Participants in the 2001 National Jamboree

Concho Valley Council

Troop 1824
Back Row (L to R): William Weinmann, Adam Starnes, Trevor Bohannan, Brooks Willig, Crioux Harris
4th Row (Left side): Bruce Willig, Curtis Miller                    (Right side): Carl Gabriel, Wesley Brashear, Ron Gabriel
3rd Row (L to R): Robert Burnett, Ross Martin, Michael Overmier, Will Ferguson, Jaton Treadaway, Joshua Treadaway,
Chirs Bermea, Bryce Middlebrook, Todd Bohannan, Robert Terry, Justin McKnight, Morgan Dudley, Stephen Jones
2nd Row (L to R): Tyler McGaughey, David Pedersen, Seth Fly, Jeremy Swanson, Billy Duncan, Elio Perez, Travis Doig, Jace Baran
Front Row (L to R): Benjamin Schwaighofer, William Huffman, Ben Miller, Mathew Dirksen, George Silva, Andrew Terry, Andrew Fish, Kurt Farris, Michael Townsend
The Concho Valley Council Jamboree Troop started to form nearly a year prior to the 2001 event. Several pre jamboree training sessions were held at Camp Sol Mayer for the purpose of Youth Leader elections, Patrol training and Jamboree Shakedown. During these weekends the troop gateway was assembled and painted.  The gateway was made to look like two oil derrick towers. Thanks go to Mr. Bruce Willig for providing the pre-cut steel for the impressive structures.

The theme for the 2001 National Jamboree was "Strong Values, Strong Leaders...Character Counts." The Jamboree was held again at Fort A. P. Hill, Caroline County, Virginia, 70 miles south of the first national Scout jamboree, which took place in 1937 on the Mall in Washington, D. C. This Jamboree was held from Monday, July 23, through Tuesday, July 31, 2001. The Jamboree was planned for some 30,000 Boy Scouts and Leaders plus another 6,000 staff members. There were over 700 provisional units. There were actually a little over 40,000 in attendance which resulting in the Jamboree committee having to open up another section to accommodate all the Scouts that wanted to attend this event.

The CVA Contingent Troop left early morning on Friday, July 20th for 3 days of touring before the start of the Jamboree. A chartered bus took the Scouts from San Angelo to the DFW Airport while Asst. Scoutmaster Willig drove all the troop's camp equipment and related gear to Ft. A.P. Hill. The travel schedule was tight once the plane landed at the Dulles Airport, the goal to introduce the Scouts to as many of the famous historical sites as possible. Directly from the airport the troop toured the Smithsonian Complex; National Air & Space Museum, Museum of American History and Natural History Museum. The next day the troop toured Washington DC with highlights including the White House, National Capital Building, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Boy Scout Memorial, National Cathedral, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial and Iwo Jima Memorial. The day included some of the regional sites with tours of Mount Vernon, Arlington National Cemetery, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and the Naval Museum. On Monday, July 23th the troop visited Capitol Hill for a stop at the Library of Congress and view of the house and senate chambers. After lunch it as on to Fort A.P. Hill where Mr. Willig was waiting and camp was set up with the other BSA Southern Region Troops in Subcamp 18.

Two arena shows were held, one to open the Jamboree on July 25th and the other to close the Jamboree on July 29th. The planned Opening Ceremony visit of President George Bush had to be canceled due to over 12 hours of rain. President Bush sent a short videotaped message. "All across America, Boy Scouts are doing good turns daily," Bush said. "And every time you do a good turn, this becomes a better country. The rain also forced cancellation of Miss America and country singer Louise Mandrell. That left the night's entertainment to the Navy's Atlantic Fleet Rock Band, and the Trash Time Band, which drums on various garbage cans, and to several Scout skits and presentations. The evening's final  was a 22 minute fireworks show by Zambelli Fireworks Internationale. For the closing ceremony, several music groups played including the “3 of Hearts”, a young female country music from Fort Worth, Texas. The trio released its debut album in July right before the Jamboree.

There were Regional Action Centers, a Merit Badge Midway and Outback Centers that featured fishing, aquatics, canoeing, scuba, kayaking, rafting, snorkeling, and sailing. The Merit Badge Midway had close to a hundred booths where the Scouts had an opportunity to practice many skills related to a wide range of merit badges. Many times the staff in the booths were national experts on their subjects. Included in the Midway was the full size model locomotive that Charles Anderson of San Angelo first sent to the Jamboree in 1997.

In addition, there was an Arts and Science Expo, a Brownsea Island Camp, an American Indian Village, daily stage shows, and Disabilities Awareness Trial, Scoutopia and an Outdoor Adventure Place, known as (TOAP). It was impossible for a Scout to participate in everything that was offered at the Jamboree, so they had to pick and choose those activities that interested them the most.

Patch trading was a big activity for the scouts at the 2001 Jamboree. Specially designed shoulder and lodge patches were made for the occasion. The 2001 Concho Valley Council Jamboree Shoulder Patch was available in five different border colors.  Each color had a significance; Red Border, Concho Valley Council Contingent Troop use; Gold Border, Concho Valley Council Scouters working on Staff at Jamboree; Black Border, Trading Patch (most common); Silver Border, Premium Trading Patch and lastly Green Border, only given to Contingent members as recognition for special efforts. The 2001 Jamboree Wahinkto Lodge OA Pocket Flap was produced with two different borders; Red and Green. 

Troop Roster
Ron Gabriel, San Angelo, Scoutmaster
Curtis Miller, San Angelo, 1st ASM
Bruce Willig, San Angelo, 2nd ASM
Robert Burnett, San Angelo, 3rd ASM
Billy Duncan, San Angelo, Senior Patrol Leader
Elio Perez, San Angelo, ASPL
Stephen Jones, San Angelo, Scribe
Trevor Bohannan, San Angelo, Quartermaster

Dragon Patrol:
Jaton Treadaway, San Angelo, Patrol Leader
Todd Bohannan, San Angelo, APL
Jace Baran, San Angelo
Travis Doig, San Angelo, Chaplain Aide
Tyler McGaughey, San Angelo
Bryce Middlebrook, San Angelo, OA Rep.
Adam Starnes, San Angelo
Joshua Treadaway, San Angelo

Hawk Patrol:
Ben Miller, San Angelo, Patrol Leader
Michael Townsend, San Angelo, APL
Will Ferguson, San Angelo
Andrew Fish, San Angelo, Bugler
Carl Gabriel, San Angelo
Ross Martin, San Angelo
Michael Overmier, San Angelo, HTC
Benjamin Schwaighofer, San Angelo, Chaplain Aide

Jaguar Patrol:
Seth Fly, Uvalde, Patrol Leader
Morgan Dudley, San Angelo, APL
Jesus Chirs Bermea, Uvalde
Mathew Dirksen, Uvalde
Kurt Farris, San Angelo
David Pedersen, San Angelo, HTC
George Silva, Uvalde
Brooks Willig, San Angelo, HTC

Night Stalkers Patrol:
William Weinmann, San Angelo, Patrol Leader
William Huffman, San Angelo
Wesley Brashear, San Angelo
Crioux Harris, Junction
Justin McKnight, San Angelo
Jeremy Swanson, San Angelo
Andrew Terry, San Angelo
Robert Terry, San Angelo


We want to thank Ron Gabriel, Jamboree Scoutmaster, San Angelo, for providing us the additional text to this Jamboree.

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