Some 142 Vigils were conferred on members of Otena Lodge during its fifty-eight year history.  The first Vigil Honor was not given until 1955, some ten years after the formation of Otena Lodge. A vigil ceremonial team from Karanaka Lodge, Corpus Christi, Texas, held the first vigil ceremony at Camp Billy Gibbons on August  28th, 1955.  There were no Vigils in the Otena Lodge to perform the ritual at that time.  The ceremony was held during the Area 9-D 1955 Conference hosted by Otena Lodge at Camp Billy Gibbons. Jim Cooper, Leo Buckmaster and Dabney Kennedy took their Vigil at the ceremony.

The Vigil Honor is "the highest honor that the Order of the Arrow can bestow upon its members for service to their lodge and local council. The first Vigil Honor member in the Order of the Arrow was E. Urner Goodman, who received this honor in 1915.  Each lodge is eligible to make application for Vigils based on its membership.  A lodge is not obligated to nominate anyone. No Vigils were conferred in Otena Lodge in 1957, 1959, 1973, 1986, 1987, and 1993.

The first ceremonies were held on the other side of Brady Creek on a private ranch for many years.  In about 1994, the land changed hands, and due to liability issues, the ceremony was move to the Camp Billy Gibbons side of Brady Creek.

Vigil Members at Camp Billy Gibbons - 1974

Front Row (L to R): Eldon Sehnert, Lois Gee, Don Smith, Neal Pepper, Tommy Brasher, Ricky Masters, Stanley Walker, Jr.
Back Row (L To R) : James Reed, Jim Rominger, Marshall Bruce, Mike Shillingburg, Don Walske, Frank Griffin, Ed Garner, Jimmy Wilkins, Jerry Jackson, Jimmy Erwin

In researching the Vigil list we found that James M. Perkins was turned in twice for the Vigil Honor. His application was first submitted in April 1981 with the Indian name "Teacher" and again in October 1991 with the Indian name "Advisor." Apparently he was not inducted in 1981 and the Lodge forgot he had been elected to this high honor. He has the distinction of being the only member of the Lodge that has his name listed twice on the National Vigil Honor roster published by the Order of the Arrow.

Here are the last Vigils of Otena Lodge inducted in 2003. 
Back row (L to R): Buck Palino, Lampasas; Joey Ellis, Lodge Chief; Jared Blair, Eastland
Front row (L to R): Pam Rider, Brownwood; Shirley Teague, Brownwood

Below is an alpha list of Otena Lodge Vigils. Please note that the date by each name is by the year they were inducted into the Vigil Honor, not necessarily by the year they were elected. For instance, four Arrowmen were submitted to National in March 1990 and another group was submitted in October of the same year.  Sometimes two years worth of Vigils were inducted on the same date.  Names prior to 1983 were taken from records sent to the council in 1993. The Order of the Arrow National only listed their Indian translation and not their Vigil Indian name.  The names since 1983 were taken from Vigil application forms still in the council office.  The other names were taken either from the individual Vigil Arrowman or from the OA Handbook's "Lenni-Lenape Wordlist."

If you are interested in viewing a list of Vigil Honors by the year they were inducted click HERE.

Last Name First Name Lodge  Vigil Date Vigil Indian Name Translation
Allen John 295 4/30/1977 Klamhattenamin Calm Minded One
Atnip Fred A. 295 4/22/1979 Wischixin Active One
Bailey Billy 295 3/10/1961   Serves Beyond Line of Duty
Bain Bob 295 3/10/1961   Enthusiastic Leader
Barcley Mike 295 7/2/1983 Pischk Night Hawk
Barker Brian 295 10/20/1984 Litchen Thinker
Beach Michael 295 3/25/1995 Gentgeen Dancer
Beach Don M. 295 3/25/1995 Amendchewagan Stubborn
Bethany Jay 295 4/2/1976 Achpansin Hiker
Blair Jared 295 10/21/2003    
Boles Billy 295 4/17/1966 Wulalogewagen One Who Does Good Work
Boles Claud 295 4/9/1967 Tindeuchen Firemaker
Brashier Tommy 295 4/9/1967 Wulelendam Joyful One
Brown Kirt 295 10/19/1998 Meechgalhukquot Red-Headed One
Brown Durward 295 10/22/1999 Mehokhokus Cedar Woodcutter
Buckmaster Leo 295 8/28/1955   He Who Excels
Cadenhead Pete 295 4/8/1972 Wendamen Fisherman
Carpenter Aaron 295 10/19/1998 Witscheman Helpful One
Carpenter Aaron Dale 295 10/22/1999 Woapalanne Witatschimoisin Bald Eagle Adviser
Carroll Monte T. 295 10/18/1985 Witscheman Helpful One
Chastian Mark 295 4/8/1972 Ksinelendam Easy One
Cherry David 295 10/20/1990 Leke Alluns True Arrow
Clement Christopher T. 295 11/1/1978 Apensuwi Enjoyable One
Cleveland David 295 4/13/1980 Nagatamen One Who Can Be Trusted
Collins Charlie 295 10/25/2001 Achgettemagelo Tindeuchen Merciful Fire
Cooper  James M. 295 8/28/1955   Trustworthy One
Cox Tony S. 295 10/18/1985 Nuwingi Willing One
Cox John D. 295 10/20/1990 Kigischgotum Grasshopper
Crenshaw Richard A. 295 4/13/1980 Achwangundowi Peaceful One
Curbo Roy T. 295 4/2/1982 Leke Loyal One
Deitiker Glen L. 295 4/2/1982 Nogatamen Reliable One
Denison Michael H. 295 3/25/1995 Achowalogen Hard Worker
Dewbre Randall F. 295 4/2/1976 Apensuwi Useful One
Dippel Roderick T. 295 10/20/1984 Gischitehen Determine One
Dippel Billy T. 295 10/18/1985 Tschitaniteben Persevering One
Dooley George 295 7/2/1983 Achsin Rock
Durand Jonathan E. 295 10/8/2002 Mos Nechochwen Elk Who Walks Alone
Edwards Gary 295 10/8/2002 Gilkissin Sisilija Laughing Buffalo
Ellis Joseph S. 295 10/8/2002 Allouchsit Nachque Mighty Bear
Ellis John 295 10/21/2003 Macheu Nianque Great Wildcat
Ernie Meyer 295 4/13/1969 Leke Loyal One
Erwin Jimmy 295 4/13/1969 Gischihan One Who Creates With Hands
Etter Sam R. 295 8/18/1956   Exceptional Leader
Firth Chris A. 295 9/3/1996 Wetochwink Machgue Memhallmund Papa Bear, Trader
Firth Christopher Chad 295 10/22/1999 Amangiechsin Loud Speaker
Fulton Michael D. 295 9/3/1996 Klamachpin Quiet One
Fulton Charles D. 295 1/28/1998 Amangiechsin Loud Speaker
Garner Eddie 295 3/31/1968 Wuekolis Whippoorwill
Gary Steve 295 10/18/1985 Wowoatam Skillful One
Gee Lois 295 3/15/1958   Outdoorsman
Giustino Antonio 295 10/26/1991 Gischeleman One Who Creates With Mind
Graves Thomas C. 295 3/31/1968 Allogagan He Who Serves
Graves Thomas C. 295 3/30/1990 Wulaptonaelchukquonk Who Advocates Our Cause
Griffin Frank 295 4/8/1972 Wiketschik Builder
Hale David 295 3/30/1990 Lilchipin Enjoyable One
Hart James H. 295 9/25/1995 Amangi Machque Big Bear
Hart Betty L. 295 9/3/1996 Sachgachtoon Cook
Hart Pat 295 10/19/1998 Klamhattenamin Calm-Minded One
Havens Alford 295 4/4/1970 Witschindin One Who Assists
Havens Zachary S. 295 10/20/1984 Elauwit Hunter
Hays Jet M. 295 10/2/1982 Gentgeen Dancer
Healer Bryan 295 8/18/1956 Tosasia White Feather
Honea Vernon 295 4/8/1972 Allogagan Nehellatank Servant Of The Lord
Hoppenrath Jimmy 295 4/19/1975 Pennauweleman Thoughtful One
Huse Ronnie 295 4/4/1970 Netopalis Warrior
Jackson Jerry 295 4/9/1967 Gentgeen Dancer
Johnson Dick 295 4/19/1975 Wulapeju Honorable One
Keithly Thomas G. 295 4/22/1979 Pichpemmetonhet Minister
Keithly Hugh 295 4/12/1981 Wapsu Woapalanne White Eagle
Kennedy Dabney 295 8/28/1955 Akikta One Who Works With Determination
Kennedy Thomas F. 295 10/20/1984 Tschitgussin Silent One
Konvicka Jim  295 10/15/1988 Tschitanissohmen One Who Strengthens
Leatherwood Eddie 295 3/31/1968 Amiga Long One
Leatherwood Pat 295 4/30/1977 Segachtek Ardent One
Leese James M. 295 10/15/1988 Allohakasin One Who Instructs
Lehnis Martin 295 3/7/1964   Guiding Star
Mangrum Sam 295 10/26/1991 Ksinelendam Carefree One
Mann Neal 295 8/18/2000 Wannessin Pohonesin Forgetful Drum Beater
Master Ricky 295 4/8/1972 Pessop He Who Waits
McClelland Clive Wells 295 4/4/1970 Achowelendam Deep Thinker
McConnell Andrew G. Jr. 295 4/8/1972 Glistam Listener
McFarland Roland E. 295 4/17/1966 Nechochwen He Who Travels Alone
Meyer Ermin 295 3/31/1968 Nuwingi Willing One
Minear Johnny 295 8/18/1956 Wapsu Woapalanne White Eagle
Mims Steven A. 295 10/26/1991 Ganschapuchk Big Rock
Morris Howard 295 4/13/1969 Lilchpin Diligent One
Morvant Mark 295 3/30/1990 Langomuwinaxin Friendly Looking One
Murphy Robert M. 295 10/26/1991 Kikehuwet One Who Cures
Nix Jeffery 295 10/15/1988 Tgauchin Good Natured One
Opry William F. 295 4/13/1969 Takachsin Leader
Paolino Buck 295 10/21/2003    
Parker Carl 295 10/8/2002 Gendatehundin Awelendam Carpenter Who Is Certain
Peabody Larry A. 295 10/20/1990 Klamachipin Bearded One
Pepper H. Neal 295 4/17/1966 Lippde Atschimdisin Experienced Counselor
Pepper A. J. 295 10/20/1990 Amend Cheugan Stubborn One
Perkins James M. 295 10/26/1991 Witatschimoisin Advisor
Pewick Harold E. 295 4/29/1960    
Phillips Burton L. 295 9/25/1995 Moschakantpu Witatschimoisin Baldheaded Advisor
Pinto Thomas J. 295 3/11/1960   Aged Leader Wise One
Ponder Thomas A. 295 9/21/1992 Lippoe Experienced One
Ponder Reve L. 295 9/25/1995 Netami Woakus First Fox
Price Timothy K. 295 9/3/1996 Amangi Sisilija Lekhikot Big Buffalo Secretary
Pritchard Allan 295 3/15/1958   Leads Others
Quast Fritz W. 295 10/26/1991 Klakaptonaganall Amusing One
Reed James C. 295 4/6/1974 Klamachpin Quiet One
Reno Trey 295 1/28/1998 Pohonasin Drumbeater
Rider Robert 295 10/25/2001 Wulelendam Sanquen Joyful Weasel
Rider Pamela 295 10/21/2003 Ahotasu Sisilija Beloved Buffalo
Rives David L. 295 9/21/1992 Ahowoapeui He Who Has Endurance
Rollins Thomas Andrew 295 10/8/2002 Anatschihuwewagan Ktemque Courteous Beaver
Romingen Jett D. 295 4/2/1982 Wischixin Nimble One
Rominger James C. 295 4/6/1974 Papesu Patient One
Rowe H. L. 295 4/8/1972 Machque Lenno Bear Man
Sanders  Carl B. 3rd 295 4/4/1965 Nachgundin Agreeable One
Schluckebier Adam 295 10/25/2001 Tschigussin Pischk Silent Night Hawk
Segrest Excell 295 4/4/1970 Gischileu He Who Has Proven True
Seifert Jeremy 295 10/22/1999 Wewingtonheet Mawachpo Babbler Treasurer
Seifert John 295 8/18/2000 Amendchewagon 
Stubborn Wood Gather
Selcer Brian C. 295 11/1/1978 Witatschimolsin Counsels One Who Holds Councils
Shackelford Ronald C. 295 4/22/1979 Gischitehen Determined One
Shillingburg Mike 295 4/17/1966 Tgauchsin  Friendly One
Smith James 295 3/11/1960 Wapsu Machque White Bear
Smith Larry  295 3/27/1971 Gokhotit Little Owl
Smith Donald 295 3/27/1971 Witscheman Helpful One
Smith Cory D. 295 3/30/1990 Gunamnochk Otter
Stephens Cody 295 9/25/1995 Wewingtonhert Names Talker Fish
Sumpter Oren 295 3/11/1960   Mighty Worker
Sumpter Wesley 295 11/1/1978 Nagatamen Reliable One
Teague Shirley 295 10/21/2003 Ahotasu Machque Beloved Bear
Thomas Allen R. 295 10/20/1990 Nutschisquandawet Big Buffalo
Tipton Scott 295 4/22/1979 Clamhattenmoagan Steady One
Wakefield Perry A. 295 10/20/1990 Sachapiwak Pemapanik Reliable One
Walker Stanley W. Jr. 295 4/6/1974 Gegeyjumhet Chief Head Chief
Wall  Jan 295 3/10/1961   Trail Blazer
Walske Walter "Wally" 295 3/7/1964 Wilawi Valuable One
Walske Don  295 4/4/1965 Achowalogen Hard Worker
Walske Gary  295 4/13/1969 Tatchen Mos Little Elk
Webb Manley  295 4/4/1965 Mhchkeu Meechgalanne Red Hawk
Weems Arlon  295 4/4/1965 Klamhattenamin Calm Minded One
Wilkins Jimmy  295 4/4/1965 Wulihan He Who Does Good 
For Others
Wilson Ricky  295 4/4/1965 Nokihet Farmer

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