Participants in 1997 National Jamboree

Concho Valley Council

Troop 1641

The 1997 National Jamboree was held at Fort A. P. Hill, VA near historic Fredericksburg in east central Virginia.  The Jamboree cored about 10 square miles of rollin ghills and was, for 10 days in July and August, the 5th largest city in Virginia.  Thousands of tents housed more than 35,000 Scouts and leaders who enjoyed archery, orienteering, challenge events, marksmanship, canoeing, sailing, scuba diving, rafting, competitive events, merit badge instruction, an arts and science fair and lots of more Scouting adventure and excitement.

Sam Shimp of Kinippa was Scoutmaster of Troop 277 and had been involved in Scouting for 8 years.  Butch Simpsom was Scoutmaster of Troop 22 for the past 4 years and Freddy Medina had recently taken over as Scoutmaster of Troop 340.  Fritz Meitzen was an Eagle Scout from Troop 7 and at the time of the Jamboree, he was an Engineering student attending the University of Texas in Austin.  He had attended the  1993 National Jamboree as an Assistant Patrol Leader of the Comanche Patrol.

The Jamboree troop had its prejamboree training on two different dates.  The first session was held at Hordes Creek Lake on April 26th for the purpose of Patrol Training and Youth Leader elections.  The second session was held at Camp Sol Mayer from June 6 - 8, 1997, for Troop training and Jamboree Shakedown.

The troop left from the Council Office in San Angelo on Thursday, July 24th at 9:00 bus to D/FW to catch their flight out of Dallas which left at 6:00 a.m. on Friday, July 25th for Washington, D. C.  They spent the day touring the Smithsonian Museum Comples, US. Government Mint, Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the Boy Scout Memorial.  They checked into their motel and had dinner provided by Union Station.  On that Saturday they took a bus tour of the White House, Ford's Theater and other places in Washington.  (More to follow as we get the information.)

Kevin Morris of Midland has provided us with some items he kept from the 1997 National Jamboree. You can view these items by going to HERE.

Troop Roster

Sam Shimp, Knippa, Scoutmaster
Butch Simpsom, San Angelo, Assistant Scoutmaster
Freddy Medina, San Angelo, Assistant Scoutmaster
Fritz Meitzen, San Angelo, Assistant Scoutmaster
Robert Burnett, San Angelo, Senior Patrol Leader
Brian Kujawski, San Angelo, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader
Shawn Yates, San Angelo, Scribe
Brian Simpson, San Angelo, Quartermaster

Bulls Patrol
Justin Malkowski, San Angelo, Patrol Leader
Sage Fly, Uvalde, Assistant Patrol Leader
Chris Brundett, San Angelo
Darby Cheek, San Angelo
James Onsted, San Angelo
Enrique Roman, Uvalde
Michael Sneed, Lohn
Jason White, San Angelo

Funky Monkeys Patrol
Abel Chavira, Del Rio, Patrol Leader
Javier "Jay" Medina, San Angelo, Assistant Patrol Leader
Michael Brown, San Angelo
Conrad Davis, San Angelo
Fred Flores, Uvalde
James Livingston, Junction
Richard Robles, Uvalde
William Weinmann, San Angelo

Devils Patrol
Luke Burnett, San Angelo, Patrol Leader
Clayton Sheppard, San Angelo, Assistant Patrol Leader
Ricky Huffman, San Angelo
Tyler Lacy, San Angelo
James Matthews, San Angelo
Michael McClellan, San Angelo
Jonathan Perez, Uvalde
Brian Sturm, San Angelo

Wranglers Patrol
Joe Riley King, Brady, Patrol Leader
Joshua Jordan, Brady, Assistant Patrol Leader
Robby Archer, San Angelo
Travis Fisher, San Angelo
B. J. Kyzar, Brady
John Price, Junction
Sam Shimp, III, Knippa
Robert Tetens, Brady


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