Participants in 1957 National Jamboree

Comanche Trail Council

Troop 10

Front Row
Charles Spellman, Brownwood
Terry Pribble, Goldthwaite
David Clark, Breckenridge
Randy Black, Breckenridge
Jimmy Fox, Breckenridge
Mike Potts, Eastland
Ross Merrill, Breckenridge
Ray Dendy, Eastland
Mackie McAaron, Breckenridge
Marcus Lowrance, Brownwood
Wesley Booth, Stephenville
Bob Bain, Stephenville
David Altaras, Stephenville
David Barkley, Brownwood
Forrest McGregor, Richland Springs
Sam Sloan, Richland Springs
Myron Mays, Richland Springs
Second Row
Jan Wall, Brownwood
David Allen, Brownwood
Jimmy King, Brownwood
David Kuperman, Breckenridge
Jerry Taylor, Brownwood
Charles Wilkins, Goldthwaite
Tom Cody Graves, Goldthwaite
Gerry Head, Goldthwaite
Gordon Byrd, Brownwood
Bill Shaw, Brownwood
John Ihrig, Brownwood
Gerald Machen, Breckenridge
Eddie Clark, Breckenridge
Allen Pritchard, Brownwood
James Smith, Brownwood
Michael Sullivan, Brownwood
Edward Lamb, Brownwood
Joe Thrig, Brownwood
Third Row
Lanny Lowrance, Brownwood
Dabney Kennedy, Brownwood
Ernest Davis, Brownwood
Benny Rogers, Brownwood
James V. Fox, ASM, Breckenridge
Sam R. Etter, SM, Brownwood
Congressman O. C. Fisher
O. E. Winebrenner, ASM Brownwood
Joe B. Swanner, Secretary to Fisher
Dr. T. C. Graves, Goldthwaite
Gary Galbraith, Brownwood
David Taylor, Brownwood
Larry Kimberlin, Breckenridge
Clinton Arthur, Stephenville
Gary Straley, Goldthwaite
Larry Jones, Stephenville
Sam R. Etter, Scoutmaster, Brownwood
Dr. O. E. Winnebrenner, ASM, Brownwood
James V. Fox, ASM, Breckenridge
Making the trip with the contingent are three Scouts from the council on their way to the Jubilee Jamboree in England.  They are Tom Cody Graves of Goldthwaite, Clinton Arthur and Larry Jones of Stephenville.  Also representing the Council are Dr. T. C. Graves of Goldthwaite who is serving as Assistant Health Lodge Supervisor; and Dabney Kennedy who is serving on the Order of the Arrow Service Corps at General Headquarters.

BOY SCOUTS FROM TEXAS  got a lot of attention at the Jamboree as they start an Indian snake dance.  The dance is a traditional ceremonial of the Comanche Trail Council from Brownwood.  None of the youths are real Indians (Photo from The Philadelphia Inquirer)
Forty-eight Scouts, Explorers, and leaders of the Comanche Trail Council boarded a train at midnight for the fourth annual National Jamboree held at Valley Forge, PA.  The Scouts and their parents were guest at a lawn supper held at the Boy Scout office, 500 E. Depot at 6:00 p.m. prior to the departure. They arrived at Valley Forge at 7 a.m. on a Tuesday, three days prior to the official opening of the Jamboree on Thursday.  The group visited Washington, D. C. on the way to the Jamboree.  While in Washington, they visited the Capitol, White House, Arlington National Cemetery, Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials. 

They visited New York City on July 11th. While in the Big City they attended a three hour show at Radio City Music Hall and also witnessed the television of the show "Today."  They also had tours of the United Nations and Rockefeller Center including a visit to the 70 story Observation Tower atop the center.  One of the highlights of the New York trip was a visit aboard the Replica of the Mayflower that recently had made the trip across the Atlantic from Plymouth, England.  The Scouts met the crew that made the voyage and tried some "Swapping" with them but had little luck there.  and Philadelphia while at the Jamboree.  The Jamboree ended on July 18, 1957 and the group returned to Brownwood via Niagara Falls, Canada, Detroit and Chicago.

The opening night show opened with a prayer for peace by Dr. Arthur Schuck, Chief Scout Executive of the Boy Scouts of America. The prayer was followed by a pageant, starting with the New Englanders, the "weather men of the sea, the land of the sout'wester, maple sugar, Plymouth Rock, the first Thanksgiving, rugged winters."  Following the presentations by the other regions, came the grim , but inspiring story-in-pageantry of the Valley Forge encampment, with Washington leading his bedraggled followers into winter quarters after the British had captured Philadelphia, the building of the fortifications that dissuaded Sir William Howe, the British commander, from attacking the destitute Continentals, and the gradual conversion of the rubble-in-arms into an American Army under Baron Frederick Willhelm von Steuben.

The final event of the evening was the firing of three hundred serial shells that opened a display of fireworks, lighting the moonlit area in spasmodic flashes, a Sparkling serpents hissed 500 feet into the sky and dragonflies chasing each other in a blazing finale.  Vice-President of the United States Richard M. Nixon saw the giant scout stage show and addressed informally more than 50,000 scouts and nearly as many spectators.

Texas Scouts met Australian scouts and exchanged snapshots of their respective nations. Shown a picture of an Australian kangaroo the Texans commented: "Must admit, suh, your jackrabbits are a mite taller than ours." (Taken from The Philadelphia Inquirer, Saturday Morning, July 13, 1957)

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