1950 Jamboree Diary

By Elmo Letbetter

Note:  Elmo C. Letbetter was an Eagle Scout and Silver Beaver in the Comanche Trail Council.  He was forty-two when the went to the 1950 Jamboree.  He operated the Letbetter and Sons Mattress Factory and Furniture Store in Brownwood, TX for 54 years.  He was selected as the "Outstanding Man Under 35" and later Outstanding Man Over 35" by the Junior Chamber of Commerce.  He received a "Metal of Service" from Howard Payne University and was active and held office in Brownwood Lions Club, Red Cross, Salvation Army, and United Way volunteer.  He was active as a Cubmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster.  He passed away at age 86.

This diary has been edited for content and length but not for grammar. Letbetter served as Baggage Master on the train and in Commissary and Health Tent at the Jamboree in Sections 14 and 15.

6-24-50: Saturday early morning - 11:55 PM

We left town last night (on a train)  6-24-50 about 1:45 and we got to Fort Worth this morning about daylight.  Here they took a picture of a scout from each county in the Comanche Trail District. The porters loaded the baggage from Lubbock while we were gone to breakfast at the Bomber Grill. It was the sorriest I have ever eaten and it was the worst of the trip.

I being Baggage Master had the sweet job of help-ing rearranging the baggage.

I called the Star Telegram while we were waiting for breakfast and ask them to come down and take some pictures. They came and took pictures here and there of the boys on the train. The scouts congratulated me on getting the Star Telegram to come down and take pictures. I got about every adults picture taken but mine.

We left about 8: 00 for Oklahoma City and stopped at Durant and picked up some scouts and then went on to Paul Valley and picked up their baggage and some more scouts that were in the council. In the baggage car you have never seen such a menagerie in your life – snakes, hornet toads, lizards, little oil derricks, covered wagons, charcoal stoves for cooking, teepees, tents, tarps, chuck boxes, fishing poles, cots, bedding, stuffed steer heads and don't ask me what else. 

Professor (O. W. Winebrenner) is asleep next to me and Mr. C. L. Pouncey of Fixture Exchange is across the aisle reading a magazine. Cookie Cornelius (H. M.  Cornelius) is in front of me and I am looking backward. This is the way we sit, lie, sleep, read, and get along. I am strip down to my waist because it is so warm. It is sure a job to write on the train with all the bumps.  (Note he made notes in longhand and later typed them up when he got back to Brownwood.)

We got into Oklahoma City about one hour late for dinner and it was tops. We dined at the Hotel Huctkins and I sent a telegram from there.

As far as I know everything is running in high out here and I don't know where. It sounds like the land is cut up into acre blocks and there is a crossing at every acre we cross, since I started this paragraph the train has whistled six times and we are in the country and there went another whistle looks like we will lose half of our steam on these whistles.

I have taken a few pictures of the boys and it seems like we will stop to take on water, I guess so we can have some more whistle fluid. Mr. Pounsey said he thought that we were in Ponca City quite an oil town.

Jackie (Letbetter), Joe (Weatherby, Jr.) and Murray (Allman) seem to be hanging around together all right.

Mr. Pounsey just gave me a Diary so I will do a little jotting down in it directly.  We have boys on here from the area around Lubbock, San Angelo, Brownwood, and Durant, Oklahoma.

We are started again. Oh yes! Every boy was to have written his parents before he could get a meal ticket for dinner. We are to have supper tonight in Wichita, Kansas.

Dr. (T. C.) Graves, a dentist from Goldthwaite, is our train master.

Our cars are not air-conditioned, but I think they are cooler than riding in a car. You should see the racks over head, the many things they have in them. I got a picture of Joe Weatherby as he calls himself asleep a while ago. I think Joe and Jackie are doing excellent together, looks like one can't go after a drink without the other.

Within about an hour and half we will have one day behind us and that much closer home and I didn't know I did like Brownwood so well. We are out here on the semi plains of Oklahoma.

John Wood, our game warden is in front of me grinning like I don't know what. I turned around and there was Jackie looking like a solemn judge. Jackie is the only one with a radio that you can hear. They got a ball game awhile ago but they are just resting now.

I took a nap sometime between 2:30 and 4:00 this afternoon. I felt worse than awful last night after I slept but am gradually feeling better all the time.  I walked or ran around to much yesterday and I feel like I can't walk any more and beside I accumulated a sore lip from the hot sun.

Well, the train keeps whistling and whistling and whistling and rolling along.

The porters are very kind as they keep ice water in the cars as much as possible. Our dinner was served cafeteria style the Hotel Buckins and we could have all we wanted.

I am sure enjoying the trip.

6-25-50 Sunday Morning-6-25-50 3:00 PM.

This side of the Mississippi about 45 minutes.  Well, we went through Missouri or about ten minutes in Missouri. I am always worrying the conductor about where we are and how long it will  be until we get somewhere. We are going into Iowa and in it only 28 minutes so you can see some of these states are so small they are not as big as a county in Texas.

I understand we (are going to) cross the Mississippi so I better quit and try to wake the boys up. Everything has been green all be way from Brownwood looks like it rained all over the world. Two more night and maybe we will have the soreness out of our poor backs.  I have not heard a com-plaint out of a scout, just us old softies use to innersprings that are fussing.

Just crossed a river think Ohio do not know and no conductor handy and I am too lazy to hunt one up and there was no sign on it. The boys are getting up all right. They are a swell group of boys.

I think I will hear the chuc-chug so much on this trip that when I get back to Brownwood I won't notice it and I may get run over. I would hate to work on a train for a living.  Oh of course, I hate to work, anyway at any thing.

We now have diners on our train and they were put on sometime during the night. Now we don't have to get off the train to eat. One diner for 637 boys to eat on.

The country here I guess is Iowa because it is getting mountainous and tall trees in valleys.

The train master said the river I saw awhile ago was a small river the Fobias and it looked like the Colorado on a rise.

Professor, Dr. Graves, and John Wood and Mr. Pouncey have just gotten ready for me to take some pictures.

Jackie the scamp has not gotten up and it is 6:30 AM. I am going to stop and try to take some pictures of the Mississippi. I have my camera and field glasses ready and here is the river. We were stopped here about fifteen minutes, I guess, but it was 45 minutes or an hour. I don't know how wide the river is here where we crossed. I guess we are about ready to start I hear bells and whistles.

Ten minutes until seven and I am starving to death I could almost enjoy a meal like yesterday morning. I just heard some scout bragging about washing his feet last night.

Well, we are still here, the Mississippi River, and thirty minutes have passed. Oh boy, I smell breakfast ad not a chance for a meal for an hour and a half or more. 8:30--they may have to drag me to the table when they call us to eat.

I have never seen so many adults and so few children as there is in this country. Maybe Texas raises children for be other states. If I am unable to finish this I have either starved to death or died of impatience. Well Mr. (W. A.)  Pippen from Breckenridge just passed out oranges but that ain’t breakfast or I hope it isn't. I am going back to sleep if they are not going to feed us.

While we were side tracked in this little town many trains came by and we were expecting to leave in about fifteen minutes but we had to stay here about an hour. Well, we crossed the river and where we crossed it, it was not very wide.

The Shaffer Pin and Pencil Factory is in this little town. I believe that is where Jackie's set was made.

Well, it is no telling when we will get to eat. It is 20 until 9. I understand we have 20 cars on this train now. I have slept about an hour I guess.

We are next to the baggage car and then the engine and we can hear the thing snorting all the way.  If I am ever in a automobile again and hear some -one say they are hungry I think I will say it is closer back to the town we came through or closer to the next town. I have not listened to the radio this morning just been listening for the breakfast bell this Sunday Morning.

We are now in Illinois and every thing looks wet and green. The oats look pretty and green out here they have just headed. The corn is from 3 to 12 inches high. OH! My stomach thinks my throat has been cut.

I looked back when we turned a corner and looked like one-fourth of a mile to back of train so we may get fed on the train this morning sometime. 

I just saw some calves almost hidden in a corner it was so high.

I understand that there is four or five more cars of boys to eat and then we get to eat, maybe, if anything is left. It takes about 30 minutes to the car. I believe that I will be in Chicago Ill. before I get to eat.

I have seen only one man plowing today in Ill.  We are about 140 miles from Chicago, Ill.

We are stopped now and waiting to go. The boys are calling to the section hands asking how far to Chicago. We are now in Chillicothe, Ill.

We just passed a milk wagon and I wish we had stopped. I looked back and we have stopped so the diner could take on the milk. Well, we are about ready to hear the whistle.

9:45--we are going through swampy country now. We just crossed the Illinois River.

11:30--and here we go into Chicago and I have not eaten yet. We just passed United States Steel Co. and Joliet Prison, and next to prison a large building for rent 80,000 square feet of floor space. Just asked a boy if he had eaten and he said yes. I then I ask him how it was and he said OK if he had 4 or 5 more rounds.

The town smells oily and coal. The longer we ride the faster we go. We were supposed to have been in Chicago about 9:00 this morning so we could see the town before we leave out at 11:30 and here it is 11:30 and not transferred from the Santa Fe to the Penn., yet or breakfast yet either. We were just notified that we eat next and last if anything left.

We are in Chicago now and it is 12:47 instead of 11:47. We are not in Chicago yet that was a town outside of Chicago.

At last I got (to) eat and was run out after 30 minutes. It is now 1:30 and did I eat and I was the last to eat of the 637 boys. They told me to hurry and eat for the dinner was going to be taken off.

The weather is terrible. We are between a bunch of box cars. They have but a caboose where our engine was and on the engine on the other end. We are being switched to the Penn Yard now.

I just took some flash pictures of Joe and Jackie asleep and also of Cooksey, John Wood, Mr. Pounsey, Butch Kennedy and Dr. Graves is sleeping tops.

I can not find any pajamas so I am sleeping air-conditioned.

We are topped again and it is 2:40 and I am feeling fairly well at least better than yesterday other than sore feet.

It is hot, hot, hot and I sure wish that we would get started again.

Time 3:00 AM 6-25-50

6-25-50 Sunday 4:30 PM--6-26-50 Monday 9:30 PM.
Chicago and on way to Washington

When the Penn got our train they changed out about ½ of the broken shoes on the train. They have moved a diner next to us so meal will be handy if any meals. But I understand we will eat about 5:00 or 6:00.

I am tired out (trying) to get them to have Services so maybe later they will have them.

Some boys have begun to eat now (4:30) seem early for supper but this is dinner for some of them. I understand we skip dinner and take supper first.

4:40 PM Sunday and we are on the way to Washington, I hope. We are stopped gain and boy is it hot. A little later and we are going again.

Just took a picture of Cominsky Park of the White Soxs.

I went to sleep and had a good nap. We had to stop in Indiana for some medicine for a Scout who is from (San) Angelo.

We had supper about 7:30 Eastern Day light time. It was in an air-conditioned car. Supper was real good.

Everyone is OK in our group, just eating, sleep-ing and riding and taking it easy. It is beginning to get dark now.

Here in Indiana the houses are two story ad the barns are still larger.

It rained up here yesterday but has been clear on us all the way. Some of the boys are getting ready for bed at this time.

The diesels meet and pass each other at the rate of 70 to 120 miles per hour. One just met us and it was with in 3 feet too.

6-26-50--I guess I am a little older now since I had a birthday, yesterday.

I woke up in Pittsburgh last night about 12:00. The coal is flying every where. (Just went through a tunnel).

We had breakfast at 7:50.

We went around horse shoe bend where the railroad cars plunged down the mountain about two years ago. We are supposed to be in Washington D. C. at 9:30 but we are about three hours late.

This country is mountainous and hilly, with a forest on every side.
There are six tracks on this line and we are either passing or meeting someone all the time. One minute we are in sunshine, next mountains, tunnels or passing or meeting trains. Sure have some beautiful lakes down in the valleys. I have never seen so much country to see so few people and cattle.

They had to put a steam engine in front of the diesel to make the steep mountains and down in the valley the coal cinders are shifting in terrible and the road is as rough as number four sand paper. Hills, Hills, Hills, mountains and more mountains.

I understand at Harrisonburg we get on an electric engine and if so we can clean up and maybe look decent.
Suscana River--9:30  6-26-50 

11:55 PM Baltimore

I stopped off at Harrisonburg and a Mr. Nobles trainman went with me to send a telegram to Senator Tom Connally at Washington.

1380 is the number of our baggage car.

They were hollowing "all aboard when I was up stairs and did I run to get on.

Went through a tunnel in Baltimore don't know how long it was. We are going the freight route instead of passenger route. It is sure pretty going down the side of the Susoana river from Harrisburg to Baltimore.

I got a bunch of postcards in Harrisburg and will send them out and give them to the boys. I am trying to keep the boys in postcards and stamps but it is a job to do that for about 70 boys.

I took a bath and shaved and put on clean clothes for Washington and changed my shoes and I feel a lot better.

We switched from a three unit diesel and a steam engine at Harrisburg for an electric train, but now we are back on diesel again. One of the units quit between Chicago and Harrisburg that is the reason they put on an iron horse to help.

I guess we are going between 70 and 80 miles per hour but we are still about 41/2 hours late. We leave tonight from Washington to Valley Forge about 11:40 PM. We should be in Washington in about fifteen minutes. I sure feel fine.

We are going to eat in Washington, go on a tour and go to the Smithsonian institution.

I never saw so many tunnels, over passes, under passes, lakes, mountains, hills dams, box oars, rail road tracks and fat people.

We are now coming into Washington and it is 1:45 6-26-50.

Well, we made the rounds in Washington. We got a nice bus and announcer and went to Pentagon Building for dinner. They can serve meals for about 45,000 people a day what a building and what a dinner.

Then went to the Jefferson Memorial and many other going to Mt. Vernon. Just in time to see group around Washington's home. Next, to Arlington Cemetery and Lincoln Memorial, then to the Capitol Building.

Had Breakfast down town and we got back at 10:00. We stood around an hour to kill time then got on the train and have been writing cards to everyone but I will leave some out I suppose.

Most of the boys are ready for bed. And I will have to help with the baggage car in a few minutes.
12:00 6-26- 50

6-27-50 Tuesday 1:00 AM
Valley Forge.

OH! Brother this is it. We are here and close to no where.

All is well, Jackie doing fine sneezed once and said it hurt a little. I made him put his pack down and another man and I helped carry it.

We left Washington about 1:20 AM

I slept all the way until daylight. Unloaded train about 6:00, pitched baggage to one side and walked about a mile, state patrol came along and Professor and Mr. Pounsey went ahead of Jackie and me. I ask them to pick them up and they did, then Dr. Graves and Glen Singleton from Dallas came along and ask Jackie and I to ride. We caught up with our troop that way. Had breakfast about 8:00 tree style: peanut butter, cow butter, milk, oranges bread and spam.

Soon as breakfast was over we started sorting baggage and going to our areas. I lost but finally found some of or all of my baggage. When I found lost part I put it in front of a tree with a shade and went to sleep and in 30 minutes the boys woke me five time. I finally got up a struggle toward # 26 area and about the time I got all baggage down there Glen Singleton wanted me to sort mail, well I helped with that until the man came in then Mr. Marsh American from Dallas called for me and I am now at 11:00 happy in my private tent.

I am going to meet some of the groups from this section and then go take a bath if I can unstick these clothes. I just heard that the shower is available and I am going to go bath.

Professor is taking pictures. Sumery wife's was in the hospital from operation ad Professor did not go with us yesterday in Washington.

My tent is about 10 by 8 size and as hot as the sun tomorrow. Oh yes I found my pajamas after got so hours I 
could hardly talk then I was to lazy to put them on. If I don't use them will probably sell or trade them for something.

Our Sea Scouts wore their uniforms yesterday and they showed up like a sore thumb among all others dressed in khaki and green uniforms.

Army trucks are helping with hauling. Uncle Sam has furnished tents for the whole Jamboree. I understand that all of their large tents of the army are here now. Henry Fork has furnished 40 new forces to be used here.

The Teepees will be set up as were shown in Brownwood.

Tuesday morning 6-27-50
Valley Forge

6-27-50 Tuesday 4:30 to 6-28-50 Wednesday 5:30
Valley Forge

Everything is running OK. I have started to see our boys who are about 1/4 of a mile away. It is a shame our boys are off the main road and on a hill side. I heard some of the men in this sec-tion that I am working with say it is a shame for our teepees to be off the main road.

More unloading, but had lots of help.

I am going down hill to see our boys and see if they need some post cards.

I went to see the boys and the teepees were up, too small space but are looking nice. They have the most beautiful set up in camp so for.

6:00 everyone seems to be doing something here and there and yonder.

The section that I am in has not received their boys from Dallas, yet.

Wind is blowing pretty hard and tarp we put up for cook shacks are blowing down in the Brownwood area. The boys have not fixed tarps good. John Wood brought a large Texas flag courtesy of the State Highway Dept.

I understand two little buffaloes are to come in to represent a group to be their mascots.

The trading post is about ¼ if a mile from us and boys are passing back and forth all time. Cars are passing all time, also. I have not found anything that I would swap Texas for.

I just looked up the road and what a sight of boys coming in. There is supposed to be about 20,000 come in today.
Poison ivy they say is very prevalent around here but not a patient as in Texas.

I can look around and see lots of houses and barns around here.

Valley forge is named for a creek, Valley Creek and they had an iron forge and ammunition fort during the Revolution and the English came by and tore it up and they built another Forge down . the Creek. So, that is where the name was derived. I imagine that place is beautiful in the winter time but who would want to live here in the winter.

Uncle Sam is furnishing refrigerator trucks to take care of each commissary unit. 

We have stacks of charcoal until the world looks level.

The motto of he Jamboree is "Smooth ad Easy” and I think everything is running that way so far. Right in front of our commissary tent down hill about 300 yards is a pretty clover field, or alfalfa I don't know which.

I thought I was rested last night but guess I was not for I have leg worried today pretty much.

I sent Rev. Wigger a telegram this morning no it was last night, also sent one to the store I was afraid no one would be at home.

I sure miss Texas and the country down there being so different, so much more animals and birds life down there. I believe I saw one or two crows in the garbage at Washington D. C. and that is all the bird life I have seen. Oh yes, I Saw some ducks on or close to the Horse Shoe Bend in Harrisburg, Penn.

Here comes about 250 more scouts by. I have met a number of nice men from Dallas.

Mr. Angle, an elder Scouter took a bus tour of the camp area and said people just oh and awed when they saw our Tee Pee village.
I have just learned that the eleven year boys are  being accepted and Billie Bill could have come. I am disappointed I did not know it.

A group of visitors came to camp from Tyler Texas.

If I had it to do over again I would come in my station wagon ad see some more of he country but will try to make the best of the situation now.

I have special duty tomorrow on 2-2 hours shifts and Thursday night, a night shift I understand.

It is getting cold ad I am going to the bed and get into my feather bed and put on pajamas also if I can find them.

This is a record for the books. ½ million dollars worth food service. 37 miles of hot dogs, stacks of flapjacks 3 time as high as the Empire State Building. It took 10 days for 22 men to pack paper plates ad cups for the camp, it took 6 men 10 weeks to process and pack enough steak for one meal which cost $16,000. It took 4 months to plan the menu.

Such a drain on water supply showers are cut off so towns around can get water they need in afternoon about 3:30 to 7:50 and on Monday from 7:30 to 9:30 in the morning. 

It is now 6-27-50 11:00 and it is freezing cold.

6-28-50 time 2:00 PM

Well, I made it up about 5:45 AM started helping ration groceries and worked until about 11:30. Went down to Trading Post and looked around, got my neckerchiefs then went back to our troop and looked around they sure have things looking good.

Boy, was it cold this last night and this morning. I got up and put on my undershirt, my top Jamboree shirt, my Jamboree sweater. I sure can get cold up here in these hills and now I have taken every thing off except a little "T" shirt.

It is now 2:00 PM and I am sure tired and hungry I have been lifting boxes of groceries and cartons of milk and have eaten 2 pieces of light bread and butter. I am going to slip off and eat as soon as I am off duty.

Our boys have rearranged our teepees and they sure look nice.

Have met a number of fine fellows from Texas, at Austin, Temple, oh yes! Bill McQueen is here now with the Temple group.

Wish I could transfer to our group, this heavy lifting is not doing me any too much good. Guess I will just have to go along anyway. Just talked to John Wilds, Cliff Pouncey, Cooper Cornelius, every thing is under control.

Oh, was my heart broken little Joe and little Jackie were washing dishes and I told them I was afraid they would work too hard but they told me to quit worrying. Never saw so many fine boys in my life, living in the same place.

Tents, tents, tents, tents the future leaders of America on parade at Valley Forge.

The news may not seem much because many of the boys  are having their shake down camp now and we  already have had ours so it is just a matter of time for us.

Cars are passing by at all times. Met a nice old gentleman from Austin, a judge.

A group of Oklahoma boys came with a bunch of buck whips and don't know what kind of program t they are going to put on. Of Course, each group of boys have their pet animals ad insects from his section of the country.

The boys are going by in droves to the trading post to get their neckerchiefs. A group from Dallas I believe have just set up a trading post next to our tent and you should hear the argument that is taking place in trading.

Horns be blowing, whips cracking and the boys are also going by with sacks of hay to sleep on.

The mail has just come and I may have to help with it. Boy, it is getting hot and the sun is beaming down through this tent.

I never saw so many varieties and colors of tents in my life, Brownwood's still have the tops on looks and novelty which I am sure proud of.

Every thing is fixed very convenient. The bath house is about 200 yards off and the rest rooms about 50 feet. I have a tent to my self now but some one may move in any time.

The Texas group is on both sides of us. You should see and hear the kids as they come by checking on each other and razing one another about their gates. I wish I had brought my wire recorder. I could have made a report each day and then had it ready to take home when it was over.

You should see the Texas flags flying in the air, it sure is pretty. Soon as I get off duty I want to go back and visit with my group.

Burch Kennedy got me my leather neckerchief slide a while ago. He is working as busy as a bee all the time.
Valley Forge Buses keep coming by with boys all the time making the rounds on a tour. I am hoping that I can get transferred back home where I know some of our group.

Well, I have helped issue rations for supper and then I guess I am through for the day at last. I want to go eat with our group if I can.

I have just stamped 64 post cards quite a lot of cards I guess but between times I try to jot down information on happenings so I can try to remember them when I get to Brownwood.

I saw Mr. Potts and he said he would go with me to get some souvenir, sent the council.

I think a group from Hawaii has just come in. Steve Potts wants me to ride around his area with him in a bus then go to be trading post.

A group of boys just went by from our teepees going to the trading post and I sent for some one cent stamps.

I went over and visited with our boys ad sure did enjoy the visit.

The last of the boys are supposed to come in today and tomorrow. Sure hope there is no wrecks.

Just met a Mr. Lee from Muskogee Oklahoma, had lost a tent only thing lost I know of.

I sure want to take some pictures of Joe ad Jackie washing dishes ad hope I can get some good ones.

6-29-50 Wednesday 6:30 to 6-30 Thursday 3:00
Valley Forge

Everything is running in high. I am planing on going down to our Teepees when I get off duty and see how they are fairing while it is raining.

It is about the kind of weather we have in the fall when it sprinkles about a week or two.  I never saw so many cars coming and going. Lots of parents came up to be in and out with the boys in camp. Late in be afternoon we see cars stopped as high as 30 minutes in a traffic jam.

Met a nice couple that invited me out to see them and met a boy whose uncle was stationed at Camp Bowie.

We are camping on the extreme south side or south west side of camp in a nice spot.

6:45 and it has quit raining so the sun may come out and shine before it is time for it to go down.

I understand 2-4-D Pills kills poison ivy so we may need this for scout camp information.

Well, I have talked and wrote until my time is most up on duty.

The kids are having a big time watching the television in our tents close to the trading posts where they can go in and sit all day almost or from 9:00 AM to 4:45 PM.

I had an excellent supper or I was extra hungry I don't know which. Went down to teepees and visited Oklahoma was putting on Indian dances and about 10:00 so I stayed there a little while.

6-30-50 woke up this morning as sick as a mule from eating too much last night I guess. I got up about 6:00 and went on duty and it is time for me to be off duty.

While I was visiting with our group of teepees

last night a group from Georgia came over and a fellow from around here came over and gave me a little match holder with mane of place where he worked. Also, a man from up here that builds gun stocks for individuals and for company in San Antonio came over to visit our group.

We go into Philadelphia Thursday. Say, Harry is to be here today.
Went down and visited with our boys this morning came back and was on duty from 10:00 to 12:00.

Went down and got some stamps for the boys. You know first day stamps bought $25.50 for our boys and they bought all of them except $1.50. Jackie always talks me out of every thing and never pays anything.

Say, MGM came today and took movie pictures of our boys.

I went down today and had dinner with Jackie and Joe Weatherby, Adcock, Creig, and Allman. Had sandwiches ad milk, it was OK for dinner.

Joe did not make band so Allman is trying to make band, he is trying out now.

The Oklahoma Indians are on the war path back of us and whooping it up.

It is very warm here and is cloudy, it may rain anytime like it did yesterday but I hope it does not, when it rains it is no sloppy to be pleasant.

There is hardly a minute that some one is not here taking pictures or wanting to know something about Indian Lore.

Our boys age getting along just fine.

Well, I thing I will go and try no take a picture of the Oklahoma Indians this 6-30-50 time 2:30.

It sure is getting hot up here.

Jackie and Joe grip every time anyone comes around their tent. They say people are messing it up and they do come in all the time.

There are some people here taking pictures now and more coming.

A boy found led ball used in Revolution this week. It is so hot I am coming out of this shirt.
Allman has not come back yet so maybe he made the band.

Soon (President) Harry (Truman) will drive up to main stand and say “Howdy scouts and scouters”.

The national council is to come and have coffee with this section, Section 14, and they want me to help serve coffee. It looks like I get caught every time regardless of what section whether off duty or on they pitch me in.

6-30-50 Friday

6-30-50 Friday 8:30 PM to 7-1-50 Saturday 4:35 PM
Valley Forge

President (Harry S. Truman) is about to enter. All the guest have been introduced except the President. The band is playing and the time is 9:00.

Now the President is being presented be Silver Buffalo and are ready to hear him.

9:05 the President is now talking. There is a sound or camera truck in the way.

Thankful for these liberties we have.

Lights are out and the President is gone and be time is 9:20.

The Texas boys are singing "The Eyes of Texas.”  The lights are now out and we are to review a sample of Valley Forge as in he days of Washing-ton. The stage setting is beautiful and very colorful, excellent coloring, and lighting.
Background Scout Emblem about 40 feet long and strength of freedom on it. Story of Valley Forge in color. Washington on white horse. The pageant is excellent. It is about over and the time is now 10:55 PM 6-30-50.

Well, we are back at camp. I am going to my tent and change my clothes then come back with my cot and go to sleep in the commissary tent for I go on duty tonight at 12:00 and I want to be handy.

Well, unloaded a load of can goods- 12:45 AM 7-1-50, and I am kinda getting use to being abused, getting up at night, boy the first night was the worst I ever saw but I am either getting younger,  or getting use to this night work or was built for hard punishment and work and didn't know it. So, when I get back home maybe I should get a pick and shovel ad start working night and day.

I saw Professors' daughter and son-in-law.

I didn't get to rest today because as soon as I got off duty I went to teepees and started writ-ing letter and cards for first day stamps with the scout emblem on it. I need to know how b run a typewriter as much as I am such a sorry writer.

I had the kids in teepees to use salt and pepper shakers to I could have them as souvenir .

I got another truck in or we did and it is now 10:30 AM. It was eggs, meat, lettuce, and stuff like that and each carton weighted about 50 pounds each and that is hard when 3 or 4 men are handl-ing it into the refrigerator to you. 

1:35 AM 1 7-1-50 and have caught up with truck unloading so I am going to the tent.

I had to wire Jimmie McDonnel to send 500 more postcards today.

Well the trip is about 1/2 over and will I be glad when we are home again. This cot is a little hard but I am gradually getting softer. I am going to bed.

7-1-50 8:10 AM. I have shaved. I got up feeling fine and shaved and took pictures of tent with some boys. Some of be time the boys were I eat do not have breakfast ready and I better be go-ing to see how breakfast is getting along.
Last night a big truck was in the way. I think television and if I had not had my field glasses I could not have seen the President.

Oh, I enjoyed seeing the kids be happy but I never hired out for so little and got so abused so much. No way to go anywhere. I wish I had brought a bicycle but I guess it is to late.

I went to breakfast ad the boys did not have it ready. So I had to come back on duty without breakfast. I believe I had as well trade my bed for a lantern and have time, getting up and going to bed. I am  so hungry I could eat the sign off a meat market and I had a hamburger this morning about 1:00 AM. I am here by myself everyone else is gone. If no one cones I will dig into the ice box ad see if I can pick out something.

Everything is running in high. An airplane was over head all time the president was talking.

The sun is trying to shine but not much.

The torch light was the most impressive I have ever seen, I believe at the program last night after the President had talked.

Chicago has finally painted their sign as it is sure readable for a mile I guess.

A Ford station wagon paraded in front and it made my mouth water for I would like to see some country.

Looks like one of my biggest problems is going to be finances but I guess I will pull through all right as Jackie has only drawn $2.00 and I think in his trading he has made around 3 or 4 dollar s so he is doing OK after all.

All the boys seem to be having an elephant time me trading.  I gave Jackie ad Joe some thimbles and salt pepper shaker etc. If there was ever two old maids teamed up together Jackie and Joe are they.  They don't want anyone or anything in the tent.

Well, I guess I better go and see if I can get a paper of Scout News before they are all gone.

Scouts are now policing the area and doing a good job picking everything up.

Cars are getting thicker all time.

Everyone is gone from scout tent commissary now so I guess I won't go, will I.

The morning is just pleasant now, but will probably be so hot we can't stand it, so we look for a shelter at 12:00.

10:24 7-1-50 and I have finished my duty for awhile. I think that I will go see the boys down. at the teepees and see who has been by to see them- Bill McQueen, Don Rodgers, Glen Singleton and Mr. Gibson had been by to see them.

Well, time is 11:01 and 1 am transferred to the health lodge of section 14 and I haven't been notified when and where I will stay.

The trip to New York is very interesting but if they decided to come home straight it will be all right with me.

I went to report to Dr. Graves but he had went or gone for his laundry. So I will check in as soon as he gets back.

A man is here getting signatures and souvenir post cards. I sure wish I had a bicycle to see the country.

Well, now it looks like I am going to pull a duty this afternoon and that is worse than awful.

Well, they had a pow-wow and let me off for about 4 hours so I got to take part in the Indian dance and then went to sleep. A woman at the Indian Dance asks me if I was real and I told her I was still breathing.

I feel good but still want a for station wagon or a bicycle. It is fairly pleasant this after-noon but sun is very hot and clouds are very scares, which makes it hotter. I have been selling post cards for 25 cents each and doing fairly well that makes about l7 cents profit on post cards.

I have hardly seen Jackie today, I guess he has been running around all day. Just lost ½ dollar and couldn't identify it and John Woods says I can't have it if I can't identi-fy it.

7-1-50 4:35 Valley Forge.

7-1-50 Saturday 6:47 to 7-2-50 Sunday 3:00 PM
Valley Forge

Well, I went to the mail and took all of the mail and then reported for duty t the health dept.

Boys are coming in for a little of every thing, that they think is wrong with them. Since I have moved down here it looks like life will be a lot easier. Dr. Graves and Professor and I are in this health lodge. I believe I have the best opportunity to learn first aid and a few treat-ments for a number of small ills.

I never saw bunch a happy group of boys in my life everyone seems to be going in high and feeling all right.

Dr. Graves said that they saw they were working me too hard is one reason they asked for me to be pulled down here so I could rest and enjoy life a little while. It sure is a fine group to work with and I still don't have a bicycle or a station wagon to ride in.

Jackie is doing fine, I guess so is Allman, Weatherby, Adcock, Gay, Cornelius, John Wood, Mr. Pounsey and Lee Tesson and Grady Pippen, Ellage and all the rest are doing fine.

The boys come and go all time. They want to be trading all the time and all find that they made the best trade.

Our teepees and dresses are still the tops some one and Professor and I to stand for a picture and that do you know it was less that 10 seconds when there was 10 taking pictures of us. Some were  making some still.

Professor and I think this will work out OK here in the lodge.

I went to eat supper with our boys and the group that I helped came and said for me to eat with some one else, that is Jackie’s group so I said to myself that sure is gratitude so I went to another table and ate.

7:20 PM 7-1-50 and our group is planning on having a council fire about 8:30.

This country sure does look hazy I believe all the time. I think their growing season is only about three months so you see they have to live off of mining, industries and dairying.

I came back to the health lodge and no one was in but Dr. Graves is back now and working in high. We have a good first aid man here and I plan on learning it right and left. We sure have some good Scout doctors.

Well, I don't want my leg to get broken to be transferred here now for I am here now and satisfied.

Dr. Graves got me a white neckerchief to design-ate atop hand in the camp, all that I had rated before was just the black but these are white ad beautiful.

Almost all boys have red legs and arms. A boy just come in with poison ivy.

Well, there was an excellent camp fire last night. There was a lot of scouts and scouters. Every one seems to be happy. I sold some more picture post cards for 25 cents.

Jackie said Brownwood Bulletin had come but I have not seen it.

I saw some Cub Scouts and brought them to our teepees and sold two post cards for 50 cents.

I feel a little like I may be blistered but don't know.

7-2-50 Sunday. 9:20 and the boys have raised the flag and now they are ready to go to church services. I ask for Professor to get off and take some pictures of our group and of the church services. I am trying to make our group see all they can and  take all the pictures they can. I doubt being in any of the camp pictures. I may be ale to go to church I don't know yet. All the boys have been given the Sunday School Bulletin. Protestants, Catholics, Episcopalians, Jews, Mormons and Seven Day Advents and were represented and each met in a different place for their wor-ship services.

I plan on buying several teepees for our Cub Scout work in Brownwood. They are going to sell the teepees that are not going to be bought by the boys who lived in hem. I think I will buy about 8 or 10 for our Cub Scouts work. I think they will be beautiful setting these up on lake shore for display.

Oh yes, some areas are having day camp for Cubs and I think our boys would enjoy it also.

The boys are on be march to go to church about 50,000 strong at 9:30 AM 7-2-50.

I never saw such a contrasting color of tents and the like as there is in this tent city. I went to the trading post this morning and decided to see what I could find just by looking down and about $1.00 worth of souvenirs, so I think I will just keep looking down. I traded an Indian picture for some kind of fishing lure. I don't know what.

It is a little crowded living in a teepee with the supplies but I just stay in there at night.

The group of adults leaders said they were trying to pull strings to get me back in Section 15 but I hope they don't rate it for I would hate to go back and have to work like I did in be commissary.

Just dismissed group of Scout assistance so they could go to church.  10:00 and we are ready to get off duty (Orderlies and myself).

Well, the time now is 3:00 and I have written 65 post cards and OH yes I got off for dinner also still having pretty good luck selling post cards for 25 cents each.

Went up and had dinner with our group and then walked around and showed the tents to people. They sure are fascinated when they see them.

Boys come in with poison ivy, cut fingers, blistered feet, bruised hands, red legs ad a number of other complaints.

Dr. Graves just came in ad told me I could be dismissed.

The Indians sure have some colorful uniforms up here. Just brought a boy in with a head injury from wrestling.

7-2-50 Sunday Valley Forge.

7-2-50 Sunday 11:30 PM to 7-3-50 Monday 5:30 PM
Valley Forge.

Indians were in a program at the place where all nations were flying flags. We or they, put on a good program. Time was 8:00 PM. There was 3 different rings of Indians and then a group of Texans led by band director of SM.. U. played.  I took 8 MM pictures as I could not find Professor  Then at about 9:00 we came down to big area to religious program of freedom. A Catholic Bishop Jew and Church of Latter day Saints were on program. Then all boys were handed a candle and lit it. I sure was a beautiful sight to see.

They told us a gale of about 30 miles per hour was to blow up so we all have nailed down our tent stabs.

I am in teepee writing by flash light.

7-3-50 12:00

Well, the gale did not materialize but I have been wheeling and dealing. Got up and had breakfast was I disappointed when I got Mr. Quirls letter and he said no more cards then I went back to the Post Office and there was 125 of 150 so that will help a little.

Just finished breakfast and started to wash my teeth when they said a boy just below us had fainted so I ran down to health lodge and without cap, neckerchief, belt are anything got stuck and am I not exposed to mumps and a little of everything. Nine had to go from here this morning to hospital.

Jackie saw ball game yesterday by television, boys that went to game said he was to far and could not see good.

Jackie started selling or trading frogs as soon as they came in but don't know who he came out.

I have just about acquired a corn on my finger from writing so much. Camp photographer came by and took pictures of camp groups.

Jackie has more money now than he started with. It seems like he is holding tight reigns on his money and may borrow money from him to get home on. Over 1/2 of camp is gone by this is 4 days of camp already.
Professor and Dr. Graves and I are the only ones in lodge at this time. I am learning tannic acid for poison ivy, zinc oxide for chapped lips and zephrne chloride for cuts, small band aids on top for large cuts, for larger cuts and for
too large it is out of my hands then he stitches. Pyrebenzin and aspirin headaches and colds. Oh yes, if a boy is thirsty get him a drink of water, if hungry get him something to eat. Every pre-caution is taken to keep boys in trim with sanitary conditions which are excellent and we expect no epidemics.

I will soon go to dinner then I am dismissed for the afternoon and I guess I will write some more.

It looks like wishing for a bicycle will get me no where so I may as well forget it, but I would give a kingdom for a horse, no a bicycle or car.  I am trying to get every thing in order to be off this afternoon but I may be caught here. There is sure a fine group of doctors in this health lodge.

When I got to dinner they were about through.  Frogs came in today Jackie and Weatherby came in from selling and brought some money I believe it would beat, the furniture business. Cost to send them didn't it.

I have been trying to start things up and fix things to ship home. I have not gotten much time to write and ship packages.

I lost my camera or misplaced it, I don't know which.

The day had been fairly good sun shinned about one hour today so far.

5 :00 PM 7-3-50

Some of men have gone into town some place I don't where.

Still not a bicycle and don't rate one yet. All boys that are in camp that are coming I guess. They have lost my medial paper ad I have not been checked.
P sure was busy in the health lodge this morning.

Lots of Cubs have been coming by and trading. I traded some beads for a wooden slide from Michi-gan.

Tommie Carter and I had our picture taken today and he said it may come out in Brownwood Bulletin.  There was a new item out in Fenezville paper about telegraming for frogs. I don't know was it was about our group of someone else’s group. The boys are sure trading today. A lots of visitors.

The boys all over camp have and are popping Bull Whips.

Well, we start from here about 4:00 Friday morning and I hope our schedule is not delayed.

A group of boys are playing yo-yo over close to Jackie s tent. It is about time for the commissary flag to be raised and then the boys go for their supper.

Sonny Rose, a radio star or singer sang for us last night at our services. I hope to get a recording of his service last night but don't know whether I will be able to or not.

Jackie wants to trade the rest of his frogs for trinkets.

I sure hope I don't take be mumps. Because that would sure make me mad.

I think after a rest I may try to see some places tonight in camp or at least other trading posts.

7-3-50 Monday 5:30
Valley Forge

7-3-50 Monday PM to 7-4-50 Tuesday PM.
Valley Forge

Well, I just went to mail a package and some letters and came back by section 15 where I use to be see if they had found my medical papers and they had not.

It looked like rain so I came running back to my teepee to fix for a rain. Well, I fixed for rain and it is raining now. Our teepees turn rain pretty good. It is blowing and lighting and water is dropping on the paper. This reminds me of cotton picking weather in Texas being caught in a covered wagon.

The boys are having a good time. I hear the laughing and calling each other pet names. I just heard some one say Jackie, so I guess he fell asleep in his tracks and some one woke him to get out of the rain.

I plan on calling the papers and telling them the hornet frogs came in. I have traded more today than any other day, I believe that trading is getting better.

The cubs are a happy group of boys.

I still can’t see why this all had to happen so far from Brownwood.

I am staying in the supply tent and I have excess to food but am seldom hungry.

The men and boys in camp are tops, thanks.

They all want to trade me out of my neckerchief slide but I told them I would trade for something worth $5.00 to boot.

I hear boys talking about starting fires again to wash dishes. I believe I will miss supper and just take a nap if I can get by with it. The boys have just come for charcoal to make fires again.

I bought about 30 sweaters for a bargain also I plan on shipping them home. The boys are coming and asking for things to drive down their stakes with. I may buy some of these teepees if they don't get wreck from the rain. I sure hope that it is not raining when we get ready to leave.

Mitchell Gay asks me to come eat with them so I guess I will go and get a little nourishment.

Had a good supper, had meat fixed some way, milk, jam, butter and bread and a few extras, also. Boys are cleaning up dishes and seem not to care about the rain. Allman and some boy were cutting up and Cookie put them on detail.
My tent leaked from the top so I guess I will have to get my raincoat out and put it over my bed when I go to sleep. I wish it had not rained for about 3 or 4 more days. Then we could have gotten on the train and enjoyed it more I believe.

I am sitting on my shoulder pack and using a box of potato chips on my knees for a table.

Well, I will stop and try to sleep and dream of where my camera may be. Oh yes! I got a bunch of films anyway and I would be surprised if I didn't mail it or have it home or some one got it for meanness.

I didn't get to go anywhere this afternoon. I wrote and packed packages. I hope my souvenirs and other things I bring home will be of interest to the kids at home. Every spare minute I am try-ing to get, buy, trade or swap for something that will be of interest for the people of Brownwood and especially the boys.

Several people told me of news that came out in the paper about my writing for the frogs.

7:30 Well, I had a nap and I don't think I am to have a council fire on account of bad weather.  The boys of our group are like a bunch of mules after a rain of showers.

8:45 and seemingly every thing and everyone is happy. If no council fire I think I will write and go to a trading post.

I may have left my camera at the health lodge but I don't think so.

I hope it doesn't rain any more as it leaks in the middle of my tent where the hole in teepee has the poles.

Pike boy went to help me carry the mail to trading post at post office. I may be crazy but most of our group cares nothing for souvenirs and the way some of them at they think I am a heel for trying to bring everything back with me.

I think my arm will be well by the time I get back home, at least I hope so anyway.

I hear the public address system calling Section 11 in the area below us.

12:30 AM 7-4-50 and John, Cookey and I just came in from swapping and trading. Boy! Did we do Texas justice.   Had the time of my life, trading, swapping and the like. I tried to keep record of the swaps we made but were unable. Oh yes, i got a 1937 Scout Jamboree Banner from Washington D.C. cost high.

7-4-50 9:30 AM and in the health lodge.

Had a hard time going to sleep last night. I went to sleep about 2:00 AM this morning.

I sure had a swell time last night. I got up early this morning and had one half of breakfast one scout drank my milk, I know who, another one spilt my cocoa so I called breakfast off after a little cereal. Our boys then dressed for the Indian pictures, then into Scout Jamboree uniform.

Got through a little late. Jackie and Joe are on detail most of this morning.  They have church services every morning, very few attend on account of so many chores.

A boy just came in with a cut hand cut with butcher knife, not very deep.

10:30 and I am partly off and partly on duty.

Sure hit it lucky, had the luck to find my camera. Got to walk about a mile and half to carry food to our troops as they are to participate with the program of be Ike Eisenhower tonight.

They will be in full Indian costumes this after-noon for dress rehearsal for the program to night. 10:30 and poor Jackie ad Joe are still on duty. Poor Boys. Sure hate to miss the program this afternoon but on duty for the afternoon.

I have not received any report about RA’s going to camp from Algeria. This weather sure is hot one minute and cloudy one, windy one and raining one.

Scouts walked about one and half miles to main area then back for dinner then into their costumes and go back to practice.

I will go see if I can find Professor to tell him the boys are back in camp for dinner.

It sure seems like I have been gone two months. Two more days in camp and then will start on the road home and will I be glad, it just ain't pass-ing fast enough to please me.

2:45 and the scouts are back from practicing at the Jamboree stage. They are to strut themselves to-night hope I can get close to see them. I sure would like to have been in the program but am on duty. There are a number of boys off every day to go in to Philadelphia but they say too much in town for them to see town.

Boys are not supposed to go barefooted but some are not paying any attention to it and they are paying for it in poison ivy, burns, blisters, and sticking things in their feet. They were told not to go barefooted but boys will be boys.
I hear a band rehearsing for the program to night.

Not much business once in awhile a boy come in with a shinned knee or sore foot. A boy just came with a skinned elbow.

Never saw so many flags arrayed as were in program at which President was in last Friday night.

People are visiting. I guess on account of it looks like rain, for it sprinkles once in a while and looks like bottom will drop out.

Two more boys just came on duty as ordered and had to check one boy out and two more in and show them what they were supposed to do. I had to take off a boy came in with a laceration caused by a slip.

7-4-50 Tuesday 5:35 to 7-5-50  Wednesday 5:00 PM.
Valley Forge

I guess I am caught in the health lodge.

The boys have been out on day runs and are com-ing in late and health lodge is caught it.

Looks like the weather is going to be OK tonight. The sun is shinning now for the first time since early this morning.

Well, some other help is coming maybe I can take off.

I am getting anxious to get home, but every thing is running long smooth.

I sure did want to be in the pageant tonight but I had to work all day and did not get to practice.

7-5-50 9:30 had breakfast and ready to go to.

Philadelphia 11 have to go unless on guard duty.

I have gotten through with health lodge for the day I hope.

Had religious service and helped boys lined up ready to go. I understand that the trip is a killer.  I guess we will be ready to go soon, time 10:12 AM.

I can hardly describe the pageant last night depicting the history of American. Sure had some nice fire works and after Ike spoke to us.

Well, we got to Philadelphia about 11:00 AM.  Now 3:45 and my feet are worn out and the train ready to go. I sure dread that 2 or 3 miles to walk back to camp. I may have to have feet cut off or something. I sure feel fifty, I don't see how people can keep clean in this city. I look at cinder track and this is an electric train, too.

I saw Benjamin Franklin's grave, Liberty Bell, got to touch the Liberty Bell and saw many other things.  We are about ready to go I guess. Vernon Donison wife and daughter was with us part of be time. The kids are still happy.

Our patrol got lost and went to the wrong railroad station but we found our station and are on the train #115 car 12 ready to go.

3:55 PM and on the way. Well, I am in health lodge but tired and worn out.  Sure wish time would fly by, but I guess it will.   I guess I will be real busy tonight and tomorrow. It will be busy from now on for we have to break camp.

I am caught in health lodge others are taking off that were here today. Oh! that little toe on my left foot and all toes close there too and on the other foot also. I found an envelope today and stuck it in my pocket as a souvenir and it had train passes for all section groups of about 40.  They came through train and lost train tickets, I looked in the envelope and there it was and I did not get a thanks and did not get to keep the envelope as a souvenir.

Boy in lodge is waiting for Dr. Graves to come to see about the toothache. The boys that made the trip to Philadelphia today are coming in for check ups.

Steve Pots just came in seems to have hurt himself in lifting work in commissary.

Some one turned some jam over on my Indian bonnet and I am very unhappy.

The group coming back from Philadelphia were very happy. We sure did enjoy the trip today.

7-5-50 Wednesday 7:05 Pm to 7-6-50 Thursday 5:00
Valley Forge.

I tried to wash my feathers out. Willard Swiney was hunting for a pair of pliers or wire cutters and said that he turned a bottle of molasses over on my stuff. I think that I have it fixed pretty good.

I never have seen so many sorry and I do mean bedraggled and horrible looking women and girls in my life. The 15 years old look worse than awful and the 30 years old look double bad. These women are in Phil.

Well, it showered a little and I am worrying about it raining tomorrow and if it does when we are supposed to leave here.

Boys are popping whips and having a good time.

Our first boy for the hospital and with a hurt hand and I don't think that is serious and he will probably be back in a few hours. Steve is back in the health lodge and not feeling any too good. (7-5-50 at 10:30) I guess I will check out in a little while for business is slowing up.

Well, I am back on duty and boy are we stacked with customers. (9:30 AM) We have a crowd waiting about 30 I guess. I am keeping records on inside of office now and about every kind of complaint you can think of.

It is trying to rain and getting worse it looks like as we go along our boys are coming in for they know that this is it and they are giving up maybe to get out of work taking every thing down today.

Gerald Smith, Mr. Sivel's nephew, is here visiting with us (Professor and I) in the health lodge. We are about caught up with. Well, I though we had caught up but they are still coming and it is now 10:30 and still coming in.

I understand that the train is leaving but Dr. Graves would not tell me when but the main thing is a promise to go. They are trying work out enough medicine for each train for some of the boys have pretty bad poison ivy. As soon as I can get lose I am going to leave to pack up. Look like about when we get ready to go here comes some others. In an hour and forty-five minutes we have taken in 45 boys, have 3 left on cots, sent on one to hospital.
I guess they have taken our teepees down.  Problem is partly solved but half my stuff now dumped every where.

Some of the boys that bought hay for their mat-tresses are bringing them by and dumping it out now. Sure looks like the villages are going to be deserted pretty soon. The boys are in a hustle and a bussle.

I sure hope someone has taken pictures of camp from air because I have not gotten to see the camp. I have been in only section 14 and 15 where I worked.

They have lost my medical papers and I have not had a physical yet and Dr. said to just skip it so skip it I will.

I believe our teepees are the first to be taken down and I have not gotten off to check my stuff yet.

2:45 PM in health lodge all teepees are down and every thing sent to baggage cars to be shipped.

I wont to get off if I can t look around camp.

Every thing is still happy so you see things are fairly pleasant. Well, I thought I would report to Dr. I wanted to go around camp and looked back and they were all gone so am stuck for awhile.

The boys tore tents down just before it started drizzling and it has quit drizzling now but may start any time. Our nap sacks are in a pile with a trap over them, so when they call us to go tonight we can be on the road. I have a full nap sack and do I dread that, trip tonight and in New York tomorrow but I don't want to miss it either.

Well, I guess there is three more days left if we get in when the schedule was planned for us.

It looks like I am stuck and not even get to see the grounds around here.

The minute people live as they did years ago. They use horses and buggies. The only automobiles they use are for taking merchandise to market. .

The trucks are coming and going so I guess it won’t be long before all that are moving out tonight will have all their baggage ready to go.

I sure hope that it does not rain as we are to have another program at the arena to night.

Boys all have free time until night I think. Some boy came by and borrowed $3.00 so I hope he has a good time.

 7-7-50 Friday 5:10 PM to 7-8-50 Saturday 6:40 PM

Well, I went to the program last night and it was sure good, sure did enjoy it, had a number of good speakers. Went back to the trading post and got some souvenirs. Then went to the health lodge and told them I was sleeping until 2:00 and went to bed about 11:00, I guess. Well, we got up at 1:45 and was it cold, I slept with Jackie and Professor. Professor started a little early on account of excess load to carry and also age. Two miles to walk and we were talking about if we were in Texas someone would pick us up and low and behold if the supervisor of trans-portation for Penn. Railroad came along and ask Professor and I to ride.

The boys are all lined up waiting to get in the bathhouse.

Looks like there is factories and lots of two and three story houses all along the way since I awoke this morning.

Boys are arguing about the time, some say it is 6:30, some say it is 5:30, some say it 7:30 so I am not arguing about the time.

Trained is stopped, I guess to open a gate. Most of the trains are electric just like streetcars. I understand it cost a lot less for electric than for steam or diesel.

Well, so far as I know the Jamboree was a success. We had a boy to fall out of a truck and get hurt, they are keeping him in the hospital for 10 days.

I understand that we are to be in New York in about 20 minutes, but I don't know what we are waiting for.

Lots of the boys put their personal luggage in the baggage car and now some of them are going back for their things if they can find them.
It seems like a train meets or passes us every minute. Well, it looks like we are a head of time and just piddling until time to go into station. Some are taking their baggage back to the baggage car.

Professor is setting next to me writing in his diary. Looks like we rode in town for 30 or 40 minutes but I guess we were out of one town into another. Well, we are going again and I guess will soon be there.

Some parts of this country looks worse than awful at the edge of town.  We are in Penn. Station New York. Lots of noise and we are under ground. I don't know how far and there is elevators running down under us also.

We have been outside here waiting for trainman to tell us where and how to go. I am getting hungry. What a place to live and eat, have headache and feel worse than awful. I sat down off sidewalk in front of Radio City while waiting
to come in. The gang is setting down in front of the cafe waiting for them to say food is on.

They are talking about going to Empire State Building but I am anxious to get to my car to rest. About 1:00 and no food and prospects bad. They are talking about going to the Statue of Liberty. I am anxious for the day to be over. Town too big or me to small, people are more courteous here. We go in to eat now. On the subway going to see the statue of liberty. Boy, this thing rocks. I slept between stops. A! Statue of Liberty 4:30, went all the way up. Am feeling a little better, boys are in good spirits.  Well, we are in some park. Mr. Pouncy has gone to see about us eating. Saw sights and painted the town red. New York is lots more friendly than Philadelphia. The people look nice and more accommodating. The sun is down as far as the buildings are concerned. But will probably be about 2 hours before sun down. 

I don't know whether it is raining or it is air conditioner damping me. The boys are trying to catch pigeons but no lunch. I am so sleepy I can hardly hold my head up. I told them to wake me up if they come after us while I was asleep. I ran into a fire hydrant and didn't hurt. On a sight seeing bus this morning we saw several buildings of interest. Well, I fell asleep in the yard and when they woke me up to go I could hardly move.

6:40 and I am tired, run down, worn out, sleepy, aged, dirty, ugly, and ready to go.

Jackie and Joe are feeling fine my headache is about gone and so am I. I believe that I would feel better barefooted in a bathtub. Home again home again Texan, no Brownwood, or some where down there for me. I want a train that is south-ern bound, with the blessed land of room enough beyond Chicago. Well, I am waiting for my supper in restaurant and if they don't come soon I will sleep.

Some of the leaders are sorta upset because boys are getting separated or lost but they are not setting any location or time for them to be at any place so lots of time is lost.

I have not received a letter from Brownwood so it seems I was a good riddance. I received a letter from Mr. Quirl on scout business concern-ing Camp Billy Gibbons

7-7-50 Friday to 7-10-50 Monday in Brownwood.
'Trip Home

Well, we spent a restless night tonight. Had Baggage car in a bad shape caused us to go slow.  When we came on to these cars Joe hollowed to Jackie said “Have you seen rest rooms they like a mansion cars or nicer.”

6:30 and in Niagara Falls will write more letters.

9:30 by train 11:30 by Niagara Falls.

Went into Canada today, had an enjoyable trip over bridge. Professor and I are waiting for them to call breakfast or dinner either one.

That old baggage car sure detained us, but now maybe we can go in high, at least I hope so. Well, I am going to write a few post cards.

Dr. Graves has been coming through checking on boys that are back.

I understand that we are going to have to go through customs office. It is hot and the air conditioner is off. Time 10:15 train time. Well, we ate breakfast and got on the road.

Sure some nice country but there are more cows to be seen up here than in lots of other parts. (It is about 12:30 now and I have eaten). Up here in Canada they raise corn, wheat, oats and tobacco, Alfa, and other clovers. The pastures are green with grass and the cows are beautiful in the meadow.  I will be glad to get home and won’t be traveling so much. I feel fine except left toe worn out on top.

Corn around Niagara Falls in Canada was being planted for the first time about 100 miles from this the season is earlier and corn about 18 inches high. It looks a little like Texas around here in Central Texas.

I wish the train would go faster and faster it is too slow. Seems like we are just creeping on a slow train through Arkansas.

I have not seen a paved road in a long time. Just passed a little tile factory. Looks of country the people here wok for a living. People here have lights in homes in country as in Texas.

Time 2:30 PM 7-8-50 in Canada. Close to Munsor Canada, about 30 or 40 minutes then back to the United States. We came through a little town where they had paved streets. Came through a tunnel out of Canada to United States.

In Detroit we saw first place Ford made cars. Saw Ford engineering laboratory. Now in country (4:35 PM). Just passed Millane, run plant operate by Kiaser. Time 5:00 PM 7-8-50. In Jackson Michigan at 5:40 PM. Just passed Kellogg Corn Flakes 6:35 PM at Battle Creek Michigan. Just saw Kalamazoo Stone #1 in Kalamazoo Michigan.
Just passed Western Michigan College at 7:10 PM 7-8-50. Had supper 7:30. Passed Harder Freezer Plant 8:10 PM, Chicago 9:15 PM. It was my mistake it was not Chicago but we are here at 9:30 P.M.'. Cars have been worked on and they are ready to take us from New York Central to Santa Fe. Time is 11:15 PM Time 12:45 AM   I am due to be home tomor-row I don't know when. I am going to try and sleep. Fine land out of Chicago they have large barns, two story houses and fine land. Oats are getting ripe and the corn is about 2 feet high
and Alfa hay.

#1481 along line Santa Fe reckon one going 90 miles and one 60 miles per hour. Monica Ill. was the town. We will soon be in or in Missouri now at 6:30 AM 7-9-50. My feather sleeping bag is in baggage car, I am covering with rain coat and news papers. Time 7:00 AM and waiting for break-fast call. Time about 7:30 we are in Iowa and
crossing the Mississippi at Shaffer where Shaffer Pin Co. This is Fort Madison. Just passed Shaffer Desk and Chair Co. at Fort Madison. I  went to sleep yesterday and someone put a spoon in my mouth. 

Just had breakfast 8:00 or just finished rather. Time 9:30 PM. Boys are sweep-ing the car. Just had a good map we are in Missouri. Can tell that we are getting further south, corn is just in tassels, wheat is ready to be cut. Some oats have been plowed under and the country is real green. Must be sprinkling a little for I see that the cars have their windshields working. The people have nice barns and houses. 10:20 AM about half way through Missouri. We just saw a "Hi Neighbor" sign. Time 11:00.
11:40 AM about beady to leave Kansas City. I just ran and bought 70 bars of candy. Dinner is ready and 12:00 and we no go yet. Left Kansas City 1:30 PM. had dinner and pulled out of Kansas. We are in Kansas and the country it is nice and it is raining now.

We may have to all move into one car so we are getting ready. Time 2:45 boy has it rained in Kansas. Trying to get a Sunday School again but they keep putting them off. Just had a good map. I am to call Mr. Quirl from Newton, Kansas.

We are getting into Newton 3:25. Came through Wichita 5:20 AM and it has not rained here lately. We are running about 5 hours late now. Just passed through Arkansas, Kansas. Had supper at 6:30.

I am anxious to get home and we will be home in about 12 hours. The land through here very level with oats and wheat have been thrashed and plowing has been done. Oil derricks and land about 5 miles west of Fort Worth, we are at Oato, Kansas.

Had Sunday School and Testimony meeting at 8:30  to 9:20. I was in charge and the following took  part in the program: John, Cooky, Weinbriner, Pounsey, Graves and Tesson. We came into Oklahoma while having Sunday School. We got into Oklahoma City at 9:45. Met some people in Oklahoma and they said that Texas got more write ups than any other state. In Fort Worth at 4:00 PM and Lubbock tool off their baggage. We left a boy out at Fort Worth and Graves, passenger agent brought them to Crescent. We let boys off at Dublin and Stephenville about 7:30 AM 7-10-50.

Blanket at 8:00 and Brownwood 8:15.  I am home!

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