Kite Contests

Comanche Trail Council

Another popular event held in the early days of Scouting was a kite rodeo usually in March when the wind was really blowing.

The Scouts in Brown County held their first annual kite flying contest on March 22, 1930, at Coggin Park under the direction of the Pecan Valley Council.  They had two classes of kites.  Class A was for kites that did not measure more than 24 inches from the top to the bottom of the kite, and Class B was for kites that measured between 24 and 42 inches.  Box kites were not allowed in the contest, and all kites were  not to have more than three sticks in the kite.

Troops from May, Bangs and Brownwood participated in the contest.  Winners received a fountain pen or a pencil.  They were given thirty minutes to get their kites as far and as high as they could before the judging began.  Reece Brice won first place in the Class A contest by having his kite at a distance of 600 feet and at an altitude of 400 feet.  The winner in the Class B contest was J. H. Ragsdale, Jr. whose kite flew at an altitude of 658 feet and a distance of 1,500 feet.

Cisco Kite Contest

Another such event was held in March of 1931 among the Cisco Scout Troops at the west end of “Builard Avenue near Pop-rock valley.”

The kite flying contests included winners for the fastest climbing kite, the smallest kite, the largest kite, and balloon bursting.  A trophy of a miniature Scout flying a kite was given to the winning troop with the highest number of points.

Kite Six Feet Tall

Another kite tournament was held for the Brownwood Scouts in March 1933 near the Municipal Airport. The Scouts were given five minutes to get their kites in the sky before they were judged for height.  John Arthur Thomason took the prize for having the largest kite to fly the highest in five minutes.  His kite was made from bamboo poles for sticks and was six feet tall.  He used binder’s twine for his string.

W. M. Brewer, Jr., an Eagle Scout, received the award for the best constructed kite, a box kite.  Mike Bettis was awarded the prize for the best decorated kite.  His kite was built in the shape of a star with a painted map of Texas in the center.  It was five feet tall.

They would send messages up the string, and Robert Simms received first place for this event.  He was also an Eagle Scout.

Information for this page came from "Ninety Years of Service," Frank T. Hilton, 1999

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