Participants in 1953 National Jamboree

Concho Valley Council

 Troops 16 & 17

Photo of Troop 16
Section 34

The 3rd National Jamboree was held on the West coast for the first time.  Some 61 Boy Scouts and 12 leaders once again boarded a special train to travel to the Jamboree held at Irving Ranch, CA.  This time they departed on a Santa Fe train that came into San Angelo from Houston.

The Jamboree troops spent the night at Goodfellow Air Force Base where they attended a movie and dinner in their honor.  They boarded the train immediately following breakfast on July 11, 1953.

They spent a day at the Grand Canyon on the way to Irving Ranch and visited San Francisco, Salt Lake City, the Redwood Forest, Ogden and Pueblo on their way home.  The Jamboree itself ran from July 17-23.  The troops camped in Section 34.

Gary Anderson of San Angelo traded a rattlesnake skin for a pair of Indian leggings.  As in the previous two Jamborees, horned toads were again popular, but the prices were down because of a slightly flooded market!  It seems everyone brought the toads this year.  For instance, Thomas Belote, a member of Troop 1 of San Angelo, took 40 of the little creatures to the Jamboree.  He gave some away, and sold the rest for $1 or $2 each.  He came home with only 50 cents less than what he took to the Jamboree.

Many of the Scouts went swimming in the Pacific Ocean while at the Jamboree but found the water cold.  About 45,500 Scouts and adults attended the Jamboree. There were many shows and a number of Hollywood stars made the trip to the Jamboree to entertain the Scouts and their guests, including Bob Hope, Danny Kaye, Debbie Reynolds, Roy Rogers, Dale Evans and Roy's horse, Trigger.

Jamboree leaders of Troops 16 and 17 were P. S. Nickel, Bruce Fisher, J. T. Henderson, C. D. Cox, all of San Angelo; Leonard Lee of Texon, Jack Harris and Louis Manz of Uvalde and Buddy Wyman, Camp Ranger at Camp Sol Mayer.

Here is a list 60 of those 61 Boy Scouts that we know of that attended the Jamboree:

Gary Anderson, San Angelo
Don Bartlett, San Angelo
Tom Belote, San Angelo
Thomas Belote, San Angelo
Jim Bennett, Uvalde
C. D. Box, San Angelo
Don Box, San Angelo
Kelly Braithwaite, Uvalde
Jimmy Brunson, Bronte
Richard Buckner, Uvalde
Henry Bunting, III, Uvalde
Krlis Buttler, Uvalde
Allen Calkin, San Angelo
Mike Cocke, Leakey
Blake Duncan, San Angelo
Ray Duncan, Del Rio
Kenneth Duderstadt, Leakey
Dean Garland, Iraan
William Giffis, III, San Angelo
Don Glenn, Bronte
Tony Hall, Eden
John Ham, Uvalde
Ralph Harris, III, Uvalde
R. S. Henderson, Jr., San Angelo
Pat Henry, San Angelo
Don Jacobsen, Irann
Button Keeton, San Angelo
Jack Kemp, San Angelo
James Kerbow, San Angelo
Robert Ledford, Ballinger
Sim Ledford, Ballinger
Steve Lindley, San Angelo
Larry Logan, Big Lake
Michael Manning, San Angelo
Louis Manz, Uvalde
Dan McClung, San Angelo
Freddie McDonald, Robert Lee
Don Mobley, San Angelo
Douglas Moore, San Angelo
Tommy Newman, San Angelo
P. S.. Nickel, San Angelo
Phillip Nickel, San Angelo
Tommy Nickel, San Angelo
Ernest Nimitz, Eldorado
James Pate, Leakey
Bob Price, Uvalde
Paul Price, Ballinger
Jimmie Redfield, San Angelo
Richard Rees, Bronte
Roy Lee Reinarz, San Angelo
Pat Rink, San Angelo
John E. Robbins, III, San Angelo
Frank Rodden, San Angelo
Don Smith, Iraan
Edward Stasney, Ballinger
David Steen, Eldorado
John Van Conner, Uvalde
Danny Welch, San Angelo
Bobby Wiedeman, Junction
James Young, San Angelo

We want to thank LaRuth Jenkins for providing us with the photo of Troop 16 provided to the Concho Valley Council office by Pat Henry.
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