Participants to the 1993 National Jamboree

Concho Valley Council

Troop 1534
The theme of the 1993 Jamboree was "A Bridge to the Future."  Scouts from some 60 nations, with approximately 700 Scouts, joined the Jamboree.  In spite of the wet weather more than 30,000 Scouts and Scouters attended the opening show.  Lee Greenwood capped the evening with his trademark song "God Bless the USA."  "Up With People" kicked off the three-hour show that also had a multi-media show which featured rap to video to fireworks. Country singer Louise Mandrell gave her rendition of "Hound Dog" on the closing night at the arena.  She told the group that "I want to say there's one reason I came.  I love the Boy Scouts."  The Zambelli Fireworks Manufacturing Co. shot off 2,500 aerial shells in a 30-minute ear-popping show of fireworks.

Paul Thomas remembers playing football in the rain at the Jamboree.

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     Troop Roster

Charles A. Anderson, San Angelo, Scoutmaster
Orlando Rey Flores, Uvalde, ASM
Jaime Limas, Del Rio,  ASM
Federico Medina, Jr., San Angelo, ASM

W. Matthew Allison, San Angelo
Noel L. Anderson, San Angelo
Matthew E. Brewer, Ozona
Deja Cheek, San Angelo
Chad J. Chitwood, San Angelo
William C. Collier, San Angelo
Chris G. Contreras, San Angelo
Duste Fields, Del Rio
Thomas Ray Fincher, San Angelo
William M. George, San Angelo
Cecil D. Griffin, Crane
William R. Helm, San Angelo
B. J. Hendler, Uvalde
Joseph H. Hendler, Uvalde
C. Lucas Hiler, Uvalde

Johnny D. Hollis, San Angelo
Grant Huling, San Angelo
Mark R. Lange, San Angelo
Ricky Medina, San Angelo
Fritz Meitzen, San Angelo
Steve Montoya, III, San Angelo
Steven G. Walls, San Angelo
Rodolfo Ornelas, San Angelo
August Pfluger, San Angelo
Robert G. Renfro, San Angelo
David A. Rizzo, San Angelo
Chris Shrum, San Angelo
Justin Sparks, San Angelo
Paul Thomas, San Angelo
Steven D. Turner, Big Lake
Kyle Weaver, Rocksprings
George W. Whaley, Jr. San Angelo
Harley White, San Angelo
Albert (Bert) Williams, Jr., Del Rio
Tracy M. Younggren, Big Lake

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