Participants in 1953 National Jamboree

Comanche Trail Council

Troops 18 and 19

Front Row L to R:
Phillip Edgington, Goldthwaite
Jamie Briggs, Lampasas
Jerry Leach, Stephenville
Clinton Arthur, Stephenville
Larry Jones, Smithville
Lyman Shaw, Brownwood
Billy Whittenburg, Lometa
Tom Cody Graves, Goldthwaite
Dick Hittson, Breckenridge

Not shown in photo:
Sherman Robertson, Jr., Goldthwaite
Dale Weathers, Stephenville
Norman Brewer, Breckenridge

Second Row L to R:
Lee Tesson, Scoutmaster, Troop 19,
Richland Springs
Penn Barnett, Goldthwaite
James Jayroe, Brownwood
Willie Longoria, Lampasas
Larry Day, San Saba
Tim Cockburn, Lampasas
Billy Beckham, Goldthwaite
Henry Warren, Richland Springs
Everett Kirby, Lometa
Charles Jones, Goldthwaite
Robert Bigham, Lampasas
Bill Schroeder, Brownwood
Johnny Minear, Brownwood
Dr. T. C. Graves, Health Lodge, Goldthwaite
Third Row L to R:
Sam Etter, Scoutmaster, Troop 18,
Rollie Hall, ASM, Lometa
Wesley Nichols, Graham
Bryan Healer, Brownwood
Joe Mchaffey, Gorman
Tom Palmer, Comanche
Burts Kennedy, ASM, Brownwood
Paul Piper, Brownwood
Burl Pike, Brownwood
Phil Lobstein, Brownwood
Davey McCullough, Brownwood
Robert Barkley, Brownwood
Jackie Leach, Brownwood
Buddy Deen, Cisco
Dabney Kennedy, Brownwood
(Behind Kennedy) - Bob Brummett

(Photo by Fortune by Nobs)
Some 43 Boy Scouts and Scout leaders from the eight counties of the Comanche Trail Council will board a special train here at 3 a.m. Saturday for a trip to the Third National Boy Scout Jamboree at Santa Anna, California, July 17-23, 1953.  The special train will be composed of about 15 cars carrying scouts from the Comanche Trail, Concho Valley and Houston Councils.  The group will arrive at the Jamboree site three days early to set up camp before the Jamboree gets underway.

Comanche Trail Scouts will go to the Jamboree dresses as Comanche Indians and will live in teepees while at the California camp site.  The local Scouts will take part in the program that officially opens the Jamboree on the night of July 17.

On their way to California, the Scouts will stop in Arizona to visit the Grand Canyon.  On their return trip they will visit San Francisco and Salt Lake City.  The Scouts will go for a swim in the Great Salt Lake.

The Comanche Trail Scouts will be divided into two troop, Troop 18 and Troop 19.  Sam Etter of Brownwood will be Scoutmaster of Troop 19.  Lee Tresson of Richland Springs will be scoutmaster of Troop 18.

Accompanying the group will be Sectional Leaders O. E. Winebrenner of Brownwood and Dr. T. C. Graves of Goldthwaite.  Other Scout leaders include Assistant Scoutmaster Rollie Hall of Lometa and Burts Kennedy of Brownwood.

The local Scouts will join some 50,000 other Boy Scouts and Scouters at the California Camp site.  Santa Anna, California is located about 40 miles south of San Francisco.  Some 30,000 tents will rise there next week as Scouts arrive to form a Scout city and begin Jamboree activities.

The special train will be routed to San Angelo to pick up delegations there and at Sweetwater.  The train will arrive at the Grand Canyon at 9:15 a.m. Sunday.  The train will leave the Grand Canyon at 4 p.m. Sunday, and will arrive at the camp site at Santa Anna, California, at 9 a.m. (Pacific Time) Monday.

Note: There were many shows and a number of Hollywood stars made the trip to the Jamboree to entertain the Scouts and their guests, including Bob Hope, Danny Kaye, Debbie Reynolds, Roy Rogers, Dale Evans and Roy's horse, Trigger.

On the return trip, the scouts will leave the camp site at 7 p.m. Friday, July 24, and will spend July 25 in San Francisco to tour the city and visit the Muir Woods to see the giant Redwood trees.  The train will go from San Francisco to Ogen, Utah, and Salt Lake City, Utah.  from Salt Lake the group will go to Pueblo, Colo., enroute to Fort Worth.

At Fort Worth local scouts will leave the special Boy Scout train and return to Brownwood on the regular Santa Fe passenger run.  They will arrive here at 1:40 a.m. on Wednesday, July 29.


The pre-Jamboree shakedown camp was held at Lake Brownwood. The Indian village shown
in the photo was a duplicate of the one used at the Jamboree. (Fortune photo by Nobs)

Shown here are the Scouts practicing the Snake Dance that they used at the 1953
National Jamboree.  They were dressed as Comanche Indians. (Fortune photo by Nobs)

Hoop Dance Scout John Minear performs ritual dance as Scoutmaster
Lee R. Tesson beats tom-tom.

We want to thank Bob Brummett for providing us with the first group photo.

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