3rd National Jamboree - 1953

Chisholm Trail Council

Troops 20, 21,22

The Abilene Reporter - News
July 5, 1953

87 Chisholm Trail Scouts Head for Jamboree Saturday

Eighty-seven Boy Scouts of the Chisholm Trail -Council will leave Abilene al 10:55 p.m. Saturday to the National Boy Scout Jamboree at Irving Ranch near Santa Ana, Calif.

They will join more than 450 other Scouts of Caddo Council, Texarkana; East Texas Council, Tyler; and Buffalo Trail Council, Midland, aboard a special train of nine air conditioned coaches, two baggage cars and two diners.

In addition to nine leaders, Dr. W. T. Williams of Haskell, and Frank Breaux of Merkel will accompany the local group. Breaux will work at the Jamboree in the Chisholm Trail Council's food commissary.

Bob Glew, council executive, will leave for Santa Ana July 8 to attend a. sectional staff meeting in preparation for the arrival the Scouts.

Final plans for the trip, were discussed by leaders of the Chisholm Trail Council at a meeting Thursday in the Scout office here.

Collect Horned Toads

If the State of California permits, the boys plan to take with them 12,000 horned toads to sell and swap for souvenirs from other Scouts. Glew said one Scout here was paying a nickel each for the toads until business became so good he lowered the price to two for a nickel.

A tent city of an estimated 50,000 persons will go up at the 3,000 acre jamboree grounds. About 100 Scouts from foreign lands will be there. There will be 40 sectional camps with 1,360 campsites.

A gateway sign 32 feet long and 34 feet high depleting a cowhand being bucked off a bronco onto a clump of cactus against a background of a large map of Texas will be taken in sections to be erected at the Abilene group's campsites.

Going to and from the jamboree, the Scouts will take Greyline tours of San Francisco and Salt Lake City and will swim in Great Salt Lake. They will also visit Grand Canyon and the naval base at San Diego.

Travel Schedule

The travel schedule is as follows:

Leave Abilene 10.55 p.m. July 11.
Arrive Grand Canyon 6 a.m., July I3.
Leave Grand Canyon 12:30 p.m., July 13.
Arrive Santa Ana a.m. July 14.
Leave Puente, Calif., p.m. July 25.
Arrive San Francisco 10:50 a.m. July 26.
Leave San Francisco S p.m. July 26.
Arrive Salt Lake City 7:20 p.m. July 27
Leave Salt Lake City 11:20 p.m. July 27.
Arrive Pueblo, Colo., 5:20 p.m. July 28.
Leave Pueblo, Colo., 8:20 p.m. July 28.
Arrive Abilene 11:25 p.m. July 29.

The Texas & Pacific Railway Co. will furnish the coaches and baggage cans while diners will be furnished by other rail lines along the route.

Arrivals at the jamboree will require four days as 84 special trains pull in to four stations near the grounds. Departures will also require four days.

Each section at the Jamboree will have its own health lodge, office tent and post office. Scouts will cook their own food, issued each day in units, for 10 persons, over charcoal fires which will consume over 40 freight car loads of charcoal. At least 4,896 Patrol
kitchens will be used. As an example of the huge amounts of food that will be eaten,
one serving of pancakes would make a slack higher than the Empire State Building.

Highlights of the jamboree program will Include raising of flags on the Avenue of Flags, pageantry telling the story of the Empire of the West, worship services, Hollywood night and Cavalcade of Scouting.
Scout leaders going to the Jamboree include the following: 

Troop 20 L. T. Reed, scoutmaster, and G. H. Suber and J. Ben Sellers, assistant scoutmasters.
Post 21 C. A. Farley scoutmaster, and Wayne Roberts and Claude Willis, assistant scoutmasters.
Troop 22 Ed Burnam, scoutmaster, and D. S. Gothard and Gene Overton, assistant scoutmasters.

Bound for Jamboree

Scouts going to the Jamboree include the following:

Troop 20 James Webster, David Featherston, Will Cannon, Reg Crump. Woody Weir, Charles Craig, Bonny Schuchard, Donald Ames, George Harris, Dick Von Eode, Charles Williams, Charles Lacy, Norman Fitzgerald, Johnny Smith, Joey Marsala Fred Barron, Bob Flannagan, Bobby Cullen, Scottie Strain, Jr., Warren Cullar, Phillip Gulley, Larry Martin, all of Abilene; Harry Odium, Kennedy Whiteley, Robert Malone, Donald Wilson, Larry Martin, all of Merkel; Jerry Swafford, of Clyde; Jimmy Ellis and Larry Cauble, both of Albany; Tommy Smith and Tommy Michaels, both of Rochester, Jackie Cox and Sammy Grindstaff, both of O'B.rien; and Randy Wilson, of Anson.

Post 21 David Webster, John Koegl, Raymond Bynum, Paul Stubbs, Tommy Lawlis, Charles Moore, Worley Reynolds. Jimmy Herrington, Pat Baucum, Bennie Pilcher, Jack Smith, Byron Peniod, Lloyd Rosenbaum, Homer Rosenbaum. Steve Lindbergh, Johnny Freman, all of Abilene. William Atkins, Charles Moody, Jimmy Stokes, Bill Jobe, Kenneth Burnam, Joe Ed Burnam, Robin O'Hair, Lyn Laird, Jim Smith, all of Coleman; Dale Juis, Wilbur Cox, S. D. Ross. Jr., all of Stamford; Gilbert Smith and Billy Baker, both of Anson; Ronald Huddleston, Jimmy Glenn, Jerry Irvin, Rodney Lloyd, all of Winters.

Troop 22. Ben Streetman, Lee Hamilton, John Lewis, Allyn Barnett, Jeff Ketner, all of Coleman; Don Adair, Carl Weaver, Ronny Parker, David Wearer, all of Hamlin; William Haynes, William Overton, Wallar Overton. all of Paint Creek; Dee Prewitt and Richard Carson, both of Stamford; Fitzhugh Williams, of Haskell; Dan Farmer and Mike Harrell, both of Abilene; and Mack Young of Winters.

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