Panjandrum was a big Scout game that was held during Scout Anniversary Week.  The first contest was held Saturday, February 12, 1927, at 2 p.m. and Howard Harbin, a lone entry from Troop 8 won the Panjandrum with a total of 16 points.  Troops 1, 3 and 7 each had 12 points.  The events included the following:

1.  Grand Circus Parade.  Troops received 8 points for first place, 5 points for second and 3 points for third.
2.  Signaling Contest. Each Troop entered four Scouts, two to send and two to receive.  Each troop also had two spies.  A troop had to work out a code so that they could send a message without the spies from the other troops translating their message.  If they did, the team was disqualified.
3.  First Aid Carries and Bandages.  Team of four Scouts per troop must know all standard carries and triangular bandages.
4.  Three show stunts contests.  (No preparation)
5.   Candle Carry.  Team of three with one acting as pep squad.
6.  50 year dash.  Three entries from each Troop.
7.  Mile run at Scout's pace.  Three entries from each Troop and the Scout that nearest approaches 12 minutes wins.

The second Panjandrum was held at the Central Fire Station on Saturday, February 11, 1928, where all the troops in San Angelo participated in contests.

The third Panjandrum was held on a Thursday afternoon, February 14, 1929, at the Log Cabin Village.  Contests were held in stilt walking, sack racing, candle carrying, and numerous other events of fun and laughter.

On Friday night, February 7, 1930, the spirit of the old Panjandrum was still around.  However, by now, it was called an "annual anniversary week Boy Scout rally."  The events held at the rally were Firemen's carry, first aid, making fire by friction, making fire by flint and steel and knot tying.

Webster's Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary, published by G. & C. Merriam Company, defines "panjandrum" as "a powerful personage or pretentious official."  We do not know why this name was selected for the Anniversary Week competitions, but thename was used for three years for this event.

There is evidence that the ter "Panjandrum" was used in other councils for their events  Shown below is a 1939 Souvenir Program Panjandrum used in the Del-Mar-Va Council.  Apparently the name was in use for at least 12 years in Scouting in more than one council.

Informatioin for this page came, in part, from Panjandrum, A History of Concho Valley Council, Boy Scouts of America 1911-2001, by Frank T. Hilton, 2001

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