Concho Valley Council Cubs

Packs in First Scout Circus

Packs 26, 27, 28, and 29, all of San Angelo, participated in the March 5, 1937, Boy Scout Circus held in the Municipal Auditorium of that community.  Using the theme of "It's Fun To Be a Cub Scout", and under the director of Grady Stoval, they presented various Cub Scout games and skills for the audience.

By the end of the following year, 1937, the Council had 330 Cubs in twelve Packs, including Pack 2, McCamey, sponsored by McCamey P.T.A., and which was organized in early May.  Packs were also organized at Brady and Harris Avenue School in San Angelo.  The next year there were 350 Cubs active in twelve Packs.

When it came time for the 1938 Scout Circus there were ten Packs ready to participate under the direction again of Grady Stoval.  They were able to put on a lively demonstration of Cub activities and games this time around.

Those participating in the Circus were Pack 1, Iraan; Pack 2, McCamey; Pack 3, Texon; Pack 4, Mertzon; Pack 16, Bronte; Packs 26, 28, 29, 30, and 31 of San Angelo.

At the end of 1939, this number had dropped to nine Packs with 255 members.  The Packs functioning on December 31, 1938, were Pack 1, Iraan; Pack 2, McCamey; Pack 3, Texon; Pack 4, Mertzon; Pack 5, Brady; Pack 15, Sabinal; Pack 26, San Angelo; Pack 29, San Angelo; and Pack 31, San Angelo.

By February, 1939, Pack 83, sponsored by the Baptist Church, had been organized with George Herndon as Cubmaster.  The number of Cub Packs increased to fourteen that year including Pack 21, Fort Stockton, St. Joseph Catholic Church, Rev. Felipe Grive, Cubmaster; Pack 33, San Angelo, Forrest Park Mission Baptist Church, Earl Kelley, Cubmaster; Pack 21 Eden, Eden P.T.A., and Pack 6 at Paint Rock, Paint Rock P.T.A., W. B. Bishop, Cubmaster.

Many changes have occurred in Cub Scouts since those first Cub Scout packs were organized.  The Webelos Den was created in 1954 to keep boys in Cubbing and provide a means of bridging them over into Boy Scouts.  A special Webelos program was made a part of the Webelos Den in 1967.   Tiger Cubs was introduced in 1982 for 7-year-old boys and their adult partners.  The boys met once a month in one of the family’s home and they did activities with their parents once a month.

The Cub Scout program expanded to include boys in the First Grade as Tiger Cubs and in the Second Grade in the fall of 1986.  The new 2-year Webelos program was introduced into Cub Scouts in 1988.  For the first time, 4th and 5th graders could be in Webelos Scouts.   Extended Council conducted Webelos camping was also introduced in the same year.

By 1988, the national executive board, in its February meeting, revised the Rules and Regulations of the Boy Scouts of America to allow women to serve in all Scouting leadership positions.  The opened the door for women to serve as Webelos den leader, assistant Webelos den leader, assistant Cubmaster and Cubmaster.  Also, resident camping for Cub Scouts was approved and that provided councils with the opportunity to have Cub Scout Resident Camps.

Cub Pushmobile

Cub Scout activities were just not held on a Council level until the 50th Anniversary of Cub Scouting.  In November of 1979 the Council’s 1st Pushmobile Derby, featured as a 50th Anniversary preview activity, was held in the parking lot of the Bobcat Stadium in San Angelo on a Saturday afternoon, November 10, 1979.  Every den in the Council was encouraged to build a car and enter the race.  They could build them on a frame of their own design or modify carts, wagons, lawn mower bases, baby buggies, etc.   The races were down and back on a 400 ft. course with four cars competing in each heat.  Each cub pushes once and rides once during each heat.  Cubs competed by age level,  Dens with mixed ages raced against the age group nearest their average of their ages.  A group champion and a Grand Champion were determined.  Ribbons, medals and trophies were awarded to the top winners.  We were unable to find a record of this first event.

The Second Annual Pushmobile Derby was held the following year on November 8, 1980, with 21 cars participating.  First place trophies went to the following:

First Place - 9 year old Champion and Grand Champion from Den 2 of Pack 22, San Angelo, Mrs. Linda Roach, Den Leader.

Second Place- 8 year old Champion from Den 2 of Pack 7, San Angelo, Mrs. Roger McManus, Den Leader.

Third Place - 10 year old Champion from Webelos Den 1 of Pack 327, San Angelo, Mike Ryan, Webelos Den Leader.

Trophies were also presented to Best Looking Cars and for Most Unusual Looking Cars in each age group.  Bill Lane of San Angelo served as Chairman of the Pushmobile.  Alpha Phil Omega Service Fraternity at Angelo State University helped with the event.
By 1981, the activity had become quite popular in the Council.  Some 37 cars participated in this Third Pushmobile from 17 Packs across the Council.  The Grand Champion was car #1 raced by Webelos Den #1 of Pack 77, Del Rio, Robert J. Smith, Cubmaster.  Second Place went to Den 1, Pack 22 of San Angelo and Third Place went to Pack 23 of Crane.

We know that the Pushmobile was run in 1989 with some 25 cars entered from 13 Packs.  This was the eighth running of the Pushmobile according to a story in the Council’s newsletter “Echoes.”  Bill Ruth of San Angelo served as Chairman of the Saturday event.  The Grand Champion was Den 2 of Pack 7, San Angelo.

Webelos Residence Camp

The first Webelos Residence Camp was held at Camp Sol Mayer in 1987.  The three night, four day camp was held June 28th through July 1st. The camp used an Indian theme with Webelos Dens assigned to Tribes and Clans.  Events included archery, BB guns, swimming, boating, crafts, sports, woodsman, campfires and Indian games.  Each  Webelos had to come with a make adults and a male adult could only birng a maximum of two Webelos.  Cost of this first camp was $35.00 which included their meals, snacks, craft items, staff, insurance and patch.

Cub/Webelos Residence Camp

The next year, the Webelos Residence Camp was expanded to include Cub Scouts.  The camp was held again at Camp Sol Mayer on July 7-10, 1988.  The same program was offered that was available at Webelos Camp but included items that Cub Scouts could earn and the camp had more fun events such as horseshoes, sponge throw, tin can stilts and a donkey race using cardboard donkeys that the kids had made.  The camp became very popular with Cubs and Webelos alike.  In the summer of 1989, there were some 286 participants plus 60 staff members.  The theme was “Space Camp” and in support of the event, Benny Dougherty build a twenty foot rocket that set the mood for the Residence Camp.

By 1990, the camp had become the Cub Scout Resident Camp using the theme “Treasure Island”   The 1991 camp was under the leadership of Mike Sawle.  Program Director for the camp was Debra Meier.  Packs were encouraged to register by Packs but individual registrations were still be accepted.  A special feature of the camp was a separate program for Webelos Scouts.

In 1995, the camp was once again expanded, this time to include families. As with the previous camps, it was held at Camp Sol Mayer.  They had 82 participants with a more open schedule for the campers and program for the Cubs as well as their sisters and parents.  It seems mosquitoes were a problem during that camp until the camp ranger sprayed and took care of the problem.

One Cub Residence Camp was held in the summer of  1996 at Camp Sol Mayer from May 31 to June 2., with Don Cheek as Camp Director, assisted by Martin Guinn and Phil Coupal.  Included in the program was the addition of Webelos being able to ride horses.  The Wolves were able to learn to swim and cut bait and the Bears took a Day Hike to the Ranch and hunt for arrowheads. The also added more free time into the program and eliminated cooking from the program.  They also had a new miniature golf course.  The last known camp was held during the summer of 1998 at Camp Sol Mayer.

Cub/Dad Weekends

The first Cub/Dad weekend was held at Camp Sol Mayer on October 7-8, 1988.  It was a huge success with some 180 Cubs and 140 Dads participating.  Nearly all the towns in the Permian Basin and Amangi Tail Districts were represented.  The largest contingent was from Crane with 60 participants.

The Obstacle Course that every one participated in consisted of such fun things as swinging over the swamp like “Indiana Jones,” walking a balance beam and climbing a wall.  On Sunday Cubs and their dads participated in a “Gold Rush.”  Several participants were thrown into jail for “claim jumping” and sentenced to being a victim in the sponge throw.  Those serving on the staff included Armando DeLeon, Kathie Bendinelli, Peggy Atchison, Don Goff, Robert Fierro, Wendell Webb, Monty Gibson, Chris McLucas, Terry and Debbie Younggren, Maggie Levario, Robert Zook, Josh Atchison, Daryl Box, Tonny Bendinelli, Carl Cummins, Frank Hilton and their host, Troop 58 of Big Lake.

The second Cub/Dad weekend was held October 10-11, 1992.  Two meals were served in the dining hall and the cost was $12.00 per Cub or dad.  The theme was “Pioneer Days” and featured activities of cowboys, Indians, gunslingers and mountain men.  They had target shooting, bows and arrows, steer roping, Indian canoes, hayrides and other activities related to the theme.  A popular feature of the weekend was Bad Butch who stole he Sheriff’s horse “Ole Paint.”

Mom ’N Me

The first Mom ’N Me was held at Camp Fawcett the weekend of May 20 –21, 1989.  Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts were invited to attend this weekend campout with their mom.  The had fishing, boating, BB guns, obstacle course, archery, games, campfire and a night hike.  Meals were served in the dining hall.  They stressed that one did not have to be an outdoor camper to enjoy the weekend.  Cost for the activity was $11.00 per person.

This popular weekend was continued each year and in 1993 they had expanded to two different weekends, May 1-2 and May 15-16.  They skipped a weekend in order to give the staff a chance to recover from the first weekend! They used the theme  “Pioneer Days,” a takeoff on the successful Cub/Dad event held the previous Fall.  Mom and Me has been a regular feature of May since that time. 

My Son and Me

In addition to Cub/Dad and Mom ‘N Me, another similar event was held at Camp Fawcett titled  “My Son and Me.”  It was held on May 14-15 so that the Cub folks in that part of the Council would not have as far to travel.  Mark Hiler of Uvalde was the chairman for the weekend.  They could come as families, or just mom or dad.  Activities included archery, air guns and water sports “in the beautiful Nueces River which is crystal clear.”  The theme for the weekend was “Native Americans.”

Fun With Son

There were 209 passengers aboard the train full of fun at the fall "Fun With Son" event held the weekend of October 8-9, 2005, at Camp Sol Mayer. Cub Scouts and their adult partners enjoyed BB-Guns, Bows and Arrows, the Mud Pit, Paddleboats and other activities. Some of the adults even summoned up enough courage to rappel down the 60-foot tower for the first time. Speaking of first times, a lot of the Cubs who attended were enjoying their first camping experience with the Scouts. The weekend provided the opportunity for boys to come to Camp Sol Mayer and spend some time under the stars, around the campfire, roasting marshmallows, telling ghost stories and creating memories that will be with them (Cubs and parents) for the rest of their lives.

One of the biggest hits of the weekend was the model train problem-solving activity provided by Charles and Dan Anderson. Thank to both those gentlemen young Charlie and dozens of other Scouts became completely fascinated by an experience that most of them would never have the chance to have.

Family Camps

At the Family Camp held at Camp Sol Mayer the weekend of October 15-16, 2005, everyone in attendance cooked their own meals.  Some families grilled steaks and hamburger or hot dogs, while others were content with left-over fried chicken or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  Whatever the hase they all had a chance to share in the activities of the weekend and spend some time camping together.  They had similar program of activites as were found in previous "Fun With Son" program held the previous weekend.

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