Participants in the 2010 National Jamboree

Concho Valley Council

Troop 1626


Scouts attending the National Jamboree from Concho Valley are Emmett Spooner, Luke Hogg, Riley Kearby, Colton Brown, Lucas Garcia, Braden Weinman, Benjamin Billings, James Dixon, Gavin Atkins, Caleb Fowler and Tyler Coplen.

Pat Ramos - Jamboree Scoutmaster
Richard Colon - Assistant Jamboree Scoutmaster

Served on National Jamboree Staff:
Wynn Alston - Aquatic Staff
Charles Anderson - Railroading Merit Badge
Mike Dixon - Merig Badge Midway
Jeff Eisenburg - Shooting Sports
Samuel Spooner - Safety

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Last Updated:  September 3, 2010

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