The Lodge Vice-Chief, Secretary and Treasurer have all played a key role in the lodge. For the first eight years of the lodge there were only two elected officers - Lodge Chief and Secretary. The Treasurer's job was handled by the Scout office. In 1952 the Treasurer's job was added to the list of officers and in 1953 the Vice-Chief's job was added.

1964 Elected Lodge Officers (L to R): Bill Garner, Jimmy Woods, Morty Lehnis, Kenneth Journey, 
Carl B. Sanders, Gary Orloff, Eddie Larner and Don Walske

By 1991 the lodge had expanded to have three Vice-Chiefs - one each for Indian Affairs, Camp Promotion and Activities.  In 1999, Vice-Chief of Ceremonies was added.  The job of Publications was dropped sometime prior to 1991.

1995 Lodge and Chapter Officer's Training at 4-H Center on Lake Brownwood

Here is a list of those officers that we were able to find from several different sources: 

Date Vice Chief Secretary Treasurer Publications
1945 None Estes E. Halkias None None
1946 None Bobby Blair None None
1947 None  Walter Hart None None
1948 -  None None None
1949 -  None None None
1950 None None None
1951 None None None
1952  None  Dabney Kennedy Arlie Brown  None
1953 Dabney Kennedy Bobby Jack Snow Arlie Brown  None
1954  None  John Minear Leo Buckmaster  None
1955 Bryan Healer  James Smith None None
1956  James Smith Don Buckmaster Allan Pritchard  None
1957  Don Buckmaster Allan Pritchard Tom C. Graves None
1958 -  James Smith  Jan Wall Gordon Byrd None
1959 -  Richmond Wilkins  Jan Wall Gordon Byrd  None
1960 -  Billy Bailey  Jimmy Wilson Larry Spore  Jimmy Erwin
1961 Jerry Templeton  Jimmy Wilkins L.V. Benningfield  Jimmy Erwin
1962 Jimmy Erwin  Lewis Smith Chet Cedars  L.V. Benningfield
1963 Bob Self Lewis Smith Jimmy Woods  Rhett Stone
1964 Kenneth Journey Don Walske Jimmy Woods Gary Orloff
1965 Phil Duren John Stephens Mike A. Shillingberg  Lewis Herr
1966 Mike Shillingberg  John W. Cunyus Bob Rothe John T. Yantis
1967 Thomas A. Brashier  Steve Lund John Cunyus  Randy Boles
1968 Ernie Meyer  Eddie Leatherwood  Porter Bird
1969 Ronnie Huse Carl L. Hall, III  Clive McClelland
1970  Gary Walske  Richard McKinney Fred D. Spencer III
1971 Rickey Masters Michael Davis, 
Stanley Walker, Jr. 
Larry Smith
1972 Charles Graham Phil Watkins Roy Hash  Frank Griffin
1973 Larry Smith Scott Morelock  Mark Chastain
1974 James Reed Matt Keith  Harold Mathias
1975 Pat Leatherwood  Larry Taylor  Mark Bethany
1976 John Allen Chris Clement  David Martin
1977 Chris Clement  Hugh Keithly
1978 Ronald Shackelford  Jet Hays Hugh Keithly
1979 Ricky Crenshaw
1980 Ricky Crenshaw
1981  Jet Hays Charlie Trowbridge Ricky Wilson
1982 Ricky Wilson Glenn Deitker Kevin Johnson
1983 Michael R. Bradle  Glenn Deitker Dennis Petty
1985 Zack Havens  Steve Gary Chris Huse
1986 Chris Huse   Dale Herdman John Hays
1987 Jim Knovicka  Louis Wall, Jr. Willie Rodriguez
1988  Doug Cox  Gary Peaton Cory Smith None
1989 Jim Knovicka William Higgins Cory Smith None
1990 Perry A. Wakefield, Jr.  David Hale, Jr. Cory Smith None
1991 Antonio Giustino
David L. Rives
Fritz Quast
Sam Mangrum David Ford None
1992 Antonio Guistino 
Cody D. Smith
Fritz Quast
Cody Stephens Domenico Guistino None
1993  Rusty G. Arnold 
Cody Stephens
Birk K. Billingsley
Jason Wakefield Josh Hightower None
1994  Kipp W. Koeppel 
James H. Hart
Michael Denison
Jason Wakefield Tracy P. Honea None
1995 Michael H. Denison 
Michael D. Fulton 
Bradley J. Maples
Timothy K. Price Joe M. McCollum None
1996 James Hart 
Aleck M. Griffin 
Aaron Carpenter
Timothy K. Price Trey Reno None
1997  Aaron Carpenter
Timothy K. Price
Kirt Brown
Jason Carpenter James “Jay” DeWitt None
1998  Kirt Brown 
Trey Reno
Lee Leatherwood
Jared Gist Justin Moore None
1999  Chad Firth 
Kirt Brown
Aaron Carpenter
Daryl Phillips
Jared Gist Jeremy Seifert None
2000 Chad Firth 
Chris Edwards
Kirt Brown
Neal Mann Jeremy Seifert None
2001 Charlie Collins 
Zack Swann
Joey Ellis
Andrew Rollins
Chris Edwards Adam Schluckebier None
2002  Chris Harris 
Kendal Teague
Andrew Rollins
Buck Paolino 
Neal Mann Adam Schluckebier None
2003  Jared Blair 
Jon Durand
Andrew Rollins
Chad Iley
Buck Paolino Chris Harris None

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