Council Commissioner PatchCouncil Commissioner 

The Council Commissioner is part of the Key 3 of a local council.  He works with the District Commissioers to help units be successful.  He is nominated by the Council Nominating Committee and is elected at the Council Annual Business Meeting.  He develops a good working relationship with the Council Scout Executive.  We will be posting additional Council Commissioners for the other councils as as we obtain them.
Buffalo Trail 

Edmund D. "Ned" Truex
Ron Harkrider 2005-2006
Richard Johnson 2007-2009
Bill Houston 2010
Charles House 2011-Present


Concho Valley 
Council (SWTC)

H. C. Grafa 1945-1948
Ralph Logan 1950
Phil Lane 1952
James Young 1983-1987
Billy V. Ruth 1990
Roy M. Dudley 2004
Daniel Anderson 2005-2010
Michael Reid 2011-2012
Dr. Mike Dixon 2013-2017

South Plains 

Lindsey S. Harkey 1925-1926
L. G. H. Williams 1927 -1928
Kennedy N. Clapp 1929 -1953
J. C. Powell, Jr. 1954 -1955
W. H. Tinney 1956
Charles K. Alexander 1957
J. Davis Armistead 1958 -1968
Carl Minor 1969 -1970
Haynes Baumgardne 1971
John N. Rogers 1972
John N. “Jack” Parker 1973
Max Tidmore 1974 -1975
John N "Jack" Baker 1976
Max Tidmore 1977-1978
Charles V. Neil 1979-1980
Joe Murfee 1981-1982
Robert B. Wilson 1983 -1985
Don Pharr 1986
Bob Bellah 1987-2003
Ray Rush 2004-2006
Randall Hust 2007-2008
Danny Johnston 2009-2010
Greg Taylor 2010-Present

Texas Trails

Stanley Walker 2003-2005
Blair Haynie 2006-2010
Roy Curbo 2011-2012
Frank Griffin 2013-2014
John Dearing 2015


Former Councils

Comanche Trail Council

Russell B. Jones 1932-1937
Rev. R. K. McCall 1938
O. B. Winebrener 1939 -1940
Rio Cox 1954-1956
Paul A. Cunyus 1957-1959
W. Doyle Graves 1960
Tom J. Pinto 1961
Jodie E. Baker 1962-1964
Rio Cox 1965-1969
Manley Webb 1972-1973
Vernon Honea 1974
Manley Webb 1975-1977
John Wood 1978
Bill Pardue 1979
J. D. May 1980-1982
James R. Dublin III 1983-1989
James Perkins 1990
David Cleveland 1991-2002

Brownwood County Council

Knox Chandler 1921
Chester Harrison 1924

Oil Belt Council

Rev. H. B. Johnson 1929

Pecan Valley Council

C. W. Dofflemeyer 1928-1929
Ross K. Wolfe 1930
Earl Firman 1931

We thank the South Plains Council, BSA for allowing us to include their history on this web site. Researched by: Harry B.
Massingill, Jr., District Executive – April 1987. Revised: 1/9.  Infomation for other council came from "Ninety Years of Service" by Frank T. Hilton, 1999.
Last Updated: February 11, 2015
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