Participants in 1969 National Jamboree

Concho Valley Council

Troop 31
James E. West Subcamp 20
July 1969
Farragut State Park, Idaho

Row One, Sitting, Left to Right:
1. Tommy Ridgeway, San Angelo
2. Bob Brockman, Sonora
3. Monte Brooks, Fort Stockton
4. Tryon Fields, Sonora
5.  Unknown

Row Three, Standing, Left to Right:
1. Lane Laning, Uvalde
2. Bobby Haines, McCamey
3. Barry Matthews, Big Lake
4. Kerry Scudder, San Angelo
5. Mark Calk, Eldorado
6. Clarence McNeil, Uvalde
7. Richard McAfee, San Angelo
8. John Russell, San Angelo
9. Jim Lane, San Angelo
10. Bill Arnett, Big Lake
11. Lace E. “Gene” Hinnard, Robert Lee – Assistant Scoutmaster
12. W.E. “Willie” Masters, Eagle Pass – Assistant Scoutmaster

Row Two, Kneeling, Left to Right:
1. Keith Steffey, Del Rio
2. Jeff Johnson, San Angelo
3. Mark Osborn, San Angelo
4. Mark Lee, San Angelo
5. Thomas Thigpin, San Angelo
6. Chip Fly, Uvalde
7. Barry Oswalt, Fort Stockton
8. Stacy Foster, San Angelo

Row Four, Standing, Left to Right:
1. Steward Hawkins, San Angelo – Scoutmaster
2. Randy Rountree, San Angelo
3. Kelly Knowlton
4. Turk Pipkin, San Angelo
5. Buck Laning, Uvalde
6. David Jones, Crystal City
7. Patrick Adams, Del Rio
8. Joe Kollmyer, San Angelo
9. Joe Claud Sutton, Uvalde
10. Don Loffere, Uvalde

We received this from Mark Osborn, formerly of San Angelo:

"I am the third from the left kneeling.  I had moved to San Angelo in March of that year from Brownfield, where I was in the South Plains Council. I came from a rich heritage of scouting, my Dad was the scoutmaster of troop 785 in Brownfield and I was in Ralph Hedrick's troop, I believe # 742. 

I went on to live in San Angelo another 22 years. I currently reside in Weatherford. 

"The jamboree was in Farragut State Park in Idaho. We flew out of Midland and spent the night in Spokane and drove over to the park the next day. When we arrived, it was hot and the tens of thousands of scouts were arriving . We set up camp and almost immediately got involved in the numerous activities, including canoeing on the lake, I recall a miniature zoo with a bald eagle. Basically ... lot's of fun. We slid down the hill on cardboard for extracurricular activity. 

"There was a lot of after hour activity. But the most awesome of all was seeing Neil Armstrong walk on the  moon live in the huge amphitheater. 

"Our motto was 'Building to Serve' leaders for tomorrow. It was a great character building event. In fact, I can say with confidence I would not be who I am today if I had not have had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of it. 

"Many long years have passed, but I can still remember the day of the photo. Ralph Hawkins on the left, Gene Hinnard on the right, both great men who did indeed build leaders for tomorrow. 

"I owe them both a debt of gratitude." 

Mark Osborn 

From Patrick Adams: 

I grew up in Del Rio and was active in Scouting in Concho Valley - Camp Staff, OA, etc
I'm still active today in Dallas with Circle Ten Council. 

Patrick Adams

Our thanks to Patrick Adams for providing us with the Jamboree troop photo and a list of the Scouts and leaders in the photo.  Also our thanks to Mark Osborn for his comments.

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