The Abilene, Texas, Reporter-News

1950 National Jamboree

Troops 4, 5, 6 and 7


Jamboree Troop Leaders

The 1950 National Jamboree was held at Valley Forge, PA from June 30 to July 6, 1950.  Chisholm Trail Council sent three and a half Troops to the Jamboree. 

Troop 4
Ed Burnam, Coleman, Scoutmaster
D. S. Gothard, Obrien,  Assistant Scoutmaster
Glenn Haris, Abilene, Assistant Scoutmaster

Troop 5
C. A. Farley, Merkel, Scoutmaster
A. A. Cox, Obrien, Assistant Scoutmaster
Claude Willis, Abilene, Assistant Scoutmaster

Troop 6
R. E. Johnson, Sanford, Scoutmaster
J. Ben Sellers, Assistant Scoutmaster
H. Don Rodgers, Assistant Scoutmaster

Troop 7 (Combined troop of Scouts from Circle 10 and Chisholm Trail)
L. T. Reed, Abilene, Scoutmaster

Served on Section 15 Staff at Jamboree

Robert Glew, Abilene  - Supt. Schedule & Dispatch
Melvin R. Cook, Abilene - Assistant, Supt. Records & Communications

Lloyd Roberts, Troop 1, Abilene, was Senior Patrol Leader for his Jamboree Troop 7. He died two years later from cancer.

Troop's Jamboree campsite and Ray Smyth's and L. J. Cook's tent


Troops at Yankee Stadium to watch Yankees play the Washington Senators.

Taken by Ray Smyth, with his camera, while standing on the back platform of the train as it
went around Horse Shoe Curve in Pennsylvania.  Note the front of the train in center left.

Ray Smyth and L. J. Cook with snake that L. J. traded two horned
toads and $3.00 for.  Smyth did not mind the snake sleeping in the
tent with them at night but unhappy that he paid $3.00 in addition
to the horned toads.

E. Ray Smyth's 1950 Jamboree Journal

Ray's Memorabilia of the 1950 Jamboree

60 Years of Memories of the 1950 Jamboree

Some photos of 1950 National Jamboree

Our thanks goes to E. Ray Smyth for providing us with this newspaper clipping and the photos.

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