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Most council offices, in the very early days of Scout Councils, were either free or rented at a very low cost.  They usually consisted of one or two rooms as they only had the paid professional in the office.  Later, as they employed additional men, and even a secretary or two, as the council grew and expanded its services, so did the need for office space.  They began to  build their own offices, or remodeled a building they bought or was donated to them, to better fit their needs. This is the story of some of offices of the Concho Valley Council.

Researching through the City Directories at the library in San Angelo, one soon sees that the office moved from one place to another in the early days.  Here is a list of the offices as we know them from the City Directory. Several years of the City Directory were missing so we were only able to look at the following years in our research.

1927-1928 -  The office was located at 105 1/2 South Chadbourn in San Angelo.  it was one of four offices in the building.  The other offices were C.M. Bennett, Cravens Realty Company and Mayo & Green Brothers.

1929-1930 - By 1929 the council had found space on the second floor of the County Court House.

1931 - Now the office had once again moved.  This time they were located ata 320 S. Koenigheim - Boy Scout Hall.

1934 - Now they were located at 18 City Hall.

1936 - Here they had moved to 603-05 Western Reserve Building, located at W. Beauregard Ave. SW Corner South Irving.

1937 - Now they were located at 207-11-14 Western Reserve Building, located at W. Beauregard or SW Corner South Irving.  Looks like they just moved several floor down from the 6th floor where they were located the previous year.

1942 - The building must have changed names as they were listed as now being located at 209-11-14 McBurnett Building, 108 Irving Ave.  Appears to be the same building, just new owners.

1944-1954 - Here they are listed as being in rooms 408-10-12 in the Rust Building, 6 East Twohig Ave.

1956 - Address is the City Directory showed them to be in 408 of the Bland Building, location unknown.

1957-1968 - For ten years they were located in room 207 of the Findlater Building located at 13 1/2 W. Twohig.

1969-1973 - Now they were located on the thrid floor of the Trust Building in room 307 at 30 S. Shadbourne St. 

1974-Present - On January 1, 1974 the moved into the former USO building located at 104 W. River Drive on the banks of the North Concho River.  This office has since been remodeled several times over the 34 years the council has been located here. 

It curently houses several individual offices, a Scout Shop, reception area and a large conference room . There are spaces for storage of historical records, equipment, a copy machine area, an audio visual storage closet, break room, two restrooms and a historial display area which is located at the entrance to the office.

The office is located in a park and the land and building are owned by the City of San Angelo.  The council leases it from the city for a $1 a year.  All maintence of the building is the responsiblity of the council.

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