Participants in 1993 National Jamboree

Comanche Trail Council

Troop 1527

Jamboree Troop of 1993

Some of the story below was taken from the Brownwood Bulletin, August 15, 1993 furnished to the Bulletin by the Comanche Trail Council.

The theme of the 1993 Jamboree was "A Bridge to the Future."  Scouts from some 60 nations, with approximately 700 Scouts, joined the Jamboree.  In spite of the wet weather more than 30,000 Scouts and Scouters attended the opening show.  Lee Greenwood capped the evening with his trademark song "God Bless the USA."  "Up With People" kicked off the three-hour show that also had a multi-media show which featured rap to video to fireworks. Country singer Louise Mandrell gave her rendition of "Hound Dog" on the closing night at the arena.  She told the group that "I want to say there's one reason I came.  I love the Boy Scouts."  The Zambelli Fireworks Manufacturing Co. shot off 2,500 aerial shells in a 30-minute ear-popping show of fireworks.

Twenty-nine Scouts and four leaders participated in the Jamboree from the Comanche Trail Council August 4 - 11 at Fort A. P. Hill, VA. Each day included opportunities to participate in activities like air riflery, archery, motorcross, trap shooting, fishing, canoeing, scuba diving, rappelling and snorkeling.  The Buckskin Games featured activities that youngsters enjoyed during the 19th century when Americans were exploring their last earthly frontier.  The trail had stations for knife throwing, riding a "bucking bronco," action archery, bullwhip cracking, muzzle loading shooting and mirror signaling.  The Confidence Course was designed to promote confidence, physical and mental awareness, and endurance along with fun and competition.  A patrol activity, it allowed members to encourage each other, making it a challenging team building activity.

In the Pioneering Challenge area, each patrol worked as a team using simple tools and pioneering skills to move objects, build structures, and play games.  participants learned how to use pulleys, a block and tackle, and other tools.

The Bikathon gave Scouts a change to ride mountain bikes over a course in this new event.  It has three target shooting stops, and Scouts were judged on both time and accuracy.

The Merit Badge Midway featured hands-on activities including computers and electronics.  Brownsea Island was a recreation - complete with period costumes - of the first Boy Scout Camp conducted by Baden Powell in 19076 on the Brownsea Island off the coast of England.

Non-stop entertainment was featured daily.  Rock, country and bluegrass bands alone with military drill teams, bicycle stunts and international attractions were offered.

An amateur radio operator was on hand so Scouts could talk to others throughout the world.  They could operate a television station, track satellites, work on radio merit badges, send a message and earn an amateur radio license.

The city that was created for nine days by the Jamboree included tents, flags, hospital center, a post office, food warehouses, a daily newspaper, trading posts, banks, water and fire departments, a security force and a complete parks system

 An agreement had been made with the Southern Region to have seven Scouts and their leaders from Paraguay to camp with the troop.  Due to a mix-up by the Section Leader, the Paraguay contingency was put with another troop in another council and did not camp with the troop.

Original Jamboree Leaders at Parent's Meeting
Sam Mangrum (could not go), Marc Griffin, Don Beach and Tom Ponder

Troop Roster

Don M. Beach, Scoutmaster
Marc W. Griffin, Assistant SM
Tom Ponder, Assistant SM
Johnny Martinez, Assistant SM

Arrowhead Patrol
Rusty Arnold, Patrol Leader
Vincent Ip
Alex George
Tim Sullivan
Brody Stacy
Matthew Patrick

Comanche Patrol
Steve Weeden, Patrol Leader
James Hart
Jefrey Green
Jeffrey Taggart
Thomas Knoll
Aaron Ip

Michael Denison, Senior Patrol Leader
Michael Beach, Ass't Senior Patrol Leader
Keith Madison, Scribe
Kipp Koeppel, Quartermaster

Hooters Patrol
Cody Stephens, Patrol Leader
Bryan Oakes
Clint Patrick
John Doggett
Chris Conradt
Aleck Griffin
Mark Pate

Lightning Bolts Patrol
Dennis Stone, Patrol Leader
Wesley Maples
Bradley Maples
Russell Stafford
Mark Cadle
Michael Fulton

Serving on National Staff:
Birk Billingsley, Dublin
John Cox, Dublin
Dominico Guistino, Comanche
Frank T. Hilton, Brownwood
Wayne Keith, Stephenville
Steve Mims, Comanche
James Perkins, DeLeon
Reve Ponder, Early
Frederick Quast, Comanche
Martin Quast, Comanche
David Rives, Stephenville
Perry A. "Butch" Wakefield, Stephenville
Gathering for instructions at entrance to campstie at shakedown camp.
This is how you set up a wall tent.
Marc Griffin (with sunglasses and cup)

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