Participants to 1977 National Jamboree

Concho Valley Council

Troop 497

Group photo of 1977 contigent

The 1977 National Jamboree was held at Moraine State Park, Pennsylvania, August 3-9.  Of the 28,637 people in attendance at the Jamboree, 24,430 were Scouts and leaders and 3,617 were Jamboree staff.  In addition, there were 375 military personnel and 222 exhibitors and others.  There were 250 International Scouts and leaders from 28 different countries.  That did not include the estimated 70,000 plus visitors. 

Activities enjoyed by the Scouts during the Jamboree included a Merit Badge Midway, Arts and Science Fair, Brownsea Camp and Fishing and Boating.  There were also six campwide patrol activities that stressed Scout involvemen: "Fox" Hunt, Action Archery, Marksmanship Range, Obstacle Course, Orienteering and an Azimuth Trail.  And of coourse, patch trading, Regional Campfires and lots of exhibits. 

The opening show included a multi-media presentation, a re-creation of the country's history, a parade of Scouting, the Re'Generation group of 13 collegians from all over the United States, Country Current, a country/bluegrass band that was part of the U. S. Navy Band, and finally the National Jamboree Band.

One of the campwide events during the Jamboree as a get acquainted game.  Each Scout was given a card with a large letter on one side and space for names and addresses of his "game" associates on the other side.  Scouts ranged across their regional camp area, linking up with Scouts bearing the different letters.  When a team had formed "THIRD CENTURY USA," the members wrote the names and addresses of fellow team members on their cards so they could contact them in the future.  Then the team reported to the regional headquarters, rung a liberty bell, and received a bicentennial souvenir for each member of the team. 

There were heavy rainstorms on Saturday and the troops in the Western Region received more water than anyone else.  More than 400 Scouts had to be moved to higher ground.  One Scout, Cal D. Armstrong, of Troop 792, Western Region Subcamp 5, was struck by lighting that Saturday night while running between camps.  He was taken to Jameson Memorial Hospital where he remained for the rest of the Jamboree.

The picture to your left shows us trenching our tent due to the torrential rain throughout the Jamboree.  We called our home the "Brown Sea" due to all the mud, wet clothes hanging and web feet.  Note that David Savage is barefooted.

Below is Paul Rebar of Del Rio standing next to our tent.  The West Texas animal life paintings were a big hit.

We had breakfast in our campstie with Bruce Jenner, the 1976 Decathlon Olympic Gold Medalist.  That is him pictured above on your right.

Burl Ives was a hit at the closing show.  Also in the show was the Air Force Mach 1 rock band, the National Jamboree Band, and Re'Creation, the University of Pennsylvania choral group.  As at every Jamboree, the show was closed with the traditional candlelight ceremony and a 3,000 firework show put on by the Zambelli Fireworks Company.

We visited many different places in Washington, D. C.before we went to the Jamboree.  We  toured the Smithsonian, Supreme Court Building, Fords Theater, F. B. I. Building, White House and the Arlington National Cemetery.  To your left you will see us watching the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery.

David Savage said, "One significant thing at the Jamboree worth noting was Kurt Wankowski’s treasure.  He had gone to his grandfather’s estate sale and got his old scout shirt complete with genuine brass buttons.  He cut off the 1935 Jamboree patch to see what it would fetch at the trading tents.  It turns out that that particular Jamboree was never held due to the the polio scare which made that patch extremely rare and valuable.  An adult scout collector drooled all over it and Kurt and I were unsure of what the worth was.  In the end, Kurt got a complete National Jamboree Collection of shirt patches, backpack patches, neckerchief slides, and neckerchiefs from all previous Jamborees for that one patch to complete that gentleman’s collection.  It was quite exciting.  I think he wanted the shirt too which Kurt may have sent him via mail once he got back home."

Here is a picture of Roy Armstrong on top of a police scooter on the streets of Washington, D. C


Troop Roster

Robert Humburg, San Angelo, Scoutmaster
Chris Hagelstein, Sanderson, 1st ASM
Roy Armstrong, Ft. Stockton, 2nd ASM
John Campbell, Ft. Stockton, 3rd ASM

Will Allison, Rocksprings
Randall Banks, Uvalde
John Berry, Ft. Stockton
David Borden, Ft. Stockton
Stephen Brock, San Angelo
Walter S. Campbell, Ft. Stockton
Bradley S. Cooke, Ft. Stockton
James B. Copeland, Ballinger
John Eberhardt, San Angelo
Steve Falcon, Sanderson
Bruce Fly, Uvalde
Ele C. Hagelstein, III, Sanderson
Leslie Hall, Ft. Stockton
Charles Hardeman, Crane
John L. Hawkins, San Angelo
Steve G. Humburg, San Angelo

Michael James, San Angelo
Stephen Jenkins, San Angelo
Keith Kinnard, Ft. Stockton
Kenneth Kvapil, Ballinger
Louis Leitner, Ft. Stockton
Steven Marquez, Sanderson
Robert A. McNeil, Uvalde
David Melton, San Angelo
Curtis Miller, San Angelo
Glenn Moore, San Angelo
Gregg Morva, San Angelo
James C. Pettigrew, Corpus Christi
Paul A. Rebar, Del Rio
Guy Ricks, Brady
David L. Savage, San Angelo
David N. Suggs, Ft. Stockton
James V. Sullivan, San Angelo
Tony Villarreal, Rocksprings
Kurt Wankowski, San Angelo
Mark Willliams, San Angelo

We want to thank David L. Savage for providing us with the photos of Troop 497 and photocpies of the Jamboree Journal.

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