaw, Brownwood
Crew's Interpreter:
"A"  Mike Stroppa, Alberta Canada
"B"  Natasha
"C"  Lisa
John Ellis, Brooksmith
Joey Ellis, Brooksmith
Charlie Collins, Brownwood
Kendal Teague, Brownwood
Taylor Bradshaw, Brownwood
Seth Griffin, Early
Jon Durand, Brownwood
P. J. Shilling, Goldthwaite
Lance Kilpatrick, Brownwood
Colton Duffy, Brownwood
Michael Bretzke, Brownwood
James Martin, Brownwood
Walt Howard, Early
The group encountered wildlife, canoeing, fishing, plenty of fun and adventure on an excursion to the Canadian wilderness.
They left Brownwood on June 20, 2001 and returned home on July 2, 2001.  For five days, they canoed for more than 50 miles across lakes and rivers, camping and fishing and navigating along the way and transporting their equipment and canoes between waterways on portages. Members sank into marshes carrying their canoes across some of the portage trails

They were in a vast forested area 12 miles west of Atikokan, Ontario, not far across the border from Minnesota.  This is part of the Northern Tier BSA National High Adventure Bases.  The Rogert base is on the Hudson Bay Company's historic fur route between Old Fort William and Rainey Lake. Here the are millions of acres of pine forests, glacier lakes, meandering rivers and thundering waterfalls..

The crews encountered beavers, bald eagles and loons. they saw bald eagles just swoop down and fight gulls for fish. Speaking of fish, they caught plenty of them.  Walleye, northern lake trout and small mouth bass were just a few of the fish available for the catching.

The whole crew before leaving for Canada at Troop 14 
Scout Hut, Indian Creek Rd., Brownwood, Texas

Beth and Hector Dalton overlooking Lake Superior, 
June 22, 2001

We are all in uniform at Peach Lake.
Jon Durand, Joey Ellis, Mike Stroppa, P. J. Shilling, and Steve Ellis getting ready to portage

Base Camp, June 23rd, Don Rogert Canoe Base, 
             Lake Atikokan, Ontario, Canada
John Ellis and others from "A" Crew, June 24, 2001, 
Sue Falls, Quetico Wilderness, Canada
 One of "A" Crew's canoes at a portage.
Crew #A062301A
Steve Ellis
Mark Bradshaw
John Ellis
Joey Ellis
Taylor Bradshaw
Jon Durand
P. J. Shilling
Mike Stroppa, Guide
Crew #A062301B
Hugh Collins
Kendal Teague
Charlie Collins
Lance Kilpatrick
Colton Duffy
Natasha, Guide
Crew #A062301C
Frank Griffin
Older Experience Guide
Seth Griffin
Michael Bretzke
James Martin
Walt Howard
Lisa, Guide

Jon Durand and Joey Ellis at a portage.

Hudson Bay Bread

1 1/2 lbs. Margarine or butter
4 cups sugar
2/3 cups Karo syrup
2/3 cups honey
2 tsp. Maple flavoring

Cream together the above ingredients .
Add while mixing

1 1/2 cups ground nuts
19 cups quick cooking oatmeal

Spread in a large sheet pan, 18 inches x 26 inches.  Press it down into the pan.  Bake at 325 degrees F in a convection oven for 15 to 18 minutes.  As soon as the break has been taken from the oven, use a spatula to press it down.  This presses the bread together to keep it from crumbling.  Cut it while still warm.

For home-size preparation, cut this recipe at least in half.  A conventional oven requires a long baking time.

Joey Ellis eating the last piece of Hudson Bay Bread.
"A" Crew's campsite at Black Fly Revenge on 
McAlpine Lake.
"A" Crew after portage.

Tejas Bay Campsite between Lake Batchewaung and Pickerel Narrows.
Taylor Bradshaw fishing at Tejas Bay on June 27, 2001.
Jon Durand, Joey Ellis and John Ellis canoeing.
             John Ellis with one of his fish.
Taylor Bradshaw with the stringer of pike caught on 
June 28th.

John Ellis with the pike caught on June 28th.
Jon Durand with his nice pike caught near Sue Falls
June 25, 2001

John Ellis and Jon Durand with small mouth bass that
         the turtle later tried to steal. June 26, 2001
Taylor Bradshaw and Steve Ellis with some of the 
fish they caught on June 28, 2001.
John Ellis, P. J. Shilling and Jon Durand try to make a sail while canoeing on Lake McAlpine on June 25th.
Joey Ellis, Jon Durand and John Ellis canoeing on Lake Batchewaung on June 27, 2001.
Taylor Bradshaw, Joey Ellis and John Ellis in the canoe.
       Steve Ellis carrying the canoe at a portage.
Joey Ellis, John Ellis, Taylor Bradshaw at the beginning of a portage.
Base Camp, closing campfire, Don Rogert Canoe Base, "A" Crew with their interpreter Mike Stroppa right before he sang "Deep in the Heart of Texas." June 19, 2001
Last day at base camp - June 29, 2001

Perch Lake, at about the time of the closing campfire at base camp - June 29, 2001.

By the time they had returned home they had driven 3,200 miles round trip. 

Most of the Scouts were from Troop 14 in Brownwood, Texas, which is sponsored by the First United Methodist Church. Three were from Troop 1 in Brownwood, sponsored by the First Christian Church, and one of the scouts was from Goldthwaite

The Council Contingent was a provisional group composed of Scouts from Comanche Trail Council.

The entire contingent back at the Scout Hut, Brownwood, TX upon return
                                     on July 2, 2001.

For the Official Log click here.

We want to thank Judge Steve Ellis for providing the information and photos for this adventure trek.

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