The first patch of the Lodge was created in 1952 and was designed to be worn on the right pocket of the uniform as a temporary patch. Dabney Kennedy, Lodge Secretary, designed the patch after having returned from an Area 9-B Conclave. It was a white circular patch with a red border. In the center was a tepee with an arrow going up at an angle from left to right. The words "Comanche Trail Council, B.S.A, WWW" were printed across the top of the circle. In the center of the tepee was "Otena Lodge 295."

This first patch had the "Arrow" pointed from left to right on the patch because that was the symbol of the "Ordeal." A person wears the sash with the Arrow pointing over his left shoulder. When an Arrowman obtained his "Brotherhood Honor" he switched his sash to his right shoulder to symbolize that honor.


During 1956 the first Lodge patch for wear on the right pocket flap of the Scout uniform was designed and sold to members in the Lodge for thirty-five cents each. The patch was designed by Dabney Kennedy after seeing them at an Area meeting. This first pocket flap had a white background with a black border. Across the top of the patch was a red arrow pointing to the right of the wearer with the word "Otena" inscribed on top of the arrow. Below this was a tepee with '295" in the center. A "W" was located on each side of the tepee with one inside the tepee just above the "295.."  Feathers hung below the flap. 


In the late seventies National came out with a rule that nothing could extend out from the pocket flap, such as feathers, and that the Scout emblem or "BSA" had to be somewhere on the patch. So the Ordeal patch was redesigned to fit the new rule. The feathers were dropped from the flap and "BSA" was added to the patch design in the left corner. To balance the design out the Lodge number "295" was moved from the center to the right corner.

An Ordeal Patch was designed around 1968 and had seven colors. It had a black border with a blue background with twenty feathers hanging from the bottom of the flap. One could buy the patch for $1.00. The tepee was kept on the design from the old patch but moved to the left side of the patch. A new Indian Head, which would later replace the tepee as the Lodge totem, was placed on the right side of the patch for the first time.


An announcement was made in the July 30, 1969, issue of the LODGE NEWSLETTER that the Lodge now had a special flap for Brotherhood and Vigil members. The patch was fully embroidered in ten colors and had two red Brotherhood bars on the left side of the patch and a red Vigil triangle on the right side of the patch. A Region 9 shield was in the middle with its five feathers dropping below the bottom of the flap. The Indian head was super-imposed over the shield. The flap was fully embroidered in ten colors and would be available in September of that year. The "advance" price was $1.04 and after September 1st they would be $1.50, limited five per member. This patch was only available at lodge functions at Camp Billy Gibbons.


In 1978 Jimmy Erwin designed a new patch with "0-Ten-A" across the top. The other Lodge patch was getting to expensive to buy and the Lodge wanted a less expensive patch so that more Arrowmen could buy and trade the patch.

They found out, however, that no one would trade for the new patch; they had to give them away. So some of the members bought them all up and took them to a Conclave to get rid of them so that the Lodge could have yet another new patch


About this same time Jimmy Erwin designed a patch just for the Vigil members. It had a gold and black double border and the Vigil triangle replaced the Region 9 emblem in the center of the design.

The Vigil emblem was then dropped off the old Brotherhood/Vigil patch, a bar was added on each side of the design and this became just the Brotherhood patch. This was used for only one issue. A new patch was designed in the late seventies, probably when Region 9 became the South Central Region. The Region 9 shield was replaced with an Arrowhead with the Indian head superimposed over it.

Thus the Lodge eventually had three different patches, one for each of the three honors in OA - Ordeal, Brotherhood and Vigil.


From 1960 through 2001 a series of patches were issued to encourage Arrowmen to attend the Spring Conferences. They would only be worn on the right pocket of the uniform and were only available at camp.



Believing that the Lodge was 50 years old as of 1990, a special patch was issued to celebrate both the 50th anniversary of the Lodge and the 75th anniversary of the Order of the Arrow. Only one of these events proved to be true! This was not discovered until the following year when interest was generated to write a history of the lodge a couple of years later.

Gordon Place designed the colorful patch. An Arrowman could purchase one patch at each activity that he attended plus an extra one when he paid his dues. All patches were sold out within the year.


A new Fiftieth Anniversary patch was designed in 1994 for the "real" Anniversary. The Lodge decided to reissue the original 1956 Lodge patch, but add "1945-1995" to the patch and a white Scout emblem in the background (to the right of the teepee). The patch was made available to anyone who wanted to purchase it.

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