Participants in the 1985 National Jamboree

Concho Valley Council

Troop 734
This was the eleventh National Jamboree and was held from Wednesday, July 24, through Tuesday, July 30, 1985 at Fort A. P. Hill, near Fredericksburg, VA.  The theme of the Jamboree was "The Spirit Lives On."  The opening arena show used the thene of "75th Anniversary Celebration" and depicted the 75 years of the Boy Scouts of America.  The theme of the closing show was "America Salutes the Boy Scouts of America."  The award winning Oak Ridge Boys performed at the closing show.

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Jose Greg DeAnda, Big Lake, Scoutmaster
Gillie Pfluger, San Angelo, 1st Assistant Scoutmaster
Jerry Murphree, Del Rio, 2nd Assistant Scoutmaster
Robert Fierro, Jr., Sonora, 3rd Assistant Scoutmaster

Vernon J. Andews, San Angelo
James J. Bieryla, Universal City
Jerry E. Box, San Angelo
Marcus E. Brooks, San Angelo
Robbie E. Card, Ft. Stockton
Albert Castillo, San Angelo
Danny W. Cravy, San Angelo
Ryan C. Cravy, San Angelo
Jose G. Deanda, Big Lake
David Dismore, Ballinger
Devin T. Eatmon, San Angelo
Jeffrey M. Foreman, San Angelo
Michael W. Gillenwater, San Angelo
Thomas P. Gregg, San Angelo
Aubrey P. Haynes, Uvalde
John N. Hayter, Ft. Stockton
Stephen R. Hicks, San Angelo

Chase Holland, San Angelo
Lance W. Keilers, Ozona
Frank J. Kirchgraber, Ft. Stockton
James F. Lane, San Angelo
Alejandro A. Mata, Uvalde
Jason T. Miller, San Angelo
Rob Neal, Ft. Stockton
Michael J. Ritchie, Eagle Pass
Derek J. Roberts, Ft. Stockton
Lewis (Miller) M. Robinson, Ft. Stockton
James E. Sabino, San Angelo
Thad M. Scroggins, San Angelo
Peter P. Shacklette, Ozona
Robert D. Shandley, Leakey
Paul W. Sheehan, Ft. Stockton
Richard S. Sheehan, Ft. Stockton
Brent A. Smith, San Angelo
Rodman G. Stafford, Uvalde
Jarrod N. Stokes, San Angelo
Hunter Turnbow, Christopher
George E. Wall, Ozona
Chris J. Youso, San Angelo

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