Participants to 1981 National Jamboree

Comanche Trail Council

Troop 759

First Row L to R:
Douglas Stabnaker, Stephenville
Carl Weathington, Stephenville
Lance McDaniel, Brownwood
James Thompson, Breckenridge
Jeff Pardue, Breckenridge
Gary Garner, Stephenville
Dwain McDaniel, DeLeon
Ty-Bo Tyson, Goldthwaite
Jimmy Brezner, Stephenville
Mack Backley, Brownwood
Second Row L to R:
Thomas Kennedy, Dublin
Dick Lindsey, DeLeon
Steve Gary, Brownwood
Chuck Ford, Brownwood
Alex Moore, Stephenville
Kevin Hendon, Dublin
Billy Latham, Carlton
Beyan Borker, Stephenville
Thad Miller, Stephenville
Scott Myers, Stephenville

Top Row Leaders L to R:
James Perkins, DeLeon
Don Smith, Stephenville
Tully Hair, Brownwood
John E. Garner, Breckenridge

Third Row L to R:
Donald McClare, DeLeon
Kenneth McKillip, DeLeon
Steve Smith, Brownwood
Mark Keithly, Brownwood
Mike Barkley, Brownwood
Corry Dugan, Brownwood
Edward Yantis, Brownwood
John Thompson, Breckenridge
Joy Boswell, Ranger
Ronald Johnson, Goldthwaite
Vel Miller, Stephenville
Michael Hennech, Stephenville
Donald Rossamde, Stephenville

The group traveled by chartered bus leaving on July 26 and arrived home on August 10, 1981.  They left from Eastland, TX and were bussed to Jackson, MI.  From there they traveled to Greenville, SC the following day.  And then to Fredericksburg, VA and the Jamboree on July 28th.   Following the Jamboree, on August 8th,  they toured the historical areas of Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Yorktown.  The next day, they went from Ft. Lee, VA to Ft. Belvoir, VA and visited Mt. Vernon and Washington, D. C.  They stayed at Ft. Belvoir while they visited Washington.  On August 8, they traveled back to Greenville, SC and next day to Jackson, MI and finally, on August 10, back to Eastland.   Some 28,000 Scout participated in this first Jamboree to be held at Fort A. P. Hill, VA.  Every Jamboree since 1981 has been held at this spot due to the tremendous cost of setting the Jamboree up and tearing it down at the end.

It was our understanding that two Scouts from the Korean Contingent stayed with the troop.  They were Hae Koo Lee, Yungdong Middle School, and Jang Yong Jo, Daesung Middle School, both having been in Scouting for three years.  One of the VIPs visiting the Jamboree was King Carl Gustaf of Sweden, who spent two days at the gathering.  The arena shows include the Oak Ridge Boys, Burl Ives and fireworks by the Great Zambelli.  Included in the shows were the Marine Corps Drum and Bugle team, the U. S. Naval Academy Band and of course, the Jamboree Youth band.  At the closing of the last arena show, as has been at every Jamboree before it, some 25,000 Scouts lit candles and rededicated themselves to the Scout Oath.

Thunderstorms whipped by 50 mph winds, hit the Jamboree around 7 p.m. in the evening.  The wind shipped through the camps, tents were collapsed, and many of those that did not collapse by the wind were taken down by their drenched occupants.  However, they only got about .74 inch of rain but it did give the Scouts something to remember the Jamboree by.

A total of 120 Scouts were chosen from throughout the United States to participate in the band at the Jamboree.  Only six band members were selected from Texas and Star Scout Paul Means of Troop 60, Brownwood was one of them.  He played trombone in the band.

The theme for the 1981 National Scout Jamboree was "Scouting's Reunion With History."  The nation's heritage was reflected in many of the activities at the Jamboree.

Here is the official roster of the troop:

Troop Roster
JamesM. Perkins, DeLeon, Scoutmaster
John E. Garner, Comanche, 1st ASM
Donald F. Smith, Stephenville, 2nd ASM
Tully L. Hair, Brownwood, 3rd ASM

Mark P. Barkley, Brownwood
Mike D. Barkley, Brownwood
Brian D. Barker, Stephenville
Jimmy K. Bezner, Stephenville
Jay P. Boswell, Ranger
Stuart T. Bridges, Goldthwaite
Robert C. Dugan, Brownwood
Chuck R. Ford, Brownwood
Gary E. Garner, Stephenville
Steve R. Gary, Brownwood
Kevin D. Hendon, Dubliin
Michael C. Hennech, Stephenville
Rodney B. Johnson, Goldthwaite
Mark D. Keithly, Brownwood
Thomas F. Kennedy, Dublin

Jason D. Kimmell, Brownwood
Billy G. Latham, Carlton
Dirk G. Lindsey, DeLeon
Donald M. McClure, DeLeon
Lance A. McDaniel, Brownwood
Kenneth L. McKillip, Desdemona
Thaddeus L.Miller, Stephenville
Uel S. Miller, Stephenville
Alex V. Moore, Stephenville
Ronald D. Morris, DeLeon
Scott J. Myers, Stephenville
Jeffrey H. Pardue, Breckenridge
Donald S. Rosander, Eastland
Stephen L. Smith, Brownwood
Douglas P. Stalnaker, Stephenville
James R. Thompson, Breckenridge
John B. Thompson, Breckenridge
Ty-Bo S. Tyson, Goldthwaite
Carl W. Worthington, Stephenville
Edward H. Yantis, Brownwood
Serving on Jamboree Staff:
Dr. T. C. Graves, Goldthwaite, International Host Staff
Rev. Ben T. Welch, Goldthwaite, Chaplain
Bobby Standley, Goldthwaith, Youth Staff
Stanley Walker, Jr., Brownwood, Aquatic Staff
Paul Means, Brownwood, Youth Band
Ceneva Bethany, Ranger, Medical Technician
J. H. Bethany, Ranger, Shows, Ceremonies and Competition Staff

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