Lone Cubs of Comanche Trail Council

The earliest known Lone Cub Scouts in the Comanche Trail Council were registered in the Spring of 1935.  With Cubbing having become an official program of the Boy Scouts of America in 1930, it was only natural that Lone Cubs would soon become a part of the program so that Cubs in the rural areas, too far out to join a Cub Pack, could participate in the Cub Scouts as a Lone Cub with a Lone Cub Friend and Counselor to work with them.  Most of the Lone Cubs were in Cross Cut.
Name Town Year Age Name of Friend and Counselor
Curits A. Wilkerson Bangs Apr. 1935  9 Luther R. Wilkerson
Glenn McKinney Cross Cut Nov. 1936 11 Lewis E. Newton
Tom Love Moore Cross Cut Oct. 1937 10 Lewis E. Newton
Lewis Ferrell Newton Cross Cut Nov. 1937 10 Lewis E. Newton
John Edward Hallford Cross Cut Nov. 1937 11 Lewis E. Newton
Jack Earl Brummett Brownwood Apr. 1938 10 Harry E. Brummett
Dave Sarles Brownwood Apr. 1938 10 Blake Dave Sarles
Hermon Moore Cross Cut Jan. 1938 10 Lewis E. Newton
Clint Jones Cross Cut Dec. 1938  9 Claude L. Shannon
Donald Bert Pevehouse Cross Cut Apr. 1939  9 Lewis E. Newton
Clint Jones Cross Cut Nov. 1939 11
Courtney Byrd Cross Cut Nov. 1939 10
Morris Barnes Cross Cut Nov. 1939 10
Hubert Barnett Cross Cut Nov. 1939  9
Byrd Courtney Cross Cut Nov. 1939 10
Bill Thomas Cross Cut Apr. 1940 10
Tom B. Barnes Cross Cut Apr. 1940  9
Robert Dillingsworth Scranton Apr. 1943  9
Ray Mark Scranton Aug. 1943  9 John H. Shrader
Lloyd Glen Sawyer Scranton Aug. 1943  9 Lloyd Glen Sawyer
Nickolas J. McGinn - Wolf Brownwood Jul. 1994-95   9 Randall Ray

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