Participants in the 1977 National Jamboree

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Troop 470
The troop had its three-day Jamboree Shakedown Camp at Camp Billy Gibbons to prepare for their trip to the National Jamboree at Moraine Park, PA in August 1977.  During the weekend they camped and cooked by patrols and prepared for the various activities they would participate in at the Jamboree.

The Scouts departed from Eastland at 7:00 am, July 31, 1977, by chartered Greyhound bus and made overnight stops at Camp Arrowhead, B.S.A., Springfield, Miss., and Ft. Benjamin Harrison at Indianapolis. They arrived at the Jamboree, held at Moraine State Park, near Butler, Penn and participated in the Jamboree from August 3 - 9, 1977. After the Jamboree the Scouts spent two days in Washington, D. C. before returning home.  At the Jamboree they camped with some 28,000 other Scouts from all parts of the United States and many foreign countries.  They participated in scouting competitions, a merit badge midway, in arts and science fair, a county fair where each troop showed off it particular specialty, attended arena shows and campfires and had friendship exchange with international and U. S. Scout.

The opening show included a multi-media presentation, a re-creation of the country's history, a parade of Scouting, the Re'Generation group of 13 collegians from all over the United States, Country Current, a country/bluegrass band that was part of the U. S. Navy Band, and finally the National Jamboree Band. 

One of the campwide events during the Jamboree as a get acquainted game.  Each Scout was given a card with a large letter on one side and space for names and addresses of his "game" associates on the other side.  Scouts ranged across their regional camp area, linking up with Scouts bearing the different letters.  When a team had formed "THIRD CENTURY USA," the members wrote the names and addresses of fellow team members on their cards so they could contact them in the future. Then the team reported to the regional headquarters, rung a liberty bell, and received a bicentennial souvenir for each member of the team. 

There were heavy rainstorms on Saturday and the troops in the Western Region received more water than anyone else. More than 400 Scouts had to be moved to higher ground.  One Scout, Cal D. Armstrong, of Troop 792, Western Region Subcamp 5, was struck by lighting that Saturday night while running between camps.  He was taken to Jameson Memorial Hospital where he remained for the rest of the Jamboree. 

Burl Ives was a hit at the closing show.  Also in the show was the Air Force Mach 1 rock band, the National Jamboree Band, and Re'Creation, the University of Pennsylvania choral group.  As at every Jamboree, the show was closed with the traditional candlelight ceremony and a 3,000 firework show put on by the Zambelli Fireworks Company.

Troop Gateway

Roster of Troop 470

Neal Pepper, Scoutmaster, Early
James D. May, Assistant Scoutmaster, May
Jimmy Erwin, Assistant Scoutmaster, Brownwood
Pat Leatherwood, Assistant Scoutmaster, Dublin

Ronald Bradford, Brownwood
Leon Broughton, II, Dublin
Toby Burrows - Comanche
David Carroll, Brownwood
Tommy Daugherty, Brownwood
Bryan Evenoff - Breckenridge
James Hallum, Brownwood
Jet Hays, Brownwood

Scouts Continued:
Mark Hoffman, Brownwood
David Isom, Brownwood
Lee Johnson - Eastland
Hugh Keithly, Brownwood
Randall McAnally, Brownwood
Kurt Rominger - Breckenridge
Jett Rominger - Breckenridge
Stewart Rominger - Breckenridge
Berry Steele, Brownwood
Wesley Sumpter, Dublin
John Templin, Brownwood
James Terrell - Stephenville
Randal Terrell - Stephenville

Note:  This is only a partial list.  We are searching for the other participants.

Regional Staff:
M. Leon Broughton, Dublin, Medical Duty Officer

We want to thank Pat Leatherwood of Dubliin for sending us the group photo of this Jamboree Troop and giving us additonal list of participants.

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