Participants in the 1969 National Jamboree

Chisholm Trail Council

Farragot Park, ID

Troop 30

lst Row: Steve Rowe, Bruce Cain, Richard Sharpe, Neal Cheek, Ricky Evans, Craig Bailey, Steve Owen, Steve Thompson, Terry Reed, Bryan Key, Gary Arrant, Ed Burnam
2nd Row: Gregg Cooke, Dan Alexander, Frank Jennings, Boyd King, Worth Moutary, Rick Yeigler, Paige Gollahar, Roger Vaulkenaar, Carl Roeder, Scott Sullins, Colber Mumcy, Walter Scheck, Jr., Lee Young, Jr.
3rd Row: Hugh Colberts, Barny Gully, John Dixon, Carl Childers, Blake Woodall, George Weith, Joe Bob Alexander, Mike Alexander, Charles Bloomer, Edwin Brink, Ronald Clark, Alvin Bedford, Gary Black, Dr. Joe Alenander
Dr. Joe Alexander, Scoutmaster
Glenn Reed, Asst. Scoutmaster
Hugh Colbert, Asst Scoutmaster

Dan Alexander 
Gary Arrant 
Craig Bailey 
Alvin Bedford 
Charles Bloomer
Bruce Cain 
Neal Cheek 
Carl Childers 
Don Chriswell 
Gregg Cooke 
Monte Cosler 
Randall DuPape 
Ricky Evans 
Gene Farnsworth 
Bruce Fielder 

Paige Gollahar 
Don Jarrell 
Frank Jennings 
Colby Muncy 
Steve Owen 
Carl Roeder 
Steve Rowe 
Richard Sharpe 
Scott Sullins
Steve Thompson 
Roger Vaulkenaar 
George Weith 
Blake Woodall 
Rick Yeigler 
Lee Young,Jr. 

Ronald Clark
Walter Scheck III
Edwin Brink

Terry Reed
John Dixon

Bryan Key

Chris Perrin

Gary Black

Sammy Baxter

Jamboree Staff
Ed Burnam

We want to thank Henry H. McGinty for providing us with these names of participants in the 1969 National Jamboree from his book ".Chisholm Trail Council, BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA,1954 -1969," copied from a hand written list from Ed Burnam.  We want to thank Hugh Colbert for providing us with the troop photo.

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