Photos of 1950 Jamboree Troop 26
By John R. Wood
Assistant Scoutmaster Troop 26
Teepees are up
Teepees are down
Beaver Patrol of Troop 26
Crow Patrol of Troop 26
Gateway of Troop 26 & 27 at Jamboree
Goodyear Blimp
Trading Circle
Teepees of Both Troop 26 & 27
Concho Valley's Gateway Next Door
Bullwhip Area
Start of Snake Dance
Snake Dance
Visitors Smoking Peace Pipe
Lee R. Tesson Troop 27 Leader
Getting Read to go to the Arena Show
Marching off to the Arena Show
At the Arena
Tent City
Blair Bedford Council's Gateway
Scouts from Nova Scotia with Bagpipes
John Wood getting ready to leave.
C. L. Pouncy getting read to leave.
Tired and Waiting to Go
Campsite left clean
C. L. Pouncy & Lee Tesson
in Morristown, PA
Empire State Building
in New York City
Busy New York City
Rainbow at Niagara Falls

Dr. O. E. Winebrenner

Troop 26

View of Troop 26's campsite

These photos were taken from color slides donated to the Comanche Trail Council in October 1993 by John and Pat Wood.  The slides were very brittle and some were faded but we took the best to show here.

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