1977 National Jamboree

Chisholm Trail Council

The Abilene Reporter-News

The Abilene Reporter-News 
July 26, 1977

Scouts going to Pennsylvania

Thirty-six Boy Scouts from the Chisholm Trail Council will join 25,000 other scouts for the week-long Jamboree in Moraine State Park, Pa. Council Scout Executive Don Knecht said the scouts and four adults Thursday morning will leave Abilene for the Dallas-Fort Worth Regional Airport, where they will board a plane to Washington, D.C. At the capital, the scouts will sightsee for three days, before taking a bus to Pennsylvania.

On route to the Jamboree, the group plans to visit the Gettysburg battlesite, Knecht said.
The Jamboree, which is held every four years runs from Aug. 1 to 10. The Chisholm Trail representatives will return via Dallas late Aug. 10. The boys are from Abilene, Sweetwater, Hamlin and Rotan. 

Serving as leader of Jamboree Troup No. 464 is Dr. George C. Stewart of Abilene, who will be assisted by E. J. Kadenhead of Rotan, Samuel C. Ferguson of Hamlin and Michael K. Barrnett of Abilene.

Also attending the Jamboree, but not traveling with the troop are three Chisholm Trail adults who will serve on the regional staff. They are Bobbie Wolfe, council president; Roy Williams, district executive for the southern district; and LeRoy Bell. 

The Abilene Reporter-News
August 11, 1977

Boy Scout luncheon lacks Wheaties 
Youth Editor 

"It w« fantastic," Jeff Hammond, 18, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ward L. Hammond of 3801 Concord, said of the 1977 National Boy Scout Jamboree, held In Moraine State Park, Pa., last week. Thirty-six Chisholm Trail Council scouts returned at midnight last night and seemed to agree with Hammond's opinion.

For eight area scouts, the jamboree was especially memorable because the Eagle patrol was (elected to eat lunch with Olympic decathlon champion Bruce Jenner.

"The best thing was gelling to meet Bruce Jenner," Hammond said. David Wolfe, 15, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Wolfe 'of 1538 Richland and Kenneth Estes, 14, son of Dr. and Mrs. B. J. Estes of 1809 Elmwood, also said the highlight of the trip was eating lunch with Jenner.

The boys who won the hosting privilege through a random drawing were Wolfe, Kevin Bell, Joe Wilson, Estes, Hammond and Mike Winkler, all of Abilene, and Gary High and Robert Hampton, both of Sweetwater.

Approximately 28,500 scouts attended the Jamboree, many of which stood in four inches of mud to see Jenner during his special appearance.

When asked about future Olympic competition Jenner said, "I'm going to quit while
I'm ahead." He said he plans to participate in the next Olympics as a spectator.

The scouts asked how he felt after winning the gold medal and Jenner said, "The best feeling is know you got it, and that nobody can take it away from you."

Area scouts left July 28 and flew lo Washington, D.C. where they spent three days sightseeing, before heading for the Jamboree. They also stopped at Gettysburg. Pa,

At the Jamboree the boys participated in competitive sports, youth forums and other activities.

Scoutmaster George C. Stewart of Abilene said the purpose of the Jamboree was to form friendship and fellowship. "It rained on us more days than it didn't," he said, but added that "I think it was real successful."

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