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Walter "Wally" Walske


Walter "Wally" Walske, in full Scout uniform, taken sometime after he received the Vigil Honor in 1964.

A happy moment in a a busy day.
Photo taken at Eagle Ceremony for eleven Eagles at the First United Methodist Church on April 22, 2007.  Hundreds of Eagle Awards had been presented in front of this badge made by Wally Walske.

Receiving his College of Commissioner Science Doctorate Degree Neckerchief.
Presiding at Camporee Campfire
Fishing was one of his numerous hobbies.
Taking time out to eat at Camporee
Enjoying some warmth by the fireplace in the dining hall at Camp Billy Gibbons.
A happy moment with a close friend.

   Being present with the $365 Shovel.
Backpacking was one of Walske's
Favorite Hobbies

    Tom and Reve Ponder with Wally Walske
     One tired Commissioner at Summer Camp.
Alford Havens and Wally Walske on hike in 
the Guadalupe National Park in 1988.
Photo by Jack Carroll

Gee, it was sure hot today!

Staff at 1984 Camporee.  Wally Walske in laying down in the bottom center of photo.

Samples of Wally Walske's work.

Background used at one of the
Comanche Trail Council's Annual Banquet.

Used for many years at Comanche Trail
Council's Banquet for Silver Beavers.

Made for 60th Anniversary of 
Comanche Trail Council.
One of many backdrops made by Wally Walske for Comanche Trail Council Camporee.
Another Camporee Backdop by Wally Walske.
No Council Camporee was Complete
without the patch enlarged in wood
made by Wally Walske
Troop 33
Walske was Scoutmaster of Troop 33 of Lampasas from 1956 to 1961 when he moved to Brownwood. Wally Walske is just to the right of the troop flag. the tall Scout, in white T-shirt, to the right of Wally's left is Larry Hamilton, his first Eagle Scout.  Todd Briggs is holding on to the flag pole to Wally's right, and Nelson Machen is to Briggs's right. Don Walske is sitting in front with dark shirt.  Photo taken at Camp Billy Gibbons in 1957 or 1958.
Wally Walske was Scoutmaster of Troop 78 Brownwood from 1961 - 1990.  Here he is shown with his troop at Camp Billy Gibbons in Osage Campsite in 1962.  He is the young Scoutmaster holding the tip of the flag, back row, second from your right.  Bottom Left - (Squatting) is either Mike or Pat Humphries; Bottom Right - (on one knee) is Gary Walske; standing, 3rd from left is Don Walske; 4th from left is Rody Smith.

Photos taken from the Boy Scout Collection at the Brown County Museum of History.  Photo of Troop 33 provided by Don Walske.

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