We are most THANKFUL to several former Otena Arrowmen for their help in making this online history book possible.

- To CHRIS FIRTH for his research on the Otena Lodge patches and for sharing his collection with us for photos.

- To HILDA GRIFFIN for compiling all this information into a updated book format in 2003, from the original 50th Anniversary booklet. This web book was created using her book as a format.

- To FRANK T. HILTON who served as facilitator and editor for this history and for formatting this history into a web based book.

- To DABNEY KENNEDY who trusted us with his old files and photos long enough to copy the valuable information they contained. He also provided us with a list of all the members of the Medicine Council.

- To ERNIE "LEKE" MEYER for getting us started on this web book by providing us the history he had collected for the Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the lodge.

- To ROGER SCHUSTEREIT for his support and for checking out this web book to make sure it was correct in spelling and grammar.

- To BRIAN SELCER who loaned us his grand-father's photos and scrapbook, that of C.L. Pouncy.

- To SHIRLEY TEAGUE who has sent us all the pictures and text used for the last year of Otena Lodge.

- To PERRY A. WAKEFIELD, JR. for his help in determining the layout and photos for the Fifth Anniversay book, all of which are now used in this web book.

- To DON WALSKE for saving the old Lodge papers from the dumpster and providing them to us for research from 1945 to 1975. Had he not saved these old papers, we would be unable to write as complete and accurate history as we have.

- To RIC WILKINS for obtaining a list of Vigil members from the computer files of the Circle Ten Council, providing several photos, and stories for this book.

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