Participants in the 1997 National Jamboree

South Plains Council

Russ Jones, Wolfforth, Scoutmaster
Richard Gee, Lubbock, 1st ASM
Steve Neece, Lubbock, 2nd ASM
Monty Exter, Lubbock, 3rd ASM
Matthew Thompson, Plainview, Senior Patrol Leader
Chris Hardy, Lubbock, Assistant SPL
John Luther, Denver City, Quartermaster
Brandt Brownlee, Plainview Scribe

Eagle Patrol:
Dan Johnson, Shallowater, Patrol Leader
Phillip Neece, Lubboce, APL
Brandon Cochran, Lubbock
Dustin Jones, Floydada
Shane Lloyd, Floydada
Aaron Taylor, Lubbock
Scott Taylor, Lubbock
Martin Younger, Silverton

Fox Patrol:
Josh Quigley, Lubbock, Patrol Leader
Zach Leonard, Lamesa, APL
Brian Bell, Lubbock
Daivd Cantu, Lamesa
Jamie Casillas, Lamesa
Dustin Dinges, Littlefield
Andy Hamill, Fieldton
Dustin Taylor, Lubbock

Rattlesnake Patrol:
Josh Bedwell, Denver City, Patrol Leader
Ryan Norton, Lubbock, APL
Kevin Anderson, Lubbock
Scott Anderson, Lubbock
Logan Andrews, Lubbock
David Caldwell, Lubbock
Kris Hargrave, Seminole
Michael Jones, Wolfforth

Roadrunner Patrol:
Ryan Kreck, Lubbock, Patrol Leader
Marshall Padgett, Lubbock, APL
Nick Barnett, Lubbock
Matt Blackerby, Plainview
Chrles Drysdale, Lubbock
Ryan Gee, Lubbock
Carl Meinecke, Lubbock
Joel Toland, Lubbock

On Section 16 Staff:
Tim Bullock, Lubbock, Assistant Director/Support
Kevin Morris of Midland has provided us with some items he kept from the 1997 National Jamboree. You can view these items by going to HERE.

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