Participants in the 1973 National Jamboree

Comanche Trail Council

Troops 63

In 1973, two different National Jamborees were held at Moraine State Park, PA and Farragut State Park, ID.  Scouts from Troop 63, Breckenridge, had made numereous Philmont trecks and had attended several National Jamborees with the Comanche Trail Council contigent.  In 1973, the year Scouts were allowed to attend the Jamboree as an individual troop, 14 members of Troop 63 went with Jim Rominger, as Scoutmaster, to the one held at Moraine State Park, PA.  The troop was divided into two patrols, the Rattlesnake Patrol and the Scorpion Patrol.  The Rattlesnake Patrol made a huge map of Texas with a real stuffed rattlesnake on it to serve as their campsite marker.  Pictured above are twelve of the fourteen people that went to PA.  Notice that they were staying in Baker Tents, a very popular tent at that time.  We want to thank Jim Rominger for sending us this information!
Troop Roster
James C. Rominger, Scoutmaster
Gregory Alford
Joe D. Brooks
Ross L. Elliott, Jr.
Brad Evanoff
Bob Evanoff
Gregg E. Goodall
Curt McClymond
Wendal Pardue
Frank Pellizzari, III
John N. Pellizzari
Kurt G. Rominger
Whitney Rominger
Chaunce M. Thompson
Troop 67

No information on this troop from Breckenridge yet.  If anyone has that information, please contact me.

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